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Cincinnati Bengals show serious drop with SBLVI uniforms


When you have a quarterback like Joe Burrow, you have to make him look good. The Cincinnati Bengals have unveiled their Super Bowl uniforms and… let’s just say, it’s been a fantastic year to be a Bengals fan.

The Bengals are the designated home team for Super Bowl LVI, so they had the first uniform choice.

Fans saw them all white against the Chiefs and Titans, but as Cincy prepares to take on the Los Angeles Rams, the team has decided to go in a different, albeit incredibly stylish, direction.

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Other than the obvious “glow,” it’s the exact same color scheme the Bengals wore in their first Super Bowl appearance in 1982.

Cincinnati’s black base color means the Rams will have to step away from their blue and yellow (or, if you want to be pretentious, royal and ground) combination they’ve worn in each of their previous playoff wins.

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Uniforms Against History

Teams wearing white jerseys have won 14 of the last 17 Super Bowls, so LA may not be complaining too much. They were forced to go with a bone gray color scheme.

The Bengals weren’t about to let this game down to chance, let alone an irrelevant historical stat. They are writing their own narrative this season, and that includes playing the best football as well as donning the best shirts.

And if you do not do know what Cincinnati is referring to in the Twitter caption, here’s a brief explanation. It has to do with that cheap and rather ugly plastic hanger in the photo.

Last offseason, when fans were eagerly awaiting the reveal of the Cincinnati Bengals 2021 jersey, someone first got their hands on the photos of the jersey and leaked them online.

Look at the plastic hanger.

These 2021 uniforms were considered duds by most fans and definitely not worthy of a championship.

Come Super Bowl Sunday, the Bengals can look good, play good and win good in their smashing new jerseys.

Joey B, who is a bit of a stylish dandy himselfno doubt agrees.