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FIFA 22 gets a makeover in career mode with new player-created clubs


FIFA 22 players can now customize their own squad, stadium and music

FIFA 22 fans will be excited to hear that EA will be adding new club optimization options with the release of the long-awaited sports game. This new feature will allow players to create their own club, as well as create their own personal design for the shirts, badge and stadium.

Fans of the franchise have been asking for this feature for a long time, and finally EA has listened and made it happen. FIFA 22 clubs created by players will be available in Career Manager mode and will also be playable in all leagues in the game. The club created will replace an already existing club in the list.

For starters, FIFA 22’s new career mode will allow players to create a name, choose a preset nickname for commentators to use, and assign a rival club as well. Players can also customize their own home and away kits, which will be available in three colors. There will also be tons of pre-made models that seem to be heavily inspired by Adidas designs. For badges, the design options are pretty minimal, with just one color choice. The stadium will start off as an unlicensed venue but can be customized with different seating colors, mesh shapes and pitch patterns. Players can even add their own goal and kickout music, in addition to special crowd chants.

Fans of this new FIFA 22 career mode can even choose their team’s overall star rating. The squad starts with generated players, but can easily be changed and replaced. Team members can be personalized to have a more authentic connection to the league in which they play.

Alex Constantinescu confirmed this new feature in a statement. “Let’s assume that 7% of the players in the English Premier League have French nationality,” said EA’s senior game designer. “Every time a player is generated for your team in the English Premier League, there is a 7% chance that they are French.”


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