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It’s fluid basketball fans

It’s fluid basketball fans

PoppersTM. Logo for basketball enthusiasts.

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Do not forget to put your weight on the hoops that are equipped with the Poppers Basketball Net

February 18 2022

Poppersworld, Inc. has been delighted to present the brand-new Poppers Basketball Net which can be easily customized to showcase an iconic celebrity, tribute to a loved player local to the area or community team or high school alma mater , and can even make a desirable memento or a an heirloom. Poppersworld, Inc. proudly selected Stahls to make use of their hotronix technology for creating stunning pictures that will be printed on Poppers basketball nets due to their foundation of innovation in products and services for hot stamping.

Poppers is an innovative basketball net that increases the visual, sound and mental aspect to the basketball game. Poppers, a patent-pending product, will bring more excitement to basketball enthusiasts of all ages because of its amazing sound each time. where the basketball player plays and shoots by getting into contact with our distinctive leather strips that are securely fixed at the base part of the net. Poppers basketball nets can be used for training purposes as a tool. Poppers is both a visual and audio aid that will aid players of all levels concentrate on consistently shooting their ball through the net. Girls and boys, women and men can utilize this tool to improve their basketball skills.

This sophisticated equipment permits the display of complete faces of players from the NBA or WNBA high school, college athletes, local players or even your own image or your team. child. Furthermore the team colors as well as signatures, jersey numbers and team colors can be used to enrich, stimulate and personalize the unique item. Indeed, players have asked fans to play with Poppers to show their photos along with their signatures, jerseys, and jerseys. Poppersworld Inc. is pleased to present that we have launched the Poppers Basketball Net that features Detroit Pistons NBA Basketball Champion Rick Mahorn, known at the time as one of the “bad boys”.

Embellishing logos of teams from any college is another unique function which Poppersworld Inc. is happy to provide. It is the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) has granted the company the exclusive right to design and create this unique basketball net that features the logos and colors of teams from universities and colleges for the fans and alumni of their preferred schools.

Poppers Net Poppers Net, with a design that is collegiate is a great product that represents what the university is all about. It also inspires pride and acceptance for the numerous supporters and supporters who are rooted in their school of choice today as well as for the students who will be a part of their families. collegiate legacies. International players are sure to appreciate adding their flags and their photo along with their jersey and signature on Poppers Network. Poppers Network as international basketball tournaments get closer.

The basketball nets of Poppers can also be used for training tool. Girls and boys, women and males can benefit from this item to improve your basketball skills. Poppers have been introduced in recreation centers and gyms across the globe and have been a hit with children and amateurs and many professionals. In the end, players of all levels are sure to enjoy the game. Our primary goal is to help young players to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong, so that they are able to grow and realize their goals.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Make them be able to hear it!

Poppersworld Inc., headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, was founded to produce Poppers basketball nets, Poppers basketball net as well as other products related to basketball.

Poppersworld is proud to support organizations such as ALERT (Athletes Learning Educational Resources Training, National PAL (Police Athletic League) and The Saint Detroit, Sam Washington Foundation Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Midwest Athletics and the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department Holcombe Rucker Park https://youtu.be/DBsLxqH-0bQ Poppersworld is pleased to also support other charities such as Chicago Scholars and After School Matters For more product information, contact Poppersworld Inc., Vice-President President of Marketing, Bob Friedman at Bob @poppersworld.com or visit http://www.poppersworld.com/

Please visit Poppersworld on Twitter and Facebook https://m.facebook.com/poppersworld

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‘Koha Shoes’, the shoe bank that helps parents keep their children in sport

Bex Gardiner estimates the number of boots donated over the past two years to be several hundred and

Matthew Hampson / Stuff

Bex Gardiner estimates the number of donated boots, over the past two years, to be in the hundreds and “climbing up there” in the thousands.

After leading his son’s rugby team in 2020, Bex Gardiner soon realized that many people in Marlborough couldn’t afford boots for their children.

So she did something about it. And now, well…

“My garage looks like a hoard,” Gardiner said, as she showed the dozens of boots lying around in boxes.

Gardiner said it started when she decided to ask around if anyone had spare rugby boots, or even running shoes he wasn’t using, so she could pass them on. to families in difficulty.

* “Youth friendly” employers helping job seekers connect to the workplace
* Surplus hospital land in Blenheim sold for affordable housing project
* Marlborough mussel farms suspend harvest following toxic algae bloom

“Parents were pulling their kids out of rugby and every kind of sport imaginable because people just weren’t able to afford luxury items like sports equipment,” she said.

“If you have a family of five [or more] …it’s not affordable, especially if you have more than one child playing sports, it’s a worry on people’s minds.

Gardiner receives donations of rugby boots and sports equipment to give to struggling families.

Matthew Hampson / Stuff

Gardiner receives donations of rugby boots and sports equipment to give to struggling families.

The mother of four then set up the “Koha Shoes” Facebook page.

“I was pretty overwhelmed with all the things that happened, I’m still overwhelmed,” she said.

“This community we live in is so amazing, I’ve had people give me random money and say please use it however you want, so the children in the community received brand new boots.”

When the junior rugby season started at Marlborough earlier this month, Gardiner said coaches showed up and grabbed ‘as many pairs as they could’ but his garage was still full with around 70 pairs of rugby boots.

Gardiner says some of the donated boots are new or have only been worn for one season.

Matthew Hampson / Stuff

Gardiner says some of the donated boots are new or have only been worn for one season.

Over the past two years, Gardiner has estimated the number of donated boots to be in the hundreds and thousands.

“Some of them have been worn for a season, if that. Some of them are brand new.

It wasn’t just rugby boots either, as Gardiner said she received football boots, hockey boots, cricket gear, sportswear and even food.

She said a man dropped her a collection of rugby shirts last week who originally intended to sell them online, but saw the Koha Shoes page and decided to give them to Gardiner to pass on to families in need.

“We are just a little overwhelmed by the generosity of the community. It’s amazing, really, there are great humans in this town.

Hundreds of boots have already been donated and distributed to families in need since 2020.

Matthew Hampson / Stuff

Hundreds of boots have already been donated and distributed to families in need since 2020.

Gardiner, who “didn’t really like being recognized,” said she started leaving pairs of boots at her front door, so people could try them on and pick them up without having to knock.

“I sometimes have to tell people not to leave their shoes outside the door or someone might pick them up,” she said.

Gardiner wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Marlborough community for their continued generosity and for continuing to donate.

“We just want to keep him alive, we just want to keep him as much as possible.”

People in need of boots or wanting to donate can contact Gardiner through the Koha Shoes Facebook page.

“No discrimination, if you need a hand send me a message,” she said.

Gardiner also wanted to thank Te Pātaka, an organization formed in response to the first Covid lockdown in 2020 which gave whānau in Te Tauihu food, care packages and support as another struggling place whānau in Marlborough could go get help.

Nhl Nashville Predators and Identiv Collaborate to Deliver Fully Authenticated Fan Experience

The Nashville Predators are Identiv and collectID’s latest chance to combine embeddable NFC tags for the life of the garment into a memorable fan experience.

Fremont, California: Identiv, the global leader in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT), has formed a collaboration with collectID to enable authentication and a connected brand experience with a limited-edition US NHL jersey ( National Hockey League) Nashville Predators commemorating the retirement of legendary No. 35 goaltender Pekka Rinne.

The jerseys include an integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) tag intended for long-term marketing engagement with fans who can scan the tag and opt-in to access unique content and offers. The tags authenticate the shirts while providing an engaging fan experience via the IoT, allowing them to digitally connect with the club.

The Nashville Predators are Identiv and collectID’s latest chance to combine embeddable NFC tags for the life of the garment into a memorable fan experience. Embedded NFC tags for the life of the garment provide product identification, verification and fan interaction experience.

Based on NXP NTAG 424 DNA chips, Identiv has chosen NFC tags with the highest level of security. The innovative antenna design and tag conversion allow for simple integration into jerseys and other garments, as well as the ability to withstand harsh wash and dry cycles. NTAG 424 DNA NFC tags are also suitable for anti-counterfeiting and proof of ownership, while delivering a personalized experience in every interaction and connecting brand and customer more closely through every unique digital experience.

Identiv’s RFID and NFC solutions authenticate identities and security in the Internet of Things. They are integrated into billions of common products such as medical equipment, books, toys, sportswear, perishables and medicines. The development of NFC, MedTech and pharma applications, authentication, the fight against counterfeiting and brand protection, tracking, cold chain, detection, ecological and UHF solutions allow them to build their products, their ecosystems and their experiences.

🌱 Youth Hockey Summer Clinic + Post Office Career Fair

Hello, people of Strongsville! It’s me again, Sean Peek, your host of the Strongsville Daily.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Warmer with some sun. High: 80 Low: 67.

Here are the top three stories in Strongsville today:

  1. The Cleveland Monsters’ annual summer youth hockey clinic will return to OBM Arena this summer. The clinic will run from July 25 to July 28. All participants will receive on-ice instruction from Jock Callander – Stanley Cup Champion. Special Monsters jerseys and water bottles will be provided. (Cleveland Monsters)
  2. The Strongsville Post Office will hold a job fair on Saturday. The fair is intended to fill carrier assistant openings. The starting salary for the position is $18.92 per hour. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (cleveland.com)
  3. The City of Strongsville will be holding a medical supply drive on May 21 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Supplies will be donated to MedWish. Click the link for the full list of supplies that will be collected during the event. Please do not bring prescription medications or expired supplies. (Town of Strongsville)

From our sponsor:

Today’s newsletter is brought to you in part by Ring, a partner of the Patch brand. Whether you’re working from home or streaming your favorite movies, the new Ring Alarm Pro gives you an internet connection you can rely on, while keeping your home safe.

