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25 of the weirdest and most bizarre football kits of all time


A kit is the hallmark of a team, a proper kit can really show what a team stands for, what that club wants to achieve on the pitch. Elegant home jerseys worn by AC Milan, Real Madrid or Barcelona with the elegant designs of Borussia Dortmund.

However, not all kit designs can showcase elegance or competitiveness, some kits are just complete messes. What led these teams to accept these designs will always remain a mystery, one thing is certain, these clubs have worn these shirts much to the chagrin of football fans around the world.

Here are 25 of the weirdest and most bizarre football kits ever worn by football clubs. Some have been lost to time, others are drawings we would like to forget.

25. Necaxa third kit 2000

Liga MX teams are known for their weird designs, but Necaxa’s 2000 third kit takes the cake. A club crest superimposed on the jersey itself resembled a towel wrapped around the players.

24. CD Palencia 2016-17 home kit

Yeah, a picture speaks louder than words, Spanish lower league side CD Palencia released a jersey that was the inner layers of human tissue. yuck!

23. River Plate 75 years of monumental kit

River Plate all in black? Even their famous white and red logo. The club looked completely out of place dressed in an all-black kit that seemed more suited to a funeral than a tribute to their famous stadium.

22. Every kit from the 1996 MLS season

When MLS kicked off in 1996 it was truly the late 90s, bright neon colors that looked like something henchmen would wear in Batman Forever, crazy sounding names like Clash, Wiz and Mutiny, everything you could think of with 90s skater culture.

21. Atletico Madrid away kit 2003-04

In the early 2000s, Atletico Madrid had a deal with Columbia Pictures in which the club would have the name of the latest film central to their kits. In 2003, for the first Spiderman movie, the club went one step further with a Spiderman-inspired kit that had little to do with Atletico Madrid history.

20. Boca Juniors goes pink

Legendary Argentinian club Boca Juniors wore pink at one point in their history much to the chagrin of their supporters. The shirt was mocked by all the other fans in Argentina and was terribly disconnected from the club.

19. 1999 MetroStars at home

The MetroStars have had one of the worst seasons in MLS history and are arguably the worst team in MLS’s 27-year history. They dressed the role as groping subways would go winless all summer.

18. Real Madrid’s green kit in 2013

Real Madrid did a lot to make money, one of the worst decisions was to have the team dress in green. Completely unusual for such a stylish club, the green kit was downright bizarre.

17. Barcelona yellow kit 2012/13

Barcelona in yellow doesn’t look out of place, its Ecuadorian counterpart is playing in yellow so to speak, but the style of the shirt is just not Barcelona.

16. Celtic Away Kit 1991-92

While the 90s brought about a change in football kits, Celtic pulled out all the stops in 1991/92 with an odd kit that looked like something you’d find in a 7up box rather than a football shirt .

15. Orange River Plate pencil case

River Plate is back with a kit that pays homage to a ball. Yes. A BALL. In 1986, using an orange ball, River beat Boca Juniors in an Argentinian clasico, decades later that ball received a special kit.

14. The Real Madrid Dragon

In 2014, in an effort to bring their brand closer to the Asian market, Real Madrid decided to place a dragon on their shirt. The idea was a marketing stunt, so the executive got points for trying, but while nice, the kit has little to do with Real Madrid.

13. City of Stoke – 1996/97

In case you didn’t know which team was on the pitch, Stoke City made sure you knew at the end of the game with a rather cheap blue kit with the word Stoke written on it.

12. Inter Milan third kit – 2016/17

In 2016, Inter Milan wore these kits which seemed better suited for a night out on the town in Miami than a competitive football game at the San Siro.

11. USMNT 2021 Wave Kit

For a while now the USMNT has been wearing “anything” kits, in 2021 their “vague” kit looks like gum wrapper than a football kit but hey they won the Gold Cup and the League of Nations by playing in these.

10. Argentina-era Bielsa home kit

Reebok was Argentina’s uniform supplier for a brief period during Marcelo Bielsa’s time. During their outstanding 2002 World Cup qualifying campaign, the Argentines wore a bizarre home shirt devoid of the legendary stripes.

9. Borussia Dortmund Home Kit 2006-07

Never have white and yellow stripes looked out of place than in Borussia Dortmund’s 2006 home kit. There was massive outcry from fans over the change to the traditional color scheme and never again will a change like this has occurred.

8. Juventus away kit 2011-12

Dressing Juventus in pink and slapping a black star on the shirt, the Italian Old Lady looked terribly out of place. This is one of Juve’s worst looks in their history.

7. Liverpool 2013-14 third kit

Liverpool’s third kit in 2013 looked like pieces of shirts sewn together to make a kit. Also, the color pattern is therefore not Liverpool, an awful design for such a legendary club.

6. Independiente 2014 Away Shirt

No, it’s not Villarreal but Independiente of Argentinian football, the legendary club wore a misplaced yellow kit which was hated by fans and is considered one of the worst kits in the club’s history.

5. The 2021 Las Vegas Lights Kit

The Las Vegas Lights have had some weird kit designs since their debut in 2017. Their 2021 kit is weird to say the least, there’s a lot going on for a club that’s had promotions to throw money on the pitch so so fans can grab as many as they can.

4. USA 1994 World Cup Jerseys

When the USMNT introduced their 1994 World Cup kits which had them wearing denim with white stars and red shorts, fear that the team would fail the World Cup wearing these kits had many fans in a paranoid state of mind. USMNT avoided being laughed at and beat Colombia, tied Switzerland and more than held off Brazil in the round of 16. The kits, although not exactly beautiful, are loved by the football community.

3. Hull City 1992/94 home kit

Hull City wore tiger stripes as their home kit for two seasons, the team looked downright yucky wearing these shirts. And the fans had to put up with it for 2 years!

2. Cultural Leonesa (home and away) 2015-16

Dress to succeed is what Cultural Leonesa did in 2015 when they released black and white tuxedo-inspired kits for the season, which included a bow tie!

1. 1978 Colorado Caribou Away Kit

Monsignor, the NASL was a weird league and for just one season the Colorado team wore tasselled leatherette fringes on the chest and back. It is one of the worst sports jerseys in history and luckily the team is gone after just 1 season.