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Freddie Freeman continues his hot streak on Thursday

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Dodgers took a chance this offseason: They decided to give a 32-year-old first baseman a six-year contract worth more than $162 million.

This first baseman, however, is Freddie Freeman: you know that, at least in the first years of the pact, it will be worth the investment.

Freeman started the season with a high average and an OBP, but his power was a bit lacking.

The last five games, however, have shown he’s still capable of hitting the ball with authority and hitting his fair share of homers.

“Last 5 games for Freddie Freeman: 3 HR, 10 RBI, .526 AVG, 1,782 OPS,” Dodgers reporter Blake Harris tweeted.

It looks like Freeman is finally finding his big shot.

More likely, it never left him: sometimes chance makes circuits hard to find.

Freeman’s power begins to manifest

For the season, Freeman has eight homers and a .496 slugging percentage: in other words, he’s slowly getting back to the level we’re used to seeing him.

Overall, he has 44 RBI and cut .303/.386/.496 with excellent .882 OPS.

In recent seasons, Freeman has been a slow starter and a strong finisher: maybe 2022 will be similar.

One thing is true: the Dodgers are probably glad they signed him, even if he wasn’t exactly cheap.

Freeman virtually pays for himself through flawless performances on the field, merchandise sales, jerseys and other important aspects of running a team.

He’s also a clubhouse frontman and terrific off-season performer, so all told, the package was more than worth it for Los Angeles.

Freeman plays where he grew up and that makes him happy too.