To learn more about the innovative security system, or to build your own custom system, you can visit Ring here.

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers announce they will pick No. 14 in the 2022 NBA Draft. The event will take place on June 23. (Instagram)
  • The Cleveland Clinic reports that a new study found an increase in emergency room visits and hospitalizations related to pediatric heart failure. Click for the full report. (Instagram)
  • The Strongsville Police Department reminds the community to lock doors to prevent theft. Don’t make yourself an easy target. (Facebook)

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow morning for another update!

Sean Peek

About me: Sean Peek is a writer and entrepreneur with a degree in English Literature from Weber State University. Over the years, he has worked as a writer, editor, SEO specialist and marketing manager for various digital media companies. He is currently co-owner and operator of content creation agency Lightning Media Partners.

Luke DeCock: Why the Hurricanes’ recipe for a win over Rangers sings a familiar refrain |


RALEIGH, NC — Along the same lines that we’re doomed to repeat the same stupid timeline over and over again off the ice — a New York broadcaster using the word “hillbilly” to describe the Carolina Hurricanes, and even before the series begins – chances are the second round will look a lot like the first for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Opponent loaded with elite talent on his first two lines? To verify.

A dangerous power play that will stress Hurricanes discipline? To verify.

Trophy-caliber defender Norris runs the show? To verify.

Best goaltender in the NHL? Well, it sure is different.

Besides the presence of Igor Shesterkin in net, the biggest difference between the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers might be that the Bruins were a little heavier and the Rangers are a little more balanced between their top six forwards. , but the Hurricanes’ recipe for success hasn’t really changed: Jordan Staal’s line will likely take on the challenge of Mika Zibanejad and Chris Kreider, the Hurricanes will have to watch their temper and stick and stay out of the box repair, and the advantage of the Hurricanes is their depth on the four lines.

Shesterkin is a massive upgrade over Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman, and it will be another test for the Hurricanes, but there is plenty of room for improvement in all areas of their game from the first round. Their powerplay needs to be better, their powerplay needs to be better (and less often invoked) and there needs to be more of an offensive threat from all four lines, especially on the road where the Hurricanes can’t control the matchups.

“The goalie is huge,” Hurricanes coach Rod Brind’Amour said. “He’s big for them and allows them to play that aggressive, attacking style that they have. They are dangerous all the time. The special teams, the power play, they have an elite group. There is cause for concern. »

Max Domi’s performance in Game 7 is a good example of how the Hurricanes win at their best, but the Canes still need more of the Sebatian Aho-Andrei Svechnikov-Seth Jarvis line, and everyone needs to do a better job of converting to five -five dominance not only on scoring chances, but also on goals.

That hasn’t changed since the first round. The opposing jerseys are different. The goalkeeper will probably be better. There are more familiar faces on either side. But the global mission has not changed. The Hurricanes will have to beat the Rangers the same way they eventually beat the Bruins, absorbing their offense and wearing them down at even strength. And if they want to win in less than seven games this time around, they will also have to convert on the power play at critical moments.

“A big thing for this series is going to be staying out of the box, just like Boston,” Hurricanes defenseman Brady Skjei said. “They had a great power play and so did the Rangers. This is something that we absolutely need to focus on.

If this all sounds a little too familiar…it is.

This is not the only story that repeats itself. Howie Rose, the former New York Islanders broadcaster who should know more, tweeted on Tuesday that the Hurricanes’ policy of restricting ticket sales to local zip codes was “Barney Fife hillbilly baloney,” not to mention that many teams, including the New York Yankees, do as well.

The story he referred to involved the Hurricanes struggling to sell tickets, just days after the team set a PNC Arena record for hockey in a Game 7 win over the Bruins, nearly 1000 more than the stated capacity.

The good folks at the Triangle have at least made it through the Boston Series without being called “goobers” or “hicks” by the Boston Globe, and it only took four playoffs over 13 years. And it’s been 20 years since Mitch Albom made a fool of himself with his despicable “Moonshine and me” column that played on all the cheap, lazy stereotypes he could borrow from anyone else.

This stuff is as dumb as it is boring, all covered in the same kind of ignorant elitism that sometimes comes from fringe elements of the Canadian media. You never hear that kind of talk during, say, the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, for whatever reason.

And those who are so quick to disparage should remember that references to Mayberry can go both ways. N&O headline after Hurricanes win in Detroit opener: ‘Shazam!’

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Apple will let App Store developers quietly squeeze you for extra cash

Apple has told App Store developers that they will now be able to automatically pass on subscription price increases to consumers.

Previously, when a subscription price was increased, subscribers had to opt-in by tapping the “Accept new price” icon before the price increase was applied, otherwise the subscription would not renew at the next billing period.

The change is sure to alarm some App Store customers. However, Apple has reassured users that the new change to its payment system will only work under certain specific conditions and with notice.

App Store Subscriptions

Apple says the specific terms of this change to its merchant services are that the price increase occur no more than once a year, no more than $5, and 50% of the subscription price, or $50 and 50% for an annual subscription price, and is permitted by local law.

Users will be notified in advance of the increase in these situations via email, push notification or in-app message.

Apple says the current system has resulted in some services being unintentionally terminated for users, meaning they have to take steps to resubscribe in the app.

This isn’t the first App Store update from the consumer tech giant that is unlikely to be welcomed with open arms.

For example, the company recently announced that developers of smartphone apps that have not been updated in the past three years will receive an email telling them that their app has been flagged for removal from the App Store.

This decision has caused the ire of many developers, who claim that many applications can exist in a complete form and do not require repeated updates.

Benefits of Baseball and Basketball Uniforms by Affordable Uniforms Online

If you’re a coach, you know how important custom baseball and basketball uniforms are to creating a winning team culture. Not only do these uniforms boost player self-esteem, but they also raise funds for your team.

Below are some of the benefits of custom baseball and basketball uniforms. You can create a unique culture by focusing on the details of uniforms.

Custom baseball and basketball uniforms can create a team culture

If you’re the youth baseball organizer, you know spring is right around the corner. As spring begins to warm up, you’ll want to think of ways to make games more exciting for kids. One way to achieve this is to make their uniforms look the part. Kids can feel like real ballplayers in a stylish set of uniforms, which will help them develop a love of baseball that will last far beyond their playing days.

Uniforms are a great way to show team spirit. Baseball uniforms are customizable and can be screen printed or heat pressed with the team logo or name. Custom baseball apparel, such as custom baseball caps, is a great way to promote the team and its logo. Custom baseball jerseys and apparel can also be customized to display team colors and logos. Uniforms and apparel are a great way to display team spirit and culture and promote the team.

Motivate players

Purchasing uniforms for your team is essential for physical and mental well-being. Getting the right baseball and basketball uniforms will boost player motivation. With a wide range of sportswear and uniforms to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your team. If you are looking to purchase uniforms for your team, consider ordering from Affordable Uniforms Online. You will find baseball uniforms and basketball uniforms at affordable prices.

The most important part of a team uniform is comfort. It needs to have the right material and design for gamers to play comfortably and focus. Baseball jerseys should be made of high quality, sweat-absorbent material. They should be comfortable and promote team unity. Affordable Uniforms Online baseball and basketball uniforms have comfort and style in mind. They also offer quality baseball and basketball uniforms and accessories, such as shoes and protectors. Whether playing at home or away, players can feel motivated and focused when wearing a jersey that represents their favorite team.

Boost self-esteem

Sports equipment can boost self-esteem in young athletes. Having a nice uniform on game day and during practice gives a player the confidence to show off their skills and get the job done. Buying the right sports equipment and accessories can boost self-esteem. Basketball jerseys and accessories from Affordable Uniforms Online can boost self-esteem and give players a sense of class. Affordable Uniforms Online also offers custom jerseys for basketball players that add class to their look and boost their self-esteem.

Help raise funds

One of the most popular ways to fundraise for your team is to sell baked goods. Bake sales can be organized by team members or the whole team, and they’re a great way to get a group of fans together and raise money for uniforms. You can even hold several bake sales during the season, including at the end of the season. Fundraisers are great ways to build team spirit and help fill a gap in your team’s funding.

Using local sponsors is the easiest way to fundraise for sports uniforms. Local businesses are always looking for new ways to promote their business, and sports fans are prime targets for advertising opportunities. If a local business is willing to sponsor your team, consider placing their logo on your uniforms as an added incentive. If possible, try to find local businesses related to your sport, including local restaurants or sports fans.

Media Contact
Company Name: Affordable Uniforms Online
Contact person: Scott McDaniel
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 602.730.7252
Address:Box 21741
City: Mesa
State: Arizona 85277
Country: United States
Website: https://affordableuniformsonline.com/

The 10 Celtics and Bucks players most likely to meet in Game 7 moment


Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jayson Tatum fought an epic battle on both sides of the ball throughout a well-contested series.

BOSTON— This is game 7, where reputations are made and reputations are broken. Where you make your name, which is more significant than your fame. Where exploits are glorified and mistakes magnified. Where you step forward or step aside. Where heroes demand the ball and others flee the spotlight.

Sunday marks that moment for the Celtics and Bucks, those teams that have carried us through six compelling basketball games. It raised the drama and made us wonder if the Eastern Conference Finals — heck, the NBA Finals — could possibly be this entertaining.

