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Fans inspire Raygun to print custom shirts after Chiefs win


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City Chiefs fans are still thinking about Sunday night’s big win over the Buffalo Bills.

Fans will soon have new Victory-inspired merchandise to get their hands on.

ray gun Manager Georgie Bee said the company was inspired by fans on social media to print shirts with the phrase “When it’s grim, be the grim reaper” and “Kansas City can make thirteen seconds feel like are too long.

The company is known for quickly transforming shirts with catchy, topical phrases.

“The shirts are really selling like hotcakes, it’s hard to keep them in stock, but we’re having so much fun doing it,” Bee said.

Bee said the shirts are currently being printed in Des Moines, Iowa, and should be on sale in the store by Wednesday. Fans can also order them online.

“It’s so cool to see everyone around the community in their red or Chiefs outfit, it really brings a sense of community to have a local sports team that we can all support,” Bee said.

Kansas City resident and Chiefs fan Micah Swade said the victory was a moment he will never forget.

“We came away with one of the most exciting wins in Kansas City Chiefs history,” Swade said.

For fans like Swade, the jerseys will represent a historic moment for Chiefs fans everywhere.

“I’ll be there with my debit card ready to throw it away and get some new gear,” Swade said.