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It’s fluid basketball fans

It’s fluid basketball fans

PoppersTM. Logo for basketball enthusiasts.

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Do not forget to put your weight on the hoops that are equipped with the Poppers Basketball Net

February 18 2022

Poppersworld, Inc. has been delighted to present the brand-new Poppers Basketball Net which can be easily customized to showcase an iconic celebrity, tribute to a loved player local to the area or community team or high school alma mater , and can even make a desirable memento or a an heirloom. Poppersworld, Inc. proudly selected Stahls to make use of their hotronix technology for creating stunning pictures that will be printed on Poppers basketball nets due to their foundation of innovation in products and services for hot stamping.

Poppers is an innovative basketball net that increases the visual, sound and mental aspect to the basketball game. Poppers, a patent-pending product, will bring more excitement to basketball enthusiasts of all ages because of its amazing sound each time. where the basketball player plays and shoots by getting into contact with our distinctive leather strips that are securely fixed at the base part of the net. Poppers basketball nets can be used for training purposes as a tool. Poppers is both a visual and audio aid that will aid players of all levels concentrate on consistently shooting their ball through the net. Girls and boys, women and men can utilize this tool to improve their basketball skills.

This sophisticated equipment permits the display of complete faces of players from the NBA or WNBA high school, college athletes, local players or even your own image or your team. child. Furthermore the team colors as well as signatures, jersey numbers and team colors can be used to enrich, stimulate and personalize the unique item. Indeed, players have asked fans to play with Poppers to show their photos along with their signatures, jerseys, and jerseys. Poppersworld Inc. is pleased to present that we have launched the Poppers Basketball Net that features Detroit Pistons NBA Basketball Champion Rick Mahorn, known at the time as one of the “bad boys”.

Embellishing logos of teams from any college is another unique function which Poppersworld Inc. is happy to provide. It is the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) has granted the company the exclusive right to design and create this unique basketball net that features the logos and colors of teams from universities and colleges for the fans and alumni of their preferred schools.

Poppers Net Poppers Net, with a design that is collegiate is a great product that represents what the university is all about. It also inspires pride and acceptance for the numerous supporters and supporters who are rooted in their school of choice today as well as for the students who will be a part of their families. collegiate legacies. International players are sure to appreciate adding their flags and their photo along with their jersey and signature on Poppers Network. Poppers Network as international basketball tournaments get closer.

The basketball nets of Poppers can also be used for training tool. Girls and boys, women and males can benefit from this item to improve your basketball skills. Poppers have been introduced in recreation centers and gyms across the globe and have been a hit with children and amateurs and many professionals. In the end, players of all levels are sure to enjoy the game. Our primary goal is to help young players to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong, so that they are able to grow and realize their goals.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Make them be able to hear it!

Poppersworld Inc., headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, was founded to produce Poppers basketball nets, Poppers basketball net as well as other products related to basketball.

Poppersworld is proud to support organizations such as ALERT (Athletes Learning Educational Resources Training, National PAL (Police Athletic League) and The Saint Detroit, Sam Washington Foundation Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Midwest Athletics and the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department Holcombe Rucker Park https://youtu.be/DBsLxqH-0bQ Poppersworld is pleased to also support other charities such as Chicago Scholars and After School Matters For more product information, contact Poppersworld Inc., Vice-President President of Marketing, Bob Friedman at Bob @poppersworld.com or visit http://www.poppersworld.com/

Please visit Poppersworld on Twitter and Facebook https://m.facebook.com/poppersworld

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Saginaw Spirit announces leadership group for 2022-23 season


September 30, 2022 – Ontario Hockey League (OHL) – Saginaw Spirit Press Release

2022-23 Saginaw Spirit Season Leadership Group
2022-23 Saginaw Spirit Season Leadership Group
(Saginaw Spirit)

Sagainaw, Michigan – The Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club is proud to announce its leadership roster for the 2022-23 Ontario Hockey League season.

Buffalo Sabers prospect Josh Bloom has been named the 22nd captain in team history. The 19-year-old from Oakville, Ont., is entering his third season with the Spirit after being drafted in the second round, 30th overall, in the 2019 OHL Priority Draft. In 121 career games with the Spirit, Bloom has scored 75 points (36 goals – 39 assists). Bloom had a stellar season in the 2021-22 campaign, scoring 61 points (30 goals – 31 assists) for the second-most at the club. His seven shorthanded goals tied a franchise single-season record set by Dylan Sadowy (2014-15) and DJ Busdeker (2019-20).

Mitchell Smith, a native of Saginaw, was named alternate captain for the second year in a row. The overage defender has played 124 career games, scoring 66 points (23 goals – 43 assists). Smith and teammate Pavel Mintyukov became the first Spirit defensive duo to score 50 or more points in a single season since Patrick McNeill (58) and Andrew Hotham (52) did so in the 2006-07 regular season. Smith attended NHL training camp with the San Jose Sharks this summer.

Dean Loukus will be the Spirit’s other full-time alternate captain this season. The Calumet, Michigan native had a standout rookie campaign in 2021-22, scoring 51 points (22 goals – 29 assists) in 64 games. Loukus had a very unique way of scoring his first OHL goal, as his second and third OHL goals came in the same game on October 24, 2021 in Erie.

Spirit’s third alternate captain will be split between the white and blue jerseys. T-Bone Codd will wear the “A” on the white jersey and Brayden Hislop will wear the “A” on the blue jersey.

Codd, 19, missed most of last season due to surgery, appearing in just 16 regular season games. Codd recently played in the 2022 NHL Prospects Tournament representing the St. Louis Blues.

Hislop, 19, was acquired in a trade with Owen Sound last season and signed with the Spirit in November 2021. The physical defenseman scored 14 points (4 goals -10 assists) in 42 games with the Spirit last season .


The Spirit’s home opener is Saturday, October 1 against the Guelph Storm at the Dow Event Center. The puck drop is 7:05 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the Saginaw Spirit Store, saginawspirit.com, the Dow Event Center Box Office and (989) 497-7747.

Join us for the Opening Weekend Celebration presented by Covenant HealthCare and Hemlock Semi-Conductor at Jolt Federal Credit Union Event Park beginning at 4:00 p.m. mad scientist show, cider and donuts, and much more!

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The views expressed in this release are those of the organization that issued it and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of OurSports Central or its staff.

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Open letter to fans who put their own name on a sports jersey


If there’s one thing about Buffalo, Western New York, and pretty much all of New York State, it’s that we love our sports.

We love our sports teams. And we love the jerseys of our favorite sports teams.

Especially in Buffalo and New York, it’s not uncommon to see people walking around wearing the uniform of their favorite team or player.

Whether it’s the Bills, Yankees, Rangers, Mets, Bisons, Bandits, Knicks, Nets, Liberty, Sabers or Islanders, you’re almost guaranteed to see one of these teams roam the area.

It could be a retro jersey with an old logo or your favorite player from yesterday. It may be an alternate color jersey that was released as a special edition. It could even be a mixed jersey with a player from one sport on another jersey, we love our teams and I’m here for it all.

However, with all that fan love, there will always be a select few who go a little overboard. With the great power that comes with being a fan, there is also a great responsibility to make sure you don’t go to the dark side.

That dark side, and also a major red flag, is when people put their own name on a sports jersey.

Like, come on son, why would you do that? Not only do you misrepresent yourself as a playerbut you also don’t give credit to the real person wearing that jersey number.

I know you think it’s pretty cool to have a custom jersey with your own name on it, but it’s really not that cool. Please stop it and ask for help.

So feel free to support your favorite team any way you want, don’t be like me and get a personalized jersey with your name on it.

Jerseys You Should Never Wear to a Buffalo Game

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6 Buffalo Bills Greats Who Didn’t Look Good In A Different Uniform

Unfortunately, sometimes your favorite player leaves your team and when you see him, it looks weird. Here are five former Buffalo Bill greats who look weird wearing a different team jersey.

Top 10 Sports Teams Based in New York State

Kill a mocking monster


A woman is in tears in the village of Mareya in the Boda upazila of Panchagarh as she searches for her two relatives who have been missing since a boat carrying Hindu worshipers heading to the Bodeshwari temple capsized in the Korotoa River on September 25, 2022. PHOTO: MD QUAMRUL ISLAM RUBAIYAT


A woman is in tears in the village of Mareya in the Boda upazila of Panchagarh as she searches for her two relatives who have been missing since a boat carrying Hindu worshipers heading to the Bodeshwari temple capsized in the Korotoa River on September 25, 2022. PHOTO: MD QUAMRUL ISLAM RUBAIYAT

I’m trying to get that image out of my head. Over a hundred people of all ages came to get their place on a boat that would take them across the Korotoa River to celebrate Mahalaya. These pilgrims have joined the herd in good faith – they must go to the temple to invite their goddess before she begins to descend from Mount Kailash for the annihilation of the monster. They would also pay homage to their deceased ancestors. There was not a centimeter of empty space left on the boat. The boatman waded back and forth to check how his passengers had been lined. Some last-minute passengers touched the edge reverently or doused the waters reverently before the boat set sail.

They were devotees from the Panchagarh district, at the northern tip of Bangladesh, who had rented this boat to visit the Bodeshwari temple. Surprisingly, none of them – out of the hundred pilgrims – pointed out how dangerous it was to travel like this. Not a single soul protested, “I’m not getting on this ship.” They simply sailed to their death. Within minutes the overcrowded boat capsized and most worshipers perished; at least 68 bodies have been found so far, many of which are still missing.

What made them join this death march? A belief that they would be taken care of by divine providence! The practical reason was that it was the best they could afford. Who in their right mind would like to see their money wasted? The Korotoa River had other plans, however. As tame as he seemed in the fall, there was no room for recklessness. Shouldn’t I pity these victims? Instead, I am bowled over by their mindless stupidity. I’m angry at those people ashore who let them dock unsafely and continued to record the show. I am angry with the relatives who came to see them for not talking to these people. The accident shows how cheap our lives have become. What is the point of paying compensation per body? Use this money to improve transport quality and safety rules. Use it to educate people and instill common sense.

I try to get another image out of my head. Hundreds of Eden Women’s College students were seen screaming and screaming, fighting, pulling their hair and banging on the iron door in the middle of the night. The scene was noisy; I haven’t turned up the volume on my TV. A deja vu. The allegations are serious and outright illegal: student leaders are allegedly involved in seat trading, extortion, torture, forcing other students to engage in unethical activities, and controlling hostels and cafeterias. We have heard it before. The college principal said The star of the day that previous investigations were still ongoing, and she is now seeking psychological counselors to change student mindsets.

My common sense tells me not to rock the boat carrying the Eves of Eden. They are no less powerful and deadly than their male colleagues, whom we recently saw in action. And the sad thing is that the existential label they wear and the jerseys they wear are only temporary. Their essential identity is linked to power politics. They blindly join the party vehicle in hopes of being blessed by divine providence. It is a slow death of another kind: the massacre of a generation. And the worst part is that they devour the image of their founder, who fought to give us freedom.

I’m trying to get that image out of my head. After a hiatus from an administrative position at a private university, I resumed my work at the oldest university in the country. I’m assigned a class called “Novels through Theory,” in which I teach Frankenstein, a multi-layered 19th century text written by 19-year-old Mary Shelley. The author believed she was responsible for the death of her mother, who died of a postpartum infection. Mary Shelley therefore wanted the human race to continue without the need for biological birth which kills many women. His science fiction is about creating a life without the need for a mother. She forces her male protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, to bring corpses to life in his laboratory.

My feminist reading of the novel shows the performativity of gender to argue that gender roles are elaborate social performances that one puts on in one’s daily life. It goes beyond fixed conceptions of “man” as “masculine” and of “woman” as “feminine”. Victor is the “mother” of the creature, for example.

I gave other examples of our national women’s football team, whose bravery at Dasharath Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal, won the nation a coveted trophy that had eluded its male colleagues for decades. These women led the mission and returned as national heroes in a roofless bus under the sky. Their performance was masculine. But when some of these girls were returning to their hometowns on a public bus, they were verbally abused by conservative men for their alleged “abnormal” sexual performance in “skinny” clothes. In this remote private space, girls were reduced to being “stereotypical women”.

As I said these words, I noticed a few students in my class shaking their heads in visible displeasure. The signal was obvious. I have to be careful with my examples. Much like giving one of Frankenstein’s definitions, I had to refrain from referring it to our student body. Frankenstein is “something that destroys or harms the person or persons who created it”. But the irony is this: even Frankenstein, a name mistakenly given to the monstrous creature, wanted to learn. He read history, poetry, philosophy and politics, and wanted to know himself before his self-annihilation for the sake of mankind. He realized that the purpose of life is to give it meaning, not to die meaningless or become the cause of harm to others.

I try to drive these meaningless images out of my head.

Doctor Shamsad Mortuza is an English professor at Dhaka University.

Maren Morris launches new t-shirt in support of LGBTQ youth and speaks out about her commitment to supporting the transgender community


By Melissa Romualdi.

Maren Morris just launched a new T-shirt in support of trans rights groups, especially LGBTQ youth.

Earlier this month, the country superstar raised more than $150,000 forr transgender awareness after designing a t-shirt inspired by his recent comments amid his feud with Brittany Aldean. Now Morris has partnered with GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, to design a new shirt to raise awareness for the group’s upcoming #SpiritDay anti-bullying of LGBTQ youth initiative.

In a new interview with GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos, Morris shared that initially putting ‘a country music crazy person’ on a T-shirt was ‘so silly’ but it was to raise awareness among LGBTQ youth after she was called “crazy” for defending young trans people on social media. This quickly turned into something positive as all of the proceeds she raised went straight to charity – GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program and Trans LifeLine.

READ MORE: Brittany Aldean says people are ‘twisting’ her words after gender identity clash with Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope

Morris’ new purple shirt, which reads “You have a seat at this table”, will also see 100% profits will be donated to GLAAD’s work to support LGBTQ youth and to support their annual #SpiritDay campaign on October 20, when millions join the organization in a united stand against bullying by wearing purple or going purple online. Purple symbolizes the spirit on the rainbow flag.

“You absolutely have to let people know where you stand on really important topics because these people come to your show and I want them to feel safe,” Morris told Ramos of his decision to publicly stand up for the community. transgender. “I think the bone of empathy you get when you become a parent is so much more amplified and I think you’re even more susceptible to misinformation and bullying.

READ MORE: Maren Morris fulfills the dreams of a blind ‘Today’ fan

Speaking about the last weeks of his media attention, Morris said doing some “more in-depth research” was “really widespread,” even to herself, because “unfortunately, there are a lot of people who believe things that are completely untrue about trans youth and gender-affirming care and what it actually entails.”

“I think only the culture of misinformation exists,” she added. “I think by fixing this, I’m definitely warming up because it’s not like we’re talking about your favorite color; we’re talking about people’s lives.

READ MORE: Maren Morris and Brittany Aldean’s husbands Ryan Hurd and Jason Aldean take part in their online feud

The The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter noted that having “tough conversations” is important for “people to understand what’s really going on,” especially when adults are also involved. “That’s when you’re like, ‘Okay, we really need to have a conversation as a human race,'” Morris said.

“You could actually save someone’s life with the right information.”

Fans can purchase Morris’ new T-shirt here.

2022 San Diego Gulls Pre-Season Game


Community relationship:

Unlock vault sale

Join us on October 8 as we unlock the Vault and take a walk down memory lane of Gulls. Fans will have the chance to purchase signed Gulls memorabilia from their favorite past and present players. All proceeds from the sale will support the San Diego Gulls Foundation. Items available include signed team sticks and jerseys, official redline pieces, old promotional jerseys, signed hats and more!

Surprise sale of pucks

The San Diego Gulls Foundation will also be hosting a surprise puck sale where fans will be invited to select player-signed pucks from past promotional nights. Pucks are $15 each and are limited to 5 per person.

Stop by the lobby outside Section 10 and purchase a piece of gull history!

Colony memberships

Be among the first to buy a Colony 2022-2023 subscription. Please stop at section 10 to register or receive more information.

The Colony is the official fan and supporting club of the San Diego Gulls. Their mission is to support the team on the ice through fandom and off the ice through community projects that support the efforts of the San Diego Gulls Foundation. Membership for the 2022-2023 season is $40 and will include an official camp kit, dedicated camp events and volunteer opportunities, and more!


Be sure to stop by our merchandise stand in the northwest hall of Pechanga Arena! Check out some of the exciting new items for the 2022-23 season and get your hands on fan favorites from across the game.

Enter to win:

Stop by the Marketing Table outside of Section 3 for your chance to win tickets to our home opener presented by Cal Coast Credit Union. You can lock your seat for our Oct. 21 match with the Reign, where fans in attendance will receive a free third jersey rally towel and light-up wristband!

Game FAQs:

What time will the doors open?

Gulls Elite members can use their specific entrance (East doors) 30 minutes before the general publicstarting at 5:30 p.m. PT for that specific game. Gulls Elite members will receive a special link to purchase tickets to gain early access to Pechanga Arena.

Doors open to the general public at 6 p.m. PT.

How will the seats work for the pre-season game?

Seats for this game are on a the principle of first come, first served. Fans have the option to sit at any open seat inside the arena.

How will I receive my tickets?

Pechanga Arena San Diego is a paperless venue, with digital ticketing for the 2022-23 season. For more information on digital ticketing and how it works, please click here.

If you use a text-to-speech reader for accessibility and are having trouble using this app, call (619) 359-4730 for assistance.

Williamson of the Pelicans touts his physical and mental well-being


New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson (1) jokes with David Griffin, executive vice president of basketball operations, during the NBA Pelicans basketball media day in New Orleans , Monday, Sept. 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Matthew Hinton)

New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson (1) jokes with David Griffin, executive vice president of basketball operations, during the NBA Pelicans basketball media day in New Orleans , Monday, Sept. 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Matthew Hinton)


Pelicans forward Zion Williamson didn’t say much to temper the expectations of those eagerly awaiting his return to NBA court.

Duke’s 2019 first draft pick — who missed more games than he played in his first three pro seasons due to knee and foot injuries — didn’t ask for patience as he re-enters his unusual combination of size, explosiveness and skill. back on the New Orleans lineup for the first time in over a year.

Instead, the 22-year-old Williamson described his physical well-being, mental focus and sense of purpose as improved to an all-time high.

“The best way to describe it is that I found real resolution through basketball,” Williamson said Monday, discussing his two-month training stint in South Florida this summer, after signing his five-year, $193 million contract extension. .

“Something in me changed mentally, changed. And basketball is everything to me. It’s my love. That’s what I want to do,” Williamson continued. “I’m just excited to get out there and show the world what I can do.”

The Pelicans players were dressed in their home white shirts as they took part in promotional photos, videos and interviews for the club’s media day. Williamson, who weighs 6ft 6in and 284lbs, appeared fit and cheerful as he interacted with team staff, photographers and reporters inside the Smoothie King Centre, the club’s home stadium.

“He looks great. His mind is great,” veteran forward Larry Nance Jr said. “Now I have to put some padding on to deal with this beating I’m going to take (while trying to keep Williamson) in training camp. “

Williamson mentioned Nance as one of the veterans he leaned on for advice on how to approach maintaining health. Nance said he basically told Williamson that Lamborghini drivers don’t fill up on cheap gas and that he should treat his body the same.

“I feel like I’m at my best right now, going faster, jumping higher. I’m coming – I’m feeling good,” Williamson said,

“It’s one of those feelings where I’m in the gym…and I’m like, ‘Oh, man! I can really do this! It’s different,” Williamson said. “I learned a lot from a nutrition perspective, from a training perspective, how long I need to be in the gym and the most efficient to train.”

A lot has changed since last winter, when Williamson was away from the team, rehabilitating his footing on his own in Oregon, while the Pelicans tried to salvage a season in which they got off to a start. from 1-12 in first grade. coach Willie Green.

It was unclear whether Williamson or the Pelicans were considering a long-term future together — no promise of an extension.

But the Pelicans acquired veteran goaltender CJ McCollum shortly before last season’s trade deadline, and he helped winger Brandon Ingram and center Jonas Valanciunas lead a cast of feisty young players into the playoffs. playoffs.

Now, Williamson is contractually tied to New Orleans long-term, and the Pelicans are eager to see just how much of an additional contender he can become.

“We talked throughout the playoffs about what could have been if he was healthy,” guard Garrett Temple said. “So, now we have this chance, and we are ready to attack it.”

While Williamson only played 85 games, he averaged 25.7 points and seven rebounds. And he was an All-Star in his second season, when he played 61 games and averaged 27 points.

But he has yet to play under Green or alongside McCollum, Valanciunas or second-year pro Herb Jones, who emerged as a starter last season due to his strong defensive play.

“You add a guy like Z and you have to change some things in terms of how you play,” McCollum said. “It takes time to develop basketball chemistry. We can kick and go to dinner, but now we have to figure out how to make it work on the court – and I think we will.

“It’s a force to be reckoned with. I think his production speaks for itself how consistent he was when he performed,” added McCollum. “His input and impact on the game will be felt every night and he should make the game easier for all of us. I think that’s what great players do.”

Notes: David Griffin, executive vice president of basketball operations for the Pelicans, said guard Kira Lewis Jr., the club’s 2020 first-round pick, has made significant progress in his recovery from reconstructive surgery right knee last season, but isn’t ready for full-speed, five-on-five work just yet.


More AP NBA: https://apnews.com/hub/NBA and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

This story was originally published September 26, 2022 6:54 p.m.

Devils hope they have the right mix of young and old


NEWARK, NJ — The New Jersey Devils have been one of the youngest teams the past four seasons and have missed the playoffs each time.

The year of the COVID-19 pandemic was the only one in which they came close to making the playoffs, only because the league increased the number of playoff teams from 16 to 24 to compensate for a shortened season.

The story is getting old, but so are the kids, and the Devils’ Jack Hughes, Nico Hischier and Jesper Bratt want to do something about it.

There’s no doubt that Lindy’s Ruff team has some talent with those three and the addition of free agent Ondrej Palat up front. There’s also the continued development of forwards Yegor Sharangovich and Dawson Mercer. To shore up the league’s fourth-worst defense, the Devils signed free agent defenseman Brendan Smith and traded goaltender Vitek Vanecek from Washington and defenseman John Marino from Pittsburgh.

“I could just sit here and lie to you…but I really don’t know,” Hughes said of his expectations for the season. “I think we just want to be competitive and take it one game at a time, one month at a time and stay in the mix. We want to be in the race all year round.

The Devils went 27-46-9 last season and finished with 63 points, the third-worst record in the Eastern Conference. While their goal tally has increased to 248 goals – 19th in the league – they have lost 307 against seven different goalies in a year marred by illness and injury. The number was surpassed only by Montreal (319), Arizona (313) and Detroit (312).

“You’d like to think we keep going up, Father Time has got to help the top teams that have been the top teams for a while start to decline because it’s only natural,” said general manager Tom Fitzgerald. “So that’s kind of your hope.” But you can’t control that.

In recent years, the Devils have added defensemen Dougie Hamilton, Jonas Siegenthaler and Ryan Graves as well as forward Tomas Tatar, all experienced players.

They’re hoping having Vanecek, who went 20-12-6 last season with a 2.67 goals-against average for the Caps, will move the team forward.

Here are five things (or people) to watch this season:

First overall pick in 2019, Hughes had a blistering year last season with 26 goals and 30 assists. The career highs came despite being limited to 49 games due to an early shoulder dislocation and late knee injury.

When he was on the ice, Hughes dominated the game with his puck control, passing and skating.

“I think everyone saw a glimpse of that with Jack last year,” Fitzgerald said. “He’s just fun to watch.”

New Jersey gave Palat, 31, a five-year, $30 million deal to bring his championship experience from Tampa, Florida to New Jersey.

Palat is not a flashy top scorer. He does the heavy lifting and was responsible for both sides of the ice so players like Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos and Brayden Point could do their thing – like win two Stanley Cups.

Palat had 18 goals and 31 assists in the regular season last year, and added 11 goals and 12 assists in the playoffs, where the Lightning failed to win a third consecutive Cup.

The Devils traded a few familiar faces, sending Pavel Zacha to Boston for Erik Haula and Ty Smith to the Penguins for Marino. Defenseman PK Subban, one of the faces of the franchise in recent seasons, retired at 33 after 13 seasons and a Norris Trophy.

Top draft pick Simon Nemec, 18, may struggle to make it into the defensive lineup, but Alexander Holtz (20) and Fabian Zetterlund (22) are close after solid seasons in the AHL.

New Jersey ranked 28th in the league last season, converting 15.6%. Ruff replaced assistant coach Mark Recchi with Andrew Brunette to lead the unit.

It didn’t help last season that Hamilton, one of the best power-play defensemen, missed 20 games with a broken jaw.

Lindy Ruff, 62, enters his third season as a former behind the bench. The players respect and appreciate his approach to the game, which combines offensive transition with defensive responsibility. However, if the Devils are struggling early, Brunette is a proven commodity behind the bench — Fitzgerald didn’t bring him here just to lead the power play.

More AP NHL: https://apnews.com/hub/nhl and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

Zboril is looking to seize an opportunity


BOSTON – Left, right or center, Jim Montgomery likes what he sees.

It doesn’t matter which side of the ice blue liner Jakub Zboril has lined up so far this preseason, Boston’s new bench boss has been impressed.

“He looks really good on the right side, really good on the left side,” Montgomery said after Monday’s training camp sessions at Warrior Ice Arena. “So I don’t see a difference so far. Now I know it’s easier, I think, to play – defense is much easier when you play your strong side and move the pucks. But he did a great job playing offside, so far.”

Zboril hasn’t played in a regular season game since Dec. 2, 2021 in Nashville when he suffered a torn ACL during awkward play along the boards. The injury came at the worst of times for the defenseman, who was playing some of the best hockey of his professional career while finally starting to establish himself as an everyday NHL player.

Now, some nine months after the injury, Zboril is back in the mix and looking, once again, to prove he belongs at the big club.

“I was just super happy to be back there,” said Zboril, who clocked a game-high 25:05 in Saturday night’s preseason opener in Philadelphia. “I was really excited, and I think it showed, especially in the first half. I got into a few situations that maybe I didn’t have to go through. But overall, I think I played a really good game. It was really special to be there again.”

Despite missing so much time, the 25-year-old doesn’t feel like he’s ‘out of rhythm’ to start training camp.

“It’s on the positive side,” Zboril said. “I feel like I have to keep going, do my best, be confident with the puck, make good plays, and I think things will get better from there.”

Video: Zboril sits with Russo during training camp

With Charlie McAvoy and Matt Grzelcyk Set to be sidelined for the start of the 2022-23 season, Zboril knows there’s an opportunity for him to grab a spot in the B’s six-man defender squad. But for the moment, he is less focused on substitution and more on advancing his own game.

“Honestly, I’m just trying to focus on myself,” said Zboril, who played 10 games for Boston last season and 54 for his career, including a 2020-21 high of 42. “It’s the same every year. Even if these guys were healthy right now, I would still need to be prepared for training camp and do my best and show myself under the best possible day. Just try to get back to my seat.”

And when it comes to, maybe, switching to the right side, Zboril is fine with that.

“I feel like I’ve played a decent number of games on the right side. I’m a bit used to it now,” Zboril said. “If it happens again, I think I’m ready for it. Some tweaks, like getting back on the pucks, getting the pucks out; you are always on the safe side.

“I like it in the O zone when I get the puck, it’s already on the forehand and I take a few steps to the middle and it all opens up a little faster. I feel like I I’ll do a really good job on the right side too.”

feel fresh

Nick Foligno is ready for a fresh start. He knows his first season in Black & Gold wasn’t what everyone expected, but after a summer in which he was able to focus and train freely without injury or rehabilitation, he feels ready. to show that it can have an impact.

“I got back to Canada, just reset…had a really good summer,” Foligno said. “Good summer training, having a clear mind and coming here ready to be the player I know I can be. So, I feel really good. Excited about the opportunity here with this group.

“We want to win. We feel like we failed last year. I just want to make up for it with the guys we have, [David] Krejci arrives. Now the focus is on what we are trying to do here and with the group and the new coach.

“It’s an exciting time, you can see that in everyone. So I feel rejuvenated and excited and let’s go with the group.”

Although he’s not completely focused on the attacking side of his game, Foligno wants nothing more than to improve his 2021-22 output (2-11-13 in 64 games).

“For me, two goals is not what I expect,” said Foligno. “I know I can score. I’m not worried about that. I think my record speaks for itself, but it’s just about putting myself in a position to do it. I think last year , like I said, I never could And it was just one of those years You just learn from that and put it behind you and prepare to not have that and all effect this year to come.

“I think I know what I bring and I know what I can do. And especially how I feel right now. I look forward to helping this team when I go there with a state of mind. mind to put it all in the past, what happened last year, and just be a good player and teammate like I always was.

“I feel really good. I like my game. I like the trend and as we go on it’s harder and harder to judge on a pre-season game or on a few training sessions.”

Video: Foligno speaks to the media Monday from WIA

Montgomery, too, sees a player who is free from some of the obstacles that hampered him before last season.

“I know looking back at last year, I don’t think he was happy with the way it went, for his own game that I’m talking about. But the thing you have to realize when you sit down , is that he had a big operation in the offseason and he didn’t get to train like he wanted to,” Montgomery said.

“You’re moving to a new town – and that’s not an excuse, but it’s the reality – you’ve moved here with your family and your wife, and you have kids…so you’re getting over a lot. to train the way you want. You make sure your family is comfortable – and he’s a good family man – that’s going to occupy a part of your brain.

As such, Montgomery hopes Foligno’s mix of leadership off the ice and hard work on the ice will make him a valuable asset in the final six.

“Someone who has great leadership and someone we’re looking for to help create a clear identity on the third or fourth line when it comes to possession of the puck, being tough on people, being relentless on pucks. said Montgomery.

“I expect him to be a big part of what we do this year. And because of those things, I think he plays a lot more freely and is in control of the pucks. He creates a lot of loose pucks. in front, and that’s where he’s spent his whole career, it’s in front of the net in that third circle between the two circles where the goals are scored.”

Knowing he’s in a different role at this point in his career, Foligno aims to take on whatever tasks Montgomery throws at him.

“Last year was the hardest trying to find a role,” Foligno said. “And then once I found one, it was just to make sure we were good. And I thought that was the fourth line. We were a really strong line a lot of nights. So, yeah , goals are important – and then when you have opportunities, you have to bury, that’s part of this league. But it’s also what you do away from the puck, especially in the role that you’re asked to – and I’m in a different role in my career now.

“It’s about making sure I’m doing the things necessary to make our line really good every night, but also helping the other guys who do the hard work and those whose job it is to score. goals and so on. I always expect to bring offensive production. I know I can. It was disappointing last year, but I’m looking forward to doing it this year.

Wait, there’s more

  • blue lining Hampus Lindholm was paired with fellow Swede Anton Stralman – signed to a PTO over the weekend – during Monday’s camp session. “Lindholm, I think he’s getting better every day – and he was good day one,” Montgomery said. “And then Stralman, you can see he’s in really good shape and he’s finishing plays and making good decisions with the puck. You know he played a lot of games in this league and it showed today.
  • Montgomery was pleased with the display of a veteran deep striker AJ Greer at this point in the camp. The Boston University product dropped the gloves with Philadelphia’s Hayden Hodgson in Saturday night’s preseason opener after the Flyers forward awkwardly hit Boston blue defenseman Josiah Didier in the corner. “We love this part, it’s team first,” Montgomery said. “But the way he shoots the puck, the way he forechecks, the way he bursts with speed, causing layers, rolling back the D-men on the other team, like, he does a lot of good things.”
  • Foligno on Montgomery’s approach to training camp so far: “I really like him. a time and a place to have a good time, but when it gets down to business, it’s time to work… I think it’s already seeped into the band and we’re having fun, but we’re here to work and get better .”
  • Montgomery said starting Saturday morning against Philadelphia, more veterans will be mixed into the lineup. “I expect to play a lot of veterans starting on Saturday. And then obviously in the last game, the following Saturday,” he said. “And they will be mixed in the two games on the road [next week].”
  • Forward Eduards Tralmaks, who was injured following a leg-to-leg collision during training on Saturday, is expected to miss about four weeks, according to Montgomery.

Video: Montgomery speaks to the media Monday at WIA

Monday training programs



Pavel ZachaPatrice BergeronJake DeBrusk

Thirty FrederickCharlie CoyleCraig Smith

Chris WagnerJack StudnickaFabien Lysel

Luke Toporowski – Georgii Merkulov/Samuel Asselin – Justin Brazeau


Hampus Lindholm-Anton Stralman

Derek ForbortKai Wissman

Jakub Zboril – Brandon Carlo

Nick WolfVictor Berglund


Jeremy Swayman

Kyle Keyser

Brandon Bussi



Taylor RoomDavid KrejciDavid Pastrnak

AJ Greer- Tomas NosekMarc McLaughlin

Nick FolignoJoonna Koppanen Vinni Lettieri

Jakub Lauko -Johnny Beecher-Oskar Steen/Matthew Poitras


Mike ReillyConnor Clifton

Dan RenoufConnor Carrick

jack ahcan -Josiah Didier

Michael Callahan – Jacob Wilson/Ryan Mast


Linus Ullmark

Keith Kinkaid

Francois Brassard

The merchant cash advance market is booming worldwide with leading key players -, Fora Financial, Credible, CAN Capital, American Express Merchant Funding, National Funding, Fundbox, Stripe Capital


Qurate Business Intelligence recently published a research report titled “Global Merchant Cash Advance Market (COVID 19 version) ». According to the information, the market can become an important industry that plays a vital role in the positive impact of the world economy. The Global Merchant Cash Advances Market Research Report (COVID 19 Version) represents a dynamic picture in order to conclude and study the market Cutmarket share and competitive landscape. The research study is obtained from extensive primary and secondary research which consists of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The report also gives 360 degree overview of the competitive landscape of industries. SWOT analysis was used to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to businesses. The merchant cash advance market is showing steady growth and CAGR is expected to improve over the forecast period.

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On the basis of types, the Merchant Cash Advance market from 2015 to 2025 is majorly split into:
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Linden NJ High School football wins days after player’s death


LINDEN – It was a beautiful first Saturday of fall, perfect for a football game. Blue skies, not too hot, not too cold – perfect.

Then you noticed the American flag flying at half-mast next to the country house and a makeshift memorial the first few steps from the entrance against a fence.

Roses, candles, photos of a smiling teenager, balloons hanging in the wind, including one with the words “We miss you”. A blue No. 16 stood at the base, buried in the grass. Passers-by stopped to take it in quietly, lowering their heads.

Linden sophomore Xavier McClain died Wednesday night from a head injury he sustained in a Sept. 9 game. He wore number 16 and was 16 years old.

A minute's silence is observed at Linden High School's September 24 football game against Perth Amboy, just days after Linden player Xavier McClain, 16, died after suffering an apparent head injury during a a game on September 9.

How could such a thing happen?

“There are just no words,” Linden head coach Al Chiola said after his side’s 13-0 victory over Perth Amboy. “There are no words to say to the team, to anyone. There are no words. I have no words. I come home, I see my children, I kiss them a little longer. I hug these guys a little longer. I hug our coaches longer.

“It’s tough and we talked all week about trying to fight back and play the game well. The right way. Playing hard like Xavier would have wanted and that’s what we tried to do. It’s the only way to honor him right now.

outpouring of condolences

It’s like everyone needs a group hug. The McClains, mom Lisa and dad Norman, and the Linden Tigers received condolences and best wishes from rival teams to affected parents everywhere at New York Jets coach Robert Saleh.

“The outpouring of support has been great for our program and these kids because they need it,” Chiola said.

Linden Mayor Derek Armstead and his wife Danie are friends with the McClains, and their children have played youth sports with Xavier.

“The Linden community, the football community – we rally behind the family because of these events,” Armstead said during the first quarter of Saturday’s game. “It’s just what we do when things like that happen. You know, I have to say that sometimes when things are at their worst, we as human beings can be at our best. And that’s how it should be. … It’s just been a total outpouring and show of love and support for the family.

It’s always difficult to understand tragedy and then balance it with the normalcy of everyday life. Saturday had a strange dichotomy. After a moment of moderate silence, the game and fanfare continued like any other game.

Spectators filled the stands. The cheerleaders chanted. The soft ice cream truck across the street had a long line at half time.

Players have always enjoyed making big tackles. There was even a nerve-wracking injury time-out, in which a Perth Amboy player lay on his back for several moments before getting back up. Chiola walked over and watched, gently placing her hand on one shoulder, letting him know, in essence, that all of Linden was there for him.

Chiola is an almost inveterate soccer player and his sons play at Colonia High School, so he is aware of the risks and rewards. With injuries, Chiola said, you just hope the player recovers. Still, make someone die?

Head coach Al Chiola leads a grim Linden High School football team onto the pitch for their Sept. 24 game against Perth Amboy, just days after 16-year-old player Xavier McClain died after sustaining a chest injury. head showing in a match on September 9.

“You never think something like this is going to happen”

It’s rare. In 2021, the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research reported that there were “four traumatic (direct) injury deaths occurring among football players during football-related activities” in its annual research survey. on football injuries. Additionally, all four were into high school football and had traumatic brain injuries.

“We have kids at home who play football and we all know it’s a violent sport, but you never think something like this is going to happen,” Chiola said. “You just don’t. It’s awful.”

He added: “You just feel, it’s different. Everything is a little different now.

One is too many.

“It changes you a bit,” Chiola said. “You look at every play, every shot a little different now. One thing I can say about Xavier, we talked about it in the locker room before the game, when he was on the football field it’s the happiest to see him. He is always smiling and he loved football. He did.”

Again, how do you balance playing a game you love with the tragedy that comes with it?

“It’s like unimaginable that you could lose a young man here on your hometown football pitch,” Armstead said, “and quite honestly, as much as I love football, I will never watch the game of the same way after losing one of ours here.

“I think every time I turn on the TV and see a team play, I’ll probably think of this young man. Probably for the rest of my life.

Armstead added: “There’s a reason there are a number of kids here who are affected by this because Xavier was friends with a lot of kids. It hurts. It probably hurts them as much as some parents. It’s a difficult thing. It really is.”

Life and games have to go on, though, and Chiola said getting back to the football routine was important for grieving linebackers and linemen.

“Obviously all week they had bereavement counselors for the students, for the players, for the teachers,” he said, “but sometimes you just have to go back to your routine a bit, just for an hour or so – obviously don’t forget that – but just play football for that hour and then go home and spend time with their family and heal emotionally.

