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7 Juan Soto Business Ideas That Really Make Sense


This season’s trade deadline suddenly got a whole lot spicier after the news that Washington nationals superstar Juan Soto had turned down a 15-year contract extension worth $440 million. To put that into perspective, Mike Trout signed a 12-year contract in 2019 that will earn him $426.5 million during that deal. Soto was offered some best baseball player type money and declined, so it seems the only logical path to the Nationals would be to start seriously entertaining trade offers for the incredible 23-year-old slugger.

While Soto won’t reach unrestricted free agency until 2025, it’s also unlikely the Nationals will be in contention by the time Soto’s final season under contract with the team is in 2024. That being said, i know you are not here to find out what uniform Juan Soto will wear in three years — you are here to try to see what uniform Juan Soto will wear could be wearing three weeks from now on. So let’s talk and have a blast the Baseball Trade Values ​​Machine (with trades that are actually accepted by the machine) while trying to figure out what it will take for Juan Soto to be on your team by the time this trade deadline has come and gone.

For starters, it will probably help if your team has a real chance of playing in October this year. While rebuilding squads might be able to meet what should be an astronomical asking price for Soto, many of those clubs are unlikely to be interested in tapping deep into their prospect pool just to get a player. They’re also likely to be in the same situation the Nationals are in right now, where they probably wouldn’t be willing to drop the money for a player of Soto’s caliber while also being a non-factor in the fight for a Series. world. Title.

This line of thinking automatically eliminates some of the usual suspects like the Athletics, Reds, Pirates and Orioles and other teams that are struggling right now or historically cheap. It also knocks the Rays out after eliminating their decade-long financial shock by signing Wander Franco to a long-term contract extension.

We can also probably eliminate the division rivals from the draw, although I imagine they will still try. If the asking price for Juan Soto is already incredibly high, there’s little to no chance that NL East teams will pay less than a premium on top. The Braves either depend on their top prospects at the big league level or they sent them to Oakland for Matt Olson. The Phillies would struggle to meet any potential asking price in terms of players while trying to wrestle at the same time.

The Marlins have the prospects and a decent amount of major league appeal they could throw the case, but they fall into the previous categories of not being a strong contender while having a reputation for not spending a ton of money on gamers. On the other hand, the Dishes actually have all the talent, “win now” ambition and financial means conclude an agreement but again, it would take an astronomical supply (like decent-to-good prospects and big leaguers) for anything to happen within the division.

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So with these teams out, speculation can now start to get spicy. Imagine Juan Soto going from a solid line with Josh Bell and Nelson Cruz to suddenly finding himself with Fernando Tatís Jr. and Manny Machado? That could be a possibility since the Padres are one of those teams that fit the bill of having good organizational depth, financial capability and title ambitions. So what might an exchange look like?


Padres fans will likely wince at the loss of MacKenzie Gore in particular, but hey, that’s the cost of potentially being the boss. Just let this initial offer give you an indication of what it will take to trade for Soto. It might be painful to part ways with these particular players, but it will be worth it for the nightmares a Soto-Tatís-Machado line would induce in any pitching staff across the baseball landscape.

One offense that would likely get even scarier with the addition of Juan Soto would be the Toronto Blue Jays. While the long-term relationship would be a big question mark, seeing Juan Soto blast baseballs all around the Rogers Center while surrounded by Vladimir Guererro Jr., Bo Bichette, George Springer and Alejandro Kirk would be worth the price. trade high. . This would also include another Nationals player coming to Canada with Soto.


Yes, Patrick Corbin is included. If the Nationals are serious about trading Juan Soto, they may as well try to find a way to deal with Patrick Corbin and his contract. Some teams could get away with making a deal without Corbin’s involvement — the Blue Jays wouldn’t be on those teams, so that would probably be the route they should take. Between bringing in Corbin and parting with two very high caliber prospects is a high price for the Blue Jays, but again, Juan Soto is Juan Soto.

Then we have the usual suspects for whenever a superstar is suddenly available. It’s completely understandable if you’ve already accepted that Juan Soto could wear Dodger or Yankee blue stripes in a short time. The Yankees should probably take the path of taking Patrick Corbin with Juan Soto, while the Dodgers could succeed just by having prospects and players who could help in the big leagues.

It’s a horrible scenario for the rest of baseball if Juan Soto ends up on one of these rosters – either Soto joins what is already one of the most talented rosters in LA baseball history, or he joins a formation in New York. which has already achieved juggernaut status. Choose your poison, indeed!


There are also dark horses that need to be considered. It wouldn’t be shocking to see the Red Sox get involved in a pursuit of Juan Soto since they have the money to potentially keep him, the players for put it in a store and the sheer hatred of their rivals in New York to keep him out of the Bronx. You also have to consider the Giants, who could switch from building around Logan Webb to building around Juan Soto if they decide to flex their financial muscle and keep Soto around for the long haul. The same goes for the Cardinals, who could send a 23-year-old outfielder to the nation’s capital in exchange for another 23-year-old outfielder.


There is one more team that should always be on anyone’s mind when it comes to any kind of baseball dealings. It’s really not that hard to imagine Jerry Dipoto trying to figure out exactly what it would take to make Juan Soto the latest generational talent to don one of those cute teal Mariners jerseys. Seattle has a good thing with their team right now, but if anyone wanted to shake things up, he is a man who wakes up ready to compromise. Some people came here to see realistic commercial offers and I respect that. This next one is for people who would love to see the world burn.

The 2022 Home Run Derby suddenly becomes a historic event.

While all of this speculation is exciting to discuss, there’s always the possibility that it could end up being unnecessary. It all ends up being for naught if Juan Soto and his camp decide to stay and see what happens in the future with the Nationals and any new owners that eventually arrive, or if he’s not traded and ends up staying all the time. way until it’s time for him to pick a team for himself in free agency.

That being said, it now seems highly unlikely that Soto will play for the Nationals this season. If the Nationals do bring their superstar outfielder to the trade market, then the August 2 trade deadline will be one of the most exciting events this season. Whether it’s a contender, juggernaut or dark horse potentially acquiring Juan Soto, it’s absolutely intriguing to think about with the trade deadline looming.