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Capitals’ ‘Screaming Eagle’ logo back in 2022-23


According to several sources close to the organization, the Washington Capitals will resurrect an old logo next season. None other than the famous howling eagle.

Luckily, it’s not the one with the United States Capitol in the center. He is awful.

Introduced in 1996, the star-winged eagle emblem stands out from other versions. It is a logo worthy of the name; not just a team name with a hockey stick acting as a T (they could have at least taken the L).

What it might look like:

Here is the original photo, with Adidas’ Reverse Retro jerseys:

(Credit: @Capitals/Twitter)

the howling eaglea wise choice

Last September, the hockey world applauded the return of the famous Kachina to the jerseys Coyotes. The Arizona team looks great on the ice in terms of style, it’s better than nothing.

Washington could have asked the designers to come up with a whole new logo, but we’re in a time where retro concepts – uniforms, theme parties, etc. – seem to appeal to fans.

Nostalgia sells. At the dawn of the next campaign, let’s bet that the Caps jerseys will fly like hotcakes in souvenir shops. Nevertheless, even if it’s marketing, resurrecting the old brings a breath of fresh air that is not unpleasant.

And then he has a mouth, the howling eagle. Nope?


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