He noted that the team wanted to play Perth Amboy and that the coaches had been in discussions with the administrators if the game was to go ahead. The concern was whether the players would be mentally ready for football.

The game was pushed back from Friday to Saturday for an extra day to help focus. The school administration asked journalists not to speak with the players. Chiola was kind enough to talk about what the team has been through over the past few days.

“It was extremely difficult,” he said, wearing a visor with a No. 16 decal. “We took the day off to heal together as a team and we just sat together and did had a great team dinner. And it was important. I think that helped. We tried to bring some of that structure and normalcy back to our children. We kept saying get ready for football, let’s focus on the game, let’s focus on your technique, your work. Did better than expected.

Linden scored twice in the first half with touchdown passes from Alex Donic and Tequan Thomas. Perth Amboy rallied in the second half, but Obinma Rogers intercepted a goal-line pass to save the shutout.

Tribute to Xavier

When it was over, senior Tyell Williams wore a white No.16 jersey and walked over to Thomas, and they brought him along the handshake line with the Perth Amboy players.

Chiola, her voice cracking, told the team in a semicircle that the coaches are proud of them and the best way to honor Xavier is to play hard and play the right way.

And in the end, there were hugs between the players and the family members.

“It’s really tough,” Danie Orelien-Armstead, the mayor’s wife, said tearfully earlier in the day. “It really is. It’s unfortunate that it took these tragedies for us to come together and when I heard the news of his passing, the first thing I did was call all my children and I kissed them I held them tight and I said I love you.

“I hugged them really tight and said I love you. I love you because you weren’t promised tomorrow, you know. I’m lucky they’re still there and someone else is going to bury their child. It’s not fair. It’s just like not right. It hurts. It really is.

It’s a good reminder not to take normality and those blue skies for granted.

“Life is unpredictable,” Danie said. “You never know, that’s why I tell all the parents to come home every night, kiss your children. Say I love you. Put everything aside, whatever it is because you don’t know ever. I tell them every day that I love them.

Play ball! Backstop Restored, New Field Added to NCCA | Local News


It’s New Castle Christian Academy, but it’s not heaven.

Nor is it Iowa.

But a field that was in Don Staransky’s dreams was built there, and when it opened for its first action earlier this month, more than 40 children showed up.

Staransky, whose grandchildren attend the academy and who leads a ground crew that mows his grass, once discovered a relic of his past and that of the Clen-Moore Presbyterian Church, which owns the property.

Almost hidden in plain sight in the southwest corner of the field was a long-forgotten ballcourt backstop that had been swallowed up by the wooded area around it.

“Everything was overrun with all kinds of stuff,” said Staransky, a direct care worker at the Lawrence County Association for Responsible Care. “As I was cutting the grass, I thought, ‘I’ll think about doing this again if they let me. It actually belongs to Clen-Moore, but I got their permission to redo the backstop and put in an infield, and that’s what we did.

“It was a bit rotten,” he said of the backstop. “We cut down all the trees and all the vines that passed there.”

Staransky doesn’t know when was the last time the backstop dominated a batter, catcher and umpire.

“I’m 51 now and I remember playing (mixed softball) there in my twenties,” he said. “My grandkids have been going (to Christian Academy) since kindergarten, so it’s been six years anyway since I’ve noticed anyone doing anything with it.”

In addition to restoring the backstop, Staransky and a team of volunteers including members of his field crew and family also created an infield in front of him. Although the site once hosted adult players, Staransky has created its course with basic courses suitable for youngsters.

But that didn’t mean the transformation was cheap or easy.

“We brought about 77 tons of soil,” he said. “It cost me well over $3,000 to build the infield. It’s dirt, and the equipment I had to rent to tear it up and lay the dirt down.

“That, and I bought all the shirts and hats for the kids (part of a program Staransky dubbed Christian Crusaders).”

The field saw its first action on September 10, when more than 40 kids wearing powder blue Christian Crusaders jerseys and caps turned out for baseball and a pizza night.

New Castle Christian Academy Principal Gary Heotzler threw the first pitch.

“Don’s been working on it since late spring,” Heotzler said of the diamond. “It was his desire to be able to provide baseball lessons and skills and drills to the kids in the school. Sometimes baseball games can get pretty intense. it’s just kind of a more relaxed atmosphere, learning the skills of the game.

“He also participates in the Y Indoor Soccer League with our children. In fact, it started last year when he gave it to children at the Christian school. Then we wanted to expand into baseball.

And the hits will keep coming.

“We are working on having an actual season next year, bringing together three teams – a T-ball team, a coach pitching team and a player pitching team – to give the kids an introduction to the field,” Staransky said. “The kids are looking forward to it, and once we have that in place, hopefully next spring we can start inviting city teams and county teams to come and play with us.”

Heotzler said Staransky is also planning fall workouts as a preliminary to his 2023 plans. Like the youngsters, Heotzler, too, can’t wait.

“We’re excited about it,” he said. “When I arrived here in 2016, we were down to 120 children. We really didn’t have the children to offer sports. Now our number is around 225, and we have the number of children to be able to do it.

“We have always offered archery; it is our sport. But football started last year and now we have baseball starting this fall, and we are expanding into basketball and offering girls volleyball right now. It’s really nice to see that we have the numbers that allow us to go ahead and have the teams and teach the kids the skills of the games.

[email protected]

NHL gives teams ability to sell jerseys to fans with ads on them


One of the biggest questions entering the era of NHL jersey ads was whether retail jerseys — the jerseys you and I buy — would have ads on them.

This week this answer became clearer after an eagle-eyed student from the University of Minnesota noticed that the Wild’s authentic Adidas jerseys had TRIA patches on them.

The viral tweet caught ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski on the caseprompting comments from the NHL and the Fanatics – the league’s official retailer.

Every authentic Adidas jersey sold at the Wild’s team store, The Hockey Lodge, will have TRIA advertising both online and in brick and mortar.

The Wild posted a note about this on their online website where they sell their authentic Adidas jerseys.

It reads:

On all adidas jerseys there will be a TRIA patch. The 3 x 3.5 patch is attached on the front right shoulder of the jersey

According to Wyshynski, this advertising policy of Wild is “by request only”. Each NHL team will have a choice of how their retail jerseys are presented.

With the Capitals, that could prove to be a tricky decision, with Caesars Sportsbook being their home jersey sponsor. Having not just one ad on a jersey, but one that promotes the game may be a bridge too far for some Capitals fans looking to purchase new merchandise, especially one priced over $200.

Last season, helmet ads were widely accepted and did not bother NHL fans, providing the league and its teams with a new source of revenue. But jersey ads on retail jerseys will be a trickier activation to navigate.

More details will likely be released soon on where the other teams stand.

Central Knights raising money for new uniforms


PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) — From helmets and pads to uniforms and cleats, high school football doesn’t come cheap.

The Central High School Knights are hoping to update their look this season, but they need more money to make it happen, so the team and their fans are looking to the community for help.

The Knights got off to a good start, going 2-0 in the young season. While their game on the field speaks for itself, members of the school’s booster club launch a fundraising campaign to help the boys in black and yellow look as good as they play.

Tiffany Edouard, president of the football booster, explains that each student-athlete was tasked with selling 10 tickets for a raffle, which offers a chance to win cash prizes, gift cards and services from local businesses. But they are still about 200 tickets short of reaching their goal.

“It’s just a life lesson, not just on the football pitch: if you want something, you have to work hard to get it,” Edouard said. She says if they can reach their goal by Sept. 30, the jerseys will be ready for the playoffs.

“It’s maybe a 2-3 week delay,” she added. “We should be able to have them for October games and then we’ll have playoffs and such.”

Anyone wishing to buy a raffle ticket can do so on the Central Knights Recall Club The Facebook page.

Cash-lending companies flood courts with small business non-payment claims


A merchant cash advance is, at its core, a simple financial product, similar to some types of accounts receivable financing, such as factoring. A small business sells a set amount of its future revenue to the cash advance business at a large premium. For example, a construction company needing cash to pay its suppliers before its customers pay their bills could repay over $100,000 in daily or weekly direct debits for a $70,000 advance. It is definitely not a loan. But if you do the math as if it were a loan, interest rates can be in the triple digits.

This is where companies often run into trouble, as MCA companies usually start receiving receipts almost immediately.

If something goes wrong, cash advance companies turn to the courts with sophisticated formulas to go after corporate bank accounts. Because of New York’s ban on admission to judgment clauses, small businesses are no longer waiving their right to a trial. But lawsuits are still frequently served without sufficient notice or under extremely tight deadlines, said Leslie Tayne, a lawyer in Melville, Long Island. Tayne said she represents so many small business clients in MCA cases that she’s dropped her other practice areas over the past year to focus solely on the matter.

“It’s exploded,” she said. “For a year, that’s all I do every day.”

While it’s difficult to quantify the total number of cases or the rate of growth, cases have flooded every Supreme Court district in the state. While MCA companies are usually in town, the smaller companies that contract with them come from all over the United States.

Difficult moments

For a time in 2020 and 2021, around $1 trillion in government relief programs kept small businesses relatively afloat. As recently as April this year, the share of small businesses with at least three months of cash was near its pandemic peak, according to information gathered by the Census Bureau’s Small Business Pulse Survey, which has since ceased. .

But with the return to normal, access to traditional financing has become more difficult for companies with fewer than 500 employees. The share of businesses seeking traditional financing fell from 43% in 2019 to 36% in 2021, and they were more often looking for cash for operating expenses than for expansion, according to the 2022 report. the Federal Reserve on small business credit on employing businesses. Additionally, the share of applicants who received all the traditional funding they sought fell from 51% in 2019 to 30% in 2021, according to the survey.

“It’s a perfect storm,” Tayne said.

Tayne said his customers represent a wide range of industries: trucking, construction and landscapers, as well as farmers, retailers, restaurants, housekeepers, dentists and technology services. While some businesses – and their cash advances – are quite small, others have multi-million dollar revenues.

The owner of a construction company in the New York metro area said he turned to cash advances around the time the business took off. Rapid growth in new home construction and renovations from a boiling housing market led to cash flow problems for the owner, who wished to remain anonymous for fear that information about his finances would affect his ability to sign clients or make things worse with his MCA relationship. He said he had around 20 employees and an annual income of around $5 million.

Several larger clients were spreading their bills over a longer period as he took on five new construction projects that required a substantial upfront capital outlay.

Because he needed money fast, a traditional line of credit wasn’t enough, and government loan products like the Small Business Administration’s 7a were too slow to ask for. As a relatively new business owner, he didn’t feel confident being approved for a conventional bank loan, he said.

Supply chain issues have made companies particularly cash-hungry, said Heskin, White and Williams’ partner. For example, a builder could find itself in a bind because lumber prices soar after signing fixed contracts with a customer. Or a trucker may be waiting for payment because a delivery does not arrive from abroad for months after it was scheduled.

Considerable efforts

Once refunds aren’t made, things go awry.

In the case of the builder, the company which had granted him the advance constituted a lien against him and against the company. Since the MCA company has access to a company’s current account, it can view its current account and contact its business customers and owners for payments. His debts and online accounts such as PayPal and Venmo have been frozen, he said. Then came threatening letters to his home.

The process of selling — and upselling — advances is also plagued with bad intentions, Tayne said.

Brokers offer funds to desperate businesses, and their commissions only add to the pile of fees to be reimbursed. Their sales lines sometimes contain untruths, such as the idea that MCAs will help a business build credit and lead to future successful loan applications, which it does not.

After a successful lead, companies will frequently hold another exchange, she said.

The local builder, for example, said it had managed to make all payments on the first two advances. “But once you have a good track record,” he said, “they give you more. It’s a revolving door of money. He added that once it’s been paid back about 60% on an advance, the companies approached him again to ask if he wanted access to more money.

One business in the city, a jeweler on West 47th Street, was sold three successive advances totaling nearly $1 million in two months, according to a complaint from Fox Capital Group, which sold the advance.

Common MCA companies in the state court system include Liberty Funding Solutions, Reliance Financial, Quicksilver Capital, and Last Chance Funding Group. Companies sometimes dissolve and reform, lawyers say,

“It’s very profitable,” Tayne said.

It is when a small business empties its checking account or cuts before full reimbursement that MCA companies begin to add fees. Then the MCA firms head to the courts.

They file lawsuits quickly and quickly — “like a machine,” Tayne said. “They’re ready to file on the exact day, and we often file responses the day they’re due.” Often the defendants are not even notified or do not have time to find a lawyer. MCA firms get the judgments they need to freeze bank accounts or put liens on a defendant’s assets.

Even with the ban on judgment confessions, New York has a fairly supportive law that makes it easier to go to court, said Julia Heald, an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission’s Financial Practices Division, Consumer Protection Bureau. .

“The original intent is that this is a quick and easy way to resolve the payment of an undisputed amount,” Heald explained.

Legal jumps

In addition to a handful of private attorneys, the New York Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission have filed and won several lawsuits against MCA companies this year. Generally, the government goes after the worst actors, Heald said.

Although it may not win a mole, a solid legal strategy seems to have emerged: if lawyers can prove that MCA works like a loan, then the company selling the money becomes subject to a lot more regulation. federal and state. , said Heskin.

Three recent decisions by a federal court in the Southern District of New York have found exactly that, finding that the companies, including a June finding, that the same court that found the district-based Richmond Capital Group financier, deceived and threatened small businesses. These follow an April 2021 ruling by the same court in favor of the FTC against Jersey City-based Yellowstone Capital, which had to pay nearly $10 million in total to more than 7,700 small businesses. So far, 587 New York-based companies have received $778,512 in refunds from the case, according to the FTC tracker.

The bottom line in legal terms, Heald said, is that the place of merchant cash advances in the financial system is to provide funds in exchange for taking the risk that a business might fail rather than getting the collateral. that she can help herself to a stable future. payments regardless of business health.

“If the MCA supplier was really buying a share of future revenue that would go up and down as the business did, there’s something for the business as well,” she said.

Iran on the brink


Chronicle: How to support the Iranian people and stop an Iranian bomb

Protesters in Iran / Reuters

Matthew Continetti • September 23, 2022 5:00 am

Unforeseen events have created a crisis of legitimacy within the Iranian regime. For the third time in 13 years, mass protests directed against ruling theocrats have erupted across the country. The unrest is an opportunity for the US President to speak directly to the Iranian people and tell them that America is on the side of freedom. President Biden, the microphone is yours.

“Today, we stand with the brave citizens and brave women of Iran who are demonstrating right now to secure their basic rights,” Biden told the United Nations General Assembly on September 21. His words of support are welcome. But there is still much to say and do.

For those of you tuning in: Iran has turned off the cameras monitoring its declared nuclear sites. Its nuclear centrifuges spin and spin. Its agents plotted to assassinate, on American soil, a former American national security adviser and former Secretary of State. Last month, the decades-old fatwa of Iran’s former supreme leader, the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, inspired a 24-year-old New Jersey man to stab author and US citizen Salman Rushdie at 10. times at a public event in Chautauqua, New York. Last month, Iran sent its first shipment of drones to Russian forces. The invaders and occupiers of Ukraine have used weapons.

These latest protests began after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while in state custody. The “morality police” had arrested and detained her for the crime of wearing an “inappropriate hijab”. Widespread disgust at official explanations and apologies for Amini’s cruel and senseless death has led to hundreds of Iranian women burning their own hijabs. Iranians of all persuasions march through the streets in defiance of the authorities. Some call for the end of the Islamic Republic. As of this writing, at least seven protesters have been killed. The government is working to shut down social media and electronic communications. The crisis is real. It has the potential to threaten the regime itself.

Why? Because the disruption comes at a critical time in the sad and bloody history of the Islamic Revolution. The state that emerged from that revolution in 1979, the Islamic Republic, is facing both a leadership crisis and a demographic transition just as negotiations on reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), aka Iran nuclear deal, have reached an impasse.

These are not the actions of a state that will give up its nuclear ambitions and be integrated into the “international community”. These are the actions of a mad state whose main export is not energy but terrorism, violence and death. The malignity of the Iranian government extends beyond the nation’s borders, that’s for sure. But its first victims are the Iranian people. They are the first to bear the economic, social, cultural and physical costs charged to the regime. Their discontent is the clearest register of the regime’s criminality and the most visible sign of its decadence.

The overlapping challenges for Iran increase the fragility of the regime. Hence the best course of action for the United States: end our nuclear negotiations with Iran, restore “stimulus” sanctions, restore a credible military threat, and demand that the Iranian government recognize the rights of the man and the dignity of the Iranian people.

Ayatollah Khamenei is 83 years old. He is not in good health. Yes, he has made a few public appearances in recent days. But the few images we’ve seen of him don’t exactly project the strength. As is the case with any authoritarian regime, its cronies and toads must vie for the position in anticipation of its ultimate demise. If so, then there must be an environment of confusion and uncertainty at the highest levels of the regime.

The cries of Iranian youth for personal freedom have undoubtedly added to the disarray. There are 88 million Iranians. Half of the population is under 32 years old. They are led by a grizzled and ossified clergy who funnel resources into their private army, the terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Mahsa Amini represented a generation of Iranians who want more than the limited options, cruelty and state-imposed religion that have been available to them for 43 years. That is why she has become a symbol for all those who disapprove and oppose the hard line of the mullahs.

A push from the United States would make all the difference. There is no better time for a change in American strategy. The nuclear deal is going nowhere. Accepting Iran’s most radical demands at the negotiating table would make America look weak, stupid and insensitive. Give in to Khamenei as he murders his citizens and supplies Russia with weapons to use against the Ukrainians? The stomach knots at the idea.

If the current turmoil was a test, Biden answered the first question correctly. He hasn’t finished the exam yet.

The two previous American CEOs did not adopt it. In 2009, President Obama remained silent as students took to the streets in the so-called Green Revolution. In 2019, President Trump delivered mixed messages as Iranians rebelled against government corruption and economic mismanagement. Obama did not want to jeopardize his plans for detente with the mullahs. Generally, Trump’s personal foreign policy has downplayed human rights and democracy. Crippling sanctions were his weapon of choice.

The motivations of the two presidents differed. The results were not. In both cases, the regime used brutal means to survive the upheaval. And Ayatollah Khamenei continued to build his nuclear infrastructure and wreak havoc in the region and the world.

Draw the line here. US officials say they have made their final offer to Iran. Good. The Ayatollah rejected it. Now America must also reject it. Isolating and punishing the Iranian regime for its malign behavior abroad and its oppression at home would further American interests in the Greater Middle East. It would undermine one of Russia’s few allies. And that would help the Iranian people in their struggle to put their government where it belongs: on the ash heap of history.

Seniors benefit from new program, WSU Hall at Ogden Town-run Recreation Center | News, Sports, Jobs


1 / 5

Ogden City Director of Recreation Edd Bridge plays virtual disc golf on Friday, September 16, 2022 at the Golden Hours Senior Center.

Deborah Wilber, Standard Examiner

2 / 5

The Weber State University rec room at the Golden Hours Senior Center, pictured Friday, Sept. 16, 2022.

Deborah Wilber, Standard Examiner

3 / 5

The Weber State University rec room at the Golden Hours Senior Center, pictured Friday, Sept. 16, 2022.

Deborah Wilber, Standard Examiner

4 / 5

The Weber State University rec room at the Golden Hours Senior Center, pictured Friday, Sept. 16, 2022.

Deborah Wilber, Standard Examiner

5 / 5

A new sports simulator for Golden Hours Senior Center members is pictured Friday, September 16, 2022.

Deborah Wilber, Standard Examiner

❮ ❯

OGDEN — Membership numbers are skyrocketing alongside new programming at the city-run Golden Hours Senior Center, and employees are eager to see what the winter months will bring.

City officials encouraged Golden Hours director Ginger Myers to update the lineup after reopening post-COVID.

Myers, who took over oversight of the center in June 2020, said she wanted to create new spaces for active seniors, adding a state-of-the-art sports simulator.

The new game system offers many activities, including baseball, hockey, soccer and bowling, but the game seniors seem to enjoy the most, according to Myers, is Zombie Dodgeball.

“It was great fun watching them,” said Edd Bridge, Ogden City’s director of recreation.

Every Friday at 12:30 p.m., members of the Golden Hours bowling league use the simulation room, previously an underutilized computer lab. The center still offers help with phones, tablets and computers every Monday with a technical tutor, but the center for seniors wanted to provide services and activities not easily accessible to people in the 50+ community.

With computer use widely available at the Ogden Public Library next to the center, Bridge said they were thinking outside the box by creating new programs.

Yarn wrapping, an art form of binding yarn to objects, and the Latin-inspired dance and fitness program Zumba are now offered in addition to existing classes like chair yoga, pottery, line dancing and ukulele lessons.

To view a full list of all services, activities and membership details available to all seniors in the community, visit https://www.ogdencity.com/325/Golden-Hours.

“Our programming offers something for everyone,” Myers said.

Funding for the facility’s programs and activities is raised by members of the Golden Hours Center Foundation through community events. The Golden Hours veterans group recently held a rummage sale and silent auction to raise funds for a group-designed veterans memorial to be built at the center.

With help from the city and donations from Weber State University, Myers said they were able to renovate their living room/game room into a Weber State game room outfitted with WSU swag, autographed jerseys, chairs and comfortable sofas and a pool table.

Bridge said they have quite a few WSU alumni and the staff at the facility wanted to highlight them with a special place to relax, share stories, play games and be proud.

“The city is really trying to make sure we have what we need for our seniors in the community,” Myers said.


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MetLife Partners with Jets and Giants to Support Students in the Tri-State Area


MetLife partners with the New York Jets and New York Giants to support programs that help students grow and succeed. As part of its “Inside the Huddle” initiative, MetLife will raise awareness and funds for Year Up New York | New Jersey and the New York City Police Foundation’s Far Rockaway Giants, and the Harlem Giants.

The Jets program with Year Up, a workforce development organization, will provide a Year Up program participant with a professional internship at MetLife Stadium. The internship will take place in the stadium’s technology department and will also provide exposure to all facets of MetLife stadium operations.

The Giants’ partnership with the Far Rockaway (Queens) and Harlem (Manhattan) Giants provides opportunities for at-risk youth to be mentored and mentored, learn life skills and play football in conjunction with the New York City (NYC) Police Foundation, NYPD, and the NYC Department of Education.

“‘Inside the Huddle’ is a way to invest in the youth of our communities, who, with equitable access to opportunity, can build a more confident future,” said Michael Roberts, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of MetLife. “We are proud to partner with the New York Giants and New York Jets on this initiative, which allows us to continue to live the purpose of MetLife.”

Additionally, starting Nov. 6, 2022, separate online auctions with the Jets and Giants will offer authentic merchandise including photos, signed footballs, jerseys and helmets from current and former players, as well as unique experiences with active players. MetLife will donate $30,000 in auction matching funds from the Giants and Jets for a total of $60,000 pledged to benefit their respective charities: the Far Rockaway Giants, Harlem Giants and Year Up New York | New Jersey.

New York Giants players Julian Love and Graham Gano and New York Jets players Laken Tomlinson and Quinnen Williams will serve as ambassadors for the “Inside the Huddle” program. Love, Gano and Tomlinson will designate their custom NFL “My Cause, My Cleats” cleats to their respective partner organizations. Their cleats will be auctioned off as part of the MetLife online auction.

“I think the Jets’ partnership with Year Up is exciting because it gives students who are about to start their careers a great chance to gain real-world experience,” said Quinnen Williams, defensive end for the Jets. New York Jets. “I know I’m grateful for every opportunity I’ve had to get to this point, so I see the value of this partnership in helping students realize their true potential.”

“I’m thrilled to continue supporting the Harlem and Far Rockaway Giants this year,” New York Giants defensive back Julian Love said. “I’ve seen firsthand how the efforts of the Giants, the New York City Police Foundation, the NYPD and the NYC Department of Education are giving kids the extra support they need. The extra funding from MetLife will really have a impact on the services we can provide to children and their families.”

For more information on MetLife’s “Inside the Huddle” initiative with the Giants and Jets, go here and here. Fans can “join the huddle” and bid on auction items* beginning November 6, 2022. The final day of the auction will be Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Charge announces the best promotional program in Cleveland history!


Official release | September 21, 2022

CLEVELAND- The Cleveland Charge of the NBA G League have announced their Promotional calendar for the 2022-23 season full of fun giveaways, specialty shirts and unique themes! Cleveland’s Opening Night presented by Hot Dog Wally’s is at CSU’s Wolstein Center on Friday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. against the Motor City Cruise (Detroit Pistons), with a Evan Mobley action figure gift!

Single tickets are on sale now starting at just $5!

Charge 6-Game plans include discounted tickets to 6 of our biggest weekend games plus the home opener for FREE!

Get ready for themed parties you won’t see anywhere else in 2022-23: Get ready for Marvel Super Hero™ Day November 19 presented by Immaculate Cleaning featuring special uniforms inspired by the Black Panther and an exclusive Charge/Marvel comic gift. Come and slap, and welcome to the jam with Space Jam jerseys worn by the team and a jersey offered to fans during Space Jam Night on December 28! See the load from a different angle with the NBA Painting January 13 crossing where the team will team up with Twitter’s favorite basketball artist for unique uniforms and artwork! Celebrate Cleveland musician Machine Gun Kelly with us during MGK party on March 17 where the team will be decked out in jerseys emblazoned with their signature hot pink design!

The Charge house schedule will feature 11 gifts this season! Get into the spirit of the new season with a Load 216 Rally Towel on November 17. Enjoy the sweet satisfaction of taking pictures with a Charge Pop It contest on January 22. Go wild with the Charge and pay homage to one of the WNBA’s premier teams, the Cleveland Rockerswith a March 18 rockers inspired tie-dye t-shirt! End the regular season at Cleveland Salute Night presented by The Plug Appliances on March 23 with tons of random prizes and a surprise gift for Cavs players!

Enjoy access you can’t get anywhere else free throws on the field and load player autographs after every home game*! Concession offers for everyone throughout the season, with Hot Dog Wally’s $1 Dogs Every Friday Night! Charge Winning Weeknight games will include $2 beers and when the Charge wins, YOU win a free ticket to the next weekday home game (Monday-Thursday)! A special Sunday meal offer for children will be available on Youth Hoops Day on January 22, which will include a jumbo Hot Dog Wally, drink and bag of chips – all for just $6!

In addition to the main team jerseys, the Charge will feature at least six different specialty jerseys worn in-game and auctioned off to benefit local charities. As part of an ongoing effort within the Cavaliers organization, the Charge will host several Diversity and Inclusion themed evenings continue the work of being a genuine and trusted partner within the communities we serve.

Click HERE to view the full MIND-BLOWING Charge 2022-23 promotional programwith some highlights below:


  • Evan Mobley Bobblehead at Opening night Friday 4/11 (first 1,500 fans)
  • Charge/Marvel comic at Marvel Super Hero™ Day presented by Immaculate Cleaning Saturday 19/11 (first 3,000 fans)
  • Superman x Charge Tee at Superman: 95 Years of Heroism presented by Bertman Ballpark Mustard Saturday 02/25 (first 1,000 fans)
  • Mayor Justin Bibb “Bibblehead” Reveal Saturday 3/11 (first 1,000 fans)
  • Machine Gun Kelly T-Shirt at MGK party Friday 3/17 (first 1,000 fans)


  • Marvel Black Panther Jerseys at Marvel Super Hero™ Day Saturday 03/19
  • Space Jam Jerseys at Space Jam night presented by Nuevo Wednesday 28/12
  • @nba_paint Jerseys at NBA Paint Crossover presented by CLIFFS Friday 13/01
  • Cleveland Rockers 25e Birthday shirts at Celebration of Women’s History presented by Athleta Saturday 18/03
  • Machine Gun Kelly Jerseys at MGK party Friday 03/17


  • Tribute to service Thursday 14/11
  • Noche Latina presented by Rocket Mortgage Wednesday 30/11
  • pride night Tuesday 01/24
  • Black Heritage Celebration presented by Immaculate Cleaning Friday 02/24
  • School Day Game presented by ActNow Print and promote Wednesday 2/8
  • First Responders Night presented by Physicians Ambulance Friday 3/10


  • Wally’s Dollar Dogs Hot Dog all Friday home games
  • $2 beers all weekday home games (Monday to Thursday)
  • Winning Weeknight presented by Ohio Lottery all weekday home games (Monday to Thursday)
  • Load player autographs after each home game* (*subject to change)
  • Post-game free throws after each home game* (*subject to change)

To access. Excitement. Assess. Memories. Fun… Load!! Yes, fans will see great hoops, but they’ll also experience a bucket of fun when they watch a Cleveland Charge game! Paid season passes that include top seat locations, year-round member experiences, exclusive merchandise, access to Cavs tickets and more start at just $5 per game and are on sale now!

Charge group rides are also on sale with tickets starting at just $5 per seat! Special fan experience packages include: on-court basketball games and experiences, band and choir performances, five-player tunnels, color guards, national anthems and more are NOW available for the 2022-23 season. Please call 216-420-2730 to speak with one of our representatives or fill out the form here for more information.

Follow Charge’s social media channels for all the latest team news and information: @ChargeCLE on Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChargeCLE.



Rock Entertainment Group is the umbrella entity for the teams and venues that are part of Dan Gilbert’s Rock family of companies. It includes the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, AHL Cleveland Monsters, NBA G League Charge, and NBA 2K League Cavs Legion; the operation of Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, TCP-lit Legion Lair, home of Cavs Legion in Cleveland, and Cleveland Clinic Courts – the Cavaliers’ training and development facility in Independence, Ohio. As a unified brand platform, Rock Entertainment Group formally connects multiple sports, venues, music and content properties to better position them collectively for collaboration, growth and new opportunities, while relentlessly creating incredible experiences. for fans, teams, partners, stakeholders and thousands of staff across the spectrum of properties.

The Buffalo Singing Cops perform the national anthem at the Bills Game


Buffalo and Western New York were on display nationwide on Monday, September 19, 2022, with the arrival of Monday Night Football at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park.

The Buffalo Bills hosted the Tennessee Titans in their home opener to a sold-out crowd.

Of course, the Buffalo Bills didn’t disappoint on the field as they outplayed the Titans on national television, beating Tennessee 41-7. The game was so lopsided that the Titans pulled starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the 3rd quarter and started playing round QB Malik Willis.

While the game itself was amazing, there were a lot of fun and interesting activities that took place before the game kicked off.

The Bills have spent quite a bit of time honoring the Buffalo 10, the people who were killed by a domestic terrorist in May 2022. Many important Buffalonians have taken to the field and paid tribute to those lost in that act. of violence.

On top of that, the world famous Singing Cops performed the national anthem for the over 71,000 people who were in attendance for the game.

Step onto the pitch wearing custom Buffalo Bills red jerseys with the number 10 and Buffalo 10 embroidered on the nameplate, they were joined in the field by the Buffalo Police Department honor guard as they sang the first verse of The Star-Spangled Banner.

While this isn’t the first time Buffalo police officers Moe Badger and Michael Norwood have sung the national anthem at a sporting event in Buffalo, as they have done numerous times for the Bills and Sabres, this was by far the most impactful.

The Best Folding Tables The Bill Mafia Can Jump On

In order to have the best tailgates this year, you need to be ready with the highest quality gear.

Best Buffalo Bills fan tailgating photos after Big Bills win

Check out some of the best fans in the world after Buffalo’s big win yesterday!

How much should you spend on a first date in Buffalo



From the classic Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers uniforms to the modern Reverse Retro range, looking back at the history of hockey jerseys will always bring entertaining conversation, no matter the era.

The 1960s, as DZ puts it, provided the “base” for everything that followed. Many hockey fans would agree that while there wasn’t necessarily a ton of experimentation (or creativity for that matter) in the ’60s, the precedent set early in the era was instrumental. in the sweaters we see today.

Any concept you see today, especially within the Original Six, was inspired by the 60s era (and years before), so it just wouldn’t be right to hate the 60s too much. .

The 1970s are when things start to get a little more interesting. Gone are the days of “classic” base jerseys. In its place? More teams and more creativity hints. From the Atlanta Flames with the flaming “A” to the Buffalo Sabers with their classic double saber emblem, the ’70s represented a time when more and more teams brought more ideas to the table.

But at the same time, more experimentation led, unwittingly or not, to more gruesome jerseys. Ironically, many Original Six teams ditched their classic threads and tried more logo-centric ideas.

Spoiler alert: it all failed miserably.

So while there have been more teams with more experimentation, not all of the new ideas have been a smash hit.

For the 1980s, hockey fans saw the same thing. The Hartford Whalers, Minnesota North Stars and Quebec Nordiques all brought vibrant colors and new logos to the scene, which, in turn, created some of the most iconic jerseys in NHL history. .

On the contrary, the Vancouver Canucks choosing yellow as their primary color and the New York Rangers choosing to write “New York” diagonally instead of “Rangers” were among the most… disappointing decisions of that era. .

So while the ’80s brought us historic logos and jerseys, the decade wasn’t perfect. Either way, some of the jerseys from that decade are still widely considered some of the best in hockey history.

The 1990s are considered by many to be the greatest NHL jersey era of all time. Period. Looking back at some of the best jerseys from this decade and the options themselves seem endless. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks debuted their iconic logo and the San Jose Sharks took the NHL by storm as an expansion team by debuting their bold shark emblem.

The Pittsburgh Penguins got even bolder with their emperor/robot penguin, the New York Rangers strayed from the norm and introduced a Statue of Liberty logo, and the Sabers somehow upgraded their jersey already iconic in favor of a red and black bull. Taking all of these options into consideration, it’s not hard to see why some (but not all, including some members of the BarDown team) view the ’90s as the best era for NHL jerseys.

In contrast to this, the 2000s and 2010s are ironically considered some of the worst decades for hockey jerseys. Yes, the NHL introduced fun ideas like the Stadium Series and Winter Classic, which ended up bringing an abundance of jersey options to the fold. But unfortunately, as we collectively look at what the teams were looking for, a lot of those jerseys were downright terrible.

A vast majority of Stadium Series jerseys were either A) not creative enough, B) an ugly abomination of a team’s main jersey, or C) a mix of the two.

Additionally, a good number of alternates from those two decades were also terrible. The yellows of the Sabers and the black and grays of the Islanders (the ones that look more like practice jerseys) come to mind first.

It’s been a tough 20 years for the NHL as far as jerseys go, but luckily they seem to be on the right track in terms of redemption.

Which brings us to the present. The 2020s.

Although we’re not even two years into the decade, the argument that this era is also among the best for jerseys has surfaced many times. The Reverse Retro line alone (with the Avalanche, Kings and Wild all bringing incredible leads to the conversation) might be enough of an argument for this decade.

But alas, it is too early to tell. Moving forward before that decade is even halfway through doesn’t do much in terms of settling the debates. Only time will tell if the 2020s are, in fact, the best decade for hockey jerseys. But that won’t stop Corwin from making the case for them.

What’s the best hockey jersey decade? How would you rank them? Let us know @BarDown.

The NFL stadium that offers the most expensive beer


Philadelphia may bill itself as the “city of brotherly love,” but that love doesn’t stretch far enough to get you cheap beer — at least, not if you’re dealing with the Philadelphia Eagles. According Food & Wine, the Eagles sell their beer for an incredible price of $14.67, just under $15. The second most expensive beer on the list was the Rams and Chargers, which sell their beer for $13.75.

How much will a $14 beer cost you in the long run? According Bookmakers, the cheapest price for four Eagles tickets is around $620, with a parking fee of $40. Two 16-ounce beers are $29.33 while two 20-ounce sodas are $11. Four hot dogs will set you back $24, not including pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, or other refreshments. This means that, for four people, attending a Philadelphia Eagles game could cost upwards of $724.33, plus or minus other purchases made. Such a high price, however, doesn’t compare to the San Francisco 49ers, who charge $1,028.34 for a family of four to enjoy the same hot dogs, sodas and beers at their game.

Some might argue that paying such a price is the cost of seeing the game in real time, rather than sitting at home in front of your TV. While that’s a fair argument, perhaps even the most die-hard Eagles fan will cheer them to victory with cheaper beer and snacks in their own home.

Family T-shirt printing company accelerates print-on-demand into the future


There was a time in the not so distant past when if you wanted a custom t-shirt, you could go to the mall and get a tacky iron-on, or find a screen printer to do it for you.

Neither was an optimal solution; the mall designs weren’t really personalized, other than maybe a few iron-on letters, and screen printing was time-consuming, expensive, and not ideal for short runs.

The profession has changed, and quickly. The magic of digital fabric printing has opened an online market for unique shirts…but it’s still not cheap, and the process is so automated that you’re stuck managing your own designs and waiting and waiting. and wait.

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts in Mequon has turned the company around, at least locally. Although it’s a franchise, it’s the only one in Wisconsin, and it’s also a family business, run by a father, mother, and daughter. Located at 10952 North Port Washington Rd., it’s about as convenient as it gets, because not only Big Frog print t-shirts – and just about anything else – on demand, it helps the the whole process, from idea to conception to completion.

For manager Brittany Miller, it was also an opportunity to work directly with her own father, a former business creation director who discovered the urge to be entrepreneurial four years ago at the twilight of a career successful.



Miller, a former professional ballet dancer, jumped at the chance to learn how to run a t-shirt printing business close to his home but also serving nearby communities. Being in Mequon is perfect for North Shore clientele who need swag for local sports teams, but she says her clientele spans both north and south.

“Honestly, I thought it would all the time be more kitsch and unique shirts, like what you find at the Jersey Shore,” Miller, 31, said. “But ultimately he was meeting the community and learning the needs of the community.

Nor did she anticipate that Big Frog would evolve into printing larger orders, whether for football teams or family reunions, or for small businesses or large corporations that need goods quickly. .



“We’re a small business that helps other small businesses,” Miller says of the store, which now has five employees, including her own parents. She says 95% of the work is done entirely in-house.

Miller notes that technology in this industry is changing so rapidly that Big Frog can print products that were not initially possible. The “digital on film” process, which uses their already very high-end garment printer, eliminates the need to pre-treat the fabric, speeding up the process and without using additional chemicals. This means that if you can think of something you want printed, they can probably do it: hoodies, koozies, blankets, face masks, foam boards… you name it.

Big Frog also does more traditional printing, including screen printing and embroidery. But even that has evolved, says Miller, who notes that hoodies are a surprisingly big seller.



“It’s not just the shiny numbers that were on the jerseys anymore,” she said. “There’s sparkle and breath and all that cool fashion stuff.”

