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Disneyland makes a MAJOR mistake on an expensive Spirit jersey


Disney spirit swimsuits are one of the most talked about and purchased items in the parks. From holiday spirit swimsuits to the hugely popular rose gold spirit swimsuits, these items are usually flying off the shelves. However, they don’t come cheap!

Typically, spirits jerseys are priced at $ 70 to $ 75, and can even go up to $ 90 if you are looking for a specialty jersey. Well imagine spending that kind of money to find out that it has a printing defect.

Credit: Disney

A Disneyland guest bought a spirit jersey that had a major printing defect – all of the “Disneyland Resort” writing on the back was inside out!

The Jovial Johnny Twitter account shared a photo of the faulty Disneyland spirit jersey with their followers, writing:

Tanner got a “one-of-a-kind” spirit jersey

The funny thing is that it was later revealed that the Disney guests bought this spirit swimsuit on purpose because they thought it was hilarious!

We have it on purpose because it’s just so funny

Another Twitter user replied “wait,” to which Jovial Johnny replied:


It’s great to see Disney fans get the most out of a faulty Spirit jersey, especially considering their price tag! But the Twitter user is right – they now certainly have a “one of a kind” spirit jersey!

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Have you ever seen a faulty item in the Disney Parks? What’s the funniest thing you’ve spotted? Let us know in the comments below.

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