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Bauer to launch “BauerX” micro collection with Don C – WWD


Bauer is entering the lifestyle space with its first micro-collection, BauerX, a vertical streetwear launch on May 13 that the brand says is grounded in research, form, culture and heritage.

The hockey brand, which will turn 100 this decade, has teamed up with streetwear designer Don C to design a capsule within the micro-collection, which includes a co-branded leather hockey jersey and portrait t-shirts Canadian ice hockey goaltender Gerry Cheevers. The collection features crew necks with the Bauer name upside down and upside down on the shoulders with a wire globe design nodding to the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, NY , socks with stitching details and goalie masks in lambskin and snakeskin.

“After delving deep into the history of hockey culture, the Gerry Cheevers Goalie Mask resonated and most aligned with the brand philosophy we are building for BauerX,” the team said. “The original mask was designed with real stitches, a literal representation of the many injuries Cheevers suffered throughout his hockey career. Metaphorically speaking, these points show Bauer’s perseverance and endurance as a nearly 100-year-old brand, also a point of contact for building strength in the face of adversity.

The launches will be a mix of micro collections and collaborations, as well as three in-house capsules to be rolled out this year. BauerX first drop prices range from $65-$95 for the BauerX Micro Collection and $135-$900 for the Don C Capsule. The collection will be available on the BauerX website with RSVP-limited pieces Gallery.

The BauerX micro-collection.
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Bauer aims to make hockey more “accessible and aesthetically appealing to a wider audience” with this line. BauerX taps into hockey’s secret business with streetwear. Jerseys have long been a streetwear staple, namely basketball, baseball, and soccer jerseys, throwback jerseys in the late 90s and early 2000s, and soccer jerseys more recently around Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones’ football collaborations with Nike.

For hockey and streetwear, the late rapper Tupac Shakur notably wore the Detroit Red Wings jersey during a court hearing in 1994. Decades later, the Los Angeles Kings snapback cap would become more popular among aficionados of the hat.

“We decided to develop BauerX as the fashion side of the heritage hockey brand Bauer because first, no hockey brand/brand has ever intentionally ventured into the fashion industry,” the team said. . “There is a lot of interest in obscure sports and fashion today. Hockey is by no means obscure, but overall a sport that was okay with drawing its audience into its arena. With this business, our hope is to reach that audience and beyond.