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Explain to fools how the Blackhawks could in theory acquire Dougie Hamilton and Seth Jones


So I posted this tweet yesterday. I’m trying to be positive about this Duncan Keith move rumor. It drew some criticism. Criticism is good. I’m not even necessarily defending both. I say it is possible. Because … well … it is. Other people on the internet are GIANT pussies who just love to sit on an undeserved pitch and talk shit to their “audience” of like-minded goons who can’t think more than move or year at a time.

I hesitate to include the tweet in question, but it’s the only way to accurately show what a stupid loser this pussy is on the internet. Normally I wouldn’t respond, especially during my week’s vacation, but I don’t know … I’m gonna dunk on this guy because he’s an idiot and he deserves it

I didn’t have the guts to RT or tag or anything. I just scrolled through my tweets because he’s obsessed with me, probably because I do this for a living and he’s in the cheap seats on the internet. Red meat for the hockey section on Twitter on the internet, which got him a total of 25 engagements, including two from me because someone tagged me in response, to which he said

So to recap, this guy is crazy that someone had “snitch tagged” me in his tweet that he made using my tweet on a public platform. This is the hockey twitter for you. This guy probably does this all the time, but because he’s screaming into the internet abyss and no one is paying attention, I rarely notice him. This guy is such a loser.

Let us now come to the gist of his current criticism. A criticism that arose from his inability to think critically.

He says Jones and Hamilton will receive a combined $ 16 million with a flat cap. This could be true in 2022-2023 when an extension for Jones is expected to take effect. For now though… Jones is only costing $ 5.4 million. You know, other people do just about that… Duncan Keith. Keith’s hat trick is $ 5,538. So for next season, when the cap is flat, you swap Jones for Keith. It should be pretty straightforward to figure out, but it’s hard for some people. Mainly for this guy who fears and doesn’t understand hockey and has no one in the NHL talking to him because he’s nobody.

Dougie Hamilton will likely need a 7×8 or 8×8 contract if the Blackhawks work with Carolina to secure his full 8-year contract. The Blackhawks can tap into that LTIR space and manage it appropriately, as they will have Shaw’s $ 3.9 million and Seabrook’s $ 6.875 million. I also think (based on a few conversations) that the Blackhawks will be able to move Brett Connolly’s $ 3.5 million cap. Connolly could go to Seattle with a sweetener like Nylander to make it happen.

Okay, boss, but what about re-signing Jones long-term and having to pay him off from 2022-2023?

So glad you asked. You know who isn’t on the books this offseason and may see their hat-tricks headed for a Jones expansion? De Haan and Murphy. I really like Murphy, but if you sign Hamilton and Jones, you don’t need Murphy. Especially if you think Mitchell or Boqvist will become the 3rd dman pair on the right side (one of those guys will likely be traded for Jones).

Beyond 2022-2023, do you know who else needs deals? Literally everyone. Debrincat will probably get an increase to the 8 or 9 million VAA mark. I guess if Toews and Kane are going to sign here to end their careers, they’ll actually get a reduced rate compared to the $ 10.5 million AAV they currently have. So with that added flexibility, the cap increasing over these years thanks to new TV money from ESPN and Turner and a 32nd franchise selling shirts, tickets, parking lots, hot dogs, and TV rights to a new and big market, there will be enough money for the basic parts they love, Jones, Hamilton and RFA offers for Dach / Borgstrom, Mitchell, etc.

It is not difficult to understand. Like that idiot said … it’s math. You just need to be able to have an ounce of forethought and critical thinking and the ability not to be jealous without an audience and an even smaller brain.


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