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Donovan Mitchell DC fan club was really just a tribute to his sister


Utah Jazz goalie Donovan Mitchell (45) shoots Washington Wizards forward Davis Bertans (42) and goalie Raul Neto (19) in the first half of a basketball game the NBA on Saturday, December 11, 2021 in Washington. (Nick Wass, Associated Press)

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WASHINGTON DC – Minutes after Utah’s 123-98 victory over Washington on Saturday, a parade of fans wearing purple Donovan Mitchell jerseys marched into the Capital One Arena.

It was a sight to see so far from Salt Lake City. But it was nothing compared to what it sounded like.

The first time Mitchell’s name was mentioned by the presenter, the group of college-aged fans screamed in absolute euphoria. Those cheerful cheers continued, especially when Mitchell watched after a stoppage of play and greeted the group. Ecstasy followed.

Is Mitchell therefore only the reincarnation of John Lennon in the nation’s capital? Not exactly, but he has a growing fan club.

The group came from American University, specifically the school’s women’s lacrosse team. Mitchell’s sister Jordan is on the squad and Mitchell invited them (and other friends) to the game.

“They showed up. They showed up,” Mitchell said. “I appreciate the love.”

Mitchell didn’t stop at just one ticket to the game; he had a few of his old 1990’s jerseys that he gave to his sister and friends, and he also gave them a pair of his signature DON shoes.

For Mitchell, it was a way of saying thank you to his younger sister. She was the one who was dragged from gym to gym growing up as her family sat and watched youth tournaments, which forced her to sacrifice several of her weekends.

“I’m always trying to find ways to show love to my sister,” Mitchell said. “She’s always by my side, especially when we were younger. She missed a lot for the kids to come and stay in a hot gym for six hours a day. So I have the opportunity to show my appreciation, and that’s it – she brings her group of friends to the game. I appreciate her. It’s a great feeling to have that. “

About a week and a half ago, Mitchell called his team at Adidas with an idea – he wanted to wear a special shoe to the game in order to honor the lacrosse team, so the team got down to business.

The result was what Mitchell wore on Saturday: a red and a blue shoe with an American University logo printed on each and lacrosse sticks on the back. It was a shoe to honor his sister.

Mitchell has stated that the special edition of DON will not be for sale and that he will likely not wear them again.

“I’m going to put them in a box and take them home, home,” Mitchell said.

Homepage. A suitable place for a tribute to his sister.

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