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Everything you need to know about NHL 23’s CHEL World


NHL players may play in large arenas in front of thousands of fans every game, but hockey is a sport that, at its core, lives on small community rinks and outdoor ponds. The EA Canada team has worked hard to capture that spirit of the game, and NHL 23The World of Chel mode has worked hard to achieve this over the past few years. In NHL 23World of Chel delivers the next step in a community experience that captures all that’s great about hockey while providing players with many different ways to experience the game.


Like most sports games, NHL 23 features a slew of modes players can participate in, including standard Franchise modes and Be A Pro mode, where players can join or manage a team all the way to winning the Stanley Cup. Chel’s World offers fans a completely different experience, giving players the chance to express plenty of individuality, compete in arcade-style modes against other players, or even join a club and try their hand at playing games. to achieve greatness together. To try out NHL 23‘s World of Chel may seem a lot and a bit intimidating for players who have never ventured into this mode before, but a few simple steps will help any fan feel at home in no time.

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Create a player

The first thing to do in NHL 23 World of Chel needs to establish the identity of the player-created pro, as this will be how they will be seen by all other players in the mode, and it gives fans a chance to represent their favorite teams and express their love for the game. There are many ways to customize a created pro in World of Chel, from the skater’s appearance to the clothes and equipment they use in games.

The first thing players need to customize to become a Dominant NHL 23 World of Chel player is their pro’s name, age, height, weight and other basic details, keeping in mind that some categories like height and weight combination will have a effect on actual game attributes. Players looking to have a pro that uses speed and deking ability should avoid having a taller, heavier player, while forward power fans will want a player with more size, so that they can have better controlling ability.

In casual modes like NHL 23 Ones, Threes, and Pro-Am, skaters can be customized with jerseys, cargo pants, jeans, toques, parkas, and many other gear that can be unlocked as players progress through levels by earning XP in-game. Skaters will also have a professional-looking loadout for the EASHL and Drop-In games long-lasting mode options, which is limited to style and gear type since clothing will be dictated by the uniform of the club to which the player belongs. As fans level up and earn lots of hockey gear bags full of gear, they’ll find there are plenty of skates in particular that help them stand out even when they’re doing part of a club.

World of the Chel Ones and Threes

Ones in World of Chel is exactly what it sounds like as it is a 3 player game that is 1v1v1 in a short 3 minute competition to see who can get the most goals against the goalkeeper of the AI ​​in that time frame. Penalties and faceoffs are dropped in Ones, as is full rink, as this mode is played on a rink just under half the length of a full hockey rink, making it very similar to garden or pond hockey. Ones are all offensive and provide a great opportunity to work on creative skills such as deking and trick shots in NHL 23but players should be careful not to commit big shots or chase the puck around the corners, as this can often lead to an opponent having a clear breakaway on goal.

Threes is also fast and attack-oriented, but it’s a team game inside NHL 23 World of Chel which will pair one player with two teammates against another team of 3, with both teams having AI goalkeepers. Like in Ones, penalties don’t exist in Threes, so big hits are plentiful and players can get aggressive offensively and defensively, especially if they have good teammates. To add to the fun, silver pucks, which are worth more than one goal for the team that scores with it, some are worth two or three goals and others take away goals from the opponent and award one to the scoring team. Three games can have time limits, which are usually around five minutes, but most games end when total goals are reached by one team, for example, the first team to score seven goals wins the game.

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EA Sports Hockey League

The EA Sports Hockey League returns in NHL 23, giving players the chance to join a club and work with their friends to reach Division 1 and become the best team in the league. In EASHL, each player uses their created pro and is locked in the same position throughout the game, so they will have to decide which position they like the most and try to become the best at that position in NHL 23. As teams win games, they earn points and progress through divisions until they reach Division 1, the highest division there is. Teams also earn ranking points, and each new ranking achieved earns the club a hockey bag filled with new logos, uniforms and arena items to customize their club experience.

Alongside EASHL are Drop-In games, which have the exact same format but pair a player with random teammates through matchmaking for a one-match experience. The mode is great for players who don’t have a club yet, or anyone who wants to work on some individual skills and improve their pro a bit, but there’s more of a “free for all” feel to the games. Drop-In because no one involved is committed to the club and is just trying to complete some stats at their position in NHL 23. Because of this, it can get a bit toxic at times, but players can still use Drop-Ins as a good option to earn XP and new gear as they level up.

NHL 23 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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