More interestingly, Big Frog offers free design services within reason. The professional graphic design included in the price is virtually unheard of in this industry.

According to Miller, “Often it’s just scribbling on a piece of paper. We asked kids to bring in their own drawings that we digitalized…and everything else.

All for prices that typically rival ordering a shirt from, say, Red Bubble or Zazzle. For example, if you’re using Big Frog’s most premium shirts, a one-time order costs around $30. They also have no problem with you bringing your own shirts to print. “I like to keep our prices fair,” she says, noting that a more basic shirt will cost less.

And it happens quickly. Typical turnaround time is three days, but it can be quicker, and Miller sees many repeat customers, as the store can produce around 35 shirts per hour.

Yet for Miller, who will one day go from business partner with his parents to full-fledged owner, the greatest thrill is spending time with his father, Basil Bearer, who spent so many hours during the hectic pace of business Americans. Her career has kept her from seeing him on her birthday or her first day of school, and she relishes the chance to work side by side.

“It’s more than just a job for me,” she said, crying a little. “Being here with him and having these father-daughter times has been really cool. When COVID hit and I had the opportunity to bring my son to work with me and take care of him, I love it. J I have a place to bring him, and customers love to see him, which is really cute and adorable too.

Bearer agrees and also speaks on behalf of his wife, Koretta (who does the embroidery projects).

“My old career took me away from home a lot of times,” Bearer says. “So it’s a pleasure to spend time with her and build this business together. I hope my business is a legacy that I can pass on to my daughter and then she can pass this business on to her family.

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. You can also get a personalized quote on their website.


Six Philly-area Blue Ribbon Winners Announced by US Department of Education


Six area schools have been named among the best in the country, honored with the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence award by U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

In New Jersey, Glendora Elementary in Gloucester Township won the honor.

In Pennsylvania, Benjamin Rush’s Arts Academy in Philadelphia; Council Rock High School South in the Council Rock School District; New Hope-Solebury Middle School in the New Hope-Solebury School District; and two Catholic schools, Corpus Christi in Lansdale and Mother Teresa Regional in King of Prussia, received blue ribbons.

Last year, seven local schools won this honor. Schools can be recognized either for their overall academic excellence or for their remarkable progress in reducing achievement gaps among students.

» READ MORE: To ban or not to ban mobile phones? Without them, schools see more learning, fewer fights, and quieter hallways.

The six local winners, all of whom won for their exemplary overall performance, are among 297 schools nationwide to win the award, announced Friday. Schools must go through a thorough application process and their applications must be approved by the state Department of Education.

Cardona hailed the Blue Ribbon harvest.

“As our country continues to recover from the pandemic, we know that our future will only be as strong as the education we provide to all of our children. Blue Ribbon schools have gone above and beyond to keep students healthy and safe while meeting their academic, social, emotional and mental health needs,” the secretary said in a statement. “These schools show what is possible to make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of students.

Latoyia Bailey, director of the Benjamin Rush Academy of the Arts, was pleased with the win, she said.

“Every time I think about how hard our staff and students have worked for this, my heart races and I smile from ear to ear,” Bailey said in a statement. “It’s not every day that an arts school is also recognized for its academic excellence.”

Rush Arts celebrated its victory at a ceremony attended by Superintendent Tony B. Watlington Sr. Monday morning.

Cardona himself stopped by Glendora Elementary on Friday to dance with the kindergartners and congratulate the teachers in person. Principal Patrick McCarthy was delighted that the school had been honored so publicly, especially in the midst of the pandemic.

What makes Glendora special? Strong parental involvement and family atmosphere, plus a faculty that goes the extra mile.

“It’s blood, sweat and tears that they put in,” McCarthy said of his staff. “All educators – we bring our extra change when we need it for things. We devote these hours at night, before school, when we need it. Teachers here, like all over the country, do all of these things.

READ MORE: Meet the city’s new Poet Laureate, a 17-year-old from Southwest Philadelphia

That little Glendora, with just 232 students in kindergarten to grade 5, has been recognized, still seems a bit surreal, McCarthy said.

“To have a school like Glendora recognized for this, I’m so proud,” said McCarthy.

Christine Pagan, principal of Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School in King of Prussia, immediately informed the whole school of the honor by watching a video from the Ministry of Education. She lived the moment with a second class.

“They were so excited, they were just jumping up and down and hugging me,” Pagan said. “My phone was exploding. I knew how bad it was, but you don’t really feel it until you’re sure it’s you.

Achieving national blue ribbon status was a school goal, Pagan said, one they took seriously even through COVID.

“We did it during the pandemic; that’s when we got really tough,” Pagan said. “We worked very hard through this, we never closed. We were adamant that these children should go to school, get an education. We have improved our game in recent years. I noticed some areas of reading and math that we needed to work on, so we did.

Pagan said she looked forward to hanging a giant banner in front of Mother Teresa, who educates 290 K-8 students.

“There’s this sense of pride, ‘Wow, our school did this,'” Pagan said. “The last few years have been so stressful, we have something we can really celebrate now.”

Marchenko’s overtime goal helps Blue Jackets beat Maple Leafs


The Blue Jackets finished the NHL Prospects Tournament in Traverse City, Michigan., with a 3-2 overtime win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Sunday afternoon. Columbus ends this year’s version of the tournament with a 2-1 record.

Game in a paragraph

The Blue Jackets didn’t play their best game, but they stayed true to take the win, tying the game with the keeper out, then finishing the win with Kirill Marchenkogoal in overtime. The Jackets led 1-0 in the first minute, then gave up goals to Toronto later in the first and second periods before powering the late comeback to claim the win.

game quote

CBJ Traverse City head coach Trent Vogelhuber: “The first 40 minutes were tough, tough there, especially in the middle of the period. We didn’t touch the puck much, we couldn’t connect the dots. learn as a young team. You’re not going to play or feel your best for many games in a season, so you have to find a way to get in the game. … The guys brought energy into the third period and obviously beautiful goals from (Jordan Dumais) and Marchenko. »

Tweet from @BlueJacketsNHL: GAME. WINNER. pic.twitter.com/iO6fBlMCS7

CBJ standout
  • Marchenko’s goal in overtime gave the 2018 second-round pick a tally in all three tournament games. He also added two assists for a three-point game.
  • 2022 third-round pick Dumais tied the game with 1:13 to go with his third goal of the tournament.
  • 2022 first-round pick David Jiricek scored his first goal of the event in the first minute.
Quick recap

Columbus took a 1-0 lead in the first quarter as Jiricek fired a straight shot from the right point past goaltender Keith Petruzzelli. The Blue Jackets had a chance to add to the lead soon after when Roman Ahcan earned a penalty shot, but Petruzzelli made the save. Toronto then tied the game at 1 at 7:16 as Graham Slaggert deflected a shot from the point past goaltender Jet Greaves.

The Maple Leafs took a 2-1 lead just 2:07 into the second period when Alex Steeves scored, and it could have been worse for the Jackets as Toronto had the puck for most of the game. period to be blocked by Greaves and his fellow keeper. Pavel Cajan.

It went 2-1 until the dying minutes when Dumais leveled things with a shrewd finish at the edge of the net with just 73 seconds left and Cajan replaced an extra striker. It led to a 3-on-3 overtime, and Marchenko scored with 1:37 left when he took a pass into the neutral zone of Kent Johnsonskated into the area, wrapped around the net and snuck the puck past Petruzzelli at the far post.

Jeff’s Quick Takeout

1. This tournament is often all about the big hitters, and they did a lot for the Blue Jackets today and throughout the tournament. Johnson was pretty much dominant from the start, not only filling the scoresheet but earning praise from Vogelhuber for his effort and ability to win battles. The skill that makes him a special player — let alone the No. 5 overall pick in the 2021 draft — was evident in all three games. Marchenko and Dumais are also talented players who can fill out the stat sheet, and each deserved their success in the tournament which featured three goals apiece. These players in particular delivered what was asked of them.

2. As Vogelhuber said, it wasn’t the best game for the Blue Jackets, but there’s enough talent in this team that goals will eventually come, and that’s exactly what they did when two gifted players scored the tying and game-winning goals for Columbus. There were times when the Jackets were one step behind the Maple Leafs, but in the end, Columbus was able to pull off the win. Much of that can be put on the shoulders of Greaves and Cajan, who each put up strong performances in the tournament. Both were at their best in the second period and held the Blue Jackets in the game long enough for the comeback to happen.

3. Now the Blue Jackets are heading home and preparing for training camp, which begins this week. This tournament is all about giving youngsters a chance to shine and then come into camp with momentum, and Johnson and Marchenko are sure to do just that. Both are expected to fight for roster spots in the NHL this year, and you could see their abilities throughout all three games in Traverse City. Both shone on every level before coming to Columbus, and while the competition is only getting better, you haven’t done anything to hurt their chances of making the team at this event. Jiricek is also in the CBJ mix on the blue line and there was a lot to love about his play at the event, but he’s also still 18 and also made a few mistakes (as any young defender will). It’s still hard for me to see him as an NHL player leaving camp, but he’s not that far off either.


Johnson finished the three-game tournament with a 2-5-7 line. … The Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs have played three overtime games against each other the past two seasons in Traverse City, with Columbus winning all three games. … Greaves finished with 17 saves playing the first 29:08, while Cajan stopped all eight shots he saw in 33:40. … Columbus goaltenders lead the event with a .900 save percentage. … The Blue Jackets were 0 for 5 on the power play in the event.

List report

Columbus made two changes to its roster, inserting forward Roman Ahcan and defenseman Marcus Bjork in place of striker Evan Vierling and defender Ole Bjorgvik-Holm.


The Blue Jackets return to Columbus to prepare for training camp, which begins this week.

The heartwarming story of Willson Contreras’ profound impact on a family of Cubs fans


It’s different here.

That’s been the Chicago Cubs’ 2022 season tagline and while the North Siders aren’t in contention for October baseball, you never know what magic will happen at Wrigley Field.

During a break in the inning of Saturday’s game at Wrigley Field, fans Andrea and Crystal Gonzalez caught the eye of Cubs receiver Willson Contreras. Adorned with photos, they held a personalized poster that read: “Our grandfather is also a Contreras. He was your biggest fan.

“We were a bit disappointed because we thought we weren’t going to see him because he was on the injured list. We didn’t see him during training,” said Andrea Gonzalez. “Then the people who were sitting in front of us said they saw him in the dugout, so I got all excited. I wanted to get his attention. [I] I went there, I saw him in the canoe, he turned around, he saw the sign and he said to himself: “I will sign it later”.

Contreras shouted that he would meet them after the game to sign the poster. After the game ended, he kept his word. Andrea and Crystal were taken away when Contreras whistled to get their attention.

“We were so excited,” they said.

A security guard removed the net next to the Cubs dugout where emotional fans embraced the All-Star receiver.

While Contreras signed a few baseballs, the ladies explained the fandom of their grandfather, Sebastian Contreras, who passed away in February. They also pointed to photos on the poster of wearers wearing No. 40 Cubs jerseys with “Contreras” scrawled on the back.

The Cubs wide receiver graciously signed the poster and posed with fans for a photo.

“He’s been a Cubs fan all his life,” Andrea said of his grandfather. “He never missed a game. If he couldn’t watch it, he would listen to the game on the radio.

Find out more about what the moment with Contreras meant for the family in the video above.

Skipper Rohit Sharma, Harmanpreet Kaur Flaunt jersey with style, photos


New Delhi: The Indian cricket team, in association with its official partner MPL (Mobile Premier League), will unveil its new kit on Sunday ahead of the next series against Australia, South Africa and the all-important T20 World Cup scheduled for October. -november.Also Read – Virat Kohli Sweats In Net Ahead Of IND vs AUS 1st T20, Check Out Viral Photo

Check out the new jersey here: Also Read – Virat Kohli-Hardik Pandya Grooving To ‘Se Acabo’ Song Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today, Watch The Viral Video

Read also – IND vs AUS: Tim David to make his debut against India? Pat Cummins has his say before the 1st T20

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the new shirt regarding its color and how well it will suit our players when they’re on the pitch. The event is titled ‘Har Fan Ki Jersey’ (Every Fan Jersey) by MPL, through which they tried to emulate raw emotions and connect fans to their team. Check out the ad where captain Rohit Sharma, all-rounder Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Iyer talk about the jersey.

Rookie Game 2: Swedish Victory


The Philadelphia Flyers prospects swept their two-game Rookie streak with the New York Rangers. A night after earning a 2-1 overtime win, the Flyers prevailed 5-1 in the return game at the PPL Center on Saturday night. A performance of 36 saves in front of the goalkeeper by Samuel Ersson and a three-point performance from his compatriot Olle Lycksell (1g, 2a) paved the way.

The Flyers were largely dominated in the first period by a 2-0 mark at intermission thanks to goalkeeper Ersson and goals on beautiful shots from Egor Zamula and Olle Lycksell.

The second period plays out much the same way. Ersson was by far the busiest goaltender than his Rangers counterparts, and the Flyers were opportunistic when they had a scoring opportunity. A shorthanded goal of Noah Cates and an even strength count by Zayde Wisdom gave the Flyers four goals on their first nine shots.

Early in the third period, Bobby Trivigno cut the lead to 4-1 on a 3-on-2 block on a Flyers turnover. Later, Ronnie Attard replied with a power-play goal shot by Lycksell, who collected his third point of the night.

Ersson earned first star honors in the game. Lycksell was the second star, with Noah Cates the third. At the other end of the rink, Olof Lindbom stopped five of eight shots as a starter in the Rangers net. Talyn Boyko took over midway through the second period, netting two more goals.

The special teams played an important role in the victory. The Flyers went 5-for-5 shorthanded plus one shorthanded goal. They were 1-3 on the power play.

Game Notes:

* The Flyers Rookies struggled with breakouts and turnovers in their own end and in the neutral zone — multiple times in the middle of the ice — for much of the first 40 minutes. They were bailed out by Ersson as the shots were 9-0 (including a quick 8-0 margin) in the first half on the way to a 13-4 difference and a scoring odds disparity of 11 -5 in the first period.

* The Flyers scored on their first shot of the game at 13:14 of the first period. A low to high pass Tyson Foerster found Egor Zamula jumping around the room. From the deep lunge, Zamula wired a shot over Lindbom’s glove.

Tweet from @NastyKnuckles: Foerster ������ Zamula1-0 Flyers pic.twitter.com/Wf9qTydViZ

* The Flyers built a 2-0 lead at 18:14 of the first period. Elliot Desnoyners won a face-off in the left circle in the offensive zone. Lycksell got past a defender and quickly scored a goal past fellow countryman Lindbom.

Tweet from @NHLFlyers: 🚨 BACK TO BACK 🚨 Olle Lycksell scores for the second night in a row and extends our lead. 📺: @NBCSPhilly+ | @SENetworkTV pic.twitter.com/oxT6vrAPaY

* The Rangers had four power play chances in two periods. Philly was held to one hit until they were shorthanded on a holding minor called Lycksell. The Flyers generated a shorthanded 2-on-1 counterattack. Jackson Cates saucer pass to his brother Noah, who had a tap-in for a 3-0 advantage.

Tweet from @NHLFlyers: Brotherly love at its finest. @JacksonCates5 connects @cates_noah with an SHG. pic.twitter.com/1wZ7ttVF6z

* A perfectly executed back-and-forth streak allowed the Flyers to build a 4-0 lead in the second period. Wisdom passed to Desnoyers and went to the net as Desnoyers sent the puck to Lycksell on the boards. Wisdom received a tape-to-tape return from Lycksell and ended it.

Tweet from @NHLFlyers: Wiz Wit. Zayde Wisdom plants the net and extends our lead to 4-0. 📺: @NBCSPhilly+ | @SENetworkTV pic.twitter.com/zCHpwx9dD6

* In two periods, Errsson made 24 saves, while the team ahead of him generated 10 shots on goal.

* Trivigno made it 4-1 at 2:06 of the third period on a five-hole goal from the left circle. It seemed like a stoppable chance. A few minutes later, Ersson stopped a great goal opportunity for Lauri Pajuniemi. In a 2v1 run for Rangers with the clubs skating 4v4, Ersson erased a Zamula error with a clutch save on Trivigno. At this point, he has made 28 saves on 29 shots.

* The game got a little choppy in the second half of the last stanza. With Lauka Hennault in the box for a hit on Lycksell, the Flyers opened up a 5-1 lead. Lycksell threw a one-timer for Attard from inside the left spot and the defender simply overpowered goalkeeper Boyko.

* The Flyers went 5-on-5 shorthanded with an emphatic kill – including a shorthanded chance – on the second-to-last penalty of the game. Philly had a short power play in the final 18.9 seconds of the game.

2022 Prospects Challenge Game Feed: New Jersey Devils vs Montreal Canadiens


Good evening. Tonight is the first of three games the New Jersey Devils will play in the 2022 Prospect Challenge Series. It’s basically pre-preseason hockey. Veterans report next week when boot camp will properly begin. The real pre-season will begin at the end of the month – and with that, real previews and real recaps. Just enjoy the first hockey game played by people wearing Devils jerseys since April. And don’t forget: no injuries, please!

Time: 7 p.m. ET

Diffusion : This is an online tournament only. The official Devils website will broadcast this game.

The encounter : New Jersey Devils vs. Montreal Canadiens (SBN Blog: Eyes on the Prize)

The goal: No injuries and good game. Training camp and pre-season games are waiting for you, so it is crucial that everyone involved can participate in these events and those to come (Utica camp and, perhaps be, NHL games?)

The song of the night: Cameron Lew continues to impress visually and audibly. Ginger Root EP Nisemono just released and before the EP he released three videos which actually have an online narrative with the EP which is a mixture of Ginger Root’s “aggressive soul elevator music” and city-pop with a impostor syndrome theme. Lew is awesome, basically. This is the first: “Solitude”.

The rules: As usual, keep it clean, respect your fellow Devils fan, and keep it relevant to the game. Go Devils.

The Top 5 Worst Sports Jerseys – OutKick


The internet didn’t take too kindly to Nike’s release of the new American men’s soccer kits for the upcoming Qatar World Cup.

And I understand.

There is a powerful dynamic when it comes to a uniform. It not only represents current players, but also the history and legends who have worn it before. It is an identity; a way of living.

For some fans, the jersey is the holy grail and it is better not to waste it. Whenever there are rumors of the New York Yankees adding names to the back of their jerseys, it always ends up in a fucking riot by Yankees fans.

And if you ARE a fan who bought the fake Yankee jersey with the name on the back, you are immediately accused of being a fraudster.


For other fans, the simple look of a jersey will bring back horrific and dark times from an organization they’d rather forget.

Choosing the Top 5 Ugliest Swimsuits has been particularly difficult due to how fashion has changed over time. Something that looked hideous decades ago doesn’t seem so bad anymore. At first, I hated those Tampa Bay Buccaneers creamsicle uniforms. But now? They’re not THAT bad, although their team was a disaster on the pitch carrying Bucco Bruce.

The sportswear market is booming right now – expected to reach nearly $250 billion in revenue by 2026.

With that will come leagues and teams that will continue to oversaturate the market with alternate, throwback, anniversary, random jerseys for no real reason except to make more money out of them. Just wait for other jerseys to have sponsored logos. Yeah.

But let’s not look to the future, but rather to the past, and have a good laugh at some of these uniform gems:

October 9, 2016: Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) warms up. (Photo by Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


One word: prison.

I look at these uniforms and immediately think I’m looking at a group of players all lined up – numbered and ready to go to jail. The Steelers wore these bumblebee schemes to give a modern twist to their inaugural 1933 jerseys. The fact that they wore them for multiple years is simply stunning. And that giant number in the middle looks like someone drew it with a magic marker and stuck it on a piece of tape.



It’s always a bad idea when someone turns on the game and can’t tell which team is playing because of their jersey.

There are many examples of this in all sports leagues. This Philadelphia Eagles throwback on the team’s 75th anniversary takes the cake, however. Looks like someone cut up the Swedish flag and made uniforms out of it. The Eagles have so many different green options, and they picked this? Poor Donovan McNabb.

Carlos González / The Seattle Times

3. SEATTLE SAILORS 1998-1999

The Mariners wore them as part of Major League Baseball’s “Turn Ahead The Clock” promotion in 1999.

It is clear that those who designed them were so worried at the time of the impending threat of the year 2000 that they decided that everyone had to relearn how to use a compass. So here is the sleeveless jersey – with a giant compass on it. Even Ken Griffey Jr. – so slick and cool, couldn’t make this jersey work.



This jersey was supposed to be the future of the Pirates. And just like their annual playoff dreams, it ended quickly. I can only assume whoever came up with this idea was quickly fired once the players ran out of the dugout onto the pitch. I wish Twitter was there for their debut.

It feels like some kind of last minute cheap Halloween costume shopping when you and your wife are suddenly told that you have to dress up for the party.

I have to hand it over to the organization though – the Pirates have had a ton of awful looks over the years. It was hard to know which one to put on the list.

Manny Millan/Getty Images


These are so bad I love it. It’s a total, “We don’t care at all that our players are comfortable.” From the stiff collar to those shorts that remind me of my parents dressing me as a child for family portraits. THE most uncomfortable and rigid shorts ever. God I hated wearing them.

Fun story – the White Sox actually brought back the uniforms as a throwback to 2016. White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was so mad – that he started cutting the uniforms with scissors before the game, causing him to induced to be SUSPENDED FOR 5 MATCHES and also fined by MLB.


So this is it. There are a ton of honorable mentions – from the New York Islanders “Fishsticks” jerseys, to the fluorescent lime green the Seattle Seahawks have worn, to the powder blue/mirror jerseys of the New Jersey Nets and many football jerseys questionable academic. .

As they say, beauty or ugliness is in the eye of the beholder.

So join your Top 5 below!

The children are back in their classrooms and this teacher has a mission: to distribute free books by the thousands


“I certainly love the transformative experience of reading, of going to other worlds, of experiencing other cultures,” Abrams said.

Abrams began his teaching career in an affluent suburb outside of Philadelphia before moving to a high school in the underfunded community of Lindenwold, New Jersey.

“I had heard of food deserts, but I had never heard of book deserts. And it occurred to me that I teach in a book desert,” Abrams said. “A lot of kids in school are just struggling to read. In my ninth grade class, it’s very common to have kids reading at a fifth grade reading level. And if you’re struggling to read, you’re going to struggle with writing.”

In 2017, when one of her high school seniors told her she wasn’t reading to her 2-year-old daughter, Abrams sprang into action. He appealed to friends and family asking for gently used children’s books, and in no time he had over 1,000.

He began distributing the books to new moms and local elementary schools. This was the start of his non-profit organization, BookSmiles.

“It just got addictive,” Abrams said. “There are millions of kids in America who have never owned a book in their life. I want to change that.”

His organization has since collected, sorted and distributed hundreds of thousands of books throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia area — and will soon reach 1 million, Abrams says.

BookSmiles engages the community to help collect books and drop them off at the group’s large collection bins, which are painted with literary-themed artwork and located outside local businesses, places of worship , schools and homes.

Books are often distributed by teachers, who come to the book bank and select as many books as they wish.

“It’s a feeding frenzy when teachers can walk away with books to take back to their classroom libraries and to their students,” Abrams said. “It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet meets a second-hand bookstore.”

BookSmiles recently moved into its new, larger warehouse in nearby Pennsauken. Abrams also purchased a 16-foot box truck to increase the number of books they can haul. The organization has partnered with two local food banks where it provides thousands of books each month to distribute to families in need.

CNN’s Laura Klairmont spoke with Abrams about her efforts. Below is an edited version of their conversation.

NC: Why is it important that children are exposed to reading as early as possible?

Larry Abrams: Children should be read because it is something joyful. It’s something that connects parent and child in such a visceral and important way. Reading books creates a moment that will never end; he will always stay with the child. Plus, reading books to your kids empowers them. The most important tool they get are words. There are children who grow up hearing a lot of words because they are read to every night. They are used to hearing chained sentences when they are babies. And then there are other children who never have that. Reading and books help level the playing field. He gives words, millions of words to those babies who really, really need them.

I hope that every child who receives our books accumulates their own library and reads the books so that they arrive at kindergarten ready to read. Giving books to children almost ensures academic success. And every child in America should have the chance to succeed academically. Being able to use language and words is power.

NC: Your organization serves areas considered book deserts. What is a desert of books?

Abraham: These are areas where people just don’t have access to books. There are book deserts in rural Appalachia. There are book deserts in North Philadelphia. They don’t have (books) at home. In many book deserts there are no libraries, no bookstores. There are pockets of poverty where people simply don’t have the funds to buy a book. There are many families who survive and make it to the next paycheck. Formula milk is expensive. Food is expensive. The rent is expensive.

Some people are one paycheck away from disaster, and they don’t have the resources to spend money on books. That’s where we come in – to help people like this. We work to irrigate the deserts of books by pouring hundreds of thousands of books. We are changing and improving lives one book at a time.

NC: Why is it so important for you to involve teachers in your efforts?

Abraham: I am a teacher and it is super important to help other teachers. Teachers receive a small stipend to go buy supplies (for their classrooms). But too often we have to spend hundreds of dollars of our own money to provide children with a real quality learning environment. We are the ones who have to buy Kleenex. We have to buy markers. I hate when teachers have to go in line with their hats in hand to beg for school supplies. This shouldn’t happen.

Teachers who really care are committed to paying out of pocket to provide more robust learning environments for their students. And when we’re here to give them hundreds of dollars of pounds, it’s a blessing, and they appreciate it. Some of these teachers become addicted to the book bank, and we want them to because they are the best book distributors we have. In many cities, we teachers are underestimated. But we really are a powerful force. We are an army. Teachers get along well, especially those who love the profession and are long-term. So if I can help them by giving them books, that’s a great thing.

Want to get involved? Check BookSmiles website and see how to help you.
To donate to BookSmiles through GoFundMe, Click here

Amazon Prime Members Save 25% on NFL Fan Gear and Fire TVs – SI Showcase


The Arena Media Brands, LLC and its partners may receive compensation for links to products and services on this website. The Sports Illustrated editorial team is not involved in the creation of this content.

Amazon is going all out in the NFL and more specifically Thursday Night Football. It’s as clear as the 50 meter line – if you’re a prime member, you’ve just unlocked a host of new offers.

Members can hang up to 25% off NFL gear like clothes, glasses and all the essentials you need to make your hatchback a fan favorite. Amazon also has great deals on Echo speakers to take your gaming night to the next level.

So whether you support the Los Angeles Chargers or the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s something for every fan on this list.

Fan Gear Discounts

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 1.40.12 PM

With kickoff imminent, Amazon Prime members can now take up to 25% off select NFL gear. You can go to this dedicated landing page, choose your favorite team and check out all the offers.

For example, if you’re looking to spruce up your desk with a little team spirit, you can choose your team and get a personalized desk pad from “YouTheFan”. It stretches to a total length of 35.4 inches, which should be enough to cover most desks. It also features a non-slip rubber back and official sports team logos. That’s 39% off for Prime members at just $18.41.

You can also find savings on clothing like jerseys, shirts (long or short sleeved), socks, reusable bags and more.

Prime member-exclusive discounts will return on September 22, giving you up to 20% off hoodies and shirts at individual NFL team stores.

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Along with discounts on Echo speakers and Fire TV streaming sticks, Amazon is offering an ever-low price on the 55-inch Fire TV Omni 4K TV. It’s just $359.99, 36% off MSRP.

This 4K TV supports standards like HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Digital Plus to ensure a great view of live sports or your favorite TV shows.

Best of all is the deep integration with Amazon’s Alexa, which means you can ask the virtual assistant to turn the TV on or off, adjust the volume or change channels. You can ask Alexa standard questions, football-specific trivia, and even control smart home gadgets.

You can grab that deal on the 55-inch Fire TV Omni here.

Fire TV Deals

Fire TV Stick

Along with the lowest price ever on a 55-inch Fire TV Omni, Amazon is also offering discounts on two other models. Specifically, the 43-inch Fire TV Omni and the 50-inch Fire TV Omni, both of which offer hands-free access to Alexa, a Fire TV interface, and dynamic displays. With both, you also get an extended four-year warranty.

  • 43-inch Fire TV Omni 4K TV ($367.48, originally $459.98; amazon.com)
  • 50-inch 4K Omni Fire TV ($441.23, originally $564.98; amazon.com)

And if you’re just looking to add some smarts to your current TV, Amazon is discounting the Fire TV Stick Lite to $19.99 and the Fire TV Stick 4K to $29.99.

Prices are correct and items in stock at time of publication.

Ole Miss Authentics Launches NIL Merchandise Program


OXFORD, Miss.- Ole Miss Authentics, the official team store of Ole Miss Athletics, will soon offer exclusive NIL products for student-athletes, including custom Nike jerseys, unique t-shirts and other custom merchandise across all sports, thanks to the Athletics Department’s new group licensing agreement with The Brandr Group (TBG).

Ole Miss Authentics, the official online, onsite and brick-and-mortar retail arm of Ole Miss Athletics, operated in partnership with Dyehard Fan Supply, will offer exclusive NIL merchandise this fall that will offer official replica jerseys. football in addition to a wider offer. of t-shirts with name and number for all athletes who have opted for the general license agreement with TBG. As the sports season progresses, the official team store will continue to expand its NIL product offering. Additionally, Dyehard will seek opportunities to integrate NIL engagements with sister company REVELXPalso a partner of Ole Miss Athletics.

“We believe our NIL efforts with the official team store will provide great value to Ole Miss student-athletes as well as Ole Miss fans,” said Wes Day, CEO of Dyehard Fan Supply. “NIL merchandise will include all student-athletes who opted into the program, which is very unique in the space.”

As collegiate sports evolve each season, Ole Miss Authentics will continue to work together to provide Ole Miss student-athletes with new opportunities to leverage their name, image and likeness using the trademarks and logos official universities.

“We’re excited to soon see our official team store offering NIL opportunities for student-athletes and creative new gear for Rebel Nation,” said Keith Carter, Ole Miss Vice-Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics. “Ole Miss Authentics continues to improve its shopping experience for fans, and we look forward to seeing this new merchandise offering, which will financially benefit both our student-athletes and the university. We are committed to helping our student-athletes to maximize their brand value, and we hope that teaming up with organizations like TBG can create more and more NIL opportunities.”

The partnership with TBG enables the collective use of student-athlete NIL in licensing and marketing programs, co-branded with Ole Miss Athletics logos and trademarks. Student-athletes will have the opportunity to voluntarily join TBG’s program which will facilitate group licensing opportunities on behalf of student-athletes with no limit to the athlete’s individual NIL rights. Potential licensees interested in learning more about the program should contact Kathleen Melvin at TBG.

TBG, a brand management, marketing and licensing agency, will manage and administer the program as well as develop licensing opportunities on behalf of student-athletes. With decades of collective management experience for some of the world’s biggest brands, TBG also manages the group rights program for the NFL, NBA and MLB Players Associations in the college space.

Products that combine team logos and player names and numbers have been a major part of licensed sporting goods sales at the professional level for decades, and this program opens the door for college student-athletes to take advantage of these same opportunities. Some examples of group licensing include the inclusion of athletes in trading card programs, video games, and co-branded jerseys that would include the student-athlete’s name and number as well as Ole Miss marks and logos.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ole Miss Athletics to develop NIL opportunities for their talented student-athletes,” said Wesley Haynes, CEO of TBG. “This group licensing agreement will allow student-athletes to benefit from co-branding opportunities across Ole Miss’s merchandising and sponsorship portfolio, while discovering new player engagement opportunities for their dedicated fans.”

About Ole Miss Authentics

Ole Miss Authentics is the official team store of Ole Miss Athletics, powered by Dyehard Fan Supply. To learn more, visit shop.olemisssports.com.

About Dyehard Fan Supply

Dyehard Fan Supply is a turnkey provider of sports retail solutions for some of America’s biggest sports events, venues and brands. With a focus on your brand, Dyehard leverages best practices to deliver a superior omnichannel shopping experience for fans online, at events, and in your physical stores. Whether you are a fan of college or professional sports, teams or individual events, Dyehard Fan Supply is at the forefront of customer-focused concepts and innovative solutions designed to grow your retail business.

Dyehard is the Official Merchandising Partner of several other major programs including the University of Arkansas, Auburn University, University of North Carolina, Columbia University Athletics, BIG EAST Conference, Rutgers University, University of Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Mississippi State, West Coast Conference, Iowa State University, Miami University, Appalachian State University, West Virginia University, University of Connecticut, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Fiesta and Cactus Bowl, LouCity FC, Racing Louisville FC, Winston-Salem Open, US Open, Kentucky Derby, ProRodeo, USA Volleyball, Stephen F. Austin, University of Delaware, Syracuse University and more. Visit dyehardfansupply.com for more information.

About Brandr Group

The Brandr Group (TBG) is a brand management, marketing and licensing agency powered by a team with decades of collective management experience for some of the world’s biggest brands. TBG has become the leading agency in group licensing programs, with rights to more than 50 college athletic programs and their student-athletes in the Name, Image and Likeness category, including top college athletic brands. TBG partners with leading brands, colleges, sponsors, trademarks, athletes and events to cultivate, diversify and monetize intellectual property through professional brand management and licensing efforts . For more information, please visit tbgusa.com.

Zendaya says Tom Holland was the first person she texted after her Emmys win


On Monday night, Zendaya made history at the 2022 Emmys for her work as Rue Bennett in Euphoria. The 26-year-old starlet won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, making her the youngest two-time winner for acting and the first black woman in Emmys history to win the award. lead actress in a drama series. twice.

Zendaya attended the Emmys wearing a stunning black Valentino prom dress — which the Valentino team custom-made in just a week — alongside a handful of loved ones, whom she gave a shout out to during her touching speech of acceptance. “Thank you to the Academy, thank you to my friends and family, some of whom are here tonight,” Z said with a huge smile.

Notably absent from the red carpet and the ceremony, however, was Tom Holland. Both stars are in the midst of busy work schedules, with Zendaya filming the Dunes following in Budapest and Tom shoots a series of anthologies The crowded room At New York.

Despite the distance, the two made efforts to visit each other and spend time together. In early August, Tom was spotted on a flight to Budapest from New York. He was then seen wandering the streets of the European city with Zendaya by his side. Last weekend, Z was spotted at a coffeeshop in Staten Island, near a recent filming location for The crowded room. Even though Tom wasn’t physically present at the Emmys party, Zendaya shared a rare treat that proved he was there in spirit.

After the win, Zendaya spoke to E ! backstage shortly after the Emmys wrapped up. “We’re not going to do hard-hitting questions, just something super easy,” the interviewer prefaced in the clip. “Who is the first person you text when you get this win?”

“Well, I didn’t have to text my mom because my mom was already there,” Z said with a smile. “She’s here tonight, which was very special…and I texted my boyfriend.”

The 16-second clip sent Tomdaya stans plummeting on social media, with many pointing out that this was the first time Zendaya had publicly referred to Tom as her boyfriend.

Twitter content

This content can also be viewed on the website comes from of.

Review: Sombrio Vanquish pants and jersey


North Vancouver’s Sombrio Cartel is best known for its more laid-back approach to clothing, flannel mixing with high-tech fabrics. With the Vanquish line, the twenty-year-old Canadian brand adds a more performance-oriented clothing line.

Vanquish includes shorts, pants, and jerseys for men and women. The line blends toughness with a lighter weight that’s ready to pedal with the same North Shore toughness that other apparel brands are known for. It can be a tough line to walk, but the Vanquish pants and jersey do it so well.

Review: Sombrio Vanquish Pants

The Vanquish pants (and shorts) use a stretchy, water-resistant fabric with a DWR finish. They’re not waterproof, partly due to the laser-cut venting, but they also won’t soak up any precipitation or puddles you pass through. Quattro Flex Dura fabric is lightweight, yet durable. This makes the Vanquish pants comfortable enough to pedal without feeling like they’re falling apart the first time you bump into a tree. In fact, they feel incredibly durable, especially considering how light and heavy they are. Not lightweight pants I would wear in hot weather, but they are comfortable in a good temperature range. A seamless crotch panel makes the Vanquish pants comfortable to sit on and pedal too.

When it comes to fit, the Vanquish pants don’t follow the current slim-fitting trend. They have a more relaxed fit which, to be honest, will probably be welcomed by many riders. Not everyone wants their pants clinging to their calves and thighs. The Sombrios leave more room, without feeling bulky. The wide waist pants I tested are supposed to fit a 34-36 waist. They were on the bigger size of that. Two Velcro tabs on each side help to properly size the pants, while a grip tape inside the waistband prevents them from moving or slipping while riding. When riding, they fit comfortably even in large knee pads without pulling when pedaling or restricting movement. Two pockets, one on each size, are large enough to comfortably hold a phone without letting it bounce or jiggle while riding.

Sombrio offers the Vanquish pants in two colors, black and “milky coffee” in six sizes from XS to XXL. At $253, however, they are on the more expensive end of the spectrum. If you want a quality pair of tough but lightweight pants with a more relaxed fit from a Canadian brand, the Vanquish pants fit the bill. But they are not cheap and there is no model dedicated to women.

Sombrio Vanquish Jersey

The Vanquish jersey follows a design similar to that of the pants: light and resistant. With a mix of fabrics including Dura Mesh and Lycra PFP, even the long sleeve jersey is light and breathable enough for hot summer rides. A microfiber cloth inside the jersey will help keep the goggles clean, but there are no pockets to be found.

In hot weather, the mesh breathes well and wicks moisture away from the skin without being soaking wet or heavy and dries quickly. It fits well, with the arms cut just close enough that they don’t move without being constricted or taut. It’s a comfortable, well-made jersey that will work in a good range of conditions.

The Vanquish jersey retails for $150 and comes in Men’s and Women’s models. Again, this puts Sombrio on the more expensive end of the spectrum, even compared to brands like Rapha. It’s a well-made jersey, sure, but comes with a hefty price tag.

Cresskill NJ homicide case goes to trial after plea deal rejected


The man accused of fatally stabbing a Cresskill woman in June 2020 and conspiring to dump her body in the Overpeck County park with a 14-year-old girl will face trial in the new year.

Lodi resident Nicolas Coirazza’s trial is tentatively scheduled to begin Jan. 9 before state Superior Court Judge Carol Novey Catuogno. He is charged with murder, disturbing human remains, tampering with evidence, two counts of obstructing arrest and weapons.

