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Assos UMA GTV C2 bib shorts review


The Assos UMA GTV C2 bib shorts are a pair of high performance women’s bib shorts for long days in the saddle, with an innovative nature break solution and a premium price.

I say innovative because it’s rare to see a nature call feature that isn’t limited to a stretchy material.

However, while I also think Assos could have used a simpler approach, I understand that this solution should work for just about everyone, unlike those who rely on stretchy fabric.

Simplicity aside, the UMA GTV bib shorts are extremely comfortable and a decent length. They look good and feel durable which might justify the price.

These are the shorts I would wear for a long distance run.

Assos UMA GTV C2 bib shorts: function

As mentioned above, a key feature of the Assos UMA GTV C2 bib shorts is the calls of the wild feature which the brand calls Bisiclick.

The bib shorts feature two magnetic closures at the back, meaning the suspenders can be detached from the bib shorts without removing jerseys, vests or shells, whenever nature calls.

The brand also claims that the way the magnetic element works means other clothes won’t get caught in the closure.

I found the closure system intuitive and easy to use, and had no issues with jerseys getting stuck.

The closures are neat and unusual, but a downside can be that once unclipped it can be difficult to put the straps back on.

Another thing to consider is that the closures can be uncomfortable when sitting in a chair at the obligatory coffee stop.

Obviously, Assos could have just used a more conventional system, like an extra-stretch panel or two, but that option can be tricky for some people.

Bisiclick means most people will find the new solution easy to use, so overall I think this is a positive feature for women’s specific cycling gear.

Assos UMA GTV C2 bib shorts: Comfort

Assos says the shorts are designed for endurance. The chamois is made from a patented three-layer perforated foam called 3D waffle which the brand claims increases breathability and sheds excess weight.

It also features Assos goldenGate technology, a floating section designed to conform to the rider’s body, and layers of compressive foam that attempt to dissipate vibration.

All that tech is literally a lot of waffles, but to its credit, I can’t fault the chamois.

I didn’t feel any discomfort, it stayed perfectly in place and it doesn’t protrude excessively either.

As is fairly standard, the shorts also have UPF 50+ protection.

Assos UMA GTV C2 Bib Shorts: Fit

The Assos UMA GTV C2 Bib Shorts are made from Ossida which Assos claims is a 40 gauge circular mesh fabric which attempts to provide a level of compression.

These shorts are racy. They provide a good level of support without digging in and feel nice and smooth against the skin.

They also have a mesh panel on the stomach area which Assos says improves comfort for riders adopting an aggressive riding position and breathing heavily during hard exertion.

I can’t say that this feature was extremely noticeable in use, but what is without a doubt is that these shorts are extremely comfortable for long rides.

They also have 6cm leg clamps which help to stop any movement and I found they didn’t move once on the rides. I almost forgot I was wearing them.

Assos UMA GTV C2 Bib Shorts: Compared

Compared to the Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall bib shorts, the UMA GTV bib shorts cost £10 more but I find them more flattering. In addition, they have the comfort pause function.

The Assos UMA GTV C2 Bib Shorts do not have strong ecological or ethical credentials, so for the conscious consumer, I would suggest the Universal Colors Mono Women’s Bib Shorts as a solid alternative.

When looking at the Pactimo Women’s Summit Classic bib shorts, which are also intended for long distances, these Assos bib shorts feel more robust and durable.

They are more compressive, have a longer leg length and in my opinion are more suitable for long distance running.

However, it’s obvious that the Assos UMA GTV C2 bib shorts are top of the line on the market, so you’d expect such high performance and technology for the price.

Assos UMA GTV C2 Bib Shorts: Verdict

At £210, the Assos UMA GTV C2 Bib Shorts are by no means cheap.

I didn’t give these five stars because while Assos is clearly trying to be more inclusive with their kit, that could have been reflected in the price.

That review aside, these bib shorts will serve you well for many, many miles, so if you’re looking for a durable and comfortable pair of bib shorts for long rides, the Assos UMA GTV C2 bib shorts might just be a worthwhile investment. it’s worth it.