“You’ve got two behemoths getting into it,” Celtics guard Marcus Smart said.

Want to know how close this conference semi-final is? Nobody has won two games in a row. And forget the series for a moment, how did Boston gain home-court advantage? Oh yeah: The Bucks rested players in their final regular-season game, which helped them avoid the Nets in the first round. But in the process, the Bucks tied a record with Boston, costing them a chance to host Game 7 in the second tiebreaker. And here we are.

“Let’s do it,” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said. “It’s exciting.”

The winner, or rather the survivor, on Sunday can move on, while the loser will certainly wonder where it all went wrong. There’s a lot at stake: The Bucks could lose their defending champion status, the Celtics could lose all the momentum they’ve built since January, when they started winning more than any other team.

“The two best words in basketball are ‘Game 7,'” Celtics guard Jaylen Brown said.

So: which players will most factor into this win-win? And in what order? Based on how they’ve played this series, here’s a look at the top 10 who are most likely to have a moment and help the cause, starting with the most obvious:

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

What else should he do? Giannis has three games of 40 points and 10 rebounds in this series alone. He is, by far, the most impactful Buck and the centerpiece of it all. He is also the most instrumental player in this series; this game will largely be decided on its performance. A 50-piece is a very real possibility, and the Bucks could need one too, just like they did in last summer’s NBA Finals closing game. For the Celtics, the trick is to get out front whenever Giannis charges to the rim, either making offensive fouls or distracting him just enough that he misses.

2. Jayson Tatum

Chasing History: Superstar Duel Giannis and Tatum in Game 6

This series is stamped and cemented as Tatum’s Superstar Turn; this game could very well put him in the penthouse of today’s greatest players. Also, Tatum could be part of Celtic Lore if he delivers something like he did in Game 6 (46 points) and the Celtics lead. Celtic lore is rich in Game 7 heroes; no need to list them because after 75 years and 16 championships you know who they are. Tatum seems determined not to let anything or anyone stop him from advancing to the next round in style.

3. Al Horford

Celtics veteran Al Horford scores a playoff career-high 30 points — including 16 in the 4th quarter — to help Boston win Game 4 of the series in Milwaukee.

We’ll all get what Horford has been drinking in recent weeks as the 35-year-old has come from the bottomless pit (76ers, OKC) to rejuvenate not just his career, but the Celtics in this series. Remember, he delivered a new playoff career high in this series, had a monster dunk on Giannis in this series, and locked him down defensively like never before… in this series. Did anyone see that coming from Big Al? No hands? I thought so.

4. Jaylen Brown

Aside from his absent Game 1 (4 FG, 7 TO), Brown has been a strong complement to Tatum and even – for brief periods – the best player. He’s shooting 44.2 percent from deep, averaging 7.2 rebounds and looking for moments to hurt Milwaukee. If the ball comes back to him late in Game 7, no one in Boston will hold their breath. And Tatum won’t hesitate to seek him out if the double team arrives; a clear sign of the respect he has for Brown. “I expect to be part of a great game,” Brown said of Sunday.

5. Jrue Holiday

NBABreakdown: Jrue Holiday’s Stunning Game 5 Closing Defense

It might surprise you to know that Holiday has struggled with shooting this series, shooting just 35.3% overall, which is magnified due to the absence of sharp shooting guard Khris Middleton. But that imperfection gets lost because of the game-changing plays Holiday makes on both ends. For this game, he will have to be more precise, given the offensive demands of Giannis, and also try to slow down Tatum. In that sense, he might have the toughest job of anyone in this game.

6. Smart Marcus

Yes, he had a bad two-minute streak at the end of Game 5 that haunted him for a few days, and sometimes he tries to push his limits offensively, but don’t get me wrong: Smart is a reliable two-way player when it matters most. He’s not afraid of the moment, which is exactly the type of player you want in a Game 7. And he’ll be needed as a layer of defense against Giannis while keeping an eye on Holiday. He bounced back from his Game 5 slump, racking up 21 points, five rebounds, seven assists and – perhaps most importantly – 0 turnovers, proof of his determination and grit. “I am the heart and soul of this team, and I try to be that for them,” he said.

7.Grant Williams

This is where it gets uncertain for the Celtics. Williams played superbly in the early games and then fell dramatically. The Celtics don’t care much if he doesn’t hit the mark (he has two points in the last two games after averaging 11.8 in the first four), but Williams must avoid making cheap fouls every times Giannis loads the rim. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Still, Williams’ defensive presence looms large in this result.

8. Bobby Portis

Budenholzer had two puzzles as a coach: why did he keep George Hill down for 19 minutes (instead of Jevon Carter) in Game 6, and why did he not allow Was it only 15 minutes in the Game 4 loss? Aside from Giannis, Portis is the Bucks’ most energetic big man, a frantic rebounder who proved that with a crucial outing in Game 5. Milwaukee will need him to mix things up, like he did then. (15 rebounds) and concentrate his attack. near the edge, instead of the 3-point line.

9. Pat Connaughton

Grayson Allen was horrible, missing shots, passing others and doing more harm than good. This only increases Connaughton’s importance to be the designated supporting goalscorer, the one whose success can keep Allen on the bench. Connaughton is a good floor spacer and decent around the basket (he’s a former AT&T Slam Dunk competitor). He had some big moments for the Bucks last summer in the NBA Finals, proof that he’s not scared, but has been average in this series. This is where Middleton’s absence hits hard.

10. Derrick White

He’s averaging 32.1 minutes in the last three games — proof that Boston will put him on the floor, especially in critical times — after seeing just 21.8 in the first three games. White has been a mixed bag since arriving mid-season; his shooting from depth to start was mediocre (21.6% in his first 17 games in Boston, then 48.6% in the last nine of the regular season) but he is active, does not hide and seeks to move the things.

* * *

Shaun Powell covered the NBA for over 25 years. You can email him here, find his archive here, and follow him on Twitter.

The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs, or Turner Broadcasting.

Souhan: Reality hits hard – that Wild team wasn’t that special

The Wild looked so promising.

A promising season, a promising series, a promising plan.

Through three games of its first-round playoff series against the Blues, the Wild led 2-1, having beaten St. Louis 11-7.

From that point on, the Wild lost three straight games by a combined score of 15-5.

The team held a 2-1 lead with five minutes remaining in the second period of Game 5. She was outscored 9-1 in the final 90 minutes of the series.

He is now facing typical fan reactions to the meltdown.

“They choked.”

And/or: “They need a goalkeeper.”

Both views are correct. Both, as explanations for their collapse, are incomplete.

While Marc-Andre Fleury and Cam Talbot should have done better, they weren’t the reason the Wild stopped scoring or Kevin Fiala disappeared.

It was an epic team meltdown, and it happened even as Kirill Kaprizov continued to establish himself as one of the game’s greats.

Why would the Wild, a highly skilled, high-scoring team, suddenly stop producing goals when it mattered most?

St. Louis played a tougher style and wore down the Wild’s smaller players.

Many of Minnesota’s top players — including Jared Spurgeon, Matt Dumba and Mats Zuccarello — are undersized. It’s hard to play hockey when you’re getting pushed around by your goalie, and it’s hard to play goalie when you can’t see anything but the nameplates on Blues jerseys.

It’s not even about hitting. If Marcus Foligno continues to play this way, hockey will steal the term “slugging percentage” from baseball to measure its effectiveness.

It is a matter of mass, strength and territory. The Blues continued to rely on the Wild, and the Wild wore down to the point where player skills evaporated.

It’s a depressing reality to face, as these players were so entertaining all season, playing a fast, crisp style that freed up their best stickhandlers to make creative plays. It’s a style of hockey that we would like to see rewarded.

Now the Wild face a typical Minnesota sporting dilemma: Are you making dramatic changes because of a three-game losing streak? Or do you hope a playoff loss proves enlightening and energizing for a team that looked so promising just two weeks ago?

Wild general manager Bill Guerin can’t overreact to a playoff loss because there’s no guarantee the Wild will face the Blues or a team like them again in the playoffs. The way the teams compete is essential but unpredictable.

He needs to find a guardian he trusts. It’s easier said than done, but it has to be done. Fleury hasn’t played well enough for the Wild to re-sign him, and Talbot’s midseason drop and lackluster performance in Game 6 makes him suspect as more than a replacement.

Guerin correctly judged his team at the trading deadline, adding size in the form of Jacob Middleton and Nicolas Deslauriers. Middleton was a plus-6 in the series; Deslauriers was 3 under.

Guerin’s task is to add effective size to his roster without slowing his pace of play.

He has at his disposal the best player in the history of the franchise in Kaprizov.

He has a typical Wild team in terms of playoff play.

For all its marketing success and popularity, the Wild has been a mediocre franchise since the summer of 2003.

A strong regular-season showing doesn’t change that, not when you’re outscored 9-1 in the final 90 minutes of a first-round playoff loss.

Coach Dean Evason was right when he destroyed the Wild’s flawed power play. But the Wild failed in almost every category against the Blues.

While Ryan Suter and Zach Parise eat the payroll, Guerin and Evason will have to solve some of their problems without leaving the organization. The power play should be tuned internally, given the skills available on this roster.

This particular Wild team shouldn’t be equated with every other Wild playoff failure or Minnesota’s collapse. But this Wild team has failed to prove that they are different or special.

