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Decentraland invests strategically in Decentral Games – European Gaming Industry News

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The companies will be offering Metaverse Play-to-Earn Poker, giving a huge boost and building interest and confidence in the disruptive gaming industry.

Decentraland, the pioneering blockchain-based virtual world, has made a strategic investment in Decentral Games, a GameFi DAO native to the metaverse, in a move that shows even more interest and confidence in the disruptive gaming platform.

Decentraland’s investment (MANA) in decentralized games’ (DG) native governance token $ DG, an asset that allocates governance votes within the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and its nearly $ 12 million in cash today, aims to help the platform deliver Play to Win Free Metaverse Poker.

“The Decentraland Foundation is delighted to support Decentral Games in its new game to be won in the Metaverse,” said Agustin Ferreira, Foundation Manager at the Decentraland Foundation. “The free-to-play architecture has grown tremendously in recent times, and we believe it will allow the Decentraland platform and the community to continue on the path of decentralized expansion.”

Mr. Ferreira added that “as a pioneer of the game in the Metaverse, we believe that Decentral Games is the ideal party to lead the next generation of gaming to win.”

The investment deal also represents a massive endorsement of Decentral Games’ revolutionary game architecture model, which distributes symbolic financial rewards for daily player participation on the platform.

“This important agreement will allow Decentral Games to launch a game-to-win dynamic applied to a favorite domestic game of poker,” said Decentral Games founder Miles Anthony.

“Decentral Games is proud to have a trusted investment partner in Decentraland as we deploy the game to earn metaverse Ice poker.

Mr. Anthony added that “Decentraland was a pioneer in building the first iteration of an open and decentralized metaverse, so it’s obvious to launch our ICE Poker Play-to-Earn there.

Decentral Games’ innovative and precise mind to advance the game to make money has generated a recent investment in the full stack Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon, among other respected institutional entities.

In June, DG closed a $ 5 million funding round co-led by Collab + Currency and BACKED VC. Since then, Decentral Games has continued to run, carry out the game to win, and announced the new GameFi product, Ice poker, the game to win and the NFT game in September.

Decentral Games has also worked with Decentraland in the past. The Gaming Metaverse blockchain project developed several signature games for Decentraland in white label before eventually establishing itself as a corporate DAO.

After years of proving the use case of metaverse games in Decentraland’s immersive VR environments, Decentral Games is currently excited to take its ongoing relationship with Decentraland to the next level.

$ DG is the versatile, standalone token powering Decentral Games, providing players with a medium of exchange for games, governance, and liquidity incentives unique to the platform. The model organically drives long-term user growth and customer loyalty through the distribution of daily rewards, giving Decentral Games customers the opportunity to earn a new revenue stream on the platform.

Like Venture Beat To illustrated, the game to win in the Philippines allowed residents to earn three times the regional minimum wage. And indications from the market have made it clear that the game to win is poised for skyrocketing adoption given its revenue potential.

Currently, Decentral Games operates several play-to-earn and NFT games based on the metaverse, including co-branding and business-to-business (B2B) agreements with the world’s most iconic brands, including the giant game Atari, Amnesia Ibiza (the temple of electronic music) and Bored Apes Yacht Club (the iconic NFT series).

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