The Lodi man is accused of repeatedly stabbing Divna Rosasco, 51, and dumping her body in Overpeck Creek, weighing it down with the miner’s help.

Coirazza, now 21, appeared before Novey Catuogno on Monday for a pre-trial conference and a motion to suppress. His attorney, Ron Bar-Nadav, sought to suppress some of his client’s statements made to police after his arrest.

Bar-Nadav said Coirazza hadn’t slept for two days before his interrogation and when he mentioned he might need to get a lawyer, the police redirected him.

Prosecutors allege Coirazza knew the victim’s family and was at home when the murder took place.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Coirazza told police he was at the girl’s home in Cresskill around 8:30 a.m. when Rosasco arrived, unaware he was there, the affidavit said. Coirazza reportedly hid in the house while an argument ensued between the girl and Rosasco.

FundraisingHusband of slain Cresskill woman creates memorial fund focused on child predator awareness

The defense rejected a plea deal offered by the prosecution, Bar-Nadav said. Coirazza was offered 45 years to plead guilty to murder, desecration and employing a minor in the commission of a crime. The 45s would run concurrently with the 10s for desecration and employing a minor in the commission of a crime, respectively.

Coirazza had 30 days to accept or reject the plea deal.

“It wasn’t enough time to review all the evidence,” Bar-Nadav said. “There is an overwhelming amount of evidence.”

Rosasco had been reported missing just before midnight on June 15, 2020, and her car was later found in the county park during a regular checkup by a county sheriff’s officer. Authorities said it appeared someone had tried to conceal the owner of the vehicle and they had brought in a K-9 unit who led police to the woman’s body.

Rosasco was found in a sheet, with a plastic bag over her head, weighed down with concrete blocks. The probable cause affidavit says Coirazza dragged the body onto the dock while the miner brought the cinder blocks.

The couple were arrested shortly after in the parking lot of a local hotel, trying to get an Uber.

At some point in Rosasco’s argument with the minor, Coirazza intervened, grabbed a pink-colored knife from the girl’s bedroom and pushed Rosasco down the stairs, according to court documents.

“He then mounted her and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck, head and back with the pink knife,” the affidavit reads.

Coirazza is due back in court for a final pretrial conference on October 28.

The Bergen County District Attorney’s Office did not provide an update on the minor’s case.

CBJ announces theme night schedule for 2022-23 NHL season


The Columbus Blue Jackets will play their opener of the 2022-23 regular season on Friday, October 14 when they host the Tampa Bay Lightning on Opening Night, presented by Nationwide, kicking off their 22nd season in the National Hockey League. Today, the club announced the season’s themed parties and partner gifts planned for its next season.

Theme nights for the 2022-23 season will include giveaways, unique game night experiences, contest activities, themed entertainment and more. While specific details related to each promotional night will be released closer to the games, the 2022-23 theme night schedule includes:

• Friday October 14 against Tampa Bay – Opening night presented by Nationwide with 2022-23 schedule magnets
• Tuesday 15 November against Philadelphia – Hockey Fights Cancer Night presented by OhioHealth with Rally Towels
• Wednesday, November 23 c. Montreal – CBJ comeback party presented by Safelite (Giveaway is TBD)
• Saturday 31 December against Chicago – new year’s eve presented by New Amsterdam with 2023 calendars
• Thursday 5 January against Washington – Military Appreciation Night presented by Elk + Elk with Camo Hats
• Saturday 21 January against San Jose – First Responders Evening presented by Jet’s Pizza with First Responder patches
• Friday February 10 c. Toronto- Hockey is for everyone presented by Vory’s (Giveaway is TBD)
• Saturday February 25 c. Edmonton- Takeover game for kids presented by Bob Evans (Giveaway is TBD)
• Friday March 24 against the New York Islanders – #CBJGivesBack Night with the 2022-23 squad poster
• Saturday 8 April against the New York Rangers – 5th line celebration with a 5th line flag

Throughout the season, the Blue Jackets will be giving away gifts to fans at partnership nights. The giveaways will be announced closer to each match with the following schedule:

• Thursday 10 November against Philadelphia – presented by COSI
• Friday, December 9 vs. Calgary – presented by Delta Dental (with children’s gift)
• Saturday, January 7 vs. Carolina – presented by Visit Central Florida
• Thursday, January 19 vs. Anaheim – presented by Nationwide, acknowledging agent of the game
• Tuesday 31 January against Washington – presented by Nationwide, acknowledging agent of the game
• Tuesday 14 February vs New Jersey – presented by Meyers Jewelers
• Thursday February 16 against Winnipeg – presented by Bally Sports Ohio
• Thursday 23 February v Minnesota – presented by Nationwide, acknowledging agent of the game
• Friday, March 3 vs. Seattle – presented by COSI (with children’s gift item)
• Saturday March 11 vs. St. Louis – presented by Nationwide, acknowledging agent of the game
• Saturday April 1 vs. Florida – presented by Nationwide, acknowledging agent of the game
• Sunday April 2 c. Ottawa – presented by Advanced Drainage Systems
• Thursday 13 April against Pittsburgh – presented by Nationwide

For the young members of the 5th line, the Blue Jackets will also have a gift on Friday, October 28 against Boston to celebrate Halloween.

For more information on 2022-23 theme nights and partner giveaway opportunities, visit http://bluejackets.com/promotions.

How to Get Cash Back on a Credit Card – Forbes Advisor


Editorial Note: We earn a commission on partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

“Cash Back” generally refers to cash rewards that cardholders can earn when they complete a transaction with a credit card. It should not be confused with cash back which you can withdraw from a bank account when paying using a debit card. This is also distinct from using a credit card to withdraw money from an ATM, which is called a cash advance and is not a recommended practice.

Many credit card issuers offer cash back programs that cardholders can take advantage of to see a small return on every purchase made. While earning rewards certainly shouldn’t be an incentive to overspend on a credit card, it’s worth knowing exactly how specific rewards can be earned and redeemed. Different rewards programs offer different reward rates, and some impose limits on which spend categories earn which rates, so it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your credit card rewards before deciding which credit card. ask.

How does cashback work?

A cash back card will generally allow cardholders to earn rewards with every purchase made with the card. Some may earn a fixed percentage on every qualifying purchase, while others offer high earn rates on bonus categories such as groceries, gas, or restaurants. Accumulated rewards are redeemable for cash, often in the form of a check, credit statement, or deposit to a bank account.

How does cash back work with credit cards?

Some cash back credit cards reward all qualifying purchases with a flat percentage return, such as 1.5% or 2% back on all spend. Others offer tiered reward categories to reward spending, for example, on groceries and gas at higher rates than other purchases. Yet other cards offer rotating redemption categories every month or every quarter.

Flat Rewards

Certain cards, such as the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card (tariffs and fees), offer a one-time reward on all qualifying purchases. The Wells Fargo Active Cash earns 2% cash rewards on purchases and remains the plastic standard for block rewards. For those looking for simple, easy-to-follow cashback, a card like this is likely to be one of your best options.

Earn multi-level rewards

Other cards, like the Blue Cash Preferred® card from American Express, offer a more complex structure for earning rewards. Blue Cash Preferred earns 6% cash back in US supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year in purchases (then 1%), 6% cash back on select US streaming subscriptions, 3 % cash back at US gas stations and on public transportation (including taxis/rideshare, parking, tolls, trains, buses and more) and 1% cash back on other qualifying purchases. Cash Back is received in the form of Reward Dollars which can be redeemed as statement credit. The card has an annual fee of $95 (conditions apply, see rates & fees).

While cards like this generally offer bonus categories that yield higher rewards, the lowest reward category or “catch-all” category for all out-of-bonus category purchases is usually only 1% back and will not match what you might earn. with the best flat rate cashback cards.

Reward Category Rotation

Some cards will split cash back rewards between spend categories that change on a quarterly (or other period) basis. For example, Discover it® Cash Back earns 5% cash back on everyday purchases at different locations each quarter up to a quarterly maximum of $1,500 in spend when activated. Plus, automatically earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Please note that some cards require a category to be activated every quarter or month before you can actually earn rewards on purchases in the category. And, as reward categories change, cards with rotating reward structures may require additional attention given to reward systems in order to realize the full potential of rewards in each bonus period.

Other constructions

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ is an example of a card that combines several approaches. The Freedom Flex earns 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in categories that rotate quarterly (requires activation), 5% on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®, 3% on restaurants and pharmacies and 1% on all other purchases.

Still others, like the Citi Custom Cash℠ card, offer categories that change based on your spending habits: the card earns you 5% cash back on purchases in a higher eligible spending category each cycle of billing, up to the first $500 of spend each month and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Cash Back vs. Cash Advance

Cash back should not be confused with a credit card cash advance. Although the term “cash back” is often applied to a withdrawal of funds from a checking account in the same transaction as a debit card purchase, for example, at a grocery store, this type of “cash back” is all something else with a credit card. Cash advances allow you to borrow money from your credit card’s line of credit by withdrawing cash from an ATM using your credit card.

Cash advances typically involve a separate cash advance APR, often higher than your card’s regular APR, and start earning interest the same day you borrow the money, with no grace period. There will also usually be cash advance fees. Cash advances are not recommended because the cost of borrowing money in a cash advance is usually astronomical compared to other options to get the funds you need.

How can I withdraw money from a credit card?

Making a cash advance with a credit card often incurs fees and a high APR, and does not include a grace period to pay off the balance before interest accrues. We don’t recommend taking a cash advance, but if you must, you can use your credit card at an ATM just like you would a debit card. Be sure to read your card contract carefully to understand all the terms of a cash advance before initiating a transaction.

How do I redeem Cash Back?

While the specifics vary from issuer to issuer, you’ll typically redeem cash back earned with your credit card by applying through an issuer’s app or website. Log in to mobile or online banking and apply to redeem rewards.

With many cards, you’ll be able to choose your preferred redemption method for your cash back: you can receive your rewards as a statement credit, a deposit to an eligible bank account, or a check that the issuer sends you job. Some cash back cards also allow you to redeem cash back by applying it to purchases when checking out online with a partner.

Note that in some cases your cash back will be redeemed automatically and you will not have the option to select your preferred option. For example, with the American Express Blue Business Cash™ card, any cash back you’ve earned is automatically applied as a statement credit each billing cycle.

Below are details of commonly available redemption methods for your cash back.


Some issuers can pay out rewards by sending you a check. Depending on your card agreement, a check may be automatically sent from time to time or you may need to request one. A check can also be an optional redemption method alongside other choices. Checks can be one of the slowest methods of exchange, as you wait for a physical item to arrive in the mail.

Statement credit

Another redemption option offered by many issuers is cash back in the form of statement credit. Certainly one we often see in the credit card agreements we review, statement credit puts your money back directly into your credit card account by subtracting the amount of rewards you redeem from your balance. This type of buyout option usually takes the least amount of time.

Bank transfer or direct deposit

Some issuers, especially banks that also offer checking and savings accounts, will offer wire transfer or direct deposit as a way to complete your rewards redemption. You can redeem rewards as a deposit into a checking, savings, or other type of eligible cash account and many issuers make this a fee-free and fairly straightforward process.

Gift cards

Gift cards are often listed as a redemption option for cash back, but be aware that redeeming gift cards may offer less value per reward point or dollar than other redemption options. Gift cards can also limit your options when redeeming. As a general rule, we recommend redeeming rewards for the closest thing to cash.


Cash back credit cards earn rewards on qualifying purchases and can be a lucrative advantage to paying with a credit card. Earning and redeeming cash back involves nuanced terms that you need to understand before applying for a cash back credit card.

It should also be noted that “cash back” as it is used to refer to the withdrawal of money from a merchant’s point of sale with a debit card is not the same with a credit card. Using a credit card to withdraw money from your revolving line of credit is called a cash advance and is generally not the most affordable way to borrow money.

To view rates and fees for the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express, please visit this page.

Thornton, Karlsson, Harrington and more


In this edition of San Jose Sharks News & Rumors, there is speculation that Joe Thornton will return to the organization, although what role he will have remains unclear. In other news, Erik Karlsson has let it be known that despite the team’s struggles over the past few seasons, he has no intention of asking for a trade. Meanwhile, free agent Scott Harrington recently accepted a professional tryout (PTO) offer for training camp later this month. Finally, the Sharks will reveal their new jerseys this Wednesday.

Thornton could return to the Sharks organization

After officially cutting ties with the Florida Panthers over a week ago, it has emerged that Thornton’s playing days, at least at the NHL level, are officially over. Although this may very well still be the case, The Athletic’s Corey Masisak recently tweeted that the 43-year-old and his family recently returned to San Jose and, on top of that, were spotted skating with Sharks players a few times this month.

Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

Masisak went on to say that a Sharks source told him that currently Thornton does not have an official role with the organization. That, however, doesn’t mean he won’t at some point in the future, either as a player or perhaps in a front office role. With just five goals and 10 points in 34 games last season as a Panther, it’s clear he doesn’t have much more to give, but with the Sharks likely to struggle in 2022-23, bringing him back as well as his leadership for one more year may make some sense. Expect to hear more about this situation closer to training camp.

Karlsson not looking to ask for a trade

By trading Brent Burns to the Carolina Hurricanes earlier this offseason, it became pretty obvious that the Sharks are headed for a rebuild. Due to their management, there had been rumors that Karlsson might be looking to request a trade in order to be part of a team that aspires to the Stanley Cup. According to the 32-year-old himself, however, that’s not part of the plan.

Related: 3 Pacific Division goaltenders set to be traded this season

“No, I signed up here a long time ago,” Karlsson said. “It didn’t work out the way we wanted at first. There are a lot of things that probably played into that. I won’t go into detail on this, but I’m excited for the future here now. I hope we can move forward in the direction of success again. Will it be this year? I mean, who knows? But I think something good can come out of here.

While Karlsson’s commitment to the organization is admirable, management would probably hit him in a heartbeat if it were that simple. He’s still a good NHL player, but a far cry from the $11.5 million player he’s paid for. The Sharks should be hoping he can return to his old Norris Trophy playing days if they have a chance of being able to trade him and his lucrative contract in the future.

Harrington signs a PTO

The Sharks announced last Friday that they have signed Harrington to a PTO for training camp later this month. The 29-year-old defenseman has recorded 210 career games at the NHL level, along with 14 more in the playoffs. In his 210 regular season games, he scored seven goals and 38 points along with 77 penalty minutes.

Scott Harrington Columbus Blue Jackets
Scott Harrington during his time with the Columbus Blue Jackets (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

Harrington spent the majority of the 2021-22 season in the American Hockey League with the Cleveland Monsters. In 50 games, he scored three goals and seven points. He was also able to play seven games with the Columbus Blue Jackets in which he recorded just one assist. With Nikolai Knyzhov having torn his Achilles earlier this summer, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding Radim Simek’s future with the team, Harrington may be able to earn a cheap one-year contract if he performs well. at the camp.

Sharks set to liberate New Jersey

According to Sheng Peng of San Jose Hockey Now, the Sharks will unveil their new jerseys next Wednesday. These shirts have been the subject of speculation for the past few weeks and were reportedly recently leaked on Twitter.

Peng mentioned in a post that San Jose Hockey Now understands the reveal will be a full jersey, which will also include the colors of the pants. It should be noted, however, that these uniforms are not expected to be worn by the team this season and will instead be released in 2023-24.

Forward for the sharks

There had been speculation that the Sharks might be looking to add a defender to the mix, and it appears they did so by signing Harrington to a PTO. While another PTO both in the rear or possibly in the front remains a possibility, the biggest thing to watch right now is the speculation surrounding Thornton. It might turn out to be nothing, but the fact that he has been spotted at the rink several times suggests that something is brewing on that front.

“Backstreet’s Back” in Nashville, and Their Fans Never Left – The Vanderbilt Hustler


On September 8, the Backstreet Boys took on Bridgestone Arena as part of their “DNA Tour”, capping nearly 30 years with a loyal fan base.

Barrie Barto

The Backstreet Boys featured, captured Sept. 8, 2022. (Hustler Multimedia/Barrie Barto)

Backstreet is officially back since their last tour in 2019and it seems, for almost 30 yearsthe base of the group never left.

On September 8, we saw for ourselves how this 90s boy band charmed fans for so long when the street boys resumed Bridgestone Arena as part of their DNA World Tour (DNA).

DNA is the eleventh tour of the Backstreet Boys, named after their tenth album, “DNA”. As the album shines a light on the change in men’s lives as they grow up and start familiestheir set list is full of the same energy the band had as teenagers.

At 8:30 p.m. CDT, the boys opened with the soft but powerful tones of “I Wanna Be With You” from their 1996 album, and they brought the perfectly coordinated dance moves to match their vocals. They followed strongly with “Don’t Want You Back” and “No One Else Comes Close” from 1999, as the audience screamed and relived their teenage years.

After a few solos where Bryan Littrell and AJ McClean showed off their vocals, the band remembered how far they had come since their debut in 1993. Littrell, McClean, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough, all in their 40s and early 50 – followed by this lecture singing “Ain’t No Place Like You” of their “DNA“album. The song praised the value of family ties as the mega-screen played clips of the men with their wives and families, reminding audiences that the Backstreet Boys, too, are ordinary people.

Between some slower songs in a cappella style, similar to how the band practiced before writing their own songs, the men reminisced about when they first met. In 1993 Carter was only 13 years old and the rest of the band were between 18 and 21 years old. Growing up together, they are one of the oldest boy bands, which last almost 30 years without significant interruptions.

Amid many outfit changes, by far the best was near the end of the concert, when the men changed into unique all-white suits. They sang their best-known upbeat songs, from “I Want It That Way” to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”.

When the crowd thought it was over, the men returned to the stage in custom Nashville Predators jerseys to sing “Larger than Life,” my favorite song and apparently the crowd’s too.

Throughout the night, it was clear that the middle-aged women of the Backstreet Boys fan base (oh yes, and us) are very loyal fans. The Backstreet Boys’ continued success is not just a reflection of their fans, but of their ability to adapt their style to different stages of life as they continue to pay homage to love and heartbreak.

It was my first Backstreet Boys gig, but it won’t be my last.

Big Central Conference NJ Football: Rahway Football Honors Teammate


JERSEY CITY — Rahway’s soccer players reached for the sky, one hand clenching five fingers and the other raising two, while chanting “For Ali.”

“This is for you Ali”


In unison, it was like a warm group hug and a collective high-five for their teammate, number 52 Ali Muhammad, his name scrawled on their t-shirts and undoubtedly tattooed in their minds.

The senior went to training on Wednesday, then died unexpectedly some time later and didn’t wake up to go to school.

The news broke Thursday when the students saw his father’s Facebook post, and it was an advertisement tweeted that night by the football team.

Head coach Brian Russo and his coaches asked the seniors if they still wanted to play Lincoln High School just over 24 hours later.

The answer – we play.

So on Friday, Rahway headed north past the Statue of Liberty and under a full moon, turned his raw feelings into hard-hitting football mode and beat Lincoln 45-16 at Cavan Point Sports Complex.

It wasn’t that easy, especially when the players observed a moment of silence in the locker room before walking away quietly, then pausing for a moment of silence on the pitch.

The AP announcer noted what they already knew: “Ali represented all things fair in high school sports. He loved the game. He loved his teammates and coaches and was a credit to Rahway High School.

Yeah, it wasn’t easy.

“I was a little close to crying,” said Rahway senior defensive end Jalen Barnes, “but you know, I had to toughen up for Ali. I have a game to play. We won this for Ali. We all came as a team. We prayed for Ali and we did it.

If they didn’t play?

“It was good to get back on the court because I feel like if we would have postponed it,” Barnes said, “I would have felt, like, very alone.”

No, it’s good to cry together and that’s one of the beauties of team sports – a built-in support system. In this case, soften the shared pain.

Russo noted that since the players wanted to go, his staff thought dressing up was the best thing. He had no further details about the death, just that it was a surprise.

“Everyone was devastated,” Russo said. “No one knows how to handle such a situation. Obviously, we didn’t train. We just thought it best to get the team together, just talk to them. Everyone cries in a different way.

They had a team dinner Thursday night at the District’s Alternative Education Center. Barnes said it was “a sad dinner”.

“We were all in shock,” Barnes said. “We are like what, he was just in training on Wednesday. Everything was good. He was not sick. No nothing. All heartbroken at school. We left school early. The coach, the principal, everyone knows how much Ali meant to us. So we left school early. We went to the field. We all just sat in the locker room for about 30 minutes, just sat there crying. Think of him. I miss him. We all decided we were going to play along. Play one for him.

Rahway football players pay tribute to his late teammate Ali Muhammad by raising his number 52 after the match on September 9, 2022

Barnes was asked what Muhammad’s personality was?

“Ali, he looked a lot like himself, but everyone loved him,” he said. “He was cleaning the locker room for no reason.”

Barnes laughed at the memory and continued, “But we all loved it, man. He always helped the team.

The AP announcer was right, Muhammad represented the best of high school sports. He wasn’t a star, just a hardworking teenager who loved being part of the team and did everything he could to uplift his friends. The 5-foot-8, 240-pound was the second-team center and would surely have seen college action. But the stats didn’t really matter.

“He always trained 100% to make me better,” Barnes said. “Ali was a hard worker. Even if he was not a beginner, he came to train every day. He showed 100% on and off the pitch. He was just a great person, man. It sucks to see him not being here with us enjoying this wonderful time right now.

Rahway junior Jaylen Thermitus on the sidelines with a shirt that honors Ali Muhammad during the football match against Lincolon on September 9, 2022

This type of children’s program is often the lifeblood of a team. Russo said he represented “everything you want in a player. Do whatever we asked him to do.

“I did everything right all the time,” he said. “You know, it’s just very, very sad to lose him.”

During the game, Barnes excelled on defense and senior Kyle Hall scored four touchdowns, including a 68-yard fumble after just three minutes of play. His teammates screamed on the sidelines and it was as if they had all expired together: “Everything will be fine tonight.

That’s the important thing – they competed.

When it was over, shortly after the players chanted “Ali”, Russo choked up as he addressed the guys in the semi-circle, his voice hitting a waterfall and declaring it’s more than a team, but a program and he is proud of everyone and how the coaches will do anything for everyone – just like Ali gave his all.

Rahway's football coach Brian Russo addresses the team after the win over Lincoln on September 9, 2022

“We talk about football like it’s a game of life and death, but it’s not,” Russo said later. “We tell them, no matter what, win or lose, we just ask for best effort, that’s all. We asked to give all they had. Fortunately, fortunately, we were able to get out of it tonight. It’s a big win, but if it wasn’t, we’d love them the same, man. We realize it’s not life or death.

Barnes added: “It was tough. It was hard. I’m not going to lie. Ali is supposed to be in this field with us, but we still have duplicates for him. For him. For him.”

Extra layer of ice at Howelsen gets a second chance

Skaters take advantage of a rare opportunity to find free ice during a youth hockey practice at Howelsen Hill. Most of the time, the ice is filled with more than one age division, and the Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association has been forced to find innovative ways to make the most of the ice time it has. .
John F. Russell / Steamboat Pilot and Today

Adding a covered, multipurpose outdoor rink to Howelsen Ice Arena was a project with many ups and downs, going from a near certainty in early 2018 to an afterthought. However, after discussion at the Steamboat Springs City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 6, the new addition is back on the table.

Dressed in their hockey jerseys, several local kids from the Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association sat in front of the city council to support another sheet of ice, as limited ice time allowed for a number of late-night hockey games. evening.

“They’re on the ice at 10 p.m.,” said Kerry Shea, chair of the Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association board of directors. “With our adult leagues, they have fun until midnight.”

Shea said the extra ice space could double the potential size of youth hockey tournaments and make Steamboat eligible to host state tournaments.

City council members said they supported the addition of a covered outdoor ice facility and expressed interest in drafting a memorandum of understanding that would formally express a shared desire to build a second layer of ice.

Although no money was officially committed on Tuesday, the city council unanimously agreed to begin discussions with the Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association about raising funds for the second ice rink.

The Parks and Recreation Department asked for the second layer of ice to be dealt with as a priority because it has already gone through the approval process once before, but council members said they would need time to weigh the price of the new facility with other city projects before making a financial commitment.

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Council members expressed a desire to know how much the new project would cost, saying there was a good chance that the cost of materials and labor would be even higher now than it was. in 2018, but Shea said the new design is simpler than the canceled one. before.

Angela Cosby, the city’s director of parks and recreation, said staff expect much of the cost to be offset by the additional revenue the second sheet of ice will bring. Cosby also said that because the indoor rink is so close to the existing rink in Howelsen, there would be considerable overlap in resources between the two facilities, such as being able to use the same zamboni.

The indoor facility would be approximately 35,000 square feet with a construction footprint of approximately 140 feet by 250 feet. The sheet of ice would be 85 feet by 200 feet, NHL regulation size, while the rink inside the Howelsen Ice Arena is a bit larger and Olympic-sized.

The covered addition to the Howelsen Arena would expand programming for several activities and sports, including curling and hockey tournaments.
City of Steamboat Springs/Courtesy Image

Since 2018, the city has invested in the infrastructure needed to add another layer of ice, such as moving the sewer line to the new location, moving power lines, installing a sidewalk of the ice rink at the intersection of Fifth Street and Howelsen Parkway, the paving of the rodeo ground parking lot and the expansion of the Howelsen Ice Arena facilities on the second floor.

The new facility would include four additional locker rooms, a dryland training area, a storage area and bleachers. Air cover and ice refrigeration would maximize its year-round usability and include summer programming such as live music.

If all goes without a hitch, construction could begin as early as 2023 with an opening date of 2024.

In 2018, the first phase of construction of the second layer of ice was approved and everything seemed to fall into place. A donor provided $1 million for the project, and the city allocated $700,000 from the lodging tax for the construction of the ice cap. The city was so committed that it paid a non-refundable steel deposit for the project of approximately $67,000.

But cost estimates for the second layer of ice quickly rose from about $2.5 million to nearly $4.5 million just before city council met to discuss the project.

Not wanting to build half of the project and wait for funding to complete the rest, the city council let the idea fizzle out.

The “bad timing” was blamed on the project being put on hold, City Manager Gary Suiter said in 2018. And that bad luck would continue to hold the project back.

The million-dollar donation agreement between the city and Michael and Sara Craig-Scheckman expired shortly thereafter.

Then the 2020 pandemic closed the Howelsen rink from March to August, and the ice was removed to make way for an emergency overflow for the hospital. The city has also aggressively cut budgets during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

But when lockdown restrictions ended and pandemic-era anxieties subsided, demand for time at the Howelsen Ice Arena skyrocketed.

Curling was also added to the arena’s lineup, which was a hit among locals but made ice time in Howelsen scarcer than ever.

“When the rink reopened, they felt the same effect as recreation at all levels,” Cosby said. “Huge rise.”

5 reasons the Los Angeles Lakers will suck this season


The ending always looks bad on LeBron teams

Wikimedia Commons: Staff Sgt. Sheila deVera

“So when you said ‘not 5, not 6, not 7…'”

The 2010 Cavaliers were full of guys it would have been cool to have six years ago like Ben Wallace, Zyndrunas Illgauskas, Antawn Jamison and Shaq. They came out moaning and a racist letter from Dan Gilbert when LeBron took his talents to South Beach. The 2014 Miami Heat were so old, injured and tired that the San Antonio Spurs 104-87 victory in the Game 5 Finals wasn’t even as close as the 17-point final score would suggest. Not even the Heat picks LeBron’s favorite player could hold it. The Cleveland Cavaliers are just starting to look decent after LeBron left in 2018, and even that turnaround is surprising. Getting an Old LeBron and In-His-Prime Anthony Davis was supposed to set the Lakers up for the present and the future. Well, the present is damn terrible (2020 championship aside) and the future looks uncertain. The Lakers should have known they had to handle this situation with skill. Instead, they chose to say “we’re the Lakers, it’ll be fine.”

It hasn’t really worked yet. It’s a strange thing to say about a team that has won a championship, but missing the playoffs twice when you have LeBron James is a disaster. The Lakers seem so convinced of their own Lakerity that everything will be fine. Kobe Bryant’s last 60-point game, affable retirement personality and tragic untimely passing seemed to make everyone forget that the Lakers were trash at the end of Kobe’s career and lucky with LeBron. LeBron’s storybook ending was with Cleveland, where he’s from. This last tour in Los Angeles is an unprecedented third act for his long career. The Lakers give the impression that Pelè generously introduces the United States to football by playing on the New York Cosmos, not a title run. AND they have nothing to lean on for the potential future Anthony Davis Era.

The front office seems enamored with cap space to pursue free agents in 2023, which is strange, because they won’t have enough money to chase a max star. Filling your roster with fringe guys and ring-chasing veterans hurts continuity in intangible ways that LeBron and AD’s talent can’t cover. The Lakers have already mortgaged their future to chase titles with LeBron, and time is running out. So why not chase any trade you can get when “LeBron + AD = title” is still a thing? Moves like not extending Alex Caruso make the Lakers look cheap, and people are openly wondering if the Buss family should sell. Adam McKay is hilarious winning time certainly gave the impression that the Buss family fortune is more of a house of cards than they would probably like to be perceived. Everyone at Crypto Dot Com Arena would benefit from a long playoff streak this season. But much like Crypto still being a thing, this deep playoff run feels like little more than a delusional hope.

Jewelry store owner jailed for cash advance fraud | USAO-SDTX


HOUSTON — A 40-year-old man, Katy, has been sent to federal prison following his wire fraud conviction, U.S. Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery has announced.

Santiago Mora pleaded guilty on March 3.

Today, US District Judge Andrew Hanen imposed a sentence of 27 months in prison which will be immediately followed by three years of supervised release.

Mora was co-owner with his business partner of Alku Modern Jewelers located in Katy.

During sentencing, the judge heard that Mora failed to deliver prepaid Rolex watches worth approximately $3.9 million to a customer. In an effort to pay the client and others, Mora executed a scheme whereby he obtained a total of $500,000 in merchant cash advances via wire transfer by impersonating and using the correct credit. of its business partner.

Mora eventually admitted to his fraudulent dealings with his business partner and using his partner’s identity to request and receive several cash advances from the merchant.

Mora was taken into custody in Miami, Florida in June 2021 after failing to appear in court for further proceedings.

Mora will remain in custody pending transfer to a US Bureau of Prisons facility to be determined in the near future.

The FBI investigated. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Tina Ansari and Grace Murphy prosecuted the case.

The Merchant Cash Advance Market Will See Booming Growth


Merchant Cash Advance

The Merchant Cash Advance Market study provides a basic summary of the trade along with definitions, classifications, uses, and trade chain structure. This market research report has been prepared after considering the impacts of COVID-19; the report provides growing market opportunities, revenue drivers, challenges, pricing trends and drivers, and future market assessments. This Merchant Cash Advance study also includes an in-depth competitive analysis of key market players, which includes their company profiles, key observations associated with product and business offerings, recent developments, and key market strategies. The report also provides a 360 degree overview of the industries competitive landscape. SWOT analysis has been used to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing businesses. The merchant cash advance market is showing steady growth and the CAGR is expected to improve over the forecast period.

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Prominent players featured in the report are
Financial Forum
Capital CAN
American Express Merchant Funding
National funding
Stripes Capital
Square capital
PayPal working capital

In Chapter 6, on the basis of types, the Merchant Cash Advance market from 2015 to 2025 is majorly split into:
$5,000 to $250,000
$250,000 to $500,000
> $500,000

In Chapter 7, based on application, the Merchant Cash Advance Market from 2015 to 2025 covers:
Time spent in business 18 months

The Merchant Cash Advance Market report includes comprehensive information of major market competitors including various organizations, firms, associations, suppliers and manufacturers competing for production, supply, sales, revenue generation and after-sales performance expectations. The bargaining power of many sellers and buyers has also been included in the research report.

Free report data (in the form of an Excel data sheet) will also be provided upon request with a new purchase.

Do you have a question ? Ask our industry expert @ https://www.qurateresearch.com/report/enquiry/BnF/global-merchant-cash-advance-market/QBI-MR-BnF-1119914

Merchant Cash Advance Market Region Coverage (Regional Production, Demand & Forecast by Countries etc.):

North America (S., Canada, Mexico)
Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc.)
Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.)
South America (Brazil, Argentina etc.)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, South Africa, etc.)
Research Report Highlights:

The report would provide an in-depth analysis of current and future market trends.
Analysis of global, regional and national markets.
Key strategic initiatives taken by key players operating in the market along with an analysis of the ranking of key players.
Analysis based on historical information as well as current trends to estimate the future of the market.
Analysis of the impact of ever-changing global market scenarios.
Global market impact study of COVID-19.
Overview of the chapters analyzing the global Merchant Cash Advance Market in detail:

Chapter 1: Merchant Cash Advance Market overview, product overview, market segmentation, regions market overview, market dynamics, limitations, opportunities, and industry news and policies.
Chapter 2: Merchant Cash Advance Industry Chain Analysis, Upstream Raw Material Suppliers, Major Players, Production Process Analysis, Cost Analysis, Market Channels and Major Downstream Buyers.
Chapter 3: Analysis of value, production, growth rate and price analysis by type of merchant cash advance.
Chapter 4: Downstream Features, Consumption and Market Share by Application of Merchant Cash Advance.
Chapter 5: Production volume, price, gross margin and revenue ($) of Merchant Cash Advance by regions.
Chapter 6: Production, Consumption, Export, and Import of Merchant Cash Advances by Regions.
Chapter 7: Merchant Cash Advance Market Status and SWOT Analysis by Regions.
Chapter 8: Competitive Landscape, Product Overview, Company Profiles, Merchant Cash Advance Players Market Distribution Status.
Chapter 9: Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis and Forecast by Type and Application.
Chapter 10: Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis and Forecast by Regions.
Chapter 11: Merchant Cash Advance Industry Characteristics, Key Drivers, New Entrants SWOT Analysis, Investment Feasibility Analysis.
Chapter 12: Conclusion on the Merchant Cash Advance Market of the whole report.

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Note – In order to provide more accurate market forecasts, all our reports will be updated prior to delivery considering the impact of COVID-19.

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About Us:
Qurate Business Intelligence provides one-stop market research solutions to its clients and helps them equip themselves with refined insights and market insights from reports. We are committed to providing the best business services and easy processes to obtain the same. Qurate Business Intelligence sees itself as strategic partners of its customers and always shows keen interest in delivering quality.

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Customizable UNC Football Shirts Now Available


CHAPEL HILL – Time to secure your personalized UNC jersey! Thanks to the collaboration with Fanatics and OneTeam Partners, fans can now purchase custom Jordan-branded jerseys of their favorite North Carolina football players. Customized options will be available to football student-athletes who have opted into the OneTeam Partners Group Licensing Program and this group of student-athletes will be compensated for each sale.

Fanatics will offer customizable football jerseys in Carolina Blue and Navy Blue, while OneTeam Partners will manage group rights for college athletes in the program. The apparel is sold through the Fanatics network of sites, including Shop.GoHeels.com, the official Carolina Athletics store. Plans are in place to eventually expand the program to more men’s and women’s sports.

The OneTeam and Fanatics offering is another cutting-edge opportunity for Carolina student-athletes. This complements the wide array of lucrative opportunities the Brandr Group has already brought to UNC student-athletes such as NFTs through Campus Legends and Recur, and apparel through Champion Brands and Original Retro.

For up-to-date Carolina football information, visit GoHeels.com/Football and follow us on Twitter (@UNCFootball), Instagram (@uncfootball) and Facebook (Facebook.com/TarHeelFootball).

Xbox Series X gets a new, cheaper and simpler custom Elite controller

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller - Core in White.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has just released a new entry in its premium line of Elite wireless controllers. The Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller – Core, currently only available in white, is the newest and most affordable controller in the Xbox Elite lineup, coming in at $129.99 instead of the usual $179.99.

The new controller has many of the same features as its Elite brethren – your “adjustable tension thumbsticks”, “wraparound rubberized grip”, and more. And, of course, you can map the buttons any way you choose. But there is a catch. Although the existing Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller comes with “interchangeable components”, Featuring a set of six differently shaped sticks, two D-pad options, and two types of paddles, the slightly cheaper white controller only comes with a thumbstick adjustment tool and USB-C. If you want to further adjust your controller, you will need to purchase a Complete component pack for an additional $59.99. So a white Xbox Elite controller plus the usually standard customization pack will cost you $189.98 more. Hmm.

But wait, there’s more! The tech company released its first Xbox Elite controller in 2015, and at the time Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer touted it as “an elite controller for the elite gamer.” But only miserable non-elite gamers like me could customize their shamefully standard Xbox wireless controllers in the xbox design lab, which gives you power over the skin, body, and buttons of the controllers. That’s changing soon – Microsoft also announced today that Xbox Elite customization will, ominously, be coming to the Design Lab “this holiday”.

But wait, there’s even more! It’s not as exciting as Microsoft’s other announcements today, unless you’re a really, really elite gamer with a pocket full of $100 bills. Xbox now sells for $99.99 Xbox Elite Core White Jerseys with, according to its product details, “technical features that pair with the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller – Core White.”

These features are a zippered pocket and a “magnetic strip on the chest to store the metal components of the Xbox Elite controller”. Think of it as a BabyBjörn for your Xbox controller, which is a really nice thing.

Should you be excited about the 6.46% CAGR of the merchant cash advance market?


The latest research coverage of the Merchant Cash Advance market provides a detailed overview and accurate market size. The study is designed considering current and historic trends, market development, and business strategies adopted by industry leaders and new players entering the market. In addition, the study includes an in-depth analysis of global and regional markets along with a country-level market size breakdown to identify potential gaps and opportunities to better study the state of the market, development activity, value and growth models.

Access a sample report + all related charts and graphs @: https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/sample-report/176834-global-merchant-cash-advance-market#utm_source=ComtexLal

Major and emerging players in Merchant Cash Advance Market:-
Lendio (USA), Fundbox (USA), CAN Capital Inc. (Costa Rica), National Business Capital (USA), Kabbage (USA), Rapid Finance (USA), National Funding ( USA), Kalamata Capital Group (USA), Libertas Funding (USA), Perfect Alliance Capital (USA), OnDeck (USA),

Merchant Cash Advance Market research by AMA Research provides an essential tool and source for industry stakeholders to understand the market and other fundamental technical aspects, covering growth, opportunities, scenarios competitive and key trends in the merchant cash advance market..

