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Detroit Red Wings have options to improve their wingers


The Detroit Red Wings did exactly what they needed to do. They settled their winger position by letting Anthony Mantha go and getting some loot in return. Jakub vrana could easily be better than Mantha, and some would say he already is. They also got Richard Panik, a rental depth striker on a relatively cheap contract, who left after the season. They also got two draft picks; one has morphed into Wyatt Johnston and the other is in the next 2022 project.

I wrote an article why the team needs a better player to cross the first row than Dylan Larkin, and most of the feedback I received agreed with that sentiment. However, a lot of people thought he was good enough and just needed better wingers to surround him. It could very well be the case, so what options should the Red Wings pursue?

Johnny Gaudreau

We’re starting strong with Calgary Flames star forward Johnny Gaudreau. The 28-year-old forward has been the subject of trade rumors for about three seasons now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to quit anytime soon, given that his contract will end after 2021-22. He was the cornerstone of a Flames team that was somewhat mediocre since their Pacific Division Championship in 2018-19. Despite having had a pretty bad 2019-2020, scoring just 58 points in 70 games and not even hitting the 20-goal mark, he rebounded and was close to a point per game. In a normal 82-game schedule, he was on the verge of breaking his previous season’s totals with 71 points.

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