With #2 overall, the focus shouldn’t be on positional need


It’s an interesting dynamic. With the New Jersey Devils winning the toss for the fourth time in the last 11 years, the third time in the last 6 drafts, it’s been a super exciting time. I jumped out of my seat when I saw the Flyers logo flip for the 5th overall pick, and knew the Devils had won the lottery yet again. Three top 2 picks in 6 years is huge; the first two picks have already proven to be slam dunks, and if the next one is too, that means a serious chance of having a legitimate contender in New Jersey in the near and maybe not even that near future. Now we know top picks don’t guarantee anything, just look at Edmonton for proof. Their back-to-back picks of Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov did the minimum to transform their franchise. But if you can make the right calls and the Devils are 2-2 so far, that means a return to legitimacy.

However, at the same time, you hope the team won’t be able to win the lottery again anytime soon. Winning the lottery means the team isn’t in the playoffs, isn’t competing, isn’t the playoff contender you’re looking for. And a lot of people thought this year’s team might be a contender, so it’s a giveaway that comes with some caveats.

Because of that last point, and because New Jersey, on paper, is poised to really turn the corner and compete for playoff glory soon, many will want to use this pick to fill a need right now. . Stephen already talked about this the other day and why trading the pick for a goalie right now isn’t a good idea. I agree with him on this point. That being said, I’m not against trading the choice if the return is good. Personally, I’d lean towards not trading the pick, but if you tell me I can get Kevin Fiala and Minnesota’s first round this year, I’d probably pull the trigger. I wouldn’t be a fan of Fiala just for the No. 2, but if the Devils also get a late first round with Fiala, that’s a pretty good deal. I doubt Minnesota would want to offer that, but you never know, do you?

That being said, what I really want to discuss today is the danger of keeping the pick, but using the pick to fulfill a positional need rather than taking the best player available. You’ll most likely hear arguments that the Devils shouldn’t take someone like Logan Cooley because, well, the Devils are stacked in the center and really don’t need another little point guard player at the position where they really need to score and defend on the wings, regardless of goalkeeper. To me, that’s the wrong way of thinking. If you think Cooley is not the choice, but rather Juraj Slafkovsky or Simon Nemec or someone else, I have no problem with that if you make the case based on the merits of the player and what he plans to be at NHL level. They might both end up being better than Cooley, who knows, and it’s a debate worth having a pre-draft.

However, if you think Cooley will be the best player in the group, but you wouldn’t take him because the Devils have Hischier and Hughes, I disagree with that argument. The second overall pick shouldn’t be a place to take a stand. It is a position to take the best player available. As John noted in his reaction to the lottery, it’s not a very deep draft. The luxury of taking someone solely on the job is not there. The second choice should be a player who will one day be a star on your team, not just an add-on. If the Devils get the next Damon Severson, a minute-eating defenseman who’s probably the best as a second player, it’s not a huge success for the second overall pick. Yes, it’s better than Nolan Patrick, but that’s still not what you might get. True success is finding the next Jack Eichel (the sane version that doesn’t want to be traded). Now you might argue that Eichel was considered a generational talent, some thought the same as Connor McDavid. Still, second overall should get you someone of similar caliber, the talent is there. Consider that 2017 draft where Philly took Patrick. They could have had Cale Makar, Elias Pettersson or Miro Heiskanen. Especially with Makar, he’s the kind of player you want at No.2.

Also, the second pick might not be someone who’s ready for the NHL this year. Yes, some of them might be, like Nemec and Slafkovsky, but even that is debatable and won’t be fully determined until those kids join training camp and play pre-games. season, at the earliest. Drafting a goalscoring winger just because that’s what the team needs might be a bad decision, because by the time that player becomes the top winger you want, that need might be filled by someone else. ‘other. And likewise, some think Cooley is probably a few years away. In a few years, when he’s ready to join the big club, there might be a greater need for a skilled center in this formation, for whatever reason. At that point, if he became a star and the Devils drafted someone else with only average talent instead, wow what a disaster that would be.

To me, all of this means that looking ahead to this draft, in all the conversations that will take place about what to do with this invaluable commodity that is Global Pick #2, if the conversation is about positional need current and getting wing score or top four defense, this shouldn’t revolve around using the pickaxe to fill this need. It should be around the trade what to choose to get a proven NHL product that meets that need. However, when discussing the use of pick, it should focus on who is the best player and who will be the best player at the NHL level. If the belief is that this player is Cooley, then great, grab him. If the belief is that it will be Slafkovsky, great, catch him. Whoever is the best long-term player is how the pick should be used. Any other use of the pick will be a bad choice in the long run.

And finally, if you’re interested, I saw this infographic after the lottery and thought it was interesting and worth posting for anyone who hasn’t seen it. This adds fuel to the argument that the best player is the one to be picked. Don’t worry about the position when selecting.

Strange case of the mayor and the maternity ward


Besides being former Mayors of Dublin, what are former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, former Green Party leader John Gormley, Seán D Dublin Bay Rockall Loftus, Vincent Ballyfermot Jackson, Carmencita Hederman, Emer Costello, Seán Haughey, Hazel Chu and dozens of others have in common?

It was another former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Paul McAuliffe of Fianna Fáil, who provided the answer on Thursday night as a Dáil debate over plans for a new National Maternity Hospital (NMH) drew to a close.

The answer is that all of the above have been Governors of Holles Street Hospital. And Alison Gilliland, the current Lord Mayor, is now a member of the board.

McAuliffe dropped this mini-bombshell while addressing public concerns about the government leasing the land on which the new hospital is to be built rather than owning it entirely. After reading all the documents, he said, as a layman, he could not find any mechanism allowing the owner or the management of the St Vincent Hospital Group (SVHG) to interfere in the functioning of the maternity ward. clinically independent.

“Before, it was an honorary thing, but today company law is, rightly, very strict”

And then, as he was talking about ownership and governance, he decided to come clean with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly.

“Now Minister, of all the times I’ve spoken to you about this, I’ve never mentioned it, but you might be surprised to learn that I’m a former governor of the National Maternity Hospital.”

What? Who knew?

“When I was elected Lord Mayor, I was made Governor,” Paul revealed, adding that it certainly surprised him at the time. Not only that, but when the President of Holles Street, aka the Archbishop of Dublin, was unable to attend, “I had the responsibility of chairing the meetings”.

Although there is much talk that the current hospital building is outdated, McAuliffe used his own experience to point out that the governance model is also completely outdated, but that hasn’t stopped all the legally permitted services to be performed in the NMH.

The Archbishop of Dublin has never attended board meetings and when the first notice and ‘meeting file’ arrived at the Mansion House for new incumbent Paul McAuliffe he promptly responded and said that he wouldn’t attend any of them.

“When I was appointed Lord Mayor I think I was chairman of about 20 different companies and I wrote to them all and said, ‘Listen, I think this is very bad governance by nowadays that someone is appointed to your board of directors that you did not choose and then they are replaced every 12 months. McAuliffe believes the Holles Street appointment dates back to the National Maternity Hospital Act in the 1930s, when Alfie Byrne was Lord Mayor for all but one year of that decade and was appointed to all sorts of councils.

“My view was that corporate governance is totally different than it was years ago and I was not comfortable being legally responsible for a company that I didn’t really know nothing. It used to be an honorary thing, but nowadays company law is rightly very strict, so now you have to register for the board and report to Sipo and everything else.

A hen for the absent owner

William Herbert’s ears must have burned this week as everyone was talking about him after Stephen Donnelly casually dropped his name on Wednesday morning in the middle of the health committee meeting on the NMH.

“Land ownership is not linked to the appointment of administrators,” explained the Minister of Health to the members, giving the example of the current system. “The owner of the land under Holles Street is the Earl of Pembroke, whoever he is, and he has no influence.”

That would be William Alexander Sidney Herbert, the wealthy 18th Earl of Pembroke, who owns a 14,000-acre estate in Wiltshire and a magnificent stately home (used to film interior scenes in Netflix hits Bridgerton and The Crown) as well as full ownership of the National Maternity Hospital and many other properties around the Merrion Square area.

The rents paid by the state to aristocratic British landlords in this ridiculous throwback to our colonial past aren’t exactly onerous. Figures published in 2011 for our ground rent obligations included €257.76 for Iveagh House, €220 for the Four Courts and €7.33 for Dublin Castle.

But still, every little thing counts.

In order to secure their Mansion House, the Corpo also agreed to provide a very expensive loaf of double refined sugar weighing six pounds at Christmas.

The proposed long-term lease contract of €10 per year between the state and St. Vincent’s Hospital looks cheap by comparison. However, the government continues to come under pressure from the opposition to convince St Vincent to give or sell the land to the state instead of the lease option. Sinn Féin is keeping the political drama going by tabling a motion next week to secure full public ownership of the site and building.

Acquiring full ownership of public buildings has always been complicated. Just over 300 years ago, in 1715, property developer Joshua Dawson sold his freehold Dawson Street residence to the Dublin Corporation for £3,500, in addition to an annual rent of 40 shillings.

In order to secure their Mansion House, the Corpo also agreed to provide a very expensive loaf of double refined sugar weighing six pounds at Christmas with “two fat male hens”.

In return, Joshua Dawson agreed to build an additional room that could be used for civic functions, and is still used for that purpose today.

Two large male hens? Perhaps the government could send a pair to the SVHG to seal the deal, if it’s still clinically appropriate.

But who?

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, Niall Quinn and Gary Cooke on the Football Tour of Dublin

Football-mad TD’s post-Covid tours

The Football Walking Tours of Dublin by Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and comedian Gary Cooke began almost two years ago and have been going quietly through the pandemic. From the start, their unique take on the history of football (not the thing to say football) in the capital garnered great reviews from thoughtful aficionados who signed up for trips.

