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Folignos and friends bring a local landmark to life on Long Lake Road


The familiar Long Lake Road convenience store has reopened as the Long Lake General Store

He was a landmark in the local Long Lake Road neighborhood for years and is now part of the Foligno family of Sudbury.

The well-known local convenience store has reopened as Long Lake General Store, under new ownership (Foligno family, Frank Grossi and Ryan Nesci), with an updated look.

NHL hockey star Nick Foligno said it was almost coincidental that he and other family members noticed in the spring that the familiar store was for sale, since he lived in that neighborhood.

Foligno said he texted his brother-in-law with a suggestion to buy the store only to learn his brother-in-law was already thinking the same thing.

“He said, ‘Hang on, actually, are you serious? I may already be buying. And I’m like, ‘No way.’ He’s like, ‘Do you really want to do this?’ So we started talking, and it went from there. And then Frank had the brilliant idea of ​​bringing in Ryan, thank God.

Foligno said in recent weeks that it had occurred to him how important a local store could be and that it brought back happy childhood memories because there was a neighborhood store near the house of His grand-parents. He remembered his own kids getting excited to go to the Long Lake store for ice cream and it became a special place for them.

“And hopefully we can create that kind of feeling for people in this community. And I think we have the right people and the right hearts in place to do it. We’re learning from Ryan how to do it. But it’s been really fun. And I mean, those guys did all the work,” Foligno said.

The store has been updated and renovated but still has the folksy charm of a welcoming front porch. Nesci said the store will be a typical convenience store with everything families need when they return home, as well as other items commonly purchased by people in nearby camps and cabins. This includes firewood, barbecue supplies, and even outboard motor oil.

As the group posed for an opening day photo, a local customer squeezed them in carrying hot dog buns, barbecue sauce and a carton of chocolate milk.

Co-owner Frank Grossi said it’s important to provide the things local neighbors need without having to “walk up the hill” or into the city’s built-up area for supplies.

With Saturday and Sunday being the opening weekend, the new owners invited area residents to drop by and qualify for several door prize draws, including a raffle for authentic hockey jerseys from NHL.

Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the Janis Foligno Foundation to support breast cancer research. Well-known former NHL player Mike Foligno said the foundation was established in honor of his wife Janis who died in 2009. He said the charity raised over $1 million in over the years.

Mike Foligno said his family is happy to be able to give back to the wider Sudbury community that has shown so much support over the years.

He said he was happy to meet a local citizen recently who expressed his gratitude for research donations because the man’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and was able to receive excellent treatment in her struggle to beat cancer.

Mike Foligno said the foundation was also happy to support Meals on Wheels, which was a favorite charity supported by his wife.