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$120,000 safes and $50,000 bicycles: Palace Gucci’s big money


Palace Gucci has finally arrived – in a big, big way.

While no one expected the collection to be “affordable” per se, given the luxury house’s previous pricing with adidas, it looks like there are a few jaw-dropping pieces that will shock potential buyers. . Sure, there are plenty of clothes that fit well within Gucci’s usual price limits — a $690 t-shirt and a $1,690 Triferg hoodie, for example — but some Palace Gucci pieces should bring certain purse strings to another dimension.

We find examples of luxury throughout the collection, and most of it is relatively justifiable. $12,500 for a sheepskin jacket isn’t obscene considering the collaborative effort at hand and the materials used. Similarly, a $4,100 duffel bag isn’t far off from Gucci’s offerings, nor are a $1,650 half-moon mini bag or the $650 baseball caps.

However, some collaborative works raise the question: who is it for? Your average Palace consumer, maybe not. Keep reading to learn about some of Palace’s most outrageous, extreme and ridiculous items they’ve ever created with help from the Italian fashion house.

Palace Gucci GG-P Supreme Conforti safe

A safe for safe people: US$120,000. Yes, you read that right. Sure, it’s a safe and it’s made in collaboration with Conforti, one of the world’s leading safe manufacturers that hails from Italy. Additionally, the design is reminiscent of Gucci’s signature travel trunks, sporting a Gucci GG Supreme canvas print interspersed with the iconic Palace logo alongside the green and red canvas stripe. Elsewhere, inside are myrtle briar wood and GG-Triferg suede, which weave their way around glass shelves, as well as a reproduction of a key that once belonged to Leonardo Loredan, the doge of Venice from 1501 to 1521.

Gucci Palace Moto Guzzi

Drive to the bank: Sticking with the theme of oddities, Palace Gucci has teamed up with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi to release a limited run of 50 V7 Stone bikes. Coming in at a staggering $53,000 – bearing in mind that a stock iteration costs $9,000 – the bike sports a camouflaged aesthetic decorated with double gold branding and Gucci embossed leather on the seat. , as well as custom saddlebags and various other emblems denoting the rarity of the bike and its collaborative credentials.

Leather Pants With Patches

Get on your bike: For those who want to buy a Moto Guzzi, you can also consider the leathers offered by Palace Gucci. At the time of this writing, the jacket is out of stock worldwide on the Gucci Vault website, meaning your only chance to grab the coveted piece is to head to one of Gucci’s takeovers. IRL stores. However, the pants are still available for US$11,000. Certainly the leather is smooth as butter and has been treated to give a vintage aesthetic, and to complete things the partnership and bike related patches have been added to complete the Angels of Hell feel.

Studded and embroidered tie-dye sweatshirt

Something to make you sweat: At $6,400, this may be one of the most expensive hoodies to ever roll off the doors of Gucci. Crafted in lightweight tie-dye green cotton felt jersey, the garment is covered not only in patches but also in embroidered dragons and the interlocking GG motif, as well as studs on the hood, front pockets and cuffs. Justifiable?

Printed silk pillow with patches

Home decor, but do it Palucci: It wouldn’t be a Palace drop without some overtly branded home accessories, and luckily the printed silk pillow is here to ease your worries. Priced at US$1,850, the 50cm x 50cm pillow is made from silk twill printed blue on one side and moiré on the other side, working alongside a double-breasted Triferg symbol hallmark and an interlocking G dragon motif before black tassels hang from the four corners.

Bootcut jeans with all-over GG motif and studs

I had bootcut jeans with the Palucci flare: While this might be one of the biggest items in the collection, it’s also one of the most incredible prices at $5,900 for a pair of jeans. But these aren’t just any old jeans, as Palace Gucci designed with a nod to the streetwear brand’s penchant for Y2K culture, taking the bootcut shape to the next level. Likewise, the GG print on the front is complete, while studs on the sides and yoke, crystals on the bottom as well as a Gucci Palace patch on the back complete the whole thing with true glamour.

GG-P Supreme Airpod Case with Adjustable Strap

Only the best for your ears: Nowadays, it has become natural to spend almost as much on an AirPods case as the original cost of the AirPods. Naturally, Palace Gucci is taking it to the next level with its offering, priced at $980. However, as with most items on this list, it’s clear to see where the money has been spent – down to the smallest detail. For an AirPods case, it’s impressive how Gucci has treated this little box like real luggage, crafting it from pale pink branded canvas leather before adding a leather strap and chrome magnetic closure. As the label says, “IMAGINE HOW YOUR AIRPODS WILL FEEL WHEN YOU PUT THEM TO BED AT NIGHT.”

Strawberry Print Rain Umbrella with Leather Handle

Best when wet: Of the two umbrellas on offer, the one with the strawberry print is actually the less expensive at US$1,500. That being said, it’s also a lot more eye-catching, with its design nodding to sports jerseys found elsewhere in the capsule. Here, the Palace Gucci umbrella composes the luxury of a green and red leather handle wrapping around a wooden rod. The brand here completes things.

Checked shirt with embroidered details

Guy Fieri x Palace, anyone? : There are a number of Palace Gucci items that seem relatively justified – but US$4,000 for a plaid shirt? We’ll let you decide. Although it completely evokes the spirit of Palace, with dragon embroidery, the interlocking G and the Palace Gucci logo in white on the back of the shoulders, it might be a step too far for even your biggest fan of Palace.

Shop the Palace Gucci collection on Gucci Vault or visit physical stores in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Osaka and Bangkok, or Palace store buyouts in London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.