Labor TD Ó Ríordáin may spend his working week talking at Leinster House and his Saturdays pounding the pavements of the Dublin Bay North constituency, but on Sundays he likes to relax and unwind pounding more streets in Dublin while talking for up to two hours at a time to complete strangers.

Now that all restrictions have been lifted, the football-loving duo are stepping up their tour schedule and increasing the number allowed on each outing (25 max).

Ó Ríordáin and Cooke’s original tour meandered through the north of the city, starting in the shadow of Croke Park in Ballybough, stopping at significant locations in Irish football history and usually ending at Dalymount Park in passing through Tolka Park and Bertie Ahern’s Drumcondra. They talk history and politics along the way – but strictly sporting variety. The wires are great.

There’s a stop outside the Archbishop’s Palace to remember the time John Charles McQuaid tried to have a game against Yugoslavia banned

Cooke, of After Match fame, is renowned for his impersonations of legends such as Johnny Giles and Liam Brady and a boy called Eamon Dunphy, and he peppers his contributions with brilliant flashes from the big men.

They reflect on the game’s troubled history and its perception of ‘Irishness’ in the face of the immaculate GAA. They probe the sometimes difficult relations with official Ireland. There’s a stop outside the Archbishop’s Palace in Drumcondra to remember the time John Charles McQuaid tried to have an international game banned against Yugoslavia.

And they wonder if the reason Ireland played Poland so many times in the 1970s and 1980s was really because some senior FAI officials were romantically involved with Polish women.

Now, out of the shadow of Covid, both tour guides have been signed up internationally. Or at least they were drawn to the dark, desolate, southern side.

“We are leaving next Sunday [May 22nd] from the Little Museum of Dublin on St Stephen’s Green and explore the excellent football connections on the south side of the city. Did you know that 38 senior internationals came from Ringsend? says Aodhán, who is rather nerdy about football and collects the shirts and programs he likes to produce while on tour. “We hope to continue most Sundays for the rest of the summer.”

Booking details are on the Little Museum of Dublin website. Meanwhile, the guys did not completely give up their concert in the north. Potential bettors can email [email protected] for more information.

Harney holds up

Former Tánaiste and leader of the Progressive Democrats Mary Harney made a rare visit to Leinster House on Thursday when she appeared before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing on financial governance issues at the University of Limerick in 2020. She was there as Chancellor and President. of the college governing board.

In response to questions, she said it was an unpaid role and she did not claim any expenses for it.

Sinn Féin’s Matt Carthy asked the ‘esteemed’ witness how many councils and committees she sits on.

Mary, who retired from the Dáil and national politics in 2011, has had a quick turn around. “Well, I sit on the board of four private companies and do other consulting as well.”

The meeting was robust in part, with Harney and Independent TD Verona Murphy getting involved in a short spat over the Chancellor’s role as director of public interest at KPMG.

Harney held on, as she did throughout the session. The politicians were impressed. Labour’s Seán Sherlock, while not sharing her ideology, praised her for always being “honourable, honest and direct”.

The chairman, Brian Stanley of Sinn Féin, noted as he finished that it was the first time Mary Harney had appeared before a committee in her time. Earlier, she told TDs that her last visit was for the bank inquiry in 2015.

“I noticed that as people came in, I would say the majority of them weren’t around when I was an MP and I haven’t been gone that long.”

“I wasn’t one,” Stanley said.

“I’m just talking to you about the retraining of deputies, perhaps to warn you all,” she replied.

His colleague Matt Carthy replied gallantly, or maybe not: “Maybe we’ll all be as successful as you after.”

“I think, Deputy Carthy, you are very successful,” she told him.

“You went through all the battles of the 90s and 2000s,” Stanley cooed.

“It is sure”, smiles the witness. “I thought I had learned to watch my back, but it’s a constant. . . I describe myself, Mr. Chairman, as a recovering politician.

“We’re going to settle for that,” Brian said.

Afterwards, some longtime Oireachtas officials discussed Mary Harney’s performance. “Usually a figurehead like a Chancellor just reads the opening statement and lets the permanent staff answer questions. But she was in control. It was a masterclass in how to run a committee meeting. I forgot how good she was,” one said.

Sounders FC celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX this Sunday with elements of the day to honor women’s soccer in Washington State


This Sunday, May 15, as Sounders FC take on Minnesota United FC in a nationally televised game on ESPN (1:00 p.m. / Sirius XM, 93.3 KJR FM, El Rey 1360 AM), the Rave Greens are celebrating the 50th anniversary of women’s soccer in Washington State and the 50th anniversary of Title IX – the revolutionary legislation adopted in 1972 to eliminate discrimination based on sex in order to guarantee all students, men and women, access and equality to education, with a particular impact on access to sports. A variety of game day elements recognizing and elevating women’s soccer in Washington State and the power of women in sports are scheduled, both on and off the field.

Prior to the match, Sounders FC and Zulily day sponsor host a Panel on the career of women in professional sport. The panel includes female staff from the club and Zulily, who will share their professional journey and answer questions from young girls participating in the panel thanks to the work of the RAVE Foundation and Washington Youth Soccer.

In the northwest hall of the stadium, a special exhibition is available to fans, courtesy of Washington State Legends of Soccer, detailing the milestones of women’s soccer in Washington over the past 50 years.

Fans can also find out more about a new investment in the RAVE field which is announced on Sunday. Located in the Larchmont neighborhood of Tacoma, this new addition to RAVE’s collection of small open-air playgrounds is made possible in partnership with OL Reign, Washington Youth Soccer and Delta Air Lines.

Immediately before kickoff, “Scarves Up!” of the Sounders FC moment is led by a collection of women’s soccer icons across the state over the past 50 years, including: Dr Colleen Hackerfamed mental skills coach and performance psychologist who was a member of the United States coaching staff for six Olympic Games, in addition to leading Pacific Lutheran to three NAIA titles; Linda Veliededicated referee, instructor, evaluator, cedant and administrator in Washington State, Region IV and American football for over 30 years, and the first woman to referee a men’s professional game (1989); Gina Segadelliformer United States Women’s National Team forward and first woman in the United States to coach a men’s professional soccer team, serving as an assistant coach in 1994 for the APSL Sounders; John Smisekfirst woman to receive USSF Level A coaching license and pioneer for women in soccer, including as head coach of Seattle University and Evergreen State College; Sandi Gordon Yotzthe first black player on the United States Women’s National Team; Denise Benderformer United States Women’s National Team defender and first-ever USWNT captain; Lori Henrymember of the first United States Women’s National Team and only player in the inaugural match to also appear in the inaugural FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991; Bernadette Nounanrecognized for her massive contributions to the growth of soccer in the United States and a founding member of the Washington State Women’s Soccer Association; Sandra Hunt, former FIFA referee selected for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999 and 2003, as well as the Sydney Olympics in 2000, currently a referee coach for the PRO; and Kerri Hunta Seattle native and member of the 1983 paper United States Women’s National Team — formed before the team played any games — and a former coach at Bellevue College.

On the pitch, Sounders FC players wear a special outfit jersey patch marking the 50th anniversary of Title IX. The mark displayed on the patch was created by the Seattle Sports Commission for use by the Seattle sports community to celebrate landmark legislation. the jerseys worn by the match are auctioned off by the RAVE Foundation to continue RAVE’s investment in fair play and support programs that inspire and empower girls through football. The online auction opens this Saturday, May 14 at Sounders.Givesmart.com and closes at noon on Thursday, May 19. website on May 22, as OL Reign hosts the Washington Spirit at Lumen Field

On Sunday, the Lumen Field Pro store also offers a special scarf, featuring Seattle Sports Title IX artwork. Scarf supplies are extremely limited, and fans should stop by early if they want to get one for their collection.

At halftime of the match, the RAVE Foundation recognizes the United Cultures women’s team. Announced on National Day for Girls and Women in Sport, the creation of this new women’s pro-am team is the result of an investment and collaboration between Sounders FC and Cultures United, a community football organization led by BIPOC. In addition to funding start-up expenses such as uniforms, league fees and pitch rentals, Sounders FC invests in the future of players. Players from the Cultures United women’s team will be hired as mentor-coaches for RAVE Foundation clinics and camps in 2022, with a particular focus on girls’ programs and mentoring to further support efforts of Cultures United and RAVE.

For more information regarding any of the activities mentioned here, please contact a member of Sounders FC Communications. To learn more about Sounders FC game days, health and safety and how to prepare to attend a game, visit SoundersFC.com/Matchday/Know-Before-You-Go.

Vijay Venkateswaran, co-founder, Wings Lifestyle

The now-postponed 2022 Asian Games are expected to have a significant impact on the Indian and South Asian esports scene as it stands today. While the industry has exploded in revenue and community participation over the past two years, making a profession out of it is still looked down upon and esports is not seen in the same way as some of the other mainstream sporting events.

With its final addition as a medal-winning event at the upcoming ASIAD, perceptions surrounding esports are set to change in the region.

In an interview with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, Vijay Venkateswaran, co-founder of Wings Lifestyle, talks about the impact the Games will have on the region’s esports market, the importance of reliable gaming peripherals, partnership with NODWIN Gaming, and more.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation.

Vijay Venkateswaran on the 2022 Asian Games and the Indian esports market

Vijay Venkateswaran, co-founder, Wings Lifestyle (Image via Wings Lifestyle)
Vijay Venkateswaran, co-founder, Wings Lifestyle (Image via Wings Lifestyle)

Q. Tell our readers a bit about your journey in the world of video games and esports, what was your early career like and what led to the creation of Wings Lifestyle?

