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Concord registers its first spot in a draw against Hannover


Posted: 02/15/2022 20:54:28

Modified: 02/15/2022 20:52:33

Varying expressions were on the faces of the players in the Concord and Hanover men’s hockey programs.

For the skaters who had made the 64-mile trip to Everett Arena, loose smiles were on display in joy at the result as Hanover players exchanged punches and high-fives and coaches shook hands .

Meanwhile, for those wearing white home shirts and red bottoms, a noticeable wave of stoic solemnity mixed with a tinge of disappointment quickly set in as they walked into a single-file line to share post-match remarks with visitors.

While the Crimson Tide’s emotions can be considered extreme for a team that remains technically undefeated, anything short of a win can leave a frustrated mood in the ranks. Concord’s 1-1 draw with Hanover on Monday provided the first blemish on their record this season and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to regroup even if they didn’t lose.

Both teams had had chances to score throughout the afternoon, and the final shots on goal – 36-22 in favor of the Tide – indicated it. Concord, ever so dependent on his speed, forced Hannover to skate the full length of the ice consistently throughout the game to defend breakaway opportunities as well as odd runs.

And the Tide’s usual suspects – Brooks Craigue, Colin Nelson, Tyler Coskren and Cam McGonigle – were implicated in the scoring opportunities.

As the game edged ever closer to an inevitable scoreless settlement, Coskren sent the puck into the back of the net with 3:30 left in the third period on a one-timer after Nelson redirected the puck towards him from behind the lens.

Concord had the goal and time on their side to close it out, but Hanover – still keen to give Concord a tough game – scored the equalizer with 73 seconds left in regulation time. Casey Graham had his eyes wide open as goalkeeper Kevin Jones was blocked by a screen in front of the net.

Jones’ overall performance was another piece of evidence for Concord’s goalkeeping tandem of him and Will Pegnam as the best in the division, which is why Graham’s goal, given the situation, was d all the more impressive.

The eight-minute sudden-death overtime period featured a slight back and forth, but just 3:15 into overtime, Concord’s power-play unit took to the ice with a sense of determination and concentration.

Go from point to lunge back to point and shoot. Wash, rinse, repeat. But nothing to show for it, and ultimately the power play – with the match – ended in a period of noticeable frustration for the Tide.

“We expected a tough game,” said Concord coach Dunc Walsh. “They’re a good team and we knew it would be a tough game.”

The Tide (12-0-1) had already played in Hannover twice this season, once in the Brian Stone Memorial Tournament in December and in a regular season game on Jan. 5. Concord have won both, but it’s hard to beat a team three times in a season.

It only gets more complicated for Concord as the season quickly winds down and the playoffs approach. The Tide closed out the week with a road trip to Pinkerton on Wednesday and Bedford on Thursday before a home game against Londonderry on Saturday.