Unlike traditional loans, merchant cash advance is a business financing process that provides cash funds to an organization for expansion, business growth, seasonal cost coverage, etc. The option can be useful for companies that do not have a sufficient balance to apply for the loan and are in urgent need of cash. It is structured as a lump sum payment to a company in exchange for an agreed percentage of future sales. When applying for a cash advance, merchants do not need to do lengthy paperwork like bank business loans and get quick approval and funding. By type of method, split finance segment will dominate over the forecast period, and by vertical, retail and e-commerce sector will take the largest market share by 2026. Market is broken down and major geographies with country-level breakdown. According to AMA, the global merchant cash advance market is expected to grow at a growth rate of 6.46% and could reach a market size of USD 1,142.63 million by 2026.

The titled segments and sub-sections of the market are illuminated below:
by sector (IT & Telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, retail & e-commerce, travel & hospitality, energy & utilities, other), method (fractional financing, escrow account, direct debit)

Market trends:
Growing trend for less documentation during application and closing costs
Increasing digitization across the world

Easy financing option for SMEs that don’t have a limited balance for traditional loans
Growing demand from developing countries such as India

Market factors:
Increased preference for merchant cash advances as they provide quick access to capital
Growing demand due to various advantages

Inquire for customization in [email protected]: https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/enquiry-before-buy/176834-global-merchant-cash-advance-market#utm_source=ComtexLal

In March 2020, payments from merchant dew drop nearly 20% to 30%. Furthermore, the pace of payments continued to decline in April as well as in May. At the same time, merchant cash advance lenders’ portfolios look worse as performing loans are repaid and a shortage of new loans automatically puts their portfolios at increased risk. Thus, it can be said that less business across the world can lead to lower demand for peanuts across the world. However, demand has currently returned to pre-COVID19 levels and is expected to increase over the forecast period.

A few points from the table of contents:
Chapter One: Presentation of the Report
Chapter Two: Global Market Growth Trends
Chapter Three: Value Chain of Merchant Cash Advance Market
Chapter Four: Player Profiles
Chapter Five: Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis by Regions
Chapter Six: North America Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis by Countries
Chapter Seven: Europe Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis by Countries
Chapter Eight: Asia-Pacific Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis by Countries
Chapter Nine: Middle East and Africa Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis by Countries
Chapter Ten: South America Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis by Countries
Chapter Eleven: Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment by Types
Chapter Twelve: Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment by Applications

What are the market factors that are explained in the Merchant Cash Advance Market report?

– Key strategic developments: Strategic market developments, including R&D, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, agreements, collaborations, partnerships, joint ventures, and regional growth of major competitors.

– Main characteristics of the market: Including revenue, price, capacity, capacity utilization rate, gross, production, production rate, consumption, import/export, supply/demand, cost, market share, CAGR and gross margin.

– Analytical tools: The analytical tools such as Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis, feasibility study, and investment return analysis have been used to analyze the growth of the key players operating in the market.

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Ultimately, this report will give you an unequivocal perspective on every market reality without the need to hint at any other research report or news source. Our report will give you all the realities of the past, present and eventual fate of the relevant market.

Thank you for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter wise section or region wise report version like North America, Europe or Asia.

Contact us:
Craig Francis (Public Relations and Marketing Manager)
AMA Research & Media LLP
Unit #429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJ
New Jersey United States – 08837
Telephone: +1 (206) 317 1218


Vegas Golden Knights fantastic projections for 2022-23


As part of NHL.com’s 32 for 32 series, the Fantasy Hockey Team identifies relevant Vegas Golden Knights players. For more coverage, visit NHL.com/Fantasy and subscribe for free to the “NHL fantasy on ice” podcast.


REMARKS: These fantastic projections (for an 82-game season), a collaborative effort of Pete Jensen and Anna Dua, have been quantified based on factors including, but not limited to, past regular season and playoff performances from the Stanley Cup, projected line combinations, power play usage, team goaltending situations, injury history or concern, sleeper advantage, early regression or bid for the rebound, age, contract status and overall advantage for this season. The totals below are hard estimates and do not necessarily indicate each player’s cap or floor and should be used as the basis for decision making in all Fantasy Leagues. The players are listed below in order of NHL.com’s top 250 players.

[Golden Knights 32 in 32: Season preview | 3 Questions | Top prospects]

Jack EichelVS – He was productive (25 points in 34 games) after being acquired from the Buffalo Sabers last season despite playing with a broken thumb after recovering from neck surgery. Eichel, who ranks 21st in the NHL in points per game (0.93; minimum 400 games) since entering the League in 2015-16, should be considered one of the top 15 fantasy centers and can top his best point total of 2018-19 (82 points in 77 games with Buffalo) if he stays healthy and plays on a line with the elite right wing mark the stone.

NHL.com Point Projection for Eichel: 84

Mark Stone, AR – He was valuable in fantasy when healthy (30 points in 37 games) last season and should be ready for this season after undergoing back surgery on May 19. Stone, who had his highest point total in 2018-19 (73 points in 77 games with the Golden Knights and Ottawa Senators) and was better than a point per game twice in his career (2020- 21 with Vegas; 2017-18 with Ottawa), should be considered one of the top 10 fantasy right wingers and joins Eichel in NHL.com in the top 50 overall.

NHL.com Point Projection for Stone: 77

Shea TheodoreD — He ranked 14th among NHL defensemen in points (NHL career-high 52; third among the Golden Knights) last season and was tied for eighth in shots on goal ( 205). Theodore, who is also coming off NHL career highs in goals (14) and assists (38) and frequently plays on the first power play, could benefit from hiring the Golden Knights coach Bruce Cassidy to replace Peter DeBoer; the Golden Knights ranked 25th in the NHL in power-play efficiency (18.4%) last season under DeBoer, and the Boston Bruins were tied for second in the League in the category in their five seasons complete under Cassidy (23.7% since 2017-18). Theodore should be considered one of the top 20 fantasy defenders and one of the top 100 players overall.

NHL.com Point Projection for Theodore: 55

Alex PietrangeloD – Led Vegas defensemen with 13 power-play points last season (Theodore had 12) and had an NHL career-high 227 shots on goal. Pietrangelo has high fantasy ground (at least 40 points in nine of his 10 full seasons) and should be considered a marginal top-25 fantasy defender and a potential bargain if available outside the top 100 overall.

NHL.com point projection for Pietrangelo: 46

Jonathan MarchessaultLW/RW – He was a bright spot last season for the Golden Knights, who were decimated by injuries and missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Marchessault led them in goals (30), points (66), power play points (20) and shots on goal (251). The forward leads Vegas in goals (122), assists (169), points (291), power play points (70) and shots on goal (1,208) since he started playing in 2017-18 despite playing second line and has more than one hit per game (401 in 356 games) in that span, making him an intriguing fantasy option with a chance to be elevated to the front line after Max Pacioretty was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes.

NHL.com Point Projection for Marchessault: 61

Other VGK Players to Consider in Fantasy: Logan ThompsonG; Chandler StephensonC/RW; Phil KesselRW; Reilly SmithRW; Alec Martinez, D; Nicholas Roy, C/RW

Injured player: Robin LehnerG (off season)

Listen: “NHL Fantasy on Ice” Podcast

Undergraduate awards given to seven students for their academic achievement


Princeton University celebrated the academic achievements of its students by awarding four undergraduate awards to seven students during commencement exercises on Sunday, September 4.

“We are especially proud of these exemplary university students and happy to celebrate their academic achievement,” said College Dean Jill Dolan. “They have worked diligently on their studies, while demonstrating how to make the most of the many opportunities Princeton offers its undergraduates. They offer rich and varied study programs and exemplify how you can be a successful student and a productive, well-rounded citizen of the University. My colleagues and I are satisfied with their accomplishments and proud of their commitments.

Princeton undergraduates honored for their academic achievements during commencement exercises gather with President Christopher L. Eisgruber (back row, center) and College Dean Jill Dolan (far right). The students are (front row, from left) Lucy Ann Sirrs, Arya Maheshwari, Yuri Yu and Aleksa Milojević, and (back row, from left) Beatrix Bondor, Casey Beidel and Brendan Kehoe.

Freshman First Honor Award

This year’s top freshman honor award is shared by Arya Maheshwari and Zhihan (Yuri) Yu. The award is given to members of the sophomore class in recognition of outstanding achievement during the first year.

Maheshwari, from Los Altos, California, attended Harker School in San Jose, California. He plans to major in mathematics and obtain certificates in Computer Applications and Applied and Computational Mathematics. He is a Fellow of Whitman College.

This summer, he was a software engineering intern at Two Sigma, a financial sciences company in Houston, along with nine other rising sophomores from around the country.

Yu, of CantonChina, participated the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University in Guangzhou. She plans to major in Comparative Literature and earn certificates in Gender and Sexuality Studies, East Asian Studies, and German. She is a Fellow of Rockefeller College.

This summer, Yu remained on campus and conducted an independent research project on early 20th-century Chinese poetry and the third-person Chinese feminine pronoun, with funding from the Office of Undergraduate Research. She was mentored by Alexis Ferguson, a Princeton graduate student in the English Department and Gender and Sexuality Studies program. Yu also studied German language and culture with German lecturer Adam Oberlin through the Princeton-in-Munich virtual program.

The George B. Wood Legacy Sophomore Award

This year, the George B. Wood Legacy Sophomore Award is shared by Casey Beidel and Brendan Kehoe. The award is given annually to members of the junior class in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements during the second year.

Beidel, of Rutherford, New Jersey, attended Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey. He is studying sociology and is also working on certificates in American Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Musical Theatre.

This summer he completed a PICS internship in fundraising and development at New Door Ventures, a San Francisco nonprofit organization that strives to provide young people currently disconnected from education and employment with internships, jobs , workshops and paid courses. He is a Fellow of Mathey College.

Kehoe is of South Glastonbury, Connecticut, where he attended Glastonbury High School. He majors in electrical and computer engineering and plans to pursue certificates in linguistics, robotics and intelligent systems.

He has been an outdoor action leader during freshman orientation in 2021 and 2022 and has helped lead the Princeton Model Congress since his freshman year in college and will be program director this year. A member of the Princeton Racing Electric team, he is also involved with Princeton University Players and will serve as stage manager for some of the student-run ensemble’s shows this year. He is a member of Forbes College.

This summer, Kehoe completed an internship at the High Meadows Environmental Institute with the Sustainable Cements Group, led by Claire White, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and at the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.

The George B. Wood Legacy Junior Award

This year, the George B. Wood Legacy Junior Prize is shared by Beatrice Bondor and Lucy Sirrs. The award is given to members of the senior class in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements during the junior year.

Bondor, from New York, attended the Horace Mann School there. A member of New College West, she majors in English and is pursuing certificates in French language and culture, creative writing (poetry), and European cultural studies.

For her graduation thesis, she is the writing of a collection of poems, advised by Michael Dickman, lecturer in creative writing and at the Lewis Center for the Arts. The collection will tell the story of Virginia’s founding period and cultural collisions.

Outside of the classroom, Bondor is co-chair of the Orange Key Student Tour Guides, campus tours ambassador with the Office of Admissions, editor of the Nassau Literary Review, member of the Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows, and Fellow of the Pre- Law Society.

This summer, she studied at Lincoln College, University of Oxford as a Bread Loaf Fellow in the English Department at Princeton, including taking a pro-thesis research seminar led by Autumn Womack, assistant professor of African-American studies and English.

Sirrs, from Missoula, Montana, attended Hellgate High School in Missoula. A member of Mathey College, she majors in neuroscience and is pursuing certificates in gender and sexuality studies and dance.

She spent her summer on campus working on her graduation thesis, which examines how hormones, specifically testosterone, affect social and antisocial behavior in mice in a variety of different contexts. Sirrs conducts her research in the lab of Annegret Falkner, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, under the mentorship of Eartha Mae Guthman, Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Outside of the classroom, she previously served as president of the student-run Princeton University Ballet and is a member of the student-run eXpressions Dance Company. She is a mentor with the Princeton Chapter of Ballet and Books, a non-profit organization that teaches young children to read through the combination of dance and storytelling.

Class of 1939 Scholar Award

Alexa Milojevic received the Princeton Scholar Award for the Class of 1939, which is awarded annually to the undergraduate who, at the end of the junior year, has achieved the highest academic standing for all previous college work at the university.

Milojevic, from Belgrade, Serbia, attended the Mathematical Grammar School there. Co-winner of the Freshman First Honor Prize in 2020 and recipient of the Shapiro Award for Academic Excellence for the 2019-2020 academic year, he is a major in mathematics.

His graduation thesis is on number theory. His adviser is Peter Sarnak, Eugene Higgins professor of mathematics.

Outside the classroom, Milojevic is involved in directing and organizing the Princeton University Math Contest, a math contest written by Princeton undergraduates and hosted by high school students across the United States and abroad. He is a member of Mathey College.

Suzuki; Bedard ratings; NHL Rumors


Montreal Canadiens forward Nick Suzuki is not hesitating to become captain of the Canadiens.

That, more Montreal Canadiens and NHL news, as well as NHL trade rumours.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens forward Nick Suzuki is ready to accept the captaincy if given to him for the 2022-23 season.

If you’re hoping for the Montreal Canadiens to enter the Connor Bedard draw, then the odds are in your favour.

Canada Hockey Now

CGY: Could veteran Joe Thornton be the ideal candidate as PTO for the Calgary Flames?

VAN: Another soul lost to ALS and close friend of Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau.

National Hockey Now

BOS: My Boston Hockey Now partner-in-crime Joe Haggerty and I will preview every Boston Bruins player slated to make the 2022-23 roster until we get to the training camp. On Friday, Haggs watched Bruins forward Trent Frederic.

PGH: Our guys at the Burgh are battling over whether the Pittsburgh Penguins should extend goaltender Tristan Jarry or let him play his year without a score.

PHI: Is Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart ready to bounce back and fulfill his potential?

WSH: Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is expected to return to Washington DC in a few days despite fears of leaving Russia.

DET: The Detroit Red Wings are dubbing Ivan’s name.

COL: Erik Johnson had his day with Lord Stanley this weekend as the Colorado Avalanche Cup tour continued.

VGK: Are the Vegas Golden Knights home jerseys really the worst in the league?

SJS: Speaking of jerseys, the San Jose Sharks could rebrand for the 2023-24 season.


Canada and the United States are ready to fight for gold again at the Women’s World Championships, and the Spooner and Small families are ready to cheer her on.

Forward Evgeny Svechnikov has agreed to a one-year deal with the San Jose Sharks, his agent announced on Saturday.

Soccer Star 22 Super Football Guide and Tips for Beginners


Soccer Star 22 Super Soccerfrom the house of redvel Sports is one of the most beautiful soccer mobile games the low. Since its launch, this game has been popular among all Android soccer lovers. Featuring the best graphics and realistic gameplay, this mobile app presents players with a real football experience. Players can have a leisurely time playing this fun game, and to help out such players, we have this Soccer Star 22 Super Football Beginners Guide game walkthrough to guide any newbie through the initial stages of the game. Well, if you are a beginner and you want to have a unique soccer experience with unparalleled realism, get ready with the best tips and tactics mentioned below.

Gameplay overview

With a fun yet unique theme, this game presents you extremely realistic gameplay. It does not have a real player but the one who composes it has different abilities that can be used during the game. You can enjoy this game in online and offline mode with your friends.

In Soccer Star 22 Super Football you can experience the best of everything. You can witness racing leagues, arcade deathmatches, survival trophies and much more. The game starts with the players hitting the ball in the fastest way without much practice and spending a lot of time. Being a beginner-friendly Android game, you can run it without any outside help. Even if you are playing for the first time, you will have no problem throwing the first kick.

Image via Redvel Sports Games

Scoring a goal here is extremely easy as you just need to touch the arrow that appears on the screen and shoot it in the right direction to pass. Therefore, Soccer Star 22 Super Football can be considered to have one of the best gameplays you will ever see.

Understanding Commands

Soccer Star 22 Super Football is mostly famous because of its easy and simple game controls. Every tactic you come across can be mastered with a little practice. Moreover, it is well customized for new players and anyone playing it for the first time will not be disappointed.

Choose your favorite characters

Easy and simple controls
Image via Redvel Sports Games

Yes, in this mobile game you can easily choose your favorite characters for match players. Moreover, it allows you to opt for the most famous character as a player. Out of 93 players, you can choose one of them and use their abilities during the game. Besides, you can also form your own team and start competing with one of the characters.

Multiplayer mode

Unlike others, this game comes with a multiplayer mode. Upon installing it, you can easily play both online and offline. In online mode you can enjoy the match with your friends and in offline mode you can practice alone. Well, the multiplayer mode makes the gameplay more interesting and allows you to do your best just by blinking your fingers.

Collect the cards

Card collection is one of the newest features in the game. You can collect cards through matches and upgrade them timely. With the help of these cards you can play in various different matches. Well, it’s certainly fun to play with your favorite players and stay up to date with their latest life updates.

Use game accessories

  • Physical trainers: You will have plenty of scope to prepare yourself physically before playing matches online. From preparatory programs to individual coach training, you can take advantage of everything you need to perfect your players.
  • Boots: Boots being one of the most important necessities for gamers, they come in a wide variety. You can opt for the best of the app store by earning match rewards.
  • Officers: Just like the real matches, Soccer Star 22 Super Football also provides you with agents who organize the party at your table and ensure amicable solutions.
Way of life
Image via Redvel Sports Games
  • Cars: By winning the matches, you will receive money. By using this money, you can enjoy the best cars and add to your classy life.
  • Clothes: Apart from cars and boots, clothes are other attractive accessories present in the game. Well, in this game you can buy your players the best jerseys with the prize money.
  • Way of life: Playing this brand new game can help you win a lot in the life of the reels. You can buy clothes, a house or even a new car and experience the best luxurious lifestyle as a player.

Master the tactics

When we talk about football, game tactics are definitely the most vital part. These are the tactics that bring the game to reality and help players perform at their best. In Soccer Star 22 Super Football you can witness these tactics:

  • attack tactics
  • defensive tactics
  • Balanced Tactics

All of these are extremely basic and easy to use. With them, you can showcase the best of your skills without encountering any problem.

Soccer Star 22 Super Football is a game of patience, endurance, and dexterity where winning a match greatly depends on the skill you inherit. Here are some of our tips in our Soccer Star 22 Super Football Beginner’s Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

  • To improve your performance, create teams and group them with new players. Along with this, you can also customize tactics and adjust your team to the best formations.
  • Try to complete matches to receive more rewards and coins. Well, you can even banknotes according to your final performance.
  • Log in daily to collect new cards and improve your prizes. This simple yet impactful gaming ethic takes your gaming experience to a new level.
  • You can even choose to improve your lifestyle as a player as you progress. For best performance, tutor your players. If you are not confident enough, play offline to practice and master your skills.
  • Participate in complex events even if you are a beginner. Indeed, complex games are difficult and will help you raise your standards.

Final Thoughts

Soccer Star 22 Super Football is one of the supreme Android games designed especially for beginners to display their soccer skills online. With this, you can make your gaming experience exciting and feed yourself with the best soccer strategies. Moreover, the fact that it comes with the best graphics at the lowest MB makes it the best choice for all football lovers. So go ahead and try it! If you are having difficulty, feel free to fall back on this Soccer Star 22 Super Football Beginner’s Guide for advice.

That’s it for the Soccer Star 22 Super Football Beginner’s Guide! Did you find our Soccer Star 22 Super Football Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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Cougars prepare for Sunday’s game against Rice


HOUSTON– The University of Houston football program will continue its two-game home stand at the Carl Lewis International Complex at 7 p.m. Sunday against Rice for Houston Youth Day.

All children (12 and under) will receive free admission with their youth jerseys as well as free popsicles. Fans are invited to stay after the game for an autograph signing with select Houston Soccer student-athletes.

The game will be streamed on ESPN+ with Matt Pedersen and Andrew Driver calling the action. Live stats will also be available here.

Students will now be able to claim two free tickets to all home soccer games. Students can claim their tickets by showing their student ID at the door.

Fans can buy tickets for a match by clicking on here or by going to the ticket office. Mobile tickets can also be purchased at game time at the box office located in Schroeder Park (baseball), adjacent to the Carl Lewis International complex.

Houston is in his first season under the head coach Jaime Frias.
· The Cougars are 1-2-1 this season.
· In their last game, Houston lost to Baylor 3-0 on Thursday in their home opener.
· In the last meeting against the Owls, the Cougars fell by decision 1-0 (September 9, 2021) at Holloway Field on the Rice campus.

· Rice is in his fourth season under head coach Brian Lee.
· The Owls are 2-3 this season.
· In his last game, Rice beat Houston Baptist in a 1-0 decision Sunday at Holloway Field with Madison Kent scoring the game’s only goal.
· The Owls lead the all-time series, 9-4-3.

The Cougars travel to Lubbock, Texas for a game against future Big 12 Conference rival Texas Tech at 7 p.m. Thursday. The match will be streamed ESPN+ with live stats available here.

Rejoin Houston Rise, a $150 million capital campaign for Houston Athletics dedicated to championship success in the Big 12 Conference. All Houston Rise contribution prepares our Cougars to compete and win when we start Big 12 competition in July 2023.

Click here stand up and be counted.

Fans are invited to join the Cougar Reserves in supporting Houston Soccer. Cougar Reserves members provide financial support directly to Houston Soccer for needs beyond the program’s operating budget.

For more information on donation levels and benefits, fans can Click here.

Fans can receive updates by following @UHCougarSoccer on Twitter and get the latest team news and notes by clicking AS on the team’s Facebook page at UHCougarFootball or on the team’s Instagram page at @uhcougarsoccer.

Best Fast Personal Loans for Quick Cash 2022 – Forbes Advisor


Founded in 2012 and based in Chicago, Avant is a consumer lending platform that offers secured and unsecured personal loans through a third-party bank (WebBank). Unsecured loans are available in Washington, DC and in all states except Hawaii, Iowa, New York, Vermont, West Virginia and Maine. The platform specializes in middle-income borrowers with fair to good credit and only requires a minimum score of 580 to qualify, so it’s an accessible option if you have less than stellar credit but need money quickly.

Avant applicants who are approved for an unsecured loan by 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday, can receive their funds the next business day. However, this period may vary depending on the borrower’s bank. It may also take longer for borrowers who take out secured loans.

Avant’s low minimum loan amounts ($2,000 to $35,000) and flexible repayment terms (two to five years) should suit those who need access to emergency funds, but do not want to borrow more than necessary. However, these loans come at a price. In addition to administrative fees of up to 4.75% of the loan amount, Avant’s APR range (9.95% to 35.99%) is high for applicants with good to excellent credit scores. and there is no automatic payment discount. Still, the platform gets top marks for borrowers with less than stellar credit who need quick access to funds.

Note: Before accepted a $3.85 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in April 2019. According to FTC documents, the lawsuit was filed in response to allegations that, among other things, Avant charged consumers late fees and interest that they did not should not and was collecting payments from customers without permission. or in quantities greater than those authorized. We have contacted Avant to find out what they have done to adjust practices since the settlement, but have not received a response. Even so, Avant has a high rating of 4.7 stars on Trustpilot.

Eligibility: Avant specializes in lending to a range of customers, including those with fair credit. The platform has a minimum required credit score of only 580 (average is 600-700) and a minimum income requirement of only $20,000 (average is $40,000-$100,000).

Avant does not allow co-signers or co-applicants, but it will consider non-employment income and the income of other members of your household. If you need a personal loan fast but don’t have good credit, you may still qualify.

The loan uses: Like other major lenders, Avant Loans can be used to consolidate debt and pay for medical bills, auto repairs, renovations, moves, and other emergency expenses. That said, Avant borrowers cannot use personal loan funds to cover business expenses. Therefore, if you need emergency cash for your business, Avant is not the lender for you.

The Sabers will wear black and red jerseys during the 2022-23 NHL season


The story behind the Gloriavale uniform is all about modesty and (saving) money


Clothing is a tool used to control and save money at Gloriavale, with theories that red is a “bitch color” and strict rules about how tight your belt should be.

A Gloriavale leaver has revealed what it’s like to wear the infamous long blue dresses and how much pressure women are under when it comes to clothing.

The suit was put on display in Christchurch in an employment tribunal case involving six former members who argue the domestic work they did for years at Gloriavale was as employees and not volunteers.

Groups of members came and went from the court.

* Dozens of Gloriavale escapees have made South Canterbury their home. Why?
* Launch event for Gloriavale Leavers’ Support Trust a “revelation”
* Gloriavale Leavers Share Their Stories as New Support Trust Launches

Joy Courage, who is not a witness in the case, said she worked long hours in the sewing room – a pressured environment where a group of women had six months to make hundreds of new dresses every two years from mountains of cheap imported polyester fabric. from China which is “horrible to wear”.

The Gloriavale website says the blue garments were designed for modesty and the uniformity means they are instantly recognized by the public, helping them to “witness as followers of Christ”.

“We chose blue because it’s a color that goes with any skin color or complexion… We decided around 1988 to standardize the type of clothes we wear to avoid as much as possible the expression of vanity, and to make our purchases of materials and the sewing of clothes more economical.

Members of Gloriavale arrive at the Christchurch Labor Court.


Members of Gloriavale arrive at the Christchurch Labor Court.

Men agreed to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts buttoned at the neck and cuffs, so they lived to the same modest standard.

Courage, 30, said the women worked to strict deadlines to make all the clothes for the community of 600 people. They also made elaborate costumes for biennial community concerts and previously made hundreds of jerseys from imported polar fleece.

She said the sewing room was a production line during dress races, with one person cutting patterns, another making belts and another making collars.

She worked long hours and often took the sewing home and did it by hand to meet demand.

Former Gloriavale member Joy Courage could not wear pants while living in the community, as she was considered manly and ungodly.


Former Gloriavale member Joy Courage could not wear pants while living in the community, as she was considered manly and ungodly.

She returned to work shortly after giving birth and was given a portable radio so early childhood teachers could call her if her baby needed breastfeeding. The dress is designed with openings to allow easy feeding.

She said the dresses were uncomfortable and especially hot in the summer.

“It’s a lot of fabric and you have to wear the belt tight. I never felt comfortable with the belt around my waist. If you wore it loose, you’d get scolded for being messy… You can’t be too thin or too tall. If you’re too thin, you’re vain,” she said.

He was told former chef Hopeful Christian, who died in May 2018, came up with the design, which he said would look nice while still allowing for one size.

However, she said that in reality, they had to tailor dresses for the women, which was very time-consuming with fittings and sizing.

“People always ask me what is blue? Hopeful chose this. As far back as I can remember, bright colors were bad. Red was a bitch color. Black was only allowed for married women’s underwear because it was sexy.

The women all wear the same clothes in Gloriavale.

The women all wear the same clothes in Gloriavale.

Head coverings serve as a sign to angels that a woman has submitted to man’s authority and the Bible says women should let their hair grow long.

She said the women made all their underwear except for bras, which were purchased from op stores.

“I have never been equipped. We were only given used ones. There was a box of bananas you could look in and take maybe two,” she said.

She liked the sewing room because it was a break from the other grueling jobs – in which women worked in shifts on a four-day rotation of cooking, cleaning, laundry and getting ready for the next day, a- she declared.

“It’s a question of money to build the place. As long as people live in fear, they can do whatever they want with you. I’m so thankful that my kids don’t have to grow up there.

She left in 2013 despite immense pressure to stay after her husband was kicked out for disobeying leaders.

Pictured are the uniforms members are required to wear daily in the isolated west coast community.  (File photo)

Bejon Haswell / Stuff

Pictured are the uniforms members are required to wear daily in the isolated west coast community. (File photo)

On the outside, she started a sewing business with her sister, but quickly decided it wasn’t for her.

“I got over it pretty quickly. I thought I liked sewing clothes, but that’s exactly what I did at Gloriavale. Being free to decide to quit was just amazing. I now work part time on a dairy farm and in a coffee shop and love it.

Adjusting to different clothes was a challenge – especially wearing pants, which was a manly and ungodly thing for women to wear, she said.

“It was extremely overwhelming. I didn’t know what I liked. I made mistakes and bought clothes that I wear many times, then I realized that I didn’t like it.

She laughed when told that all women make fashion mistakes – now she’s free to make them.

Sinprasith takes over as next NJCU tennis head coach


JERSEY CITY, NJ – The University of New Jersey City Department of Athletics, with the Acting Director of Athletics Robert Coleis proud to announce today, Wednesday August 31, that the Jersey City native Justin Sinprasith was officially named the next head coach of the NJCU men’s and women’s tennis programs. Sinprasith has been the programs top assistant coach for the previous two seasons and will now take charge of both teams.

“We are proud to welcome Justin as the next NJCU Men’s and Women’s Tennis Head Coach,” said Cole. “Deep down, he believes in the Division III mantra of a holistic student-athlete experience. His concern for his players is evident in his work as an assistant coach over the past two years. As a native of Jersey City, Justin understands the value of the community and how thriving tennis programs can create opportunities for local and international talent. We know he will continue to solidify the foundations and culture of two highly competitive programs and to have a lasting impact on current and future Gothic Knights.

As the Vert et Or’s top assistant coach for the previous two seasons, Sinprasith played a leading role in the programs’ success. He helped guide the men to back-to-back New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) Eastern Division Championship appearances, including the title in 2020-21. Additionally, he supervised the women as the team progressed to his respective NJAC championship game last season as well. Individually, he oversaw a group of student-athletes who earned three CoSIDA All-District Academic First Team honors and one Academic All-America Third Team honor. Additionally, on the field, his players earned a total of nine All-NJAC selections on the men’s side over two seasons, in addition to Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year honors in 2020-21. On the women’s side, the team has earned five All-NJAC honors over the past two seasons.

“I am extremely happy to take on the role of leading the Jersey City team,” Sinprasith said. “I am very proud to represent the city where I come from and I look forward to continuing to lead these programs to success. I proudly wear the NJCU name because it is a very special place for me. My mother is went to NJCU and my grandfather worked there too so that’s very important to me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jersey City tennis and hope to inspire all the young people in Jersey City to attend our games at Lincoln Park and one day play for us in the future.”

In addition to his roles with the NJCU, Sinprasith has been a director of tennis camps for various organizations in Jersey City, since 2017. He has also been a tennis professional at Maywood Tennis Club since 2021.

A 2019 graduate of nearby Saint Peter’s University, Sinprasith was a member of the Peacocks’ Division I men’s tennis program for three seasons. A native of Jersey City, Sinprasith was a 2015 graduate of County Prep High School and played four seasons of tennis for the combined Henry Snyder High School/James J. Ferris High School team, wearing which he was the No. 1 player in straightforward throughout.

Football teams that wear red and black jerseys

Black and white are among the most predominant colors in soccer or football jerseys around the world. Black and red, which generally symbolize danger, are often the primary colors of some of the biggest clubs.

Some people prefer to use a particular color because of its unique characteristics. And of course, colors are essential to our daily life, whether in social life, in industry and in the workplace.

The nature of colors can also be translated into football or soccer. Most clubs prefer these colors as it means different things to them.

Historically, football teams have chosen their primary colors based on several factors such as the symbols of a region, the focus and trend of color combinations differs in various fields.

But these colors and color combinations are quite unique and common in specific regions of the world. Color combinations such as black and white and red were mostly found in Latin America.

So which football teams wear black and red color combinations? Well, you’re about to find out that some of the most famous teams in the world have these combinations as their primary colors.

1. DC United

DC United is an American football club that participates in Major League Soccer. The club was one of the league’s founders in 1996.

DC United is primarily known for its unique black and red color combinations.

DC United, the color red represents the accent of the home shirt, while white is the main color for away matches. The three colors are most often used simultaneously.

2. AC Milan

AC Milan is one of the most popular football clubs in the world which wears red and black as the primary club colors. The club uses a combination of red and black stripes, which have evolved differently over the years.

AC Milan are one of the most successful teams in the world and enjoy a strong reputation globally. In club colours, red and black would be a scare factor for opponents.

Today, AC Milan has a strong presence in the world due to the success recorded throughout history.

3. Bayer Leverkusen

Bayer Leverkusen is a German football club that competes in the Bundesliga. The club’s primary colors are red and black.

Bayer Leverkusen, the color red is the primary color for the top (shirts) in most cases. But sometimes it’s a combination of red and black stripes. Black color is usually used for shorts and bottoms.

The club has a strong presence in German football.

4.AFC Bournemouth

Bournemouth is one of the traditional Premier League teams that wears black and red stripes. Although his colors have changed throughout the story, he mostly has red and black stripes.

5. Flamengo FC

Flamengo is also one of the most successful teams in Brazil, including winning the Campeonato Carioca with the Brazilian Football Championship.

Flamengo has a rich history in Brazil with a strong global presence. The club is one of the country’s talent exporters.

The traditional colors of the club and the combinations of red and black stripes.

AliPay and WeChat Pay test credit card advances with banks

China-based digital payment companies Alipay and Pay WeChat have rolled out trials for the use of credit cards for cash advances.

The two platforms have already partnered with a number of banks to undertake small-scale trials that will allow consumers to get cash advances with their credit cards from AliPay and WeChat Pay, rather than through ATMs. ATMs or mobile banking apps.

This move may add another channel of access for banks and be beneficial in increasing consumer activity as well as transaction volumes. Many Chinese banks already allow customers to use their credit cards for cash withdrawals or electronic cash advances through ATMs and mobile apps, with the cash advance cap typically set at 50% of the total credit quota.

Industry analysts quoted by chinabankingnews.com said that this is a new function for internet platforms, and it is basically an auxiliary method that can help increase usage by online credit card cash advances, providing both traffic and purchase channels.

WeChat and AliPay recently went live in Qatar

The news comes after the two companies have just been commissioned in Qatar, with the announcement being made by the Qatar National Bank.

QNB already accounts for a wide range of payment methods accepted by its merchant network in Qatar and, thanks to the latest integrations, becomes the first bank in the country to give customers access to these secure local payment methods.

Additionally, both digital wallets are based on QR code payments, making them convenient and easy-to-use payment methods for merchants and consumers alike, as Qatar has continuously invested in its scale digitalization process. national.

40 gifts for dads – National Today

Turquaz Linen Waffle Unisex Bathrobe

We think everyone could use a great bathrobe. This one is made from lightweight linen so the wearer won’t overheat, and it has pockets for things like the newspaper or a phone. The dress features a tie belt, a tailored collar, embossed inside and outside, and two front patch pockets, as well as double stitching for durability.

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AeroGarden Elite Harvest

This compact LED indoor garden is perfect for someone who wants to have vegetables, herbs or flowers close at hand. It can hold up to six plants and has a digital display that lets the user know when it’s time to add water or fertilizer.

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balance lamp

To light this lamp, you must shoot the ball at the bottom of the string. The ball will return to the upper ball due to magnetism and the light will turn on. This unique gift is dimmable and can be charged via USB, so your dad can easily move it around. He’ll probably brag about how cool it is.

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Portable car vacuum cleaner and accessory kit

This handheld vacuum cleaner is popular because you can charge it using your car’s 12 volt socket. It also has a 16-foot power cord that makes it easy to clean without having to constantly unplug and move the vacuum. The product comes with three different attachments for hard-to-reach areas, a carrying case, and a cleaning brush. This way, the user can have a tidy car that meets their desires.

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Personalized Family Art Print

You can gift her this personalized family art painting according to your wishes. Choose skin tones, hair colors and clothing to create a custom family portrait that best represents your family. You might even want to add a little humor by including the family part – it’s part of the family anyway.

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The NHL prop bets you need to consider for 2022-23


As we approach the start of the 2022-23 NHL training camps, anticipation for the season is growing rapidly. Along with that anticipation come the first odds of the year and after a crazy league-wide offseason, we’re going to focus on the best lines to add some cash to your wallet.

Each category will consist of two of the two, a higher risk “dormant” selection and a lower risk “shoe in” selection. A reminder that all choices discussed in this article are personal opinions and TWC is not responsible for any financial loss associated with bets placed following the recommendations below.

Regular season points (team)

Futures prop betting is about the long game and going into Bedard’s year of draws, team point totals are a particularly desirable line. Most of the teams heading into the draw this season have already made their intentions for the season clear. On the other side of the coin, few league-wide teams have retained their core and head coach, which makes for some interesting overs and unders at the start of the season.

Shoo-in – ARZ Coyotes (U/65.5pts) -120 odds

I don’t know what I really need to say here that you don’t already know. This team arguably won’t even be the best team playing in ASU’s 5,000-seat barn this season. After an extremely lackluster offseason, it’s clear Arizona is gearing up for a low point total this year and as many lottery balls as possible next July.

As disappointing as last season was for the Yotes (ending with 57 points), a bad case of deja vu will likely ensue this season. To expect this team to win more than 25-28 games would be amazing to me, even with Chicago in the same division.

Sleeper – EDM Oilers (O/102.5pts) +100 odds

The odds are good for an Oilers team that has retained much of its roster, added a starting goaltender who remains within 10 feet of his crease and re-signed the head coach who took them to the Western Conference Finals. All in all, it’s a recipe for a strong regular season.

In a Pacific Division with a new Flames team and the injury-riddled big-money player slot machine that is Vegas, the Oilers finishing in roughly the same place they did last season (104pts) is very realistic. Personally, I don’t like to applaud Oilers success as a Flames fan, but if that means doubling my money and seeing another Alberta battle in the playoffs, count on me.

Regular Season Awards

Regular season awards, or for bettors, everyone’s favorite part of the season that means absolutely nothing unless you bet on it. The season’s awards are extremely difficult to choose, outside of Art Ross, Rocket Richard, among other performance-based awards, due to writers association voting. Obviously, subjective opinion is a tough thing to bet, but my Hart Memorial shoo-in is the most confident pick I have of all the futures picks discussed today.

Shoo-in – Hart Memorial Trophy – Connor McDavid +250 odds

Honestly, Connor McDavid could play all season shorthanded 3-5 and I’d still put him in the top 3 to win the Hart next year. Last season’s playoffs sparked a new level that no one has seen from the generational superstar. a full season alongside Leon Draisaitl and Evander Kane – if he manages a full season – will push monstrous numbers over 82 games. McDavid is the obvious pick, but with odds of +250 there’s still plenty of money to be had here.

Sleeper – Vézina Trophy – Juuse Saros +1000 odds

Juuse Saros showed incredible flashes of play last season on a Nashville team that seemed to bounce back in the standings all year. Arguably, Saros was the reason the team made the playoffs at the end of last season. If it hadn’t been for a knee injury that took him out of the first round, I think Nashville would have held up better against Colarado’s unstoppable offense.