Vijay: We both [Vijay Venkateswaran and co-founder Nishit Sharma] were gamers in college who played CS:GO and loved the entertainment aspect of it, even though we didn’t pursue it professionally. With Wings, we noticed an explosion in the mobile space and felt the time was right to create a gaming brand focused on mobile gamers – the cause of the explosion in this market.

youtube cover

Q. Tell us about the growing demand for reliable, quality peripherals in the video game and esports industry. Whether it’s gaming headsets, mice, or mechanical keyboards, what’s their value when it comes to helping gamers get the most out of their skills and the title they’re investing their time in? ?

Vijay: The peripherals market in India is clearly split into two buckets – the first being the high end international brands which have inflated prices and are far too expensive for an aspiring Indian gamer from a middle class family or gamers Tier II/III cities.

The second bucket [includes] poor quality unbranded white labels that just can’t provide even a basic gaming experience. Wings aims to deliver premium yet affordable peripherals with a style quotient to match the aspirations of the modern Indian millennial gamer. We will also soon be releasing a Pro Series to meet the needs of professional gamers.

youtube cover

Q. What do you think of the Indian gaming and esports scene as it looks today? Where do you see him in the next five years?

Vijay: The obvious reason for this explosion in the esports industry has been the advent of mobile gaming. It has democratized the game to such a basic level that anyone with even a basic mobile smartphone can aspire to start playing – much like cricket and street football.

It is in these areas that our best cricketers or global soccer superstars emerge, and I see esports being no different. This penetration of mobile adoption, coupled with a burgeoning digital Gen Z population, makes us firmly believe that in the next five years, esports can become bigger than cricket in India.

Q. With the 2022 Asian Games adding esports as a medal event, what impact do you think the competition will have on the Indian gaming market? Will it finally be considered as important as any other traditional sporting event?

Vijay: Yes. Absolutely, and it’s one of the core values ​​that Wings stands for, that we support and motivate young people to take up esports as a career without worrying about societal biases. With the 2022 Asian Games and government support, we are confident that India can be a global esports giant, just like we are in cricket.

Q. NODWIN Gaming recently became a partner and one of the investors in Wings Lifestyle. Tell us a bit about the vision behind this decision and some of the expectations that both parties will have in this regard.

Vijay: Frankly, looking back, it was obvious. The visions of NODWIN and Wings have always been aligned when it comes to our core beliefs. We both believe that esports is not a niche and deserves a wider audience.

Gamers are not geeks; on the contrary, they are exactly like athletes with the same marketability as cricketers and footballers. Gaming and streaming are real career options and we want to help young people get started.

With these core beliefs aligned, bringing content (NODWIN) and D2C Commerce (Wings) together, this partnership will greatly benefit both stakeholders as well as the gaming community as a whole.

Q. What are the future plans with this partnership? What can users expect in the coming months?

Vijay: Wings will mix gaming accessories with pop culture – whether through limited-edition designer headphones or collaborations with athletes under the NODWIN umbrella. With our pro range also due to launch later this year, our products will be incorporated into NODWIN tournaments.

We will also participate in offline events like the NH7 weekend with interesting gamification activities that have never been done before at such events.

Q. Tell us a bit about the plan to roll out a custom series of gaming headphones themed around popular Indian tropes as well as popular titles in the region?

Vijay: We believe fans connect with esports teams and want to be part of the experience. What better way to make that connection than owning a commodity? While currently esports teams have jerseys, gaming headphones, on the other hand, are something much more dear to their hearts. Our goal is to create custom designs for esports team members as well as their fans.

Q. In terms of product diversity, how is Wings Lifestyle looking to expand its inventory, and not just for the domestic market, but also internationally?

Vijay: First, we will be a global gaming peripherals brand with products for mobile and PC gaming. This will include headphones and neckbands for mobiles, as well as headphones, keyboards, mice and gamepads for PC.

From a distribution perspective, we will be focusing on India for at least the next 12 months, as the opportunity is just too great here. So we want to capitalize on that first. International expansions are certainly part of the plan, but other global markets will require a different product and pricing strategy.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee

Profile Picture

Ben Simmons is selling a New Jersey mansion – DIRT

It’s been a spirited year for three-time NBA All-Star Ben Simmons, both on the court, where lately he’s become almost as well known for not playing as he is playing, and in the real estate business.

The 6’11” 25-year-old forward, who signed as a teenager with the Philadelphia 76ers as the first overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, missed his first season through injury , but was named NBA Rookie of the Year for the 2017-18 season, several hugely successful seasons followed, and in 2019 he signed a five-year contract extension worth a staggering $170 million.

Alas, a disappointing 2020-21 playoff season in which he struggled to get the ball in the basket, both from the field and from the free throw line, led to a lackluster start to the 2021-22 season. . His failure to get his game on track and the intense scrutiny from fans, coaches and the media only added to the frustration and heightened tensions. Simmons was repeatedly kicked out of practice, suspended for one game, and became the most fined player in NBA history for the many games he skipped. Then, late last summer, he requested a trade from the 76ers, a rare request from a top player.

Simmons got his wish earlier this year when he was traded in a blockbuster deal to the Brooklyn Nets that included Andre Drummond and Seth Curry. He was, however, almost immediately sidelined for the entire season due to a herniated disc. Last week, he underwent back surgery and is not expected to return to the field until the start of training camp next season.

Amid the turmoil, Simmons has also taken steps to shake up his real estate portfolio across the country. Last summer he dropped $17.5million on a ‘modern farmhouse’ in the posh Los Angeles suburb of Hidden Hills, where several of his former girlfriend Kendall Jenner’s family members are famous for their big spreads . And shortly after asking for the exchange last fall, he hoisted his luxury condo at the Ritz Carlton Residences in downtown Philadelphia on the market for $3.1 million; the asking price has since dropped to just under $3 million.

Determined to put Philly in his rearview mirror before a trade was even announced, Simmons also put another of his homes on the market last fall, this one in Moorestown, NJ, a 40-minute drive from the where the 76ers play. The asking price was $5 million.

Juan Soto’s “Soto Shuffle” bobblehead is available for pre-order

Juan Soto is a hockey fan. He is also one of baseball’s biggest young superstars.

To celebrate the Nationals outfielder, FOCO is honoring Soto’s beloved routine in the batting box with a new bobblehead. the Bobblehead Soto Shuffle features Juan crouched down and his lower body moving from side to side.

Each bobblehead is limited to 422 pieces and will ship no later than November 11, 2022, according to FOCO’s product detail page.

You can pre-order the bobblehead here.

RMNB will receive a small percentage of everything purchased through the FOCO links in this article. These funds will be used to pay our writers, improve our infrastructure, and help us create more great content for you. This is one of the easiest ways to support the site.

As you can see in the photo in the diagram below, Bobble Juan’s torso has a screw so his lower body can move appropriately.

The bobblehead comes weeks before the Nationals will unveil their very own bobblehead Juan Soto ‘Soto Shuffle’ in a May 27 giveaway before facing the Colorado Rockies. The first 20,000 fans in attendance will receive the bobblehead.

FOCO also still has three Nationals City Connect figures de Soto, Sean Doolittle and Stephen Strasburg all wearing cherry blossom jerseys. The base includes cherry trees, the Tidal Basin, and the Washington Monument on its base.

As always, if you’re interested in buying, we encourage you to act quickly. Previous bobbleheads we’ve promoted for FOCO have sold out, including a retired Ryan Zimmerman bobblehead and a 1,000-point Nicklas Backstrom bobblehead.

Pre-order the Soto Shuffle bobblehead.

Cash advance: what is it and should you get one?

petekarici/Getty Images

Difficult financial situations happen from time to time for most people. When this happens, it’s not always obvious where to turn for help. In these situations, however, a cash advance can be an attractive option because it is faster and easier to obtain than other options.

Depending on the severity of the circumstances, you may not have the time and energy to consider options that take longer and involve more paperwork.

But despite their benefits, cash advances can also come with significant costs. Therefore, it is important to understand what cash advances are and how much they could cost you. It is also important to know the alternatives available to you in case of need.

What is a cash advance?

A cash advance is a short-term loan offered by a bank or other financial institution, often with very high interest and fees. But the trade-off is that they allow borrowers to easily access the funds they need, faster than other types of loans.

When people think of cash advances, they often think of credit card cash advances. It’s one of the most common types of cash advances, but it’s not the only one.

However, the cost of using a cash advance can be high and can lead to an endless cycle of interest accrual. Therefore, it is important to understand how they work and all the parts that are involved.

Types of cash advances

“Cash advance” always refers to a form of borrowing, but there is not just one type of cash advance. There are a few common types, but how each works is different.

Credit card cash advances

Credit card cash advances are the most common type of cash advance and involve borrowing up to a cash advance limit on your account. Note that with this method there is a cash advance limit, and this limit is usually less than your purchase limit. The cash advance limit is usually only a fraction of your credit limit.

Additionally, the APR for credit card cash advances is often several percentage points higher than the APR for purchases and balance transfers. To complicate matters further, there is no grace period for credit card cash advances.

There is a grace period that requires card issuers not to charge interest for at least 21 days after the payment due date. However, cash advances don’t have that luxury and will start earning interest immediately after you receive your money.

Payday loans

Payday loans provide small cash advances to individuals that must be repaid on the borrower’s next payday. These loans generally require proof of income such as a pay stub to show that the borrower is able to repay the loan. However, payday loans can also use other sources of income to cover the balance.

