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American arrested with egg cart at Freedom Convoy rally


An American wearing a balaclava, a knife in his belt and two eggs in his jacket pocket was one of five people arrested following the weekend’s ‘freedom convoy’ rally.

The suspect was seen pulling a cart full of eggs and police became suspicious.

“The Media is the Virus Freedom Convoy 2022” drew huge crowds over the weekend, including people who oppose the convoy.

Counter-protesters gathered at numerous stops along the convoy route, and many were arrested.

They managed to hold the procession up for a while, but it eventually made it to downtown Vancouver.

Rally supporters occupied the block outside the Robson offices of CTV News.

At first glance, it looked like a Team Canada hockey rally, with the number of people wearing red Canada hockey jerseys and waving red flags.

Photo: GoToVan/Flickr

There were also three Gadsden flags, yellow flags with snakes on them with the words ‘Don’t tread on me’.

Many on the political left associate these flags with white supremacy.

604 Now asked one of the people holding a controversial yellow flag about the public’s perception that the protest was racist.

“That’s incorrect.” said Andrew Cox. “This notion is based on a racist idea, Canadians have no ethnicity and we are protesting here for the rights of Canadians.”

Joel Arriaze, whose parents are Mexican and Salvadoran, was present to support the convoy. He says he works in the trucking industry. Many truckers in British Columbia are not white, he said.

“You have a mortgage and a lease for your truck, then you’re told you can’t work because of vaccination status, and you have kids who are going to be hungry.”

He said people were protesting because of the warrants, not racism.

“It’s really shameful that you can call this racist.” he adds.

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