Saros is vastly different from most NHL starters today, standing just 5’11”. Height certainly doesn’t measure the heart in Saros’ case as he looks to sign up for more 65 starts this season Last year, he finished the season with a GAA of 2.64 and an SV% of 0.918 while leading the league in starts.

Nashville will face a slightly less competitive Central Division this season and the Finnish product will be looking to have a big break and solidify as one of the league’s elite starters.

Stanley Cup Champions

After Colorado took an offensively dominant team to the top last season, we enter 2022-23 with a very different group of teams from last season. Picking a cup contender in August certainly isn’t the easiest bet to take on, but having seen the odds for these two teams open the year, consider dropping some spare change here.

Sleeper – Calgary Flames +1500 odds

Where do I start? After an emotional roller coaster of an offseason, Brad Treliving pulled off something no one imagined when he opened free agency on July 13. The Flames’ roster destined to look like Swiss cheese quickly turned into a better all-around team on paper after a month and a half of jaw-dropping moves.

The point totals of Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk were almost exactly replaced by the addition of Nazem Kadri and Jonathan Huberdeau, as well as high-caliber first pair defensemen in MacKenzie Weegar. Re-signing the rest of the young defensive core and replacing Erik Gudbranson with Weegar makes the Flames look better than they did in the offseason.

This pick might be skewed, but with the sixth-highest odds leading up to the season, I’m not the only one who thinks this team could go far.

Sleeper – Boston Bruins +2500 odds

The entire city of Boston breathed a big sigh of relief this offseason when they re-signed Patrice Bergeron and added David Krejci from their glory days in the early 2010s. It may sound crazy, but a new head coach and retention of their leadership group could be enough to get this team over the hump this year. Obviously, the Eastern Conference is packed with powerhouses like the Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Rangers, but Boston’s veteran core might surprise everyone. The odds on this one are too good not to take a chance, but remember to tread lightly.

Summary of Recommendations

This year comes with tons of excitement around the league ahead of the first real post-pandemic season schedule. Ideally, there won’t be any breakouts or breakouts in the league, which means there’s plenty of good hockey in store.

The new wave of talent and style of play in the NHL is here to stay, so strap in and get ready for a rollercoaster season. Bet as you wish, but I recommend placing $$$ (3 units) on shoo-in selections and $ (1 unit) on dormant selections.

Stay tuned as the regular season approaches for weekly game picks and an updated futures selection midway through the season.

Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire

Sixers star Tyrese Maxey attends Philadelphia Union game


Tyrese Maxey has been doing a little sports tour in Philadelphia lately. With the Philadelphia 76ers star back in his NBA home market, Maxey has kept busy when he’s not in the gym working on his craft.

A few weeks ago, the young star hosted her first annual 1% Better Camp in Philadelphia. The former first-round pick brought young basketball players together to train them for a day to help them improve their games.

After hosting his camp, Maxey participated in the Danny Rumph Classic game at LaSalle University. Unsurprisingly, Maxey was the star of the show as he recorded a double-double scoring 34 points and grabbing ten rebounds.

Earlier this week, Maxey made a public appearance at the Philadelphia Phillies game. Not only did he attend the game between the Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds, but he took part in a mid-game interview, discussing a wide range of highs, like teaming up with new additions to the Sixers and congratulating the base on Philly fans for kissing him off the jump.

After Maxey created a ton of buzz at Citizens Bank Park earlier in the week, the star goaltender was encouraged by Philadelphia’s MLS organization, the Philadelphia Union, to attend one of their games soon. Maxey was convinced he would be there this weekend.

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stick to his word

Maxey indeed kept his word and attended the Union game on Saturday.

” What’s new ? It’s Tyrese Maxey. First Philadelphia Union game, first ever football game. The atmosphere is amazing. I have the fans behind me. I can’t wait to hit the drum and see them get a dub.

Unsurprisingly, Maxey’s taped video involved a group of cheering fans in the background as Union fans were delighted to see the 76ers star in the building donning the home team’s jersey.

When Maxey was selected 20th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, he was immediately embraced by the Philadelphia fan base as the emotional former Kentucky guard made it clear Philadelphia wouldn’t regret calling. his name on draft night.

Just two years later, Maxey is an undisputed fan favorite in Philadelphia as his personality and on-field production have won over the city of brotherly love.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for All76ers, a Sports Illustrated channel. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.

Ex-Leaf Nazem Kadri brings home the Stanley Cup


Content of the article

LONDON, Ont. – The “original” Nazem Kadri would have been proud.

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Nearly 55 years after emigrating here from Lebanon, his grandson brought the Stanley Cup to the family mosque, as the first Muslim player to win it, carrying it above hundreds of worshipers outside on Saturday, including many in a pinch of Colorado Avalanche, Toronto Maple Leaf and Calgary Flames jerseys.

Content of the article

A vintage fire engine from London then took Kadri and his extended family via motorcade to nearby Victoria Park, where a few thousand more people officially welcomed Kadri home.

“It’s amazing, a dream come true,” Kadri said after the mayor, his minor hockey coach, his two junior mentors with the London Knights, Dale and Mark Hunter, paid tribute to him and his father, Sam, introduced him.

“The mosque is part of who I am,” he said of choosing to start his designated day with the Cup there. “I think the community deserves it and they’ve been cheering me on for a long time.”

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Content of the article

Although Kadri won the longest-serving team trophy in professional sports with the Avs two months ago and has just signed a seven-year contract with Calgary, there was a sad mood among many spectators that the former first-round pick didn’t make it as part of his draft. crew.


We apologize, but this video failed to load.

He had planned to bring the Cup to Toronto later Saturday for a private celebration with friends, which he said would include a few former Leafs teammates.

“It is what it is, at the end of the day, it was not my decision (to leave Toronto),” Kadri said. “No matter who takes a chance on me, I’m going to give them my all. I have great Toronto fans and that will never change.

“I’m not going to spill the beans (which Leafs would meet on) for them, but it will be the whole party.”

Kadri missed the playoffs five times as a Leaf, was knocked out in the first round four times, appearing in just 19 postseason games largely due to a string of suspensions. He crossed the line too many times in management’s opinion, although no one doubted his motives weren’t genuine.

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Now husband and father, a maturity has developed. He played 16 games last spring alone after a career year at Colorado, missing a few with a thumb injury that was supposed to have sidelined him for six weeks. He was back in two weeks with the overtime winner to give his team a 3-1 lead at Tampa Bay in the Finals.

“At the end of the day, it was an opportunity that you never know might happen again, so I was just determined to go back.”

Kadri knew there would be a large Leaf audience watching the Cup win and dropped the most memorable post-Cup clip “for anyone who thought I was a liability in the playoffs, you can tell me kiss the ass”.

But Saturday was all about handshakes, autographs and photo ops with Kadri and the Cup. There was also a solemn moment at the mosque.

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Content of the article

“Only a year ago, we suffered terrible tragedy, loss and suffering in our community,” Dr. Hassan Mostafa, director of the Nazem Kadri Foundation, recalled on Friday. “He is still there in London and among Muslims across Canada.”

On June 6, 2021, Salman Afzaal, his wife Madiha, his 15-year-old daughter Yumnah, his nine-year-old brother and his 74-year-old grandmother, Talat Afzaal, were walking in the evening when they were hit by a truck. . Nathan Veltman, then 20, faces four counts of first-degree murder and one of attempted murder in what prosecutors believe was an act of terrorism. The youngest child was seriously injured.

“One year later, celebrating one of our own, reaching those heights by winning the Cup… what could be more Canadian (than that)? asked Mostofa. “Having Nazem bring us the Cup, it really helps with that healing and empowers Muslims who felt disenfranchised and sometimes afraid to (just) come out.

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“Children in the playground, it gives them a lot more confidence in their identity that a fellow Muslim has won the Cup. Thirteen years ago, during the repechage, his father, his uncles and I joked ‘wouldn’t Isn’t it amazing if Nazem won a cup and he could take it to the mosque?’

“Congratulations to Nazem and his family, they are truly proud of their religion, their heritage, their community.”

Many made the connection on Saturday that the different ethnicities represented in the crowd, many of whom wore local hockey jerseys, were a direct influence on the younger Kadri.

“That’s the goal at the end of the day, just to inspire,” Kadri said. “I have children myself and I know that the younger generation is looking for role models.”

[email protected]

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6 ways NFL fans can prepare for the 2022 season


As we’re still recovering from the excitement of the Super Bowl, NFL fans can now dust off the jerseys of their favorite teams to prepare for the upcoming season. To make sure all fans are ready for the 2022 season, there are a few things they can do. Reading the NFL schedule, placing safe bets online, and reviewing your terminology are just a few examples. This article will cover these topics, and more, in more detail. Let’s start.

6 ways NFL fans can prepare for the 2022 season

Read the 2022 NFL Schedule

If there’s one thing every NFL fan doesn’t want to miss, it’s their favorite team playing a game. Therefore, you should take the time to read 2022 NFL Schedule before the start of the season. It is usually released around May every year. You can access it online. The NFL Schedule will tell you everything you need to know about upcoming games.

Some fans are trying to guess possible games before the NFL schedule is released. This gives them an idea of ​​the type of bets they might want to place – to increase their chances of hitting a big win. However, you will need a thorough knowledge of how the NFL schedule works to achieve this. You can learn more about it by referring to some articles online.

Understanding NFL Odds

Fans need to understand how to read odds to successfully bet on the NFL. Generally speaking, odds identify the likelihood of an event occurring. For example, they tell you how likely a team is to win and how much you will be paid on your bet if they do. To understand NFL odds, you need to know how the following are used and what they mean: over/under, number of rotations, moneyline, and point spread.

You can find out more about what this means by researching online. It can be difficult to make up your mind at first. However, once you can interpret NFL odds, you will have a better understanding of what you are betting on. This can be the key to success in helping you make more money in the long run.

Be sure to bet safely

If you are considering betting on NFL Draft betting, you need to do your research before you start spending your money. Not betting safely online can put your finances at risk. Instead, you should take the time to research some of the top rated sites online and hone your betting skills by playing games at online casinos first.

Online Casinos are home to many online games, allowing former players to leave reviews on specific sites. If you notice that an online casino has a lot of negative reviews, you know to avoid that site. When choosing an online site to place your bets, you should also check that they accept the NFL. Not all venues will host this sport. Protecting your bets is a necessity. Thus, no amount of research is enough on these sites.

Buy team merchandise

It’s time to dust off your old jerseys in time for the upcoming season. No match is complete without wearing your favorite team’s jersey. Most people see it as an omen of good luck. The great thing about NFL merch is that there’s a lot of variety. However, if you want to make sure you can get the right size and color jersey you want, it’s best to get there early.

If you buy goods online, be sure to buy from a trusted supplier. Before making a purchase, read some online reviews. After all, NFL merchandise doesn’t come cheap and most fans consider it an investment. Therefore, you want to make sure you are spending your money in the right places. If you don’t want to buy new merchandise this year, be sure to get your old jerseys out before the season starts.

Review your position terminology

Can you honestly say your NFL terminology measures up? The NFL is complex. For those new to the sport, matches can be confusing to understand at first glance. Learning the basic positions is just the beginning. The language related to them is a whole different story. In the past, you may have been confused by some of the terminology you’ve heard. Therefore, it pays to do your research to help you understand the game better.

Take a look at some training positions and terminology online to help you get started. Once you can brush up on your terminology, you’ll definitely have bragging rights among your friends. You’ll soon be dating terms that will make you sound like a trainer. The best part is that it will help you understand the games better, as they are often fast-paced, so there is a lot to follow.

Stock up on snacks

This preparation step may be fairly obvious to most NFL fans, but it cannot be emphasized enough. No NFL season is complete without a fridge stocked with drinks and snacks. If you have friends over to watch the games, you certainly don’t want to run out of refreshments to keep you going.

Games usually last two or even three hours. It will depend on whether the game goes to overtime. So you want to make sure you have enough energy to get through it. If you’re hosting an NFL party with friends, there are plenty of snack recipes online that will give you the energy you need to cheer on your team well into the night. If you are hosting several people, ask them each to bring a snack of their choice, it’s an economical way to make your own buffet.


So there we have it – six ways all NFL fans can prepare for the upcoming seasons. If you want to hone your betting skills, start reading the NFL schedule carefully and expand your understanding of odds to increase your return on investment. When it comes to game viewing, don’t forget to get your team items out and make sure there are enough snacks to keep you going throughout the game.


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Drew Terrell is a renaissance man in the commanders receiver room



One day in training camp, with the offense struggling, Washington Commanders wide receiver coach Drew Terrell didn’t like the way his players reacted to chest-pounding defenders. Receivers lost their rebound, sagged shoulders and complained about being held up. One word comes to mind: calm.

Later, in the meeting room, Terrell excerpted a passage from “Lone Survivor”, the book about a group of US Navy SEALs in Afghanistan. In it, Marcus Luttrell, the only SEAL who had survived a barrage of rocket-propelled grenades, was hiding from Taliban soldiers who were pursuing him while standing motionless in a mountain crevasse with a broken nose, broken back and left leg. full of shrapnel. Terrell remembers telling his players, “Think about it. It’s real composure.

“When you bring examples like that…it changes their humility,” Terrell explained. “They’re locked up, like, ‘Yeah, that’s a real s—.’ …How do you get guys to understand what they’re doing? Be grateful for what they’re doing? Just give them examples of things they can use in situations like that, when there’s chaos around.

In training, Terrell usually wears a hat, long-sleeved shirt, and a serious expression. He is quiet and intense and often approaches players individually to discuss technique. Terrell doesn’t come from a military family — he became obsessed with SEALs after watching college videos of “Hell Week,” the notoriously grueling part of SEAL training — but his players describe him as methodical and demanding. .

Terrell, 31, is one of the NFL’s youngest post coaches. He is closer in age to his star players – Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel and Jahan Dotson – than to his peers. His youth is sometimes apparent on the pitch, such as when he challenges his players to hot potato games or when he celebrates their big plays with phrases like “You’re him!” or “I got them!”

Sometimes Terrell’s players compliment his intelligence, mechanical adjustments and mental preparation. But the root of his effectiveness, they said, lies in his ability to build relationships as a former player and young black man. Terrell uses familiar cultural touchstones — he opened the receivers’ meeting Aug. 24 with a photo of Kobe Bryant — and McLaurin said he engages players by asking them to think things through. He recently told the room about Southwest Airlines’ “brown shorts” method of hiring, which prioritizes attitude over skill, and sparked a debate by asking his players what they would look for in a potential player. .

Terrell’s mix of skill, youth and ambition to be a head coach makes him one of Washington’s most promising staff members. Last year, NFL.com named him one of its young coaches to watch, and during camp coach Ron Rivera said, “The future is very bright for a young man like him.

“He’s just getting started, really,” McLaurin said.

The best fantasy football wide receivers to draft in 2022

This season will be one of the biggest tests of Terrell’s young career. He’s got the best receiving corps in the franchise in years, perhaps the most talented group on the team behind the defensive line, and it’s his job to get those players to produce, to help maximize the quarterback Carson Wentz.

“I preach this to guys all the time: …You have to respect people’s respect,” Terrell said. “The potential, the hype and the excitement? Of course it is. But it could all end quickly if we don’t do what we’re supposed to do.

For years, the idea of ​​being a coach irritated Terrell. He had played at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona, and dreamed of playing on Sundays. But at Stanford, even as Terrell studied, trained, and carved out a role as a deep receiver and punt returner, coaches saw his passion surpass his abilities. They teased him by calling him “Coach”.

“He knew everything,” said Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead, who coached Terrell in college. “He understood where the ball was supposed to go in relation to certain covers. He knew the ball carrier [responsibilities], where the ball was supposed to hit, what shortcomings. … He was a quarterback in the receiver room.

In May 2014, Terrell graduated, packed up, and drove southeast to minicamp with the San Francisco 49ers. He spent three days wearing the NFL jersey he’d been working on for years, and after that, when it didn’t work, Terrell felt at peace. He had pushed his dream as far as he could go.

Back home in Chandler, pondering what to do next, Terrell spent the first long stretch of his life without football on four- and five-mile runs. Arena League? Canadian Football League? Faculty of Law?

Eventually he missed the game too much and called his old coach. Moorehead had offered him a position as a graduate assistant, and Terrell joined him at Virginia Tech and began the tedious work. Terrell has helped coaches with various tasks – once he slept in the office for an entire week while helping create a new playbook – and found he enjoyed coaching more than he expected . He loved helping players, reusing the lessons he had spent years learning.

Quickly, Terrell climbed the ladder. In 2015, he rejoined his former head coach, Jim Harbaugh, at Michigan, and two years later met Commanders offensive coordinator Scott Turner, then a Wolverines offensive analyst. In 2018, Turner and Terrell left for the Carolina Panthers, and in 2020, after the collapse of the Rivera regime in Charlotte, Terrell traveled with most of the staff to Washington, where he became an assistant wide receiver coach. .

Last season, Washington promoted Jim Hostler to senior offensive assistant and Terrell started running the room. He curated a distinct style by infusing technical lessons, like how to run certain routes against certain covers, with accessible trivia from his favorite books and podcasts.

Over the summer, he had read “Think Like a Monk,” which included the story of Biosphere 2, an earth science research facility in Oracle, Arizona. One discovery made by the scientists was that when the trees reached a certain height in the facility, they simply fell. The trees hadn’t experienced enough natural wind, so the roots had never grown strong. Terrell, who never wanted to be a coach, couldn’t help thinking like a coach anymore: he made a PowerPoint on Biosphere 2, stressing the importance of adversity.

Last season, wide receiver Dyami Brown hit a rookie midseason wall, with a strike on two targets in eight weeks. But in late December, he ran a post route against Dallas All-Pro corner Trevon Diggs and jumped into double coverage for a 48-yard gain. Brown credited Terrell with helping him regain his confidence and get out of his funk.

“It all comes down to trust and that trust that we have with each other,” he said.

The stock of wide receivers has increased. This NFL Draft could show just how much.

This season, Terrell needs his unit to start fast. He needs a reliable second option to finally emerge against McLaurin. The team has candidates in Samuel, Dotson, and Brown, and everyone in the room seems to have absorbed Terrell’s message. In three interviews, the recipients, spontaneously, said they had to keep their “coolness”.

Now, in the last weeks before the regular season, their coach needs them to keep him up to expectations.

“We can change that narrative every Sunday,” Terrell said. “Whatever the perception…I want to see you do it and prove it for yourselves.”

16 Iconic Sports Artifacts To Be Auctioned Next Month – Robb Report


September has the potential to be a rewarding month for Sotheby’s and collectors.

The auction house recently announced that it will offer Michael Jordan’s famous “Last Dance” jersey in a single-lot online auction, dubbed “Invictus,” to be held September 6-14. She has now unveiled items from “Invictus Part II”, another online sale that will run alongside the auction which includes 16 additional pieces of coveted sports memorabilia.

The sale will feature iconic artifacts ranging from jerseys to sneakers to signed gear. Each article has ties to some of the biggest names of the past 30 years, including Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Wayne Gretzky and LeBron James. Rest assured, Sotheby’s does not suffer from recency bias. You can also bid on relics touched by Muhammed Ali, Steve Prefontaine and Jackie Robinson.

Serena Williams’ Off White x Nike sneakers by Virgil Abloh and a baseball signed by legends Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth in the auction


Among the top lots is a pair of Nike Oregon Waffle sneakers owned by Prefontaine, who was the cobbler’s first signed athlete. The legendary runner is credited by some with launching the company’s image as a running shoe company. The vibrant green and yellow waffle sneakers are the first owned by Prefontaine to be sold publicly. They are expected to fetch between $150,000 and $250,000 at auction, but given their place in Nike history, they could fetch more.

Another highlight is the stick Gretzky used in the final game of his illustrious career. “The Great One”, as fans called him, is widely regarded as the greatest hockey player of all time. The NHL’s all-time point guard played his last game in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden on April 18, 1999. Prior to the opening showdown, he reportedly signed several hockey sticks to donate to his Rangers from New York. teammates and staff. The stick headed to the auction block is the only known example of a matched photo and could sell for between $125,000 and $200,000.

Wayne Gretzky Game used the final career game stick

The stick used by Wayne Gretzky in his last career match at the Invictus Part II auction


You’ll also be able to bid on the jersey Bryant wore in the 2015-16 season opener, his last in the NBA. The shooter played for 20 years, during which he won five championships, a league MVP award and became one of the players most associated with the Los Angeles Lakers. The match jersey is expected to fetch between $120,000 and $140,000 at auction.

Other items include Nike Zoom sneakers worn and signed by James from the 2005-2006 season, Federer’s racket used and signed by the 2011 French Open match, an Indianapolis Colts worn by the first Manning’s MVP season, the Nike x Off- signed by Williams. White Blazer Mid “Queen” sneakers by Virgil Abloh, a baseball signed by Robinson and Babe Ruth and the kufi Ali wore before the “Thrilla in Manila” in 1975. Online bidding for Invictus Part II lots will be open from September 6 to 14.

Click here for more images of the items offered in the sale.

Muhammad Ali Kufi in Sotheby's Invictus Part II auction


Rise in anti-Semitic propaganda worries communities in South Jersey


Disturbing findings in several South Jersey communities as hateful messages are left in people’s driveways. Those who found the messages say they are disgusted.

This hatred has no home in their neighborhoods.

Police are asking anyone with information or surveillance video of the incidents to call them.

Megan Bristow said: “We were disturbed.”

A disgusting discovery in at least three South Jersey communities last week as anti-Semitic leaflets were found on people’s properties.

“One of the kids came running out and said, ‘There’s a bag in our driveway. It was a bag of corn with this pamphlet in it,” Bristow said.

Bristow, of Camden County, says it received the flyer early Sunday morning. His neighbor, Michael Brown, had one too. “It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting. It’s not necessary.”

Brown says surveillance video outside her home captured the moment a car threw the flyer onto her property. Neighbors say it was packed in a sandwich bag, partly filled with dried corn.

“It was 4:38 a.m. Kind of a grainy video, but the car just drove by. They threw it out the window and drove on,” Brown added.

Lindenwold Police said they are also investigating the leaflets. Earlier in the week, Brigantine Police announced they had launched a similar bias investigation. Brigantine Police say the leaflets have been reported across the country and appear to be distributed haphazardly with no particular target.

The Philadelphia Anti-Defamation League responded to the Brigantine incident by calling it “Evidence of record level hate”. They are working with the police to find those responsible.

The regional director released a statement saying, in part:

“The anti-Semitic and racist network behind this incident is solely focused on spreading hate and fear. We will also work with members of the community to counter this vile and hateful propaganda.”

The Anti-Defamation League says it has tracked record levels of white supremacy and anti-Semitism and Pennsylvania had the highest level of white supremacist propaganda spread in the nation in 2021.

Ken Dryden Recalls Memories of 1972 Summit Series in New Book


Ken Dryden didn’t want to write about the 1972 highs series.

The Hall of Fame keeper has, over the past 50 years, contributed to projects on historic Canada-Russia matches, but every time someone asks him to write a book on the subject, he politely declined. The stories about it have been told before, Dryden said.

Then COVID-19 hit.

With the borders closed and her children and grandchildren living in the United States, her plans for Christmas 2020 quickly changed.

“So I had a few days where I wasn’t doing what I imagined we would be doing. I just said, ‘OK, if I have to write what I’m not going to write, what am I going to write? would write? “Dryden told The Canadian Press.

Relying solely on his own memories, he sat down and, “in a kind of frenzy”, wrote his latest book: “The Series: What I Remember, How It Was, How It Feels Now “. The hardcover was published Tuesday by McClelland & Stewart.

“It was unexpected, but it was fun trying to put it all together,” Dryden said.

Across 192 beautiful pages, the book combines a Summit Series player’s memories with photos, letters and other memories to give the reader deeply personal insight into eight games that united a nation.

There is a postcard sent to Timmins, Ontario, by a Canadian who attended a game in Moscow. There are editorial cartoons that depict the differences between Canadian and Russian hockey fans. There is a piece of envelope that Canadian winger Frank Mahovlich wrote a play on.

Some of the photos and objects surprised Dryden as he worked on the book, including a black and white photo taken at the Simpsons department store in Toronto that shows hundreds of people watching in delight as the drama of Match 8 took place over nearly 7,500 kilometres. a way.

These are the images that Dryden and the rest of the team couldn’t see nearly 50 years ago.

“It’s like a sacred cow,” he said. “We were in Moscow at that time. I never imagined people would look that way.”

Another item that caught Dryden’s attention was a diary entry by a young Igor Kuperman, recounting in Russian every detail of Game 5, from the goals to the shirts worn by each team.

In the entry, the author saw a universal experience.

“That’s exactly the kind of thing a kid from Red Deer would do who follows this kind of series,” he said. “They would do it with the same kind of love and commitment, and they would do it in their own way. But it would express the same thing.”

Dryden also leaves readers on his own personal journey, detailing in vivid color what he remembers – and what he doesn’t – of the late summer and fall of 1972, including the moments before the first game.

“I don’t remember flying to Montreal. I don’t remember the day of the game. I don’t remember the locker room,” he wrote. “All I remember is a feeling of building and building, growing and growing. That’s what happens before a Stanley Cup series, before a Stanley Cup Finals, but not like that.

“He built where he could no longer build, grew where he had no more room to grow, then he built and grew again.”

“Put ‘Em There At That Time”

These are details that transport the reader not just to 1972, but to the ice, inside the helmet of a goaltender who helped write history.

Dryden wanted his latest book to tell the story of the Summit series in a way that people who didn’t know the games nearly 50 years ago could understand.

“The only way to do that would be to put them there, literally put them there at this time,” he said. “And the timing, of course, isn’t just the timing, it’s the introductory moments up to that.

“So what would have been in us as players? What would have been in us as 22 million Canadians at that particular moment that made us react like we did? And to generate the kind of vehement, vivid memories that come from it.”

Phillies’ Bryce Harper homers twice in minor league rehab game

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — With two big swings, Bryce Harper looked set to join the Phillies in a pennant race.

Harper homered to right-center on his first at-bat, then went to the opposite court for an eighth-inning three-run shot for Philadelphia’s Triple-A team on Tuesday night to begin his rehab mission at from a broken left thumb.

Harper was the designated hitter and hit second for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs roster for the start of a six-game series against Gwinnett. He drilled the fifth pitch he saw from Atlanta Braves prospect Jared Shuster over the wall at Coca-Cola Park in front of what was reported to be a sold-out crowd of 10,100 fans.

“I think any time you go out there and you’re able to put the stick on the ball and have good sticks, see some shots, compete at a high level, it’s always good” , said Harper.

He walked against Shuster in his second at bat to boos from the crowd who wanted Harper to take another big hack. Harper was later caught stealing. He failed in his third plate appearance, walked again and scored in the seventh to lead Lehigh Valley past Gwinnett 10-5.

Gwinnett was amused after Harper’s solo homer cut the Stripers lead, tweeting “Phillies prospect Bryce Harper goes deep to cut the Stripers lead 3-1. Admittedly he looks like the one to watch in the future.

And before Harper’s fifth time, the scoreboard read, “Today 1-2 Bryce Bomb.”

Do two.

Harper, who won his second NL MVP award last year, hasn’t played for the Phillies since breaking his left thumb on June 25. He is expected to play in Lehigh Valley through Saturday and possibly return to Philadelphia on Monday when the playoff-seeking Phillies begin a series in Arizona.

But with two home runs in his first rehab game, why wait until Monday to add him to a team that really needs him now?

“Tonight was great, right? But at the same time I need the bats, I need to be able to see the pitches, different guys, different angles, understand how my body is going to react, what my thumb will look like” , said Harper.

Harper, 29, who signed a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies in 2019, is hitting .318 with 15 homers, 48 ​​RBI and a .985 OPS. Harper had already given up his place in right field earlier this season because of a small tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of his throwing elbow. He last played on the court in Miami on April 16.

When asked if he could play on the right court in September, Harper simply said “no.”

The Phillies beat the Reds 7-6 on Tuesday night and remained at the heart of the NL wildcard race.

Bryce Harper hits one of his two home runs while on a rehab assignment with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Phillies’ Triple-A team.

“Bring him up. He doesn’t need more games,” second baseman Jean Segura said with a smile after Philadelphia’s victory. “What is he doing there?” He is ready. Let’s hope he comes back soon. If he hit two home runs, bring him up.

Harper was a smash hit for fans who turned out in season-high numbers to catch a glimpse of one of baseball’s most popular players.

The IronPigs merchandise store and ticket phone lines were buzzing each of the past two days in anticipation of his arrival. Will he play? Will the jerseys be on sale? What time do the doors open? A cashier looked out the window of the team’s store and noted, “I never saw at 5:12 p.m. just hundreds of people standing there.

Merchandising manager Mike Luciano faced an early stalemate when Harper decided to change his uniform number for his time in the minor league. Although it was an attraction, Harper didn’t want to distract the IronPigs and allowed reliever Jonathan Hennigan to retain his No. 3 while the slugger moved one up to No. 4.

“I ordered a lot of 3s,” Luciano said. “Fortunately, the 4 have arrived.”

Harper t-shirts were really hot in the press. About 90 minutes before the first pitch, about 150 Harper shirts were still as hot as a baseball hot dog as they quickly moved from print to merchandise store shelves. Blue No. 4 shirts sold for $28 and a limited number of custom jerseys went for $110, with sales sizzling at a better rate than the usual top sellers, which would be, Luciano said, “anything with bacon”.

“You put a slice of bacon on a hat, people love that,” Luciano said.

Allentown’s Chris Philpott bought two game tickets in the morning and grabbed a Harper t-shirt from the store. He typically attends about 12 IronPigs games a year and only had to snag seats for Tuesday night.

“I arrived early because my child was hoping to catch up with him on BP,” he said. “We saw all the cameras when we arrived. It’s going to be crazy tonight. Normally you don’t see people queuing when there isn’t a giveaway this early before the game opens.

Harper jumped onto the field, but that didn’t stop fans from clinging to the railing near the IronPigs’ dugouts hoping to catch a glimpse of the two-time NL MVP. TV stations broadcast live remotes and the press box was full of media normally reserved for coverage of the Phillies, playing at home on the turnpike against the Cincinnati Reds.

Two hours before the doors opened, only 80 tickets remained, most of them on the right field line. The stadium – which once hosted similar warm-up periods for Pedro Martinez and Chase Utley – was packed on a night that went to the dogs. Yes, in a nod to an evening dedicated to the area’s dog adoption efforts, Harper skipped the bacon-themed gear for an IronMutts jersey.

Oh, and 195 dogs waggled their tails at the ballpark — 44 were adopted, and a few pooches can probably thank Harper’s cameo for the new homes.

Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper begins rehabilitation mission with two home runs

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — With two big swings, Bryce Harper looked set to join the Phillies in a pennant race.

Harper homered to right-center on his first at-bat, then went to the opposite court for an eighth-inning three-run shot for Philadelphia’s Triple-A team on Tuesday night to begin his rehab mission at from a broken left thumb.

Harper was the designated hitter and hit second for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs roster for the start of a six-game series against Gwinnett. He drilled the fifth pitch he saw from Atlanta Braves prospect Jared Shuster over the wall at Coca-Cola Park in front of what was reported to be a sold-out crowd of 10,100 fans.

“I think any time you go out and you’re able to put the stick on the ball and have good sticks, see some pitches, compete at a high level, that’s always good,” said Harper.

He walked against Shuster in his second at bat to boos from the crowd who wanted Harper to take another big hack. Harper was later caught stealing. He failed in his third plate appearance, walked again and scored in the seventh to lead Lehigh Valley past Gwinnett 10-5.

Gwinnett was amused after Harper’s solo homer cut the Stripers lead, tweeting “Phillies prospect Bryce Harper goes far to cut the Stripers lead 3-1. Admittedly he looks like one to watch in the future.”

And before Harper’s fifth time, the scoreboard read, “Today 1-2 Bryce Bomb.” Do two.

Harper, who won his second NL MVP award last year, hasn’t played for the Phillies since breaking his left thumb on June 25. He is expected to play in Lehigh Valley through Saturday and possibly return to Philadelphia on Monday when the playoff-seeking Phillies begin a series in Arizona.

But with two home runs in his first rehab game, why wait until Monday to add him to a team that really needs him now?

“Tonight was great, wasn’t it? But at the same time I need the bats, I need to be able to see the pitches, different guys, different angles, understand how my body is going to react , what my thumb will look like,” Harper said.

Harper, 29, who signed a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies in 2019, is hitting .318 with 15 homers, 48 ​​RBI and a .985 OPS. Harper had already given up his place in right field earlier this season because of a small tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of his throwing elbow. He last played on the court in Miami on April 16.

When asked if he could play on the right court in September, Harper simply said “no.”

The Phillies outlasted the Cincinnati Reds 7-6 on Tuesday night and remained at the heart of the NL wildcard race. After the victory, Phillies interim manager Rob Thomson said staff would speak to Harper about his return date and did not rule out the possibility of Friday.

“Bring him on. He doesn’t need more games,” Philadelphia second baseman Jean Segura said after the win. “What’s he doing over there? He’s ready. Hope he comes back soon. If he hits two home runs, bring him on.”

Harper was a smash hit for fans who turned out in season-high numbers to catch a glimpse of one of baseball’s most popular players.

The IronPigs merchandise store and ticket phone lines were buzzing each of the past two days in anticipation of his arrival. Will he play? Will the jerseys be on sale? What time do the doors open? A cashier looked out the window of the team store and noted, “I never saw 5:12 a.m., just hundreds of people standing there.”

Merchandising manager Mike Luciano faced an early block when Harper decided to change his uniform number for his time in the minor league. Although it was an attraction, Harper didn’t want to distract the IronPigs and allowed reliever Jonathan Hennigan to retain his No. 3 while the slugger moved one up to No. 4.

“I ordered a lot of 3s,” Luciano said. “Fortunately, the 4 have arrived.”

Harper t-shirts were really hot in the press. About 90 minutes before the first pitch, about 150 Harper shirts were still as hot as a baseball hot dog as they quickly moved from print to merchandise store shelves. Blue No. 4 shirts sold for $28, and a limited number of custom jerseys went for $110. Sales sizzled at a better pace than the usual top sellers, which Luciano said would be “anything with bacon.”

“You put a slice of bacon on a hat, people love that,” Luciano said.

Allentown’s Chris Philpott bought two game tickets in the morning and grabbed a Harper t-shirt from the store. He typically attends about 12 IronPigs games a year and only had to secure tickets for Tuesday night.

“I arrived early because my child was hoping to catch up with him on BP,” he said. “We saw all the cameras when we arrived. It’s going to be crazy tonight. Normally you don’t see people queuing when there’s no freebies this early before the game opens.”

Harper jumped onto the court, but that didn’t stop fans from clinging to the railing near the IronPigs’ dugouts hoping to catch a glimpse of the two-time NL MVP. TV stations broadcast live remotes and the press box was full of media normally reserved for Phillies coverage, playing from home on the Citizens Bank Park Turnpike.

Two hours before the doors opened, only 80 tickets remained, most of them on the right field line. The stadium – which once hosted similar warm-ups for Pedro Martinez and Chase Utley – was full on a night that went down to the dogs. Yes, in a nod to an evening dedicated to the area’s dog adoption efforts, Harper skipped the bacon-themed gear for an IronMutts jersey.

Oh, and 195 dogs waggled their tails at the ballpark — 44 were adopted, and a few pooches can probably thank Harper’s cameo for their new homes.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Phillies’ Harper hits twice in Triple-A rehab game | Basketball

By DAN GELSTON – AP Sportswriter

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — With two big swings, Bryce Harper looked set to join the Phillies in a pennant race.

harpist hit to right center field in his first at bat, then went to the opposite court for a three-point shot in the eighth inning for the Philadelphia Triple-A team on Tuesday night to begin their mission to rehabilitate a broken left thumb.

Harper was the designated hitter and hit second for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs roster for the start of a six-game series against Gwinnett. He drilled the fifth pitch he saw from Atlanta Braves prospect Jared Shuster over the wall at Coca-Cola Park in front of what was reported to be a sold-out crowd of 10,100 fans.

“I think any time you go out and you’re able to put the stick on the ball and have good sticks, see some pitches, compete at a high level, that’s always good,” said Harper.

People also read…

He walked against Shuster in his second at bat to boos from the crowd who wanted Harper to take another big hack. Harper was then caught stealing. He failed in his third plate appearance, walked again and scored in the seventh to lead Lehigh Valley past Gwinnett 10-5.

Gwinnett was amused after Harper’s solo homer cut the Stripers lead, tweeting “Phillies prospect Bryce Harper goes deep to cut the Stripers 3-1 lead. Admittedly, he seems to be one to watch in the future.”

And before Harper’s fifth time, the scoreboard read, “‘Today 1-2 Bryce Bomb’.”

Harper, who won his second NL MVP award last year, hasn’t played for the Phillies since breaking his left thumb on June 25. play at Lehigh Valley until Saturday and maybe back in the Philadelphia lineup on Monday when the playoff-seeking Phillies start a series at Arizona.

But with two home runs in his first rehab game, why wait until Monday to add him to a team that really needs him now?

“Tonight was great, wasn’t it?” But at the same time, I need the bats, I need to be able to see the pitches, different guys, different angles, understand how my body is going to react, what my thumb will look like,” Harper said.

Harper, 29, who signed a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies in 2019, is hitting .318 with 15 homers, 48 ​​RBI and a .985 OPS. Harper had already given up his place in right field earlier this season because of a small tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of his throwing elbow. He last played on the court in Miami on April 16.

When asked if he could play on the right court in September, Harper simply said “no.”

The Phillies beat the Reds 7-6 on Tuesday night and remained at the heart of the NL wildcard race.

“Bring him up. He doesn’t need more games,” second baseman Jean Segura said with a smile after Philadelphia’s win. “What’s he doing there? He is ready. Let’s hope he comes back soon. If he hit two home runs, bring him up.

Harper was a smash hit for fans who turned out in season-high numbers to catch a glimpse of one of baseball’s most popular players.

The IronPigs merchandise store and ticket phone lines were buzzing each of the past two days in anticipation of his arrival. Will he play? Will the jerseys be on sale? What time do the doors open? A cashier looked out the window of the team’s store and noted, “I only ever saw at 5:12 p.m. hundreds of people standing there.”

Merchandising manager Mike Luciano faced an early block when Harper decided to change his uniform number for his time in the minor league. Although it was an attraction, Harper didn’t want to distract the IronPigs and allowed reliever Jonathan Hennigan to retain his No. 3 while the slugger moved one up to No. 4.