Payday loans are short-term loans, usually for small amounts; it’s not uncommon for a payday loan to be for $100. Nevertheless, their high interest rates can make payday loans a very expensive way to borrow.

For example, the borrower might have to pay a fee of $20 to borrow $100. $20 sounds like a small fee, but as a percentage, it’s 20% of the principle, which is high. But payday loans usually have a repayment period of 14 days. So, if this 20% interest charge is annualized, it equates to over 500% APR.

To make matters worse, some states allow payday loans to be renewed. In this case, any amount that the borrower cannot repay by his next payday can be turned into a new loan. Additionally, there may be interest charges, late fees, and other charges payable. And it’s all on top of our previously mentioned 500% APR.

Cash Advances to Merchants

Merchant cash advances are a way for businesses to get the funds they need. Merchant cash advances use past sales or future sales projections to determine the amount of the advance. This is similar to the pay stub requirement for payday loans. Merchant cash advances are a relatively easy way for small businesses to access the cash they need, as the whole process often only takes a few days.

How does a cash advance work?

When you take out a cash advance, you are borrowing an amount that will be subject to interest and fees associated with the advance. There may be additional charges, such as cash advance fees. Additionally, cash advances such as credit card cash advances often come with a higher APR than other types of transactions.

Depending on the type of cash advance, you may have a few different options for taking out a cash advance.

Try these methods:

  • In line. Your card issuer may allow you to request a cash advance through their website or mobile app, so you don’t have to travel to request an advance.
  • In person. If you have a bank-issued credit card, you can take the card there and ask for a cash advance.
  • At an ATM. You may be able to request a cash advance at your bank’s ATM. However, as with most ATM transactions, you will need a PIN to be able to request a cash advance in this way. If you don’t have a PIN, you can request one; however, your bank may not be able to provide you with one immediately. Therefore, you may have to wait a few days for your PIN.
  • By convenience check. Your bank may offer convenience checks that you can issue or the amount you need as an advance.

Costs and fees

There are a few costs and fees to consider if you’re considering a cash advance. Depending on the terms of the advance, these fees can be significant. Therefore, you should be aware of all the implications before applying for one.

For credit card cash advances, for example, cash advances may have a higher APR than balance transfers and purchases. Then, in addition to the higher APR, you will have to pay a separate cash advance fee.

Cash advance fees are typically 3% to 5% of the cash advance amount. So a $500 cash advance would incur a fee of $15 to $25, on average.

There are also other fees you might encounter. For example, if you request a cash advance at an ATM, fees may apply. It could also be the money if you request a cash advance in a foreign currency, which could incur additional charges.

Cash Advance FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about cash advances.

  • Is a cash advance hurting your credit?
    • Asking for a cash advance will not necessarily hurt your credit. However, it will increase your credit utilization, which could hurt your credit if it pushes your utilization too high. As a general rule, you should try to keep your credit utilization below 30%.
  • What is an example of a cash advance?
    • The most common form of cash advance is a credit card cash advance. With this type, you ask your card issuer to extend a cash advance to be repaid later. For example, you can request a $250 advance from your card issuer. Remember that there will be cash advance fees and most credit cards have a cash advance APR that is higher than the purchase APR.
  • Is an advance a loan?
    • Yes, a cash advance is a loan. Another term for this is a line of credit, which you might see used with your credit card. However, all these terms are just terms used to refer to different types of loans.

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Man Utd win FA Youth Cup in front of record crowd at Old Trafford


Alejandro Garnacho fired Manchester United for their first FA Youth Cup victory since 2011 as Nottingham Forest were edged out in front of a record crowd at Old Trafford.

There were 67,492 in attendance for Wednesday’s final, beating the competition’s previous record of 38,187, as the Red Devils’ teenagers provided a much-needed boost at the end of a miserable season for the club .

United captain Rhys Bennett’s opener was canceled when Joshua Powell’s shot beat Radek Vitek too easily just before half-time, but Travis Binnion’s Under-18s were not to be denied.

Garnacho replicated Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration after firing home a penalty – wrongly awarded as he was fouled by Zach Abbott outside the box – and hitting a stoppage-time effort deflected to seal a 3-1 win.

The 17-year-old made his first-team debut last month and starred in the run-up to the final, where Forest’s Warren Joyce made the hosts sweat en route to winning the competition for a record 11th time.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Bryan Robson and Michael Carrick joined David De Gea, Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes at Old Trafford, where more than 5,700 traveling fans attended the first Youth Cup final in Forest history.

A banner reading ‘Class of 22’ was held up in the full-time Stretford End, as before kick-off.

The impressive Kobbie Mainoo showed good skill in the opening seconds before netting a shot, but Forest were no slouches and captain Jamie McDonnell headed just wide of the far post soon after.

Alejandro Garnacho (right) paid tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo with his goal celebration (Richard Sellers/PA)

Sam Murray kicked in a free kick which United skipper Bennett met with a header that beat Aaron Bott. The centre-back grew up eight miles from Old Trafford in Denton and enjoyed the moment.

Forest have won every game since shocking Chelsea in the semi-finals and looked for a quick response as Dale Taylor saw an acrobatic attempt disallowed and Justin Hanks kick in a header.

Manchester United players celebrate full time
Manchester United players celebrate full time (Richard Sellers/PA)

Hosts Binnion started the second half with the bit between their teeth as Charlie McNeill and Marc Jurado were denied but Forest came back in the final.

But the hosts dug deep and their new Under-18 Player of the Year eventually saw United claim victory.

Garnacho kept his composure to fire home his penalty past the Stretford End and then completed the win when his fine run ended with a deflected strike in stoppage time.

Bauer to launch “BauerX” micro collection with Don C – WWD

Bauer is entering the lifestyle space with its first micro-collection, BauerX, a vertical streetwear launch on May 13 that the brand says is grounded in research, form, culture and heritage.

The hockey brand, which will turn 100 this decade, has teamed up with streetwear designer Don C to design a capsule within the micro-collection, which includes a co-branded leather hockey jersey and portrait t-shirts Canadian ice hockey goaltender Gerry Cheevers. The collection features crew necks with the Bauer name upside down and upside down on the shoulders with a wire globe design nodding to the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, NY , socks with stitching details and goalie masks in lambskin and snakeskin.

“After delving deep into the history of hockey culture, the Gerry Cheevers Goalie Mask resonated and most aligned with the brand philosophy we are building for BauerX,” the team said. “The original mask was designed with real stitches, a literal representation of the many injuries Cheevers suffered throughout his hockey career. Metaphorically speaking, these points show Bauer’s perseverance and endurance as a nearly 100-year-old brand, also a point of contact for building strength in the face of adversity.

The launches will be a mix of micro collections and collaborations, as well as three in-house capsules to be rolled out this year. BauerX first drop prices range from $65-$95 for the BauerX Micro Collection and $135-$900 for the Don C Capsule. The collection will be available on the BauerX website with RSVP-limited pieces Gallery.

The BauerX micro-collection.
Courtesy picture

Bauer aims to make hockey more “accessible and aesthetically appealing to a wider audience” with this line. BauerX taps into hockey’s secret business with streetwear. Jerseys have long been a streetwear staple, namely basketball, baseball, and soccer jerseys, throwback jerseys in the late 90s and early 2000s, and soccer jerseys more recently around Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones’ football collaborations with Nike.

For hockey and streetwear, the late rapper Tupac Shakur notably wore the Detroit Red Wings jersey during a court hearing in 1994. Decades later, the Los Angeles Kings snapback cap would become more popular among aficionados of the hat.

“We decided to develop BauerX as the fashion side of the heritage hockey brand Bauer because first, no hockey brand/brand has ever intentionally ventured into the fashion industry,” the team said. . “There is a lot of interest in obscure sports and fashion today. Hockey is by no means obscure, but overall a sport that was okay with drawing its audience into its arena. With this business, our hope is to reach that audience and beyond.

The Importance of Custom Football Uniforms


“Custom Football Uniforms”

If you’re looking for more reasons to buy custom football uniforms, read on. In addition to giving players a sense of team identity, custom football uniforms also reduce stress, promote comfort, and act as a form of sponsorship.

Whether you are a parent or a business owner, there is a great opportunity for your organization to increase brand recognition through uniforms. And if you’re looking for a way to increase your team’s visibility, here are some tips that will help you make the most of this marketing opportunity.

Custom football uniforms give players a sense of team identity

Most sports teams go with the same color schemes and team names as every other team. This uniformity makes a team seem ordinary, unremarkable and unforgettable. In contrast, custom football uniforms give players a sense of team identity and make them proud of their team. It can be a great way to build team spirit and create a sense of team identity. Whatever the size of the team, custom football shirts and the uniforms are affordable and look amazing.

The first and most obvious benefit of a custom football uniform is that it promotes team unity. Instilling team spirit among players is an essential part of playing a team sport, and a uniform helps them feel confident and united. Uniforms also help to stimulate enthusiasm and the desire to excel. Custom football uniforms from a reputable company like Cisco Athletic help players gain a sense of team identity and pride.

They reduce stress

When it comes to purchasing sports equipment for your team, there are few things more stressful than finding custom football uniforms. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort to find the right clothes, but the stress of not looking good also comes with it. By eliminating all those worries, you can focus on the more important things in life. And that’s a good thing for your team.

