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Bucs makes deal with fan who gave up Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball


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It’s not $ 500,000, but the Buccaneers fan who made the football that Tom brady used to throw his 600th touchdown pass, has a deal.

The Bucs are give Byron Kennedy two signed jerseys and a Brady helmet, one signed Mike evans jersey and playing cleats, a $ 1,000 team store credit and two season passes for the remainder of this season as well as next season, Rick Stroud of Tampa Bay weather reports.

The fact that Brady’s 600th touchdown pass football was the hottest topic in the NFL on Monday tells you how bad real football games were on Sunday. The average margin of victory was exactly 20 points in Sunday’s 11 games.

Evans, who caught three touchdowns from Brady in the Bears’ stroke, unknowingly gave Kennedy the scoring ball.

Sports memorabilia analysts have suggested football could fetch up to $ 500,000 at auction after Brady’s first career touchdown pass to Terry Glenn in an October 2001 game against the Chargers, which sold for 428. $ 842 this summer.

Kennedy said he couldn’t say no to Brady after a member of the team’s staff approached him shortly after Evans was transferred and asked him to pick him up. Kennedy received a different game ball with the promise of more gifts later. He got his deal a day later, although there is no mention of a round of golf with Brady.

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