“I ordered a lot of 3s,” Luciano said. “Fortunately, the 4 have arrived.”

Harper t-shirts were really fresh off the press. Approximately 90 minutes before the first throw, approximately 150 Harper shirts were still as hot as a stadium hot dog as they quickly moved from print to merchandise store shelves. Blue No. 4 shirts sold for $28 and a limited number of custom jerseys went for $110, with sales sizzling at a better rate than the usual top sellers, which would be, Luciano said, “anything with bacon”.

“You put a slice of bacon on a hat, people love that,” Luciano said.

Allentown’s Chris Philpott bought two game tickets in the morning and grabbed a Harper t-shirt from the store. He typically attends about 12 IronPigs games a year and only had to snag seats for Tuesday night.

“I arrived early because my child was hoping to catch up with him on BP,” he said. “We saw all the cameras when we arrived. It’s going to be crazy tonight. Normally you don’t see people queuing when there isn’t a giveaway this early before the game opens.

Harper jumped onto the court, but that didn’t stop fans from clinging to the railing near the IronPigs’ dugouts hoping to catch a glimpse of the two-time NL MVP. TV stations broadcast live remotes and the press box was full of media normally reserved for coverage of the Phillies playing at home on the turnpike against the Cincinnati Reds.

Two hours before the doors opened, only 80 tickets remained, most of them on the right field line. The stadium – which once hosted similar warm-up periods for Pedro Martinez and Chase Utley – was full on a night that lasted the dogs. Yes, in a nod to an evening dedicated to the area’s dog adoption efforts, Harper skipped the bacon-themed gear for an IronMutts jersey.

Oh, and 195 dogs waggled their tails at the ballpark — 44 were adopted, and a few pooches can probably thank Harper’s cameo for the new homes.

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Russell Wilson Denver Broncos 2022 jersey: How to buy home and away gear after the offseason Seattle Seahawks Trade


The Denver Broncos are one of the winningest franchises in the NFL with the second most Super Bowl appearances (eight) and three Big Game wins. However, none of those have come since Peyton Manning retired, although Denver appears to have filled that void by trading for former Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson. A nine-time Pro Bowler, Wilson’s 104 wins in his first 10 seasons trail only Manning’s 105 for the most ever by a quarterback. He will look to bring that winning formula to Mile High City and get Denver back on its winning path. You can buy the latest Russell Wilson Denver Broncos jersey here. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Wilson, 33, is one of the winningest quarterbacks in recent NFL history. He set a 104-53-1 record as a starter in Seattle. His 6-8 mark as a starter in 2021 marked the first time in his 10-year career that he finished below .500. During that span, he threw for 37,059 yards, completing 65% of his passes with 292 touchdowns and 87 interceptions. He also compiled 4,689 yards and 23 rushing touchdowns during his career.


He will work with a talented young receiver group in Denver that includes Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. As he has regularly taken advantage of in Seattle, Wilson should also have a solid defense to help him. The Broncos finished third in the scoring defense in 2021, so with a proven quarterback response now in the mix, expectations are sky high in Denver heading into the 2022 season.

Fanatics is giving Broncos fans several options to celebrate Wilson’s arrival. The new Russell Wilson Broncos jerseys are available in men’s, women’s and youth styles. They are also available in navy blue with orange trim or primary orange with navy blue trim. You can see the latest Russell Wilson jerseys here.

Ready to pick up the brand new Russell Wilson jersey today? Check out the newly released Russell Wilson jerseys today before the Broncos kick off the 2022 season! Buy now.

Seawall Capital, LLC Partners with Sports Endeavors, Inc., Owners of Soccer.com, the Nation’s Leading Supplier of Soccer Uniforms and Equipment

Shift the positions of both companies to capitalize on the growing interest in soccer and youth sports in the United States

HILLSBOROUGH, North Carolina, August 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Seawall Capital, a private equity firm that invests in founder-led consumer companies, today announced its investment in Sports Endeavors, Inc.

Sports Endeavors is the team behind Soccer.com, the leading source of equipment for players and fans in the United States. expert advice and inspirational stories.

Seawall is delighted to partner with the Sports Endeavors team led by Mike and Brendan Moylan, the founders and managers of the Company since its creation. This investment is part of Seawall’s strategy to partner with companies in the outdoor, fitness and leisure industries. Other Seawall related holdings include Kent Outdoors (www.kentoutdoors.co) and Yoga + Fitness Climbing Movement (www.movementgyms.com).

Sports Endeavors was founded over 35 years ago as a direct-to-consumer retailer by brothers Mike and Brendan Moylan. While still in high school, the Moylans produced their first Eurosport football catalog in 1984, which quickly developed a cult following among the growing American football community. Sports Endeavors then registered the Soccer.com domain in 1994 and began creating what has become the premier destination for football apparel, gear, custom team shirts and content.

Soccer.com has become the preferred supplier of team uniforms to top youth football clubs and academies around the world. United States. In addition to Soccer.com, Sports Endeavors owns WorldSoccerShop, the online destination for soccer fans, and 431 Sports, which offers an integrated uniform solution similar to baseball, softball and volleyball teams. The company is based in North Carolina and operates one of the largest sports jersey customization facilities in the United States

“Sports Endeavors aligns perfectly with our goal of partnering with passionate founders with exceptional leadership teams in companies and categories that have loyal and dedicated consumers,” said Matt Eby, founder and managing partner of Seawall Capital. “As more and more people play and watch football here in United States, Soccer.com is positioned to grow the game of football, both at player and fan level. We look forward and delighted to work with this dedicated and talented management team as they continue to build the authentic destination and resource for football players and fans nationally and globally.”

The rise in popularity of football over the last 3 decades has been staggering. Today, the cumulative annual value of American media rights to professional football, including European leagues and the World Cup, is roughly equivalent to that of MLB. The increase in football fandom parallels the increase in youth participation in football. The return to play in youth football following the global pandemic has been strong and is set to accelerate with the United States hosting the FIFA Men’s World Cup™ in 2026.

“Our partnership with Seawall Capital will enable us to help more people pursue their passion for football and sport by helping us shorten the distance on some important projects that will improve our reach, speed and support for sports organizations for young people,” said Mike Moylan, co-founder and CEO of Sports Endeavors. “These are exciting times for football globally. Seawall Capital’s investment will help us grow our business aggressively to meet the upcoming opportunities we see arising from the growth in youth participation in the game. football, the continued rise of the North American men’s and women’s professional leagues and success on a global scale, and the United States is co-hosting the Men’s World Cup in 2026. When the United States becomes the destination world football in 2026, Soccer.com will be ready to equip all our players and fans.

“We know the feeling of a young athlete trying on their team uniform for the first time, of a fan attending a game in their team’s jersey, or of a player wearing their idol’s cleats,” said Brendan Moylan, co-founder and COO of Sports Endeavors. “We are proud to help create these moments by being the most innovative partner of youth sports teams and a preferred partner of the world’s leading sports brands looking to engage with young athletes and fans.”

“Mike, Brendan and the entire team at Sports Endeavors have built a business that is essential to the youth sports landscape in America,” said Kris Parks, partner at Seawall Capital. “We are thrilled to help grow youth participation in sports and support the growing enthusiasm of American football fans,” added Lamb Robinpartner at Seawall Capital.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Private Credit and Huntington Business Credit financed the transaction. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP served as legal counsel to Seawall Capital. Jefferies LLC served as financial advisor and Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan, LLP served as legal counsel to Sports Endeavors.

About Seawall Capital, LLC

Seawall Capital is a middle-market private equity firm focused on investing in companies that have established strong connections with their end consumers. The company’s investment strategy is centered around partnering with founder-led companies that deliver amazing products and services that people love and trust. Seawall Capital’s core investment team has a proven track record of helping founders, management teams and partners achieve their long-term goals and objectives.

Learn more about seawallcap.com

press contact

Lynn Munroe

SOURCE Seawall Capital, LLC

Crypto.com Arena to step up its game with renovations and upgrades


There’s a new mantra at Crypto.com Arena that has nothing to do with basketball, hockey, or rock concerts. The three words appear on small white signs displayed throughout the building.

Forgive our dust

The 23-year-old sports complex, formerly known as Staples Center, has launched a multi-million dollar project campaign to rejuvenate itself in the off-season, with construction underway at all levels. In such a big place, there is enough work to last the next three summers.

“It’s a million square feet,” said Dan Beckerman, general manager of AEG, which owns the arena. “And you can do a lot with a million square feet.”

Along with the usual changes – new giant screens, updated concession stands, a better sound system – the project will follow industry trends that emphasize the “fan experience” rather than just the fact. to come in and find a seat.

At Crypto.com, that means eliminating the street between the arena and LA Live to create a tree-lined public square with music and big-tent attractions. This means adding a glass-walled club so customers can watch the players exit the locker room.

Artist’s impression of Chick Hearn Court’s future look.


An artist's rendering of the future Tunnel Club at the Crypto.com Arena

The “Tunnel Club” will feature tables along a glass wall where patrons can sit just a few feet from where the players pass.


More importantly, crews will pop up the top seats at one end, creating an indoor/outdoor space where fans can mingle on a terrace overlooking downtown, then stroll inside the bowl to view the pitch.

Artist's impression of a new terrace being built at Crypto.com Arena

Artist’s rendering of a new terrace where fans can enjoy panoramic views of the city while mingling outside…


A view of the future Crypto.com terrace from inside the building

…then take a walk inside the bowl to watch the action below.


All of this becomes essential in Los Angeles, where the new SoFi Stadium, a renovated Coliseum and the Intuit Dome, the future home of the Clippers, will compete for discretionary sports dollars.

No longer the new kid in town, Crypto.com Arena “needs to keep up with the Joneses,” said Michael Veley, founder of the sports management program at Syracuse University. “In this market, you are up against heavy hitters.”

About a year ago, the downtown site experienced a turning point. As the Clippers announced their intention to leave for Inglewood, AEG had to keep their other marquee tenant, the Lakers. The owner signed a 20-year lease extension with the team, pledging to spend “nine figures” on capital improvements.

“In many ways, the Lakers put the arena on the map,” Beckerman said at the time. “Their success has had such an impact on our success.”

“It’s a million square feet. And you can do a lot with a million square feet.

— Dan Beckerman, AEG General Manager

The promised build began in May, while the Sparks were still playing, and will continue until the Lakers, Clippers and Kings return in the fall.

The high price – the property won’t disclose the actual cost – also coincides with the continued volatility in the cryptocurrency market. But Beckerman said AEG has “all the faith and trust in the world” regarding the arena’s main sponsor, which pays AEG $35 million a year for naming rights.

Additions during this first summer will include two 65-foot video panels on the south end of the building, framing retired Laker jerseys, and more LED ribbons for a total of three full rings. The bowl will get new lighting, concession menus will be updated and there will be two cashier-less markets where customers can grab a sandwich and a beer, with their purchase recorded by sensors as they exit.

“Our job is to make it easy for the fans,” said arena chairman Lee Zeidman. “It’s all about efficiency.”

Given the ever-increasing cost of participating in professional sports, it’s no surprise that many of the planned improvements are focused on premium seat and season ticket holders. Workers are redeveloping the Impact Sports Bar & Grill next to the main plaza and the President’s private club downstairs. The suite-level lobby gets new paint, carpeting, frosted glass doors, and a sleek restroom.

Artist's impression of the redesigned Impact Sports Bar & Grill.

Artist’s impression of the redesigned Impact Sports Bar & Grill.


Artistic representation of the Chairman's Club at the Crypto.com Arena

Artist’s impression of the redesigned Chairman’s Club.


Two things will make renovations easier. First, AEG convinced two of the three original architects, Dan Meis and Ron Turner, to come together on the project despite now working for competing companies. Second, the original design left room for improvements.

From the start, in 1999, the layout needed to be spacious enough to accommodate four teams and a full concert schedule. Crews had to enter on one side and exit on the other as they made rapid changes, moving from basketball courts to rocky stages, from hardwood to ice. There must have been a lot of storage.

Two decades later, the halls are still large enough to meet ever-changing industry standards and the Clippers’ departure in 2024 will create even more room to expand and add features.

“A lot of times the things that you want to do, you can’t do because you’re limited by space,” Beckerman said. “We are blessed to have such a large footprint.”

During the second phase of renovations next summer, work will begin on a two-story “Tunnel Club” where, in the third year, stairs will lead to ground level. This lower bar will have tables along the glass wall where patrons can sit just a few feet from where the players pass.

Artist's impression of the future

Artist’s impression of the future “Tunnel Club”.


In another move to increase the arena’s buzz, several hundred prime seats at the corners of the bowl will be replaced with a new type of luxury suite that will have walls but no ceiling, leaving them wide open to the stands. .

An artist's rendering of the future sequel level at Crypto.com Arena.

An artist’s rendering of the future sequel level at Crypto.com Arena.


Depending on city permits, construction of the outdoor plaza could also begin in 2023, providing the Figueroa Corridor with a new public gathering place.

“It’s not just for ticket holders,” Beckerman said. “It’s a common experience when people want to come here for a Kings playoff game and they’re in the middle of everything.”

Other locations across the country have taken a similar approach, eschewing a sea of ​​parking lots and instead surrounding themselves with pedestrian malls, retail stores and restaurants. This trend might foster a sense of community, but it comes at a price.

“Gone are the days when you could park your car and fire up the barbecue,” said Scott Minto, director of the San Diego State Sports MBA program. “Now you’re surrounded by restaurants and bars…it’s getting more and more expensive.”

Fans of the cheapest seats will get their biggest perk during the third summer of renovations with the City View Terrace expansion. Right now the patio has a view of the LA skyline but is separate from the action.

When the exterior walls come down and the seats are removed, the new indoor-outdoor space will connect to the bowl, giving people the ability to eat, drink and move around while watching the game below.

“Young people who attend sporting events want some kind of interactivity with their peers and the people around them,” Minto said. “They’re not interested in sitting in one place.”

The coming years will bring additional changes, including new team dressing rooms and motorway marquees, redesigned entrances and updated clubs.

So far, according to industry experts, AEG has done a good job of keeping its arena up to date. Now comes the challenge of staying that way for another two decades.

“Shelf life can be quite significant,” Minto said. “If you can keep changing over time, keep investing, it can last a very long time.”

Rating: Universal Colors Spectrum Light Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey


The Universal Colors Spectrum Light (Breathe Deep) Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey is made entirely from post-consumer recycled Italian fabrics and is extremely lightweight and breathable, ideal for summer riding. Its performance has been excellent during the recent 35°C heatwaves (stop giggling everyone in your hot countries…), and while it compares easily to other jerseys at the same price, this price is not for so negligible.

Universal Colors is a relatively new brand; its first products appeared in the summer of 2020. This Spectrum Light jersey is its featherweight climbing option, and that certainly rings true – it weighs just 78g on our scale. Compare this to other “lightweight” climbing jerseys and it’s impressive, with the Gore Chase Jersey for example in the mid-range at 119g, and even the impressive Endura Pro SL Lite SS Jersey at 94g.

> Buy now: Sigma Sports Universal Colors Spectrum Light Mens Short Sleeve Shirt for £120

Sometimes lightweight jerseys can lack structure, but the fit here is just brilliant. The fabric has just enough stretch to be tight without being constricting, and it quickly became my go-to for long rides during the heat waves of the test period.

It’s breathable and quick-drying, which does a great job of wicking sweat to keep you cool and comfortable. The seams are very inconspicuous and Universal Colors says they are “ultrasonic welded”, whether or not that involves Dr Who I can’t say, but it definitely “seams” to work…sorry…

The three pockets are medium-sized – deep enough to safely hold a full-size phone, pocket pump or packable vest – but I would have appreciated a zippered pocket for valuables. The pockets do a good job of not bouncing around when fully loaded, at least, and there are some reflective accents on the back.

This jersey is described as ‘fitted’ and that’s right, and while it’s slightly more relaxed and forgiving than a full aero jersey, there’s nothing to beat upwind of. The collar, if you can call it that, is very understated but covered my base layers. The arms are trendy and cut long.

2022 Universal Colors Spectrum Light men's short sleeve jersey - cuff.jpg

The body meanwhile is cut less aggressively than some aero jerseys (the Nopinz Pro-1, for example, is a little shorter), so standing in the cafe is unlikely to create unsightly gaps in your bibs. .

2022 Universal Colors Spectrum Light Mens Short Sleeve Jersey - hem.jpg

The hem is also elasticated and has silicone grippers to hold it in place.

> 10 best summer cycling jerseys – tops to beat the heat from just £10

Universal Colors has been flying the eco-flag from the start, and this top is also pretty green…okay, it’s all sorts of messy colors, but there’s a good reason. “The design is inspired by the impurities and imperfections resulting from the treatment of plastic waste”, explains the company.

2022 Universal Colors Spectrum Light men's short sleeve jersey - back.jpg

“With around fifteen disused 500ml bottles, we are proud to say that each jersey is made entirely from post-consumer recycled Italian fabrics.” Good to know that the bottles are also decommissioned… well, these fabrics are sewn together in Lithuania by a BlueSign accredited factory, LTP.


At £120, there’s no denying the Spectrum Light is an expensive option, but it matches the performance of equally priced jerseys while still benefiting from those eco-friendly credentials. The same cut (and the same wild color, if you wish) Gore Chase jersey mentioned earlier, for example, is £129.99 but lacks the excellent low-profile stitching found here.

The Assos Mille GT C2 jersey is cheaper at £95 and a solid alternative, especially as the slightly thicker construction means it can be worn on cooler journeys.


The Spectrum Light jersey is extremely impressive. It delivers all the performance, breathability and comfort we’ve come to expect from a lightweight, premium performance jersey, even when using fabrics made from bottles. At the time of writing it’s also been reduced to £72, making it an even more attractive proposition – as long as you’re a fan of one of the two fairly quirky color schemes.


Strong, light and with excellent performance thanks to its recycled fabric, it’s a winner

If you are considering purchasing this product using a cash back offer, why not use the road.cc Back to top Cashback and get top cash back while helping support your favorite independent cycling website

Brand and model : Universal Colors Spectrum Light Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey

Tell us what the product is for

Universal Colors says: “Designed to excel in warm conditions, the jersey’s knit structure improves airflow and breathability to aid comfort and performance during the longest days in the saddle. Soft, stretchy and form-fitting, this must-have summer garment is so refined, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it.”

I completely agree with this: it works very well in warm conditions and is very light, comfortable and well made.

Tell us a bit more about the technical aspects of the product?

Universal colors say:

Ultrasonic welded seams for a smooth finish

YKK zipper in recycled PET

Three back pockets

Elastic hem with silicone gripper

Reflective details

Rate the product for build quality:


I’m a big fan of low profile seams.

Rate the product for its performance:


Rate the product for durability:


No exits. The stitching seems sturdy and precise.

Rate product for fit:


Tight without being too tight. It’s a good compromise between aero and comfort, and I’ve happily worn it on all-day rides.

Rate product for size:


Rate the product based on its weight:


One of the lightest jerseys on the market.

Rate the product for comfort:


Evaluate the product for its value:


There are great jerseys out there for a lot less money, but this one outperforms many others at a similar price.

Is the product easy to maintain? How did it react to the wash?

No exits.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used as intended

Very well; it was the first to come out of the drawer during the heat wave.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Lightweight and breathable.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

There are only two color options and they both have the potential to camouflage you.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on road.cc?

As mentioned in the review, it’s not cheap at full price, but it’s more than equal to similarly priced jerseys.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

This has green credentials without sacrificing performance. It is a very light, comfortable and breathable jersey that is perfectly thought out and fits perfectly. It’s not cheap, but it’s easily the equal of similarly priced jerseys.

Age: 23 Height: 6 feet Lester: 74kg

I usually ride: Specialized revenge pro 2019 My best bike is:

I have been riding since: Under 5 years old I ride: Every day I would classify myself as: Expert

I regularly practice the following types of riding: road racing, time trial, cyclo-cross, commuting, club rides, sports, general fitness riding, mountain biking,

Kadri signs, WJC finals and jersey speculation


Some quick news and notes from around the NHL as things start to pick up speed in the hockey world. Vegas Hockey Now will provide coverage of the World Junior Championship medal games this afternoon.

Junior World Championships

If you haven’t watched any of the 2022 World Junior Championships, tonight is a good time to start. Both medal games take place tonight with two Golden Knights prospects looking to medal.

Czechia and Sweden aim for bronze at 1:00 p.m., and Finland and Canada aim for gold at 5:00 p.m.

Matyas Sapovaliv (CZE) and Lukas Cormier (CAN) are the two remaining VGK hopefuls. Jakub Demek was eliminated with the Slovakia team. Sapovaliv played a crucial role in upsetting the Czech Republic against Team USA.

Vegas Golden Knights

Reverse Retros: All 32 NHL teams are rumored to be getting new reverse retro jerseys for the 2022-23 NHL season. What could Golden Knights jerseys look like?

Goaltenders: The Golden Knights will likely start the season with Logan Thompson and Laurent Brossoit as their goaltending tandem. What does this mean for the San Jose Sharks?

Trade rumours: If LT/LB doesn’t work out for the Golden Knights, what are some potential names they could consider in the NHL trade block? What about Semyon Varlamov in particular?

NHL News, Signings and National Hockey Now

Long Island: A big part of my business proposition for Varlamov hinged on signing Nazem Kadri with the New York Islanders. Instead, he signed with the Calgary Flames, again leaving the Islanders stuck in the mud.

Calgary: The official agreement is for $7 million for seven years with Kadri and the Calgary Flames.

Montreal: To free up space for Kadri, the Flames traded Sean Monahan to the Montreal Canadiens.

Price: An update on Carey Price and his future in the NHL. Things are not going so well for Carey.

Colorado: What does Kadri’s departure for the defending Stanley Cup champions mean?

Welcome to your new home for the latest Vegas Golden Knights news, analysis and opinion. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to VHN+ for all of our members-only content, the entire Vegas Hockey Now team, and an ad-free browsing experience.

Shaneel Lal: Manly players pick and choose when it suits them to be Christian-type


A Manly Sea Eagles player wears a pride shirt during the NRL Round 20 game against the Sydney Roosters. Photo/Getty Images


Three Manly Sea Eagle players who refused to wear the Pride shirt had no qualms about supporting their colleague after he stabbed a young Mormon church leader.

Manase Fainu was found guilty of one count of injuring a person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after stabbing a man following a youth dance outside the Church of Jesus- Christ of Latter Day Saints in Sydney in 2019.

Just a week earlier, teammates Josh Schuster, Josh Aloiai and Haumole Olakau’atu had refused to play a game in Pride jerseys for moral, religious and cultural reasons. I wonder if Fainu also stabbed the youth leader outside the church for moral and religious reasons?

Manly Sea Eagle players have redefined morality. They support a man who stabbed an innocent church youth leader but condemned gay people for their mere existence. Was it ever about religion? No. Anyone who still believes that holding Manly players accountable is an attack on religion is a sucker for Christian bigotry. It has always been about protecting the power of Manly players to condemn gay people.

Josh Schuster of the Manly Sea Eagles.  Photo/Getty Images
Josh Schuster of the Manly Sea Eagles. Photo/Getty Images

The day after Fainu was found guilty, Aloiai, a devout Christian, posted a photo on Instagram of the couple together and captioned it with a heart of love. On Sunday, Fainu posted an Instagram story showing a barbecue at his house. He captioned it “#LastSupper” and said “thank you too” to Aloiai, who supported him throughout the trial. It was indeed Fainu’s last supper with his disciple Aloiai before going to jail on Monday to await sentencing.

Sea Eagles' Josh Aloiai.  Photo/Getty Images
Sea Eagles’ Josh Aloiai. Photo/Getty Images

During Sunday’s game against the Titans, Schuster scrawled the initials MF on his wrist.

Manly lost. Schuster posted a photo of himself with the initials and captioned it “see you soon my toko”, tagging Fainu. Unfortunately for Fainu, neither his uso nor his toko will be there in prison for supper.

After scoring a try, Olakau’atu displayed the number 61, followed by a handcuff imitation. The number 61 refers to the Guildford area code in western Sydney, where they grew up. Pulling the area codes is ironic, considering Fainu was convicted amid a gang rivalry stemming from the area codes.

Do they think they are doing something radical and revolutionary by doing public stunts in support of a convicted felon? Aren’t they embarrassed – because I feel secondary embarrassment? Olakau’atu, Schuster and Aloiai are not revolutionary.

They make fun of themselves.

When will we stop excusing bigotry as religious freedom? If these actors claim to act in coherence with Christianity, does supporting a man who stabbed an innocent person also fall under freedom of religion? Or is this a sign that these actors are not exercising religious freedom but instead using the Bible selectively to condemn the people they hate?

They choose and choose when it suits them to be Christians. Obviously, the only time they claim to care about religion is when they cause harm to marginalized people. I would say wearing a jersey with thin rainbow stripes is more moral than supporting an attacker. The three manly ones abandoned their religion in the blink of an eye to support their companion, who stabbed an innocent man.

Haumole Olakau'atu of Sea Eagles. Photo/Getty Images
Haumole Olakau’atu of Sea Eagles. Photo/Getty Images

Religious freedom is not absolute. Freedom of religion protects religious people from persecution. This does not give them the freedom to persecute others. When you take off the facade of religious freedom, you find a bunch of Christian hypocrites. When the practice of religion seeks to harm vulnerable people, a line must be drawn.

• Shaneel Shavneel Lal (they/them) was instrumental in the bill to ban conversion therapy in New Zealand. They are a law and psychology student, model and influencer.

Pitt Take 5: Scrimmage Saturday at Acrisure gives quarterbacks a chance to make their point


Pat Narduzzi will take his team to Acrisure Stadium on Saturday for Pitt’s final scrimmage of the summer.

Big surprise: quarterbacks will be a major area of ​​focus.

Narduzzi reiterated Friday morning that he doesn’t know when he will make his decision between Kedon Slovis and Nick Patti public, but he said the scrum will have a major bearing on it.

“What they do, how they do it,” he said.

After the scrimmage, the next step is to prepare for the guys wearing different colored jerseys and start proving that all the national championship talks about is more than just good-sounding words. Narduzzi said there will be a serious study of West Virginia next week.

What would a win — coupled with another nine days later against Tennessee — mean for the No. 17 Panthers? Probably a top 10.

Here are five thoughts to ponder before training resumes – never-ending training – on Monday.

1. Another Aussie

Special teams coach Andre Powell says first-year punter Sam Vander Haar will be the starting punter, Pitt’s second in a row from Australia.

Like Kirk Christodoulou, who was Pitt’s punter for the previous four seasons, Vander Haar hails from Melbourne, Australia and played Aussie Rules football as a youth. He is 25 years old and newly married. His wife, Hallie, is a graduate of Duquesne University.

“When you get these guys from Australia who don’t play American football, there are certain things they have to learn,” Powell said. “But he can kick football very well and he is improving.”

Pitt was practicing the directional punt on Friday morning, and Vander Haar was slapped in the hand by Narduzzi after a particularly accurate punt.

“If he gets the ball and hits it where we want it and gets it out of his hands at a fast enough pace, he’ll be fine,” Powell said.

Rules football is not a game for the meek. Players can tackle, push, bump and block, and there are no protective pads to absorb contact.

That said, Vander Haar (6-foot, 205 pounds) must be a badass, right? In fact, Powell isn’t so sure.

“I’m not going to endorse him for being a badass,” he said. “I’ve never seen him in a fist fight.”

2. Kancey’s Journey North

Getting defensive tackle Calijah Kancey, an All-ACC preseason pick, to sign up for Pitt could be one of line coach Charlie Partridge’s greatest triumphs.

How did he do it?

Kancey said he met Partridge in his locker room at Northwestern High School in Miami in 2017.

“He said, ‘I don’t like your movie. I love your movie,” Kancey said. “I said, ‘Oh, okay. I like this trainer.

Partridge was relentless in his recruiting effort. “I talked to him a lot. I thought I was on the team already,” Kancey said.

Kancey quickly learned that Partridge was a business on the practice field.

“That’s the transition that young guys have to learn,” Kancey said. “These are not official visits and recruitment. Now that’s business. Now it’s time to get to work. It was easy for me to figure that out, and I just went in and worked.

3. 14 against 14

It will be interesting to see who becomes Pitt’s go-to receiver. The Panthers were champions last year in large part because Kenny Pickett had a special bond with Jordan Addison.

Jared Wayne and Konata Mumpfield could be prime candidates to take on Addison’s role. Wayne is a dependable possession-type receiver; Mumpfield uses speed and acrobatics.

“He’s different,” cornerback Marquis Williams said of Mumpfield. “He’s a dominant receiver. He’s the best first-pitch receiver I’ve seen in my college career. His first step is crazy.

Wiliams and Mumpfield developed a friendly rivalry on the training ground – one No. 14 against another.

“After every rep, whether he wins or I win, we wonder what I did wrong or how can I fix this,” Williams said.

4. Safeties, Older and Younger

Safety coach Cory Sanders insists starting jobs won’t be awarded until September 1.

“We will know our starters the week of the match,” he said. “We have six or seven safeties who will get reps with the (first team). Four to five guys at cornerback.

It will be a shock – and a big mistake – if Erick Hallett and Brandon Hill don’t line up safely for Game 1. Because Hallett and Hill are so experienced, coaches aren’t afraid to try new designs and techniques.

“We’re not shy about discovering new things,” Sanders said. “It’s not like, ‘Ah, can we handle it? Right now, let’s put it on them and see what they can handle and what they can’t.

But Sanders said he was developing some security depth, with sophomore PJ O’Brien and redshirt freshmen Khalil Anderson, Stephon Hall and Javon McIntyre.

“Even the questions they ask and where they’re at, they’re more advanced (mentally) than your typical redshirt freshman,” Sanders said. “As a coach, you love getting a text message in the evening asking a question about training. Or, when they come into the meeting room with questions prepared. It’s nice to be able to talk about the ball and the football situation with these guys.

5. The outsider’s point of view

ACC Network analysts Jordan Cornette, Eddie Royal and EJ Manuel were in practice Thursday and praised the Panthers. Royal, a nine-year NFL veteran as a wide receiver, said Pitt looked the part. “I said it looked like an NFL team. This is what big Power 5 football should look like.”

Cornette came to town thinking Miami would win the ACC Coastal, but changed his mind after watching the Panthers practice. “Games are won in the trenches,” he said, “and this team has it on both sides.”

Cornette has openly speculated that Slovis will beat Patti at quarterback, but he likes Pitt’s depth in that position.

“I watched two capable quarterbacks there. I think it will be Kedon. I think everyone would say that,” he said. “But if Nick was going to go, we saw Nick in the Peach Bowl and I saw what Nick did here.”

Jerry DiPaola is an editor at Tribune-Review. You can contact Jerry by email at [email protected] or via Twitter .

Redwood Launches New Initiative with Merchant Investment

Merchant Investment Management announced on Wednesday that it has taken a non-controlling minority stake in Redwood Investment Management, an asset manager and registered investment adviser based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The money will support an ambitious growth plan delayed during the pandemic, said Redwood managing partners Richard Duff and Michael Messinger, allowing the company to launch an acquisition strategy through a new vertical venture, Mulholland Growth Partners. The terms of the contract are not disclosed.

The latter firm, which shares a name with Redwood’s six-year-old RIA Mulholland Wealth Advisors, launched over the summer with little fanfare. Funded by Merchant, Mulholland Growth is already making cash, succession planning and M&A opportunities available to companies with less than $500 million in assets under management.

Unlike so many large companies, these smaller practices are finding fewer opportunities to sell without a payment structure that takes years to complete, Messinger explained. The new capital will enable Mulholland Growth to pay cash to companies seeking to resolve pre-retirement succession of key partners, while providing resources and capital to drive growth, as well as access to a community of potential partners.

“We have balance sheet capital,” Messinger said. “We want to partner with a minority stake with advisors who still want to grow. We are not looking to do a 100% succession today, but start today. A lot of the services that we offer with Redwood and with Mulholland Wealth, and now capital and estate planning and services with Mulholland Growth, they have the ability to really solve that estate planning without just the playbook typical.

The partners have hinted that their first announcement on this front could come as soon as this fall.

According to Duff, partnering with Merchant and its network of finance companies was just as important as funding when they were looking for potential investors. More relationships with like-minded professionals means more resources, more distribution channels, more partnership opportunities and more intellectual capital, he said.

“It was really about the people,” Duff said. “If you really look at the people who are leading the merchant effort and what their skill sets are, what their history has been in the industry, it’s presented a lot of additional opportunities for us from a product development perspective, from a joint venture point of view, and just being able to work on potential ideas with other people in the Merchant universe.

“Having spent my career in the investment management and wealth management space, I have discovered that companies like Redwood are extremely rare,” said Merchant Executive Chairman Marc Spilker said in a statement. “All of us at Merchant have already engaged and begun working on the identified initiatives with the Redwood team to further improve the financial advisor and client experience.”

At least some of the additional funding will go to training advisors on the asset management firm’s patented RiskFirst investment strategy through a series of summits and training sessions, Duff said. Messinger and Duff say their “disruptive” asset management strategies are based on proprietary market assessments that provide more specificity than “nebulous” and broad risk categories, and said face-to-face interaction with advisors is the best way to attract potential subscribers to their four- and five-star rated funds.

“We recognize that this is not a product that an advisor will just buy and use for their client,” Duff said, “and we don’t even want that. We want to help them change the paradigm.

“We introduced a new class of analysts this summer of seven people who have all just passed all of their licensing exams,” he added. “[T]They will also face advisors and support our expanded advisor engagement efforts over the next 6, 12, 18 months.

“We wanted to partner from the start,” said Tim Bello, co-founder and managing partner at Merchant. “There is so much energy, intelligence and commercial application in what they do, how they manage money and hire advisors, we at Merchant felt something special and worked hard to find a way to a partnership.”

With the Redwood partnership, Merchant now has 60 affiliates managing combined assets of over $140 billion.

Berkshire Global Advisors served as financial advisor to Redwood.

‘Building my brand’: Auburn student-athletes excel in freshman year at NIL

AUBURN, Alabama – Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) has changed the game in college athletics, and Auburn continues to be at the forefront of educating, empowering, and maximizing opportunities for student-athletes.

In May 2021, with the launch of SPIRIT, Auburn became one of the first Power Five schools to introduce an NIL program aimed at supporting the total student-athlete experience. Since then, Auburn student-athletes have generated millions of dollars in NIL trades with a near 60-40 split between men and women.

“I had a deal with a local restaurant where I could eat free meals whenever I wanted,” said Walker Kessler, a first-round pick in the NBA draft in June. “Auburn is a massive brand. Traveling all over the country, traveling and playing in all these places, I think I’ve seen at least two Auburn fans in every airport. Just having that name behind you helped me tremendously.

“It helps a lot because somehow someone is connected to Auburn,” added Auburn gymnast Derrian Gobourne. “I feel like it’s been super helpful, especially the people here. They are not afraid to put you in touch with this person or person.

Gobourne, who represented Auburn at the NIL Summit in June, was one of 15 student-athletes nationwide to sign a deal with WWE to join their NIL program, “Next in Line.” The program was created as a way to recruit and develop potential Superstars for WWE through partnerships with college athletes.

“The first time they reached out, I was like, ‘No, that’s not me,'” Gobourne said. “But I just feel like when something happens twice, it’s meant to be in your life. I signed a one-year contract. I don’t have to do anything. I just build my brand for a year and then after they said i could train with them and join their roster, or i could just live my life.

A fan spotted the leaked USMNT World Cup kit in a store and it was awful


After an eight-year absence from the World Cup, the United States Men’s National Team will return to the world stage at this winter’s tournament in Qatar. But in the style of American football, the federation has already managed to disappoint fans even before the team enters the field.

Earlier this week, several photos of the apparent World Cup jerseys were shared on social media and universally smashed by fans (and USMNT midfielder Weston McKennie). The leaked jerseys took the current Nike training kit template, centered the crest, and ditched any distinctive look for the USMNT. Where Waldo’s 2012 jerseys, 2014 “Bomb Pops” and future 2018 World Cup kits got creative, this year’s jerseys looked like something you’d find at an off-brand wholesaler.

And somehow the jerseys look even worse in the wild.

A fan posted on TikTok that he spotted the long-sleeved version of the home kit at Dick’s Sporting Goods but was unable to purchase the jersey as it was posted by mistake. According to the post, the official release date is September 21, giving fans a good month to come to terms with the impending disappointment of an uninspired World Cup kit.

But man, these are really terrible. And the long-sleeved version actually looks like a hockey jersey more than anything that should be worn at a World Cup match in Qatar. The product code on the label also goes to a listing for “Nike USA L/S Home Shirt – 2022.” So those who held out hope for misdirection will inevitably be disappointed here.

As expected, fans didn’t have a nice thing to say about this latest look at the USMNT jersey.

Here’s Why Cincinnati Cyclones’ Dollar Beer Night is Now $2 Beer Night | Sports & Leisure | Cincinnati

Click to enlarge

Photo: Allison Babka

Twister (front) and Puckchop survive ice inflation from Cincinnati cyclones.

Nothing says fall like cheering on the home hockey team while drinking delicious, inexpensive beer.

The Cincinnati Cyclones know that pretty much better than anyone. For years, the Cyclones have lured hockey fans to the Heritage Bank Center with their highly anticipated dollar beer promotions. Who doesn’t love beer for just $1?

The economy, apparently.

The team released its 2022-23 promotional schedule on Aug. 16, and it’s jam-packed with traditional jersey nights, bobblehead giveaways, and theme parties. But, as some fans are noticing, $1 beer promotions have become $2 beer promotions, thanks in part to an overall increase in the cost of goods and services in the United States. Several games will feature $2 beer, hot dogs, and soda, while others will stick to just $2 beers.

Sean Lynn, director of marketing and public relations for the Cyclones and Heritage Bank Center, says CityBeat that inflation has finally caught up to the place.

“We introduced $1 beers in 2007 and have maintained that price for nearly 15 years. Although most things have seen yearly increases, we’ve held the line and not many people can say that,” says Lynn . “With the latest increases in the cost of goods, fuel and labor, we felt the time was right to make this change.”

He adds that while the $1 beers won’t be coming back, $2 is still a godsend for thirsty hockey fans in Cincinnati.

“We still think $2 is great value and we can’t wait to see people enjoying their ice cold beer while enjoying a pro hockey game,” Lynn said.

