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Alex Semin and Alex Ovechkin score hat tricks in Semin’s farewell game in Krasnoyarsk


by Alex Semin The team beat Team Datsyuk 10-9 in Semin’s farewell game on Thursday. Semin, 38, announced his retirement in May.

Semin’s farewell game, titled The World Hockey All-Star Game – Legendary Overtimefeatured former Capitals teammates Alex Ovechkin and Viktor Kozlov. Other notables include Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlovold capital Andrei Nikolishin (1998 Stanley Cup Final team) and Dallas Stars goaltender Anton Khudobin. Proceeds from ticket sales went to orphanages in the region as well as to the development of sledge hockey in Krasnoyarsk.

Both Semin and Ovechkin had hat tricks in the win. Arguably the best play came when Semin assisted on an Ovechkin goal with a pass over the net that fell perfectly into the crease for an Ovechkin return.

The end of the match featured all the players entering the ice in a chaotic scene.

“On behalf of all hockey players, I want to say a huge thank you to Alexander for inviting us to such a wonderful event,” Ovechkin said according to sports.ru and by Google Translation. “You will be greatly missed in the hockey arena. We want to wish you all the best off the ice.

The jerseys were red and white and featured a crest that includes Semin’s name on the silhouette of a hockey player’s head.

On Semin’s Instagram, he was tagged by a fan giving a signed jersey during the game.

Then there was a big party for Semin which Ovechkin and his wife Nastya attended.

Perhaps the best gift for Semin came earlier today. The governor of Semin’s hometown of Krasnoyarsk announced before the game that the city would begin discussing the establishment of a KHL club. The city already has a minor league team that currently plays in the VHL.

“We are thinking about this [participation in the KHL] now,” Governor Alexander Uss told sports.ru. “I think with the arrival of Sasha [Semin]we are going to seriously start getting closer to that goal.

“Krasnoyarsk deserves a KHL club,” Ovechkin said of the news by TASS. “You can see how people here support hockey. I hope everything works out.”

Semin, Ovechkin and Orlov planted apple trees in the city before the game.

Semin retires as the sixth-leading scorer in Capitals history with 197 goals. His 40-goal season in 2009-10 remains the only season a Caps player has reached the 40-goal mark under the Ovechkin era outside of Ovi itself.

Screenshot: @nastyashubskaya/IG