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5 reasons the Los Angeles Lakers will suck this season


The ending always looks bad on LeBron teams

Wikimedia Commons: Staff Sgt. Sheila deVera

“So when you said ‘not 5, not 6, not 7…'”

The 2010 Cavaliers were full of guys it would have been cool to have six years ago like Ben Wallace, Zyndrunas Illgauskas, Antawn Jamison and Shaq. They came out moaning and a racist letter from Dan Gilbert when LeBron took his talents to South Beach. The 2014 Miami Heat were so old, injured and tired that the San Antonio Spurs 104-87 victory in the Game 5 Finals wasn’t even as close as the 17-point final score would suggest. Not even the Heat picks LeBron’s favorite player could hold it. The Cleveland Cavaliers are just starting to look decent after LeBron left in 2018, and even that turnaround is surprising. Getting an Old LeBron and In-His-Prime Anthony Davis was supposed to set the Lakers up for the present and the future. Well, the present is damn terrible (2020 championship aside) and the future looks uncertain. The Lakers should have known they had to handle this situation with skill. Instead, they chose to say “we’re the Lakers, it’ll be fine.”

It hasn’t really worked yet. It’s a strange thing to say about a team that has won a championship, but missing the playoffs twice when you have LeBron James is a disaster. The Lakers seem so convinced of their own Lakerity that everything will be fine. Kobe Bryant’s last 60-point game, affable retirement personality and tragic untimely passing seemed to make everyone forget that the Lakers were trash at the end of Kobe’s career and lucky with LeBron. LeBron’s storybook ending was with Cleveland, where he’s from. This last tour in Los Angeles is an unprecedented third act for his long career. The Lakers give the impression that Pelè generously introduces the United States to football by playing on the New York Cosmos, not a title run. AND they have nothing to lean on for the potential future Anthony Davis Era.

The front office seems enamored with cap space to pursue free agents in 2023, which is strange, because they won’t have enough money to chase a max star. Filling your roster with fringe guys and ring-chasing veterans hurts continuity in intangible ways that LeBron and AD’s talent can’t cover. The Lakers have already mortgaged their future to chase titles with LeBron, and time is running out. So why not chase any trade you can get when “LeBron + AD = title” is still a thing? Moves like not extending Alex Caruso make the Lakers look cheap, and people are openly wondering if the Buss family should sell. Adam McKay is hilarious winning time certainly gave the impression that the Buss family fortune is more of a house of cards than they would probably like to be perceived. Everyone at Crypto Dot Com Arena would benefit from a long playoff streak this season. But much like Crypto still being a thing, this deep playoff run feels like little more than a delusional hope.