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Bruins team up with neighbor for first-ever game jersey patch


The NHL season has just begun and this year the league is allowing teams to put promotional crests on their jerseys. The Bruins crest features a company you may not have heard of, but it’s based in Boston.

“We love the Bruins and what they do,” said Corey Thomas, CEO of Rapid7. “We like the grit, we like the toughness.”

Rapid7 CEO Corey Thomas explains why his cybersecurity firm was the perfect fit.

The Bruins choose the partner that cares about creating a secure technological future for all of us in society,” said Thomas.

Thomas graduated from Harvard and became CEO of Rapid7 in 2008. As the company grew rapidly, so did its mission to keep pace with changing technology.

“Technology can do a lot of good in society, but if we don’t manage this technology well, we also open up many avenues not only to attack, but also to take advantage of some of the most vulnerable members of society,” said Thomas.

Rapid7 is a global company with approximately 2,600 employees, but its headquarters are located right here in Boston, right next to TD Garden. Thomas says location is key.

“One of the tensions that we’re actively trying to manage is how do you really be a successful global company, which requires, you know, really high standards, lots of execution, but also being rooted in communities and makes a difference in communities around the world,” said Thomas.

In a world that can seem so divided, Thomas says sport always seems to connect

“It’s the one thing that, regardless of your political affiliation, you can come together and you can actually cheer, cheer and hate the other team,” Thomas said. And we need it in society.

But whether it’s going to the game or playing a sport, Thomas says athletics is expensive. He wants to ensure that sports like hockey remain fair and inclusive.

“Another passion for me is accessibility,” Thomas said. “My son has mild cerebral palsy, but he’s super competitive and loves playing sports. If you go to a Bruins game, he’s one of the biggest screaming fans there. And so this aspect of hockey for everyone and hockey for everyone was also important to me. »

The “Hockey is for Everyone” campaign helps the Bruins and Thomas team up to make it a safe and positive environment for everyone, because it’s no secret that hockey fans are passionate about it. And it’s Thomas’ passion to build his company’s footprint in the community.

“It’s nice sometimes to see, you know, something that you give your life to reflected in these kinds of arenas,” Thomas said. “I just think it’s a big win-win.”

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