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6 reasons why Hush is the new secret hero of every British woman’s wardrobe


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked a friend – always over 30, usually juggling kids and a job – where her flared velvet skirt, cheerful sweater or overalls came from. colored, to hear the answer: “Shhh”. Usually followed by the words “and I never take it off”.

I wasn’t particularly surprised at the time to read that the UK husband-and-wife brand made £ 58million in the year ending March 2021, with operating profit up 169% to £ 11.4million. Considering that these 12 months have been among the most painful in retail history, this is quite an achievement. So how did they handle this?

The brand was already popular before the pandemic hit – but over the past couple of years, any company focusing on flattering, easy-to-wear and durable clothing that works equally well for a dog walk and after- Netflix midday than a day of meetings (Zoom or whatever) was going to do better than, say, youth-oriented Topshop and parties. Hush’s target market has always been over 35, and although the brand sells bodycon dresses and sequined skirts, the majority of the pieces are comfortable, wearable, nice, and built to last. It sounds so simple that you wonder why more businesses haven’t followed suit.