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Every home shirt for AFCON 2021 – The Athletic


The Africa Cup of Nations is in the last round of group matches and we have seen all the teams play – but far more important than football, we have seen what equipment each team has brought to Cameroon.

Designing international football kits can be a tricky old affair, with jerseys of safe and conservative designs mixed in with Hail Mary maverick passes, and this AFCON collection is no different.

So, from simple and classic messes to asymmetric messes, tigers and sharks, an all-time classic that left our reviewer crying his childhood, here’s every Africa Cup of Nations home jersey, ranked…


With the alpha move to have two stars above the crest to signify their two AFCON wins, the defending champions opted for a reasonably basic home jersey here. It looks quite model, a vibe very similar to Russia’s Euro 2020 kit, but with some solid green panels running from the armpit to the hip and a marble patterned bottom.

None of that makes it bad, per se – just a little plain and without the sleeve detailing that has made Adidas’ other recent efforts so enjoyable. Still, they won the recent Arab Cup in this one, so if linking aesthetics to success is one thing, then they’re onto a winner here as well.

Rating: 7

Burkina Faso

It can sometimes be a little difficult to do these kit recaps (as much as “looking at photos of football shirts and scribbling down sarcastic comments” can be a bit of a pain), if only because so many of them are variations on a theme, slightly different versions of the same Adidas or Nike or Puma model.