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Cresskill NJ homicide case goes to trial after plea deal rejected


The man accused of fatally stabbing a Cresskill woman in June 2020 and conspiring to dump her body in the Overpeck County park with a 14-year-old girl will face trial in the new year.

Lodi resident Nicolas Coirazza’s trial is tentatively scheduled to begin Jan. 9 before state Superior Court Judge Carol Novey Catuogno. He is charged with murder, disturbing human remains, tampering with evidence, two counts of obstructing arrest and weapons.

The Lodi man is accused of repeatedly stabbing Divna Rosasco, 51, and dumping her body in Overpeck Creek, weighing it down with the miner’s help.

Coirazza, now 21, appeared before Novey Catuogno on Monday for a pre-trial conference and a motion to suppress. His attorney, Ron Bar-Nadav, sought to suppress some of his client’s statements made to police after his arrest.

Bar-Nadav said Coirazza hadn’t slept for two days before his interrogation and when he mentioned he might need to get a lawyer, the police redirected him.

Prosecutors allege Coirazza knew the victim’s family and was at home when the murder took place.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Coirazza told police he was at the girl’s home in Cresskill around 8:30 a.m. when Rosasco arrived, unaware he was there, the affidavit said. Coirazza reportedly hid in the house while an argument ensued between the girl and Rosasco.

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The defense rejected a plea deal offered by the prosecution, Bar-Nadav said. Coirazza was offered 45 years to plead guilty to murder, desecration and employing a minor in the commission of a crime. The 45s would run concurrently with the 10s for desecration and employing a minor in the commission of a crime, respectively.

Coirazza had 30 days to accept or reject the plea deal.

“It wasn’t enough time to review all the evidence,” Bar-Nadav said. “There is an overwhelming amount of evidence.”

Rosasco had been reported missing just before midnight on June 15, 2020, and her car was later found in the county park during a regular checkup by a county sheriff’s officer. Authorities said it appeared someone had tried to conceal the owner of the vehicle and they had brought in a K-9 unit who led police to the woman’s body.

Rosasco was found in a sheet, with a plastic bag over her head, weighed down with concrete blocks. The probable cause affidavit says Coirazza dragged the body onto the dock while the miner brought the cinder blocks.

The couple were arrested shortly after in the parking lot of a local hotel, trying to get an Uber.

At some point in Rosasco’s argument with the minor, Coirazza intervened, grabbed a pink-colored knife from the girl’s bedroom and pushed Rosasco down the stairs, according to court documents.

“He then mounted her and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck, head and back with the pink knife,” the affidavit reads.

Coirazza is due back in court for a final pretrial conference on October 28.

The Bergen County District Attorney’s Office did not provide an update on the minor’s case.