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Allergies Are you afraid of the vaccine? What does the CDC say?


What’s the process?

“I haven’t heard anything about ivermectin or hydroxycloroquine. Why don’t we use them? With zinc, D3, C, quercetin and good nutrition. Distilled water and an alkaline diet as well. You pretend to be journalists and yet you slack off. Let me help you with your lack of knowledge. ” (this kind of statement is always so “inspiring”)

Dr Vladimir Zelenko, Dr Thomas Cowan, Dr Sebi, Dr Rashid Buttar, #INFOWARS,Del Bigtree and Highwire, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Dr Richard Fleming and the Fleming Method, Darkhorse Podcast, and most importantly * Banned.video * These so-called vaccines will lower your immune system and require antibody-dependent improvement. ” OK.

The point is that the author of the Facebook response clearly has a different opinion than the person in charge of the Covid case who truly believes the vaccine saved him. This is his story, think about it and react accordingly. FYI – KIT’s on-air hosts say the vaccine should be your choice. Dave got the blows, Lance didn’t.

In summary, not every article is meant to be the last word on every topic and we try to present different perspectives without endorsing all of them. We report – you decide. So…

CDC Says Allergies Not of Concern

Along these lines of “should I or shouldn’t” get vaccinated, United Press International reports research on allergic reactions to vaccines. If you were interested in injections but concerned about allergies, this information is for you.

A study released Tuesday by JAMA Network Open found, Allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are rare, even in recipients with a history of complications in response to inoculations, drugs and other irritants..The researchers found that 98% of people considered to be “highly allergic” had “no immediate reaction” after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, less than 2% had “minor allergic responses” and less than 1% had experienced anaphylaxis.

And in the end it’s always your call

The conclusion the researchers have come to is that up to 40% of us have some kind of allergy that can prevent us from getting vaccinated in general. Scientists say the threat of the virus is serious enough to overtake these allergy issues and there is data to support that decision. Disease control and prevention.

So the CDC says that fear of an allergic reaction shouldn’t be the reason you don’t get the shots. Again, for now, the choice is yours.

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