The Cyclones enter 2022-23 after a stellar run at the Kelly Cup. On May 3, the ‘Clones entered the final game of the ECHL Semi-Finals for the Central Division tied 3-3 with Toledo Walleye, each looking to win the best of seven series. In the end, however, the ‘Clones fell to the walleye 4-2, ending Cincinnati’s Cup hopes. Prior to that, it had been three years since Cincinnati last saw the Kelly Cup playoffs. The ‘Clones have been crowned Kelly Cup champions twice in their history.

The team finished the 2021-22 regular season on April 16 with a 36-32-3-1 record.

The Cyclones will kick off the new season visiting the Fort Wayne Comets on October 22.

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Merchant Cash Advance Redux: Loan vs. True Sale – New York Federal Courts Weigh In

In oyour message of February 14, 2022, we have highlighted some consequences regarding the treatment of a cash advance (“MCA”) transaction as a “loan” rather than an “actual sale” of receivables or future receivables and the implications of a such treatment for an ACM supplier. Among the takeaways was that a court’s characterization of an MCA transaction as a loan opens up an MCA provider to a host of potential claims by cash advance recipients (“customers”) and their successors (for example., trustees in bankruptcy) that are not otherwise available if the transaction is treated as an actual sale.

Recent trends in case law seem to show a development of sympathy for customers[1]when the underlying documentation and business practices of the MCA provider allow the courts to qualify a transaction as a loan. MCA transactions are designed by MCA providers to achieve certain economic returns in a structure where their risk of loss is minimized. Recent case law may, however, encourage MCA providers to rethink the terms and structures of transactions in order to avoid these transactions being qualified as loans at best. Borrowers will be reassured by these cases that, if their transaction has some indicia of a loan, a court may be inclined to treat it as such, regardless of the label.

Since our last article, at least three reported decisions from the Southern District of New York have analyzed MCA transactions in the context of usury claims and violations of the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) ).[2] The underlying transactions were, for the most part, similar. In each, the MCA supplier purported to purchase its customer’s future receivables using documentation indicating that the transaction was a “genuine sale”. Pursuant to the agreements, the MCA supplier would withdraw a contractually fixed amount daily from its customer’s bank account, regardless of the amount of daily recoveries, although the MCA agreements also provided that payments to the MCA supplier would be based on a estimated percentage of daily collections.[3] If there were not enough collections on a given day, the ACH withdrawal would be rejected and the customer would be in default.

In each case, the customer granted a security interest in its receivables and other non-reimbursable customer assets and there was recourse against certain guarantors. In addition, the MCAs listed the events of default commonly seen in lending transactions. The allocation of economic risk, based on these contractual provisions alone, clearly points to the customer.

The analyzes undertaken by the three SDNY courts followed similar routes to arrive at similar results.

a. The Fleetwood Court said the following:[v]To see the [MCA] Contract as a whole, the Court concludes that it is a loan and not a contract for the purchase of future receivables”.[4] Having reached this conclusion, the Court then analyzed the claims of usury and RICO, both of which require as a predicate of liability that the underlying transaction requires the repayment of a debt (that’s to say., a loan).

b. The Haymont The court described the main action in the complaint as where the defendants were liable under RICO, for operating “a business that lends money to small businesses at criminally usurious rates of interest and then uses various inappropriate tactics to recover these loans”.[5] After a lengthy analysis of the loan versus actual sale factors, Judge Rakoff found that the plaintiff had sufficiently argued that the MCA agreements at issue functioned as loans. “Because the transactions should be treated as loans, at least at this stage, and because defendants do not dispute that the interest rates implied on these transactions far exceed 50% per annum (twice the rate of New York State criminal usury), the Court finds that the Complaint has sufficiently pleaded that the debts created by the MCA agreements that the Defendants issue are unenforceable “unlawful debts” under RICO statute.[6]

vs. The Lateral The court also analyzed RICO’s claims based on underlying usury claims. Again, for the purposes of adjudicating on the defendants’ motion to dismiss, the court said:[o]Overall, the complaint pleads enough facts to show that the transactions reflected in the merchant agreements are loans subject to usury laws. »[7] It allowed RICO and attrition claims to continue.

In each case, the Court went to the trouble of calculating the interest rate built into the transaction and in each case, the result would violate applicable usury laws in most states: Fleetwood – 278.5%; Haymont – greater than 50%; Lateral – multiple agreement with interest ranging from 100% to 300%. Furthermore, in at least one of the cases, the MCA provider never advanced the contractually promised full amount to the customer, but continued to withdraw the fixed daily amount from the customer’s bank account as if the full promised amount had been advanced. . That collections slowed down was a risk to be borne by the customer and not by the MCA vendor (as would be the case in a real sale).

The courts also appeared to be influenced by the business behavior of some of MCA’s suppliers. For example, the Fleetwood Court pointed out several facts that influenced its decision. At one point in its relationship with the MCA provider, Fleetwood requested a pause in the daily fixed ACH withdrawal to reflect a slowdown in collections, to which a collection agent replied “UNFORTUNATELY…WE DO NOT OFFER ANY” BREAKS”. DOING THIS WILL PUT YOU IN AUTOMATIC DEFAULT”, and [the MCA provider] continued to debit amounts from the Fleetwood account,”[8] and reconciliations were never performed to address excessive ACH withdrawals.[9] Further, the MCA provider has made no attempt to dispute similar statements in affidavits from other customers submitted to the New York Attorney General. A client, after being informed of a seasonal slowdown in collections, requested a reduction in daily payments and was told by the MCA provider: “We’ll take it all from you…. We’re from New York…. Don’t mess with it. we.[10] Another customer requested a one-week adjustment to its payment obligations because it was awaiting payment on its customers’ receivables. The same MCA provider replied, “I don’t care about your problems” and “I’m giving up on you before you can get out of the bathroom.”[11] Although not decisive, bad behavior does not help an MCA provider who may already be facing an uphill battle.

What is decisive, however, is with whom, after review and analysis of all documents, the business transactions between the parties and the economics of the transaction, the ultimate economic risk lies. If the balance is tilted towards the client, loan qualification is the most likely outcome. If the risk distribution scales lean towards the MCA provider, the trade will be more likely to qualify as a buy.

The Fleetwood The Court summarized the risk analysis as follows:

“The ultimate question…is whether the transaction involves a transfer of risk. When the putative “lender and not the [putative] the borrower bears the risk of non-performance by the debtor of the account” and “the debt of the borrower is extinguished” by the operation, then “the risk of the lender as to the performance of the accounts is direct”, and the transaction is properly characterized as a purchase of accounts receivable. (quote omitted). On the other hand, the operation is rightly qualified as a loan when “the lender only holds a security [and] the lender’s risk is derivative or secondary, i.e. the borrower remains responsible for the debt and bears the risk of non-payment by the account debtor, while the lender only bears the risk that the non-payment -payment from the account debtor renders the borrower unable to satisfy the loan. (quote omitted).[12]

These recent rulings are a signal that the courts are taking notice of the behavior of some ACM providers and providing guidance for aggrieved customers. They also signal to MCA providers that SDNY courts are willing to find their MCA agreements to be loans if the parties’ agreements do not properly allocate economic risk and if an MCA provider’s behavior is not commercially reasonable and consistent with its contractual commitments. obligations, thus opening the way to usury and RICO claims against the MCA supplier as well as disadvantageous and potentially costly treatment in the event of customer bankruptcy.

Why is a merchant cash advance a good option for businesses?

Traditional bank loans are a common source of financing for most businesses, but they come with many restrictions. For example, a “use of proceeds” clause may limit the money borrowed to certain things approved by the bank, such as the purchase of specific inventory or equipment. Merchant cash advances (“MCAs”), on the other hand, have fewer restrictions. The money can be used for whatever purpose the business owners deem to be in the best interest of their business.

MCAs could be an attractive option for some companies, especially those that need capital quickly. Unlike bank loans, which can take weeks or even months to be approved, MCAs can be approved and deposited into business accounts in days or even hours.

In this article, we will go over various questions about MCAs, including what MCAs are, how they work, and the benefits they offer businesses.

What is a merchant cash advance?

MCAs are a type of financing that companies can use to access capital quickly. As an alternative to traditional bank loans, MCAs offer companies an upfront cash lump sum in exchange for a portion of their future sales.

Many business owners looking for traditional bank financing quickly realize that traditional banks are designed to lend money to big corporations – like Ford, GM, Haliburton and Bechtel. Most banks would rather not work with Bob’s Wheel Alignment or John’s Trucking and Transportation. Additionally, traditional banks are often looking for some reason to say “no” to a small business owner. Whether it’s a personal credit history, a lack of reasonable time in business, or an inability to articulate a five-year business plan, banks will list a number of factors in order to consider that a particular candidate is not creditworthy. Therefore, a business owner must often turn to other sources of financing for their capital needs.

How does an MCA work?

MCAs are often confused with loans, but they work quite differently. With a loan, businesses receive an initial sum of money that they must then repay over time, plus interest. MCAs, on the other hand, require a business to sell a portion of its future sales for an upfront cash lump sum. MCA lenders typically charge fees based on a factor rate instead of a traditional interest rate. Factor ratios generally range from 1.1 to 1.5 depending on many factors.

For example, a store that regularly makes debit and credit card payments can apply for an MCA by exchanging a portion of future credit and debit card sales for a lump sum of cash today. Then, each time a sale is made using credit or debit cards, the company will reserve a portion of the sale to the MCA supplier until the full agreed amount is paid. This repayment is based on a percentage of sales, rather than a fixed amount (like a traditional loan), so if sales increase, the MCA is repaid more quickly. Alternatively, if sales drop, reimbursement is delayed. This makes merchant cash advances an attractive option for new business owners who don’t have a lot of collateral or have bad personal credit.

Merchant cash advances can also be fixed withdrawals from a corporate bank account. These fixed payments can be made weekly or daily, regardless of the company’s turnover. The fixed repayment amount is determined based on historical monthly earnings. This type of reimbursement structure allows businesses that do not use credit/debit card sales to easily calculate how long it will take to reimburse an MCA. For example, a trucking company may need $10,000 to repair trucks during a busy season like Christmas. An MCA lender will quickly give the business $10,000 and charge a 1.3 factor rate to get $13,000 with 16 weekly payments of $812.5. The trucking company is able to repair their trucks quickly and earn $20,000 or more and effectively cover reimbursement and MCA factor rate charges.

What are the benefits of merchant cash advances?

Now that we know what merchant cash advances are and how they work, let’s take a look at some of the benefits they offer businesses and why more should consider getting one over a traditional bank loan.

1. Faster access to capital

One of the most important advantages of MCAs is that they provide quick access to capital. Businesses can request and receive funds in as little as 24 hours, while approval for a bank loan can take weeks or even months. MCAs are an attractive option if funds are needed quickly to cover an unexpected expense or take advantage of a business opportunity.

2. No credit check

Another benefit of MCAs is that lenders do not require credit checks. This means that even if someone has bad credit, they may still be able to get approved for an MCA. This is because the MCA approval process is based on sales history rather than credit rating. Businesses will not be eligible for a bank loan if they or their owners have bad credit, so an MCA could be a good choice for new and small businesses that may not yet have established credit.

3. There is no fixed amount to repay each month

A bank loan works by agreeing to repay a fixed amount each month, regardless of how much income a business generates. This can be difficult for businesses that have seasonal sales or unpredictable revenue. With a merchant cash advance, the amount refunded is based on a percentage of sales, so if sales are slow, businesses don’t have to worry about making a large payment they can’t afford.

4. No restrictions on the use of funds

For bank loans, companies may need to show what they will use the borrowed money for. Loans may not be approved for anything other than business expenses. This is not the case with merchant cash advances, as there are limited restrictions on how the funds are used. Business owners can use the money for anything they deem to be in the best interest of their business, whether it’s buying new equipment, covering unexpected expenses, or even employee bonuses.

5. You don’t need collateral

One of the best things about MCAs is that most companies don’t need to provide warranty. This is different from bank loans where it is necessary to offer some form of collateral, such as a house, car or commercial property, to secure the loan. For companies with little or no assets, exchanging future receivables for cash today is a viable option with an MCA.

6. Lower impact on credit rating

Failure to make fixed amount payments on a traditional bank loan will damage a business’s (and its owner’s) credit rating, making it difficult to get approved for a business loan. coming. Since MCAs are structured so that a business only pays a percentage of its future sales, the impact on the business’s credit rating is less, as the business only repays what is paid. she can afford.


MCAs can be an expensive form of financing and may not be suitable for all businesses, but business owners who need cash fast, want flexibility in product usage, or are worried about being approved for a traditional bank loan may choose a merchant cash advance as an alternative to traditional bank financing.

For more information, contact: Douglas Muir, CEO of [email protected] or visit our website for investor information at www.familybusinessfund.com

Media Contact
Company Name: Family Business Fund
Contact person: Douglas Muir
E-mail: Send an email
Call: (888) 884-6442
Address:101 Plaza Real South Suite 216
State: FL 33432
Country: United States
Website: www.familybusinessfund.com

Porterville Night Saturday at Valley Strong Ballpark | Pictures


Porterville Night” in Visalia Rawhide is back and better than ever – with free admission for Porterville residents, Porterville stands at the ballpark and players taking to the field wearing ‘Porterville’ jerseys, which are available at the bidding or buying.

It all comes down to Saturday, when Arizona Diamondbacks Class A affiliate Rawhide takes on the Colorado Rockies’ Fresno Grizzlies at 6:30 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

The jerseys are great and really pop,” said Joe Ross, Visalia Rawhide Community and Entertainment Manager. “OT Sports created the jerseys after reviewing Maximo’s logo and color scheme. But I was also inspired by the logo of the city of Porterville, I was told.

Porterville Night” is held through a partnership with the City of Porterville and Maximo’s Taqueria based in Porterville with locations in Visalia.

The Rawhide want the South Valley to know that we are their team too,” Ross said. “So we came up with the idea of ​​reviving ‘Community Nights’ and trying to re-establish links with towns outside of Visalia.”

Ross said he mentioned the idea of ​​a night out in Porterville to Jorge Camacho, owner of Maximo’s Taqueria which is based in Porterville and owns Visalia locations. Camacho loved the idea, Ross said, and with their support a date was set and planning began.

“Having Porterville Night on a Saturday was very important to us,” Ross said. “For 1, every Saturday at Valley Strong Ballpark is an ‘All-American’ Saturday and Porterville is an ‘All-America City. this designation in the late 90s, early 2000s, but also due to Porterville’s strong ties and military support. And, 2, we recognize that part of the difficulty for Porterville residents to participate in the game is the 40 to 45 minute commute. So we decided that Saturday would be the best day to encourage Porterville residents to join in. we.

The jerseys, which will have Porterville’s name on the front, will be auctioned off during the game. Bidding starts at $80 with $20 increments.

In addition to bidding, there’s also a “Buy it now” price of $150 if someone wants a specific jersey number and doesn’t want to let it up for auction at an auction, Ross said. To pre-purchase a jersey in advance at the “Buy Now” price, or for more information, contact [email protected] All proceeds from the jersey auction will benefit a nonprofit youth sports organization, E35 Sports.

Visalia Rawhide is also offering a “Jersey Deal” – $500 gets the person a jersey and 25 grandstand tickets.

Porterville-based organizations or businesses interested in having a booth that evening can contact Ross by email at [email protected]

Additionally, the first 250 fans will receive a free baseball card pack with the 2022 Visalia Rawhide.

Ross, who was born and raised in Lindsay, said he attended a few games at Recreation Park.

We knew the Oaks (as they used to be called) were here, and even Oaks players were staying with homestays in Lindsay, but personally I never felt the team was committing us to Lindsay,” Ross said.

However, a lot has changed since then and the Rawhide are more community focused and an active and trusted member of that community.

Among those throwing the ceremonial first pitch will be a member of the Porterville City Council.

Attending will be staff and employees of the City of Porterville, as well as their families, members of the City Council, staff of the Porterville Exchange Club and Porterville College.

Porterville residents will be admitted free that day by presenting a school or work ID, driver’s license, utility bill, or other proof of residency at the Visalia Rawhide Box Office, 300 N. Giddings St, at Valley Strong Ballpark in Visalia. Tickets are subject to availability and only available on match day.

The Rawhides are thrilled to partner with Maximo’s and the City of Porterville tonight,” said Ross. “We hope the residents and employees of Porterville will join us for an evening of fun, baseball and a celebration of Porterville.”

College football’s most unique NIL deals in 2022 | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats & Rumors

0 out of 7

    Michael Reaves/Getty Images

    College athletes across the country have taken advantage of the new era of collegiate sports, with NIL taking over as the biggest draw for those staying in school. A-list prospects and Heisman Trophy contenders have been inundated with constant promotional inquiries, but many players seem to have found their footing in the NIL sector.

    Whether it’s million-dollar contracts, luxury cars, or a glut of marketing opportunities, athletes across the country have taken full advantage of the new normal.

    The NIL contracts have set a standard for team recruiting and personnel, but some of the deals in 2022 have created a national buzz as athletes and team collectives are now comfortable with the game.

1 of 7


    Nebraska wide receiver Decoldest Crawford recently signed a NIL deal with local HVAC company, SOS Heating & Cooling. There hasn’t been a better fit between company and player in the NIL landscape than this. Crawford has been well known for his name since high school, going viral from a Louisiana News Station Interview in 2019.

    The new freshman has only been with the Cornhuskers for a few months, and he’s already one of the most popular names on the roster. Big businesses and corporations, including Nike and Gatorade, have benefited from the NIL rules, but local businesses have slowly put their stamp on the market.

    Crawford is the new spokesperson for SOS Heating & Cooling, having the ability to capitalize on its name and support small businesses. He established financial success before stepping onto the college grill. If Crawford can thrive in Nebraska, he could be one of college football’s most sought-after ambassadors.

2 out of 7

    Tim Warner/Getty Images

    Arguably the best running back in the nation, Bijan Robinson of the Texas Longhorns broke the internet when he teamed up with Lamborghini in Austin, TX. Most college athletes have spent time negotiating with local businesses or respected brands such as Cash App and Raising Cane’s, but Robinson has taken another step into the land of luxury.

    Companies such as BMW and Ford struck NIL deals with college athletes, but a high-class brand such as Lamborghini had not joined the bandwagon until then. Robinson opened the door for athletes like CJ Stroud and Shilo Sanders to sign deals with high-class automakers like Bentley and Porsche.

    Full details of Robinson’s deal with Lamborghini Austin have yet to be spelled out, but fans will be able to see and hear Robinson en route to the DKR Stadium next season. His deal with Lamborghini shows there are clear levels to NIL contracts as Robinson is rewarded for his talent on the pitch and his popularity in the sport.

3 out of 7

    Norfolk State University Athletics

    HBCU product Rayquan Smith evolved from “Norfolk State running back” to “King of NIL”. Smith is heading into his senior year having won over 70 NIL trades. Despite the disadvantages at FCS level, he is clearly one of the most established defenders of NIL rules.

    After playing with the Spartans for two seasons, he will give up his pad career and serve as a decathlete for Norfolk State, according to FanNation’s Kyle T. Mosley. Smith has turned his athletic ability into a growing source of income for himself, while teaching athletes across the country how the NIL rules really work.

    Although most of Smith’s contract deals have been short-term pacts with fashion apparel or accessory brands, he’s reportedly signed with national companies including Champs Sports, Body Armor and Arby’s.

    Smith recently received the “Hustle Award” from the NIL Summit Awards in June, given to the athlete most determined and willing to thrive in the NIL environment.

4 out of 7

    247 Sports

    Miami clerk Jaden Rashada may have turned into a multi-millionaire before taking an FBS-level shot. The 4-star prospect from Pittsburg, Calif., reportedly signed a $9.5 million contract with a recall from the Hurricanes in June.

    The highly touted rookie essentially caused a bidding war between Miami and Florida. After committing to head coach Mario Cristobal and the Canes, multiple reports surfaced that he turned down an $11 million offer from the Gators. The Florida collective was quick to deny their connection and said they had never been in communication with Rashada and his finance team.

    The mystery behind Rashada and his involvement in various programs in the state of Florida still raises a major debate over a player’s NIL value. One of the biggest problems with the NIL rules has been deciphering the contract value of every college player and every rookie.

    The NCAA made regulations when the NIL policy was recommended that it will not tolerate paid inducements from schools. Rashada and the collectives he was involved with in Gainesville and Miami have all declined to work with the deals, but the evidence appears to help prove his landmark contract may well be true.

5 out of 7

    John E. Moore III/Getty Images

    Texas State dominated the NIL landscape, with collective units and star players joining forces for millions of dollars in prize money. The Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies may have an edge over the Texas Tech Red Raiders on the court, but TTU has found a way to earn each of its fellows a base salary of $25,000 next season. .

    A group of Texas Tech alumni created a collective nonprofit earlier this year to help the Red Raiders compete against national programs while maintaining a consistent spending limit that wouldn’t cause disdain within the program. athletics, according to The Athletic.

    This will give every player the option to opt for a one-year salary if they agree to the terms of performing community service and working as a charity representative in the West Texas region. .

    The offer would include 85 scholarship athletes and 20 extras. Founding member of the Matador Club, Cody Campbell emphasized that the collective was a chance to show unity and family traits at Texas Tech, according to Max Olson of The Athletic:

    “The Matador Club’s goal will be to build the program for the long term and make sure the players at Texas Tech feel supported, comfortable and cared for so that ‘they can stay in the program, grow, become better football players and better people.’

6 out of 7

    Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke claimed ownership of a new BMW 750i in April. The Connecticut native will not receive the full car title, having agreed to a deal that sees him lease the BMW until he leaves the University of Miami, according to The Athletic.

    Some of the main incentives for local collectives will be to keep the stars within their program and create a sense of security and organization within the team.

    In his message of appreciation on Twitter, Van Dyke made sure to thank Rosenhaus Sports and Sarchione Auto Gallery for closing the deal. His agent, Shawn O’Dare, is known as a former Hurricanes wide receiver and current NFL agent who secured Van Dyke some of the most lucrative contracts in college football.

    At the time, Van Dyke’s deal to lease the car was one of the first deals with a flexible schedule that benefited the team.

    Van Dyke isn’t the only Hurricane to drive in style; Kansas State basketball transfer Nijel Pack was also promised a new car when he agreed to a two-year, $800,000 deal with LifeWallet. UM has created incredible opportunities for its student-athletes to thrive, and a rental opportunity that requires a player to stay with the program is awesome.

7 out of 7

    Brian Bahr/Getty Images

    The Oklahoma Sooners recently reached an agreement with Fanatics that would allow custom jerseys at the team store and online. Earlier fans will now have the option of designing blank football shirts, according to Pete Nakos. Some programs across the country like Florida and Alabama have created opportunities for fans to purchase jerseys of their favorite players, in partnership with the Jordan Brand and Fanatics, but OU fans will have the opportunity to acquire the shirt of anyone in the team.

    Oklahoma spent the majority of their time with NIL trying to please both fans and players. In addition to ensuring their student-athletes are in the best position to succeed financially, they have created multiple opportunities to grow their fanbase and players as a united group. The collectives around the Sooners and the alum who once wore the crimson and cream have generated wealth, from autograph events to off-season player experiences to game-day activities around campus.

    Their new deal with Fanatics may not be revolutionary in terms of benefiting the entire team or growing a huge cash influx, but they will likely benefit from their goal of satisfying all parties involved in the program. .

Public adjuster charged with fraud Plaintiffs took cash advances on commissions

A public adjustment company that has been cited by regulators in Texas and Louisiana for allegedly pocketing payments from insurers has also received cash advances from finance companies in recent months, according to documents obtained by the Claims Journal.

At least two factoring companies are seeking to recover payments made to Mitchell Adjusting International and a third company has obtained a collection judgment from a New York state court.

Insurance regulators in Texas and Louisiana last month sanctioned the company and its operators, Andrew Joseph Mitchell and his son Kade Austen Mitchell, for allegedly cashing more than $600,000 in checks intended for policyholders.

Steven Badger

Steven Badger, a partner at the Zelle law firm in Dallas, represents the insurers whose policyholders would have been victims of the scheme. He says the growing use of factoring companies by public valuers is a worrying trend.

“Initially, if a public adjuster has already sold their future commission, they have no incentive to continue working on the claim,” Badger said in an email. “This leads to an increase in the percentage of claims referred to lawyers, which slows down the resolution of claims.

“Furthermore, the amount of the factoring sale depends on the estimated value of future commissions. This leads public adjusters to grossly inflate their estimates to give the impression that they have large anticipated future commissions, which also slows claims settlement and leads to more claims ending up in litigation.

On June 22, the Texas Department of Insurance filed a petition with the State Office of Administrative Hearings seeking to revoke the public adjuster’s license issued to Andrew Joseph Mitchell, alleging that he stole insurer checks for the amount of $335,082.56 for seven insureds. On July 22, the Louisiana Department of Insurance suspended the public adjuster’s license issued to Kade Austen Mitchell, alleging he forged endorsement signatures on two checks totaling $267,000.

Online records maintained by the Texas Secretary of State’s office show Mitchell Adjusting International has received funding from several financial organizations over the past few months. On August 2 – after the company was cited by regulators in Texas and Louisiana – Mitchell International received funding from the Vitalcap Fund in New York. The financing statement filed under the Uniform Commercial Code does not disclose the amount owed, only that a lien is in place.

Corporation Service Co. in Springfield, Illinois filed a similar notice of lien on June 17, naming Mitchell Adjusting International and Kade Austen Mitchell. Westwood Funding Solutions in Hollywood, Florida filed a notice of lien on June 1. Eleven Capital in Brooklyn, New York filed a notice of lien against Mitchell International and several affiliates on May 18. CT Corporation System filed a notice of lien against Mitchell Adjusting and Andrew Joseph Mitchell. May 10.

State documents show that many other liens were filed and then terminated, which usually means the debt was paid. But some creditors say Mitchell Adjusting International owes them money.

On July 18, Kings County Superior Court issued a judgment requiring Mitchell Adjusting International and the Mitchells to pay Yes Capital Group $128,506.37. Yes Capital’s website describes it as an “investment banking boutique” that raises venture capital.

Other disputes may arise. The Claims Journal obtained a copy of a demand letter from New York attorney Tara N. Pomparelli, who represents 5G Funding. The letter seeks to recover $250,000 from Mitchell Adjusting International and the Mitchells. According to a “merchant cash advance agreement” attached to the letter, the Mitchells on May 19 sold $374,750 of “receivables” to 5G Funding in exchange for a cash advance of $220,000. They also owe a $30,000 fundraising fee, the letter says.

Badger said he has seen a significant increase in the number of public adjusters selling their future commissions. Lawmakers should put an end to this practice, he said.

“Public adjuster licensing laws should be amended to prohibit any factoring or sale by public adjusters of future commissions before they are earned, i.e. when payment of the claim is actually made” , did he declare. “There is nothing unreasonable in requiring public adjusters to actually earn their commissions by resolving claims.”

The Mitchells did not respond to emails sent to their work addresses. The company’s website is no longer active. Joseph Andrew Mitchell’s attorney, David W. Alexander, did not return phone calls.


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Are USMNT World Cup kits real or fake? Combing through the clues


Real or Fake USMNT World Cup Kits

USMNT 2022 World Cup kits have potentially leaked online, leaving many American fans (and soccer fans in general) hopeful that the images that have surfaced are not the real deal.

The images have surfaced on social media via the @usmntonly and @puertodelphian accounts, and show both the apparent home and away options for the Stars and Stripes:

USMNT Kit Leaks

Are these USA 2022 World Cup kits?

One of the images shows the two shirts folded up and surrounded by extra clothing, and this one certainly looks like a more professional promotional image:

While this is certainly a higher quality photo, there remains the question of the authenticity of these designs. With no official word from US Soccer or Nike, let’s take a look at the clues we can filter from the leaks to make an educated guess:

USMNT World Cup Kits: Real or Fake?

Some of the details in these leaked images could lead you to one or the other conclusion. The cut of the jersey with raglan sleeves and the curved trapezoidal shape below the neck on the front is on par with several Nike 2022 releases, such as Brazil away or Tottenham away. And the centered ridge, while not necessarily common, is not entirely unusual.

But then you have this extra seam on the sleeves, almost like a shoulder yoke on a hockey jersey, which I don’t think we’ve seen on any other Nike shirts recently. As you can see above, in the standalone image from the top of the White House, the clipped stripes on either side are uneven, with no red on the left side. And even on the right, it doesn’t match the more even width of the stripes you can see in the sharper photo, leading me to believe this could be an early, poorly made bootleg shirt. Sure, it’s possible they did an asymmetrical stripe design, but that would be a very odd choice.

Visible in the second image, you can make out a large Nike swoosh on the sleeve, which is a very unusual placement for a football shirt, at least one from Nike. While brands like Adidas, Kappa or Hummel have made placing their logo (or elements thereof) along the sleeves their trademark, this is very unusual for Nike who tend to put their trademark mark in the front on the chest.

In fact, that swoosh placement and stripe pattern almost makes the home top look like a certain gridiron football team:

Moving on to the blue away shirt, the cut is another variation of the raglan sleeve layout we’ve seen before, like on Liverpool’s 2022/23 away top.

The tie-dye pattern is vaguely reminiscent of Adidas’ 22/23 Leeds away strip, but much less in your face with psychedelia.

The most interesting detail is on the inside of the collar, the words “States United”. This might seem like a misprint and a telltale sign of a bad counterfeit, but if you look back at some of the training and fashion gear that US Soccer recently released with just the word “STATES” in it, it could be a smart and simple new one. marketing slogan for the 2022 USMNT World Cup race:


The verdict

First of all, do we think these are legitimate leaks? In the opinion of this observer: yes, this is more than likely what the United States will wear in November in Qatar. Enough details are consistent with other recent Nike releases that it’s likely we’re looking at the real deal.

So, assuming these are real, what do we think? Well, to put it mildly, I hope I’m wrong and these are fake images.

Rating: D

A big, big disappointment. It should be noted that we have yet to see the shorts/socks and name/number treatment that will accompany these shirts, but there is very little that can save these designs at this point.

Both look like workout shirts. Swap the crest for a generic “USA” brand and these would make for some nice knockoffs that you could see for $10 hanging on the rack at Ross Dress For Less™ (peace the good folks at Ross – I personally stocked my collection with many genuine kits at a very good price over the years there).

The silver lining of the fact that the US doesn’t really have a set look (think Argentinian stripes, Dutch orange, Croatian ladies, etc.) is that you have the freedom to do something a little different each time. Given the wide scope of creative freedom available to them, it’s disheartening how often Nike (USMNT outfitter since 1995) misses outright with red, white and blue.

While the United States has released a few notable new releases over the years (1994’s denim, 2012’s “Where’s Waldo”, 2014’s “Bomb Pop”, among others), nothing has ever quite stood out like a true great see. For me, the closest thing to it is the 2010/11 belt collection, and the refined and simple beauty of the 2013 centenary kit and its magnificent large embroidered crest. But even among the random library of American looks, the apparent highs of 2022 are definitely at the bottom of the pile.

What do you think? Are these the real thing? And if so, do you like them? Let us know where you’d rank them among the USMNT’s all-time closet in the comments.

And check out the official World Cup kits for Qatar 2022 to see what you think of the confirmed kits.

Panthers fans rate their satisfaction (or lack thereof) with Tepper


CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – SEPTEMBER 12: Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper looks on before the game against the New York Jets at Bank of America Stadium on September 12, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about the Panthers over the past year, I think my feelings about David Tepper are well known and well documented. But confirmation bias is always nice. From the team’s dismal success since Tepper bought them to the Rock Hill debacle, it doesn’t make many friends in the Carolinas. Not to mention the many Tepper Sports executives who have left in recent months.

Tepper took over the team in 2018 and since then they are 22-43. It’s hard to believe that less than 10 years ago we were 15-1 in the regular season and made a Super Bowl appearance. As Tepper enters his fifth season as owner, BetCarolina.com wanted to know what fans think of Tepper. So they polled 125 Carolina Panthers fans on the r/Panthers Reddit page using Survey Monkey to get Tepper’s current approval rating as a team owner.

Even under former owner Jerry Richardson, the team never staged back-to-back winning seasons. But in 2017 the team went 11-5 only to follow that with 5 consecutive losing seasons. It’s understandable that a team struggles, especially with a new manager. But the record combined with Tepper’s horrific background in the community just doesn’t sit well with me. And clearly not many of those who were interviewed either. Listen, I wish I was wrong and this ends up being a great decision on the part of the team. And if that happens, I’ll be the first to admit my error in judgment. I hope the addition of Baker Mayfield and Ikem Ekwonu at left tackle will put some spark in the attack. The season officially starts in less than a month and I hope to be pleasantly surprised!

Galaxy agrees to 3-year sponsorship extension with Herbalife

The Galaxy has reached an agreement with Herbalife Nutrition on a multi-million dollar, multi-year sponsorship renewal that will keep the dietary supplement company on the front of the team jersey. According to the Sports Business Journal, the five-year extension is worth more than $7 million per season, compared to $4.4 million per year for the 10-year contract that expires this season.

The Galaxy’s partnership with Herbalife dates back to 2005, making it the longest running jersey sponsorship deal in professional team sports history in the United States.

The company logo will continue to appear on the chest of primary and secondary team kits, in all general training and club apparel, on academy and Galaxy II shirts, and on select retail, according to the company.

Herbalife will also provide the club with dedicated dietitians and personalized player nutrition programs.

As part of the extension, an additional $1.25 million will be donated to the Joint Partnership Fund, which promotes football, healthy living and nutrition education in underserved communities. Over the past decade, the Galaxy and Herbalife claim to have given more than $2.5 million to global communities in need.

CJ Abrams era begins with Nats rallying to beat Cubs

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CJ Abrams didn’t have that moment for Nationals Park to hang on to Monday night. Running to shortstop for the first inning, hearing a faint ovation before his first at bat in a Washington uniform, that should be enough. Otherwise, in an opener that followed Abrams landing here in the eight-man trade that sent Juan Soto and Josh Bell to the San Diego Padres, Abrams made a solid game and some routine plays, recorded a throwing error and hit one in five times. smooth plaque appearances.

Mixed results are expected from a 21-year-old player. For the last-place Nationals, in that 5-4 win over the Chicago Cubs, Abrams’ presence meant the most. That he recorded the final wasn’t too bad either.

Abrams’ promotion to the majors was accelerated when 22-year-old Luis García suffered a left groin injury over the weekend. Prior to the series opener, García went on the 10-day injured list. Abrams has been activated as the shortstop of the present and, ideally, the long-term future. The debut of one of five key players scored for Soto and Bell was ultimately eclipsed by the 10 strikeouts of Josiah Gray and Nelson Cruz, who capped a comeback and a three-run game RBI with his first homer since the June 25.

“It’s super exciting,” Gray said of Abrams playing behind him. coming years.”

Prior to Monday, Abrams had played just 160 professional games since being drafted sixth overall in 2019. And before that, he was a star shortstop for Blessed Trinity Catholic High in Roswell, Georgia, a kid who chose baseball but could have thrived in football. or basketball too.

Why the rebuilding Nationals added outfielder Alex Call

Knowing his age, Dave Martinez wants to bring Abrams slowly. The manager plans to beat him further up the order — maybe even first — but settled for seventh against the Cubs and starter Marcus Stroman. When Abrams arrived at Nationals Park, he was joined by José Alguacil, the club’s minor league interior coordinator who became familiar with Abrams on Class AAA Rochester. Washington is now accustomed to arrivals at the end of the summer of prospects acquired in successful transactions.

First it was Gray who made his debut for the Nationals at 23 last August. A few weeks later, Keibert Ruiz, receiver for Gray on Monday, was promoted at 23 and took his position. And then here comes Abrams, another potential cornerstone in the middle, soft-spoken and fresh-faced and swimming a bit in his No. 5 jersey.

“That’s what we talked about going forward, some of our youngsters, and now we’re seeing some of that here,” Martinez said. “And that really excites me a lot… watching these guys all play together and grow together. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be work, a lot of work. But it’s going to be fun.

Washington (39-78) didn’t do business with Abrams, Gray or Ruiz — or MacKenzie Gore, Robert Hassell III or James Wood — to win in the closing months of a totally lost season. The goal is to have them compete as a core, on a beefed-up roster with free agent signings, in the coming months of September and October. Dreams are both fuzzy and big.

Preparing them as a group will therefore be a critical process. One difference with Abrams, however, is that he joined the Nationals with 35 major league starts. Earlier this season, the Padres sped him up to replace the injured Fernando Tatis Jr., throwing Abrams right into the fire. The pressure was high. He posted a .232 batting average, .285 on-base percentage and .320 hitting percentage, a dazzling promise while leaving more to be desired.

But more, anything, wouldn’t come with the Padres. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo originally asked Abrams in talks for Max Scherzer at the 2021 trade deadline. The Padres declined, Scherzer went to the Dodgers and Abrams was still there for the six-man package that materialized for Soto and Bell on August 2.

Perspective: Washington might cry, but baseball is better with a happy Juan Soto

Unpacking the trade that afternoon, Rizzo outlined his midfield build plan: Gore on the mound, Abrams at shortstop, Hassell at center with Wood on either side of him. Martinez has already told García that when he returns from IL he will move up to second and be Abrams’ double play partner. Ruiz could be a cornerstone behind the plate. The hope is that Gray will be a fixture in the rotation, even though Ian Happ’s two homers took his season total to 31 allowed, the most in the majors.

If that vision turns into reality — if it’s in 2024, in 2025, if it happens at all — defending Abrams in a top job will be crucial. In the first inning Monday, Cubs leadoff hitter Nick Madrigal threw a pitch to the left of Abrams, forcing him to pitch hard for the out. But in the fourth, Abrams’ defense turned into an adventure. He lined up a runaway chopper and sent an air throw to first, putting Franmil Reyes in second with a two base error. To retire the next batter, Nico Hoerner, Abrams’ off-target pitch required a long period from first baseman Luke Voit. Abrams then helped Hunter Harvey out of a seventh-inning jam by going into a shallow cross and throwing a cross throw to Voit, showing his potential and likely preventing the tying run from scoring.

Since trading Trea Turner a year ago, the Nationals have had a huge shortstop void, one García has never been ready to fill. And while it will take much longer than nine innings to see if Abrams is the answer, nine innings was a necessary start.

“I mean, everybody cares about me,” Abrams said Monday afternoon when asked about his thoughts on his new organization. So add underestimates to the scouting report.