They promote comfort

In addition to comfort, custom football uniforms must provide a full range of movement for players. They should not be too tight or uncomfortable. Football uniforms should promote team comfort on the pitch, including jerseys. Ill-fitting uniforms can make or break a game. It is essential that all players on a team feel comfortable and relaxed. If you want to get the most out of your team, custom football uniforms are a great investment.

When designing a team youth soccer uniforms, look for the highest quality material. High quality fabrics and construction will help your players feel comfortable and play their best. Be careful not to opt for cheap and discount uniforms, as they are not made to last. Choose durable, stain-resistant uniforms. Polyester, for example, is one of the most durable materials. It’s also highly breathable, meaning players will feel cool even on the hottest days.

They are a form of sponsorship

In the past, teams had no advertising on the outfield fences. These days, many teams have sponsors whose logos are featured on custom football uniforms. These partnerships with major sportswear companies are a form of sponsorship, but they are more like licensing deals. Brands see custom football uniforms as a blank canvas on which to place their logos. For the fans, it’s a win-win situation.

Another way to raise money for your custom football uniforms is to hold bake sales. It’s a proven way to get your whole team involved in fundraising for uniforms. You can even hold multiple bake sales, such as one at the end of the season. Host a bake sale more than once and hold a raffle with the proceeds from your sales. Be sure to offer prizes for fans of all ages.

They are affordable

Whether you plan to order custom uniforms for a traveling soccer team or if you want your players to have a distinctive, custom look, you can find a variety of designs, colors and sizes online. Custom football uniforms are a great way to show off your team’s individuality and build team spirit. Here’s how you can order custom football uniforms at affordable prices. Keep reading to learn more.

The Viper jersey is made from high quality tricot mesh and conforms to players body shape. The magnum pants are made of nylon spandex and knit mesh, which absorbs sweat effectively. Hundreds of colors and sizes are available for the jersey and pants. You can even design the helmet and pants yourself. And don’t worry about the budget – custom football uniforms are affordable and can be customized for any team.

Media Contact
Company Name: Affordable Uniforms Online
Contact person: Scott McDaniel
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 602.730.7252
Address:Box 21741
City: Mesa
State: Arizona 85277
Country: United States
Website: https://affordableuniformsonline.com/sports-uniforms/football-uniforms

Score For Cancer: Port Moody hockey player’s fundraiser nears $100,000

Ryan Tattle’s Junior “A” career is over, but funds continue to pour in for his Score For Cancer campaign.

A local hockey star’s fundraiser reaches new heights.

Ryan Tattle, outgoing captain of the Coquitlam Express, is nearing a milestone in his season-long fundraiser for cancer research – $100,000.

As of April 17, a total of $94,862 has been accounted for the Port Moody product’s Score For Cancer campaign.

The update was announced Tuesday, May 3, more than three weeks after the Chilliwack Chiefs knocked the Express out of the 2022 BCHL playoffs in seven games.

Tattle, who has partnered with the Tri-Cities Hockey Club and the Canadian Cancer Society to make fundraising possible, has set a June 1 deadline for donations, which will officially close his junior career. A” on and off the ice.

His mother was affected by cancer, as well as his former teammate Greg Lapointe in his battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The University of Connecticut (UCONN) NCAA athlete in the fall thinks no one should have to live in fear as the Canadian Cancer Society says one in two people are diagnosed with cancer During his life.

“It was overwhelming. I expected it to go well, but I’m extremely overwhelmed with the support I’ve had from family and friends, even guys across the league,” Tattle said. in a previous interview with BCHL Podcast.

“It’s been heartwarming and I’m extremely proud and excited.”

The 20-year-old’s campaign root started with people making regular donations for every point he recorded in his senior year.

He finished with 60 points in 52 games, including 23 goals and 37 assists, which was the most among Coquitlam Express players and 12th in the BCHL for the 2021-22 season.

Tattle kept the playoff bandwagon going with six points in seven games, highlighted by a hat trick at home in Game 4 against the Chiefs.

The Coquitlam Express also raised $20,011.96 overnight after dedicating their Feb. 26 home game against Victoria to Tattle’s cause, which included the auction of special jerseys worn during the game.

Tattle capitalized on the opportunity by scoring four goals in the third period to erase a two-goal deficit and claim a 6-3 victory at the Poirier Sports and Recreation Complex.

If you would like to make a contribution to the campaign, you can visit Tattle’s Score for Cancer website.

Virat Kohli finds new ways to cope: Shoaib Akhtar on RCB star’s struggles in IPL 2022

Virat Kohli has had a forgetful 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) campaign underway as he continues to struggle with the willow. The former RCB captain has been far from his best with the bat and has only managed half a century so far this season. Expectations were high of Kohli before the start of the season, however, he failed to deliver despite being promoted to fly-half in the batting lineup.

Without the burden of captaincy on his shoulders, Kohli would have hoped to rack up runs for RCB this season. However, he has a low scoring streak in recent RCB games and has failed to get his team off to the top. He has scored just 216 points in 11 appearances so far this season averaging 21.60 and a low strike rate of just over 111.

Former Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar recently gave his thoughts on Kohli’s skinny patch this season and said the RCB stalwart looks under pressure and is finding new ways to come out in IPL 2022. However, Akhtar has backed Kohli to bounce back and urged him to just watch enjoying his game.

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“Kohli is a great player. He has nothing to prove. But he finds new ways to cope because he’s under pressure. He’s trying too hard. He just needs to go out there and enjoy of the match. Legends like Virat Kohli know how to make a comeback. But the world brings him to his knees,” Akhtar said as quoted by Sportskeeda.

On Sunday (May 08), Kohli’s disastrous run with the willow continued as RCB locked horns with Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The batting maestro, who is the all-time best run-getter in IPL history, was returned on a Golden Duck on the very first pitch of the game.

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Kohli was caught by SRH skipper Kane Williamson bowling Jagadeesha Suchith failing to open his account once again this season. However, RCB staged a brilliant recovery after Kohli’s cheap dismissal as skipper Faf du Plessis (73) combined with Rajat Patidar (48), Glenn Maxwell (33) and Dinesh Karthik (30) to help the team make 192 runs on the board in 20 overs.

NHL playoffs: Edmonton Oilers edge Los Angeles Kings in Game 3 win

The bronze likeness of former Kings broadcaster Bob Miller, frozen amid waves outside Crypto.com Arena, was dressed for a celebration on Friday, with dozens of black, white and silver balloons floating overhead. above and behind him as he stared, unblinking, down a stretch of Olympic Boulevard that had been taken over by a street festival.

Give Los Angeles a reason to party and you won’t have to ask someone twice to throw one. In this case, it was the return of the NHL playoffs.

“There’s definitely some pent-up excitement,” said Arthur Whang, 48, a Woodland Hills employment lawyer and longtime Kings season ticket holder. “There’s nothing worse than dull games in the second half of the regular season.

“Hockey has been tough the past few years.

How rough? Until Friday, the Kings hadn’t played a home playoff game in more than four years. they haven’t won one here in eight years. The last home win was so long ago, in fact, the arena was still called the Staples Center back then and Miller was a flesh-and-blood announcer, not a statue.

So call it the curse of Bob Miller because the Kings haven’t tasted victory in a home playoff game since the Hall of Famer was cast in bronze. And though the real Miller returned for an appearance on the team’s pre-game TV show on Friday, briefly sharing Star Plaza with his heavy metal lookalike, the Hexagon continued with the Edmonton Oilers riding a hat trick from Evander Kane and two performance goals from Zach Hyman and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to an 8-2 victory.

Kings fans Arthur Whang, his wife Lindsey and their daughters Charlotte and Penelope attend Game 3 of the Western Conference quarterfinals on Friday.

(Kevin Baxter/Los Angeles Times)

“I can sum it all up for this. We were no good,” Kings coach Todd McLellan said in a one-question-and-31-second postgame press conference. “We are really disappointed. We got trapped playing their game. You can ask me questions about individuals, I’ll give you the same answer for each one. They weren’t good. And we have to regroup.

The result extended the Kings’ home playoff losing streak to six games, while the margin of loss matched the most one-sided loss in 32 years. The other six-goal loss came Wednesday in Edmonton.

Still, despite losing twice in routs in 72 hours, the Kings only lost a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series, which continues Sunday in Los Angeles.

“It’s a big slap in the face,” said forward Phillip Danault. “But luckily it’s only 2-1, so we have to regroup and strengthen the team.”

The mood was good outside the arena three hours before the opening puck drop, with a sun-splashed crowd dressed in purple Kings jerseys and blue and orange Edmonton Oilers jerseys gathering outside a stage for listening to live music. Nearby, children crowded into a small street hockey rink.

But after the puck dropped, the celebration ended early for most sold-out spectators, with Leon Draisaitl and Hyman giving the Oilers a 2-0 lead before many fans had found their seats. After Hyman’s goal — Edmonton’s fifth power-play score of the series — the building fell silent.

Edmonton Oilers center Ryan McLeod controls the puck past Kings forwards Phillip Danault and Blake Lizotte.

Edmonton Oilers center Ryan McLeod, right, controls the puck past Kings forwards Phillip Danault, center, and Blake Lizotte during the second period of Game 3 on Friday.

(Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press)

When Kane and Hyman doubled the lead with goals 75 seconds apart early in the second period, the silence turned to rumblings of disapproval. McLellan responded by retiring goaltender Jonathan Quick, who had allowed 13 goals in less than eight periods, but that made little difference, with Kane accommodating substitute Cal Petersen with a goal two minutes later.

The Kings eventually fought back with second-period goals from Anze Kopitar and Danault, with Danault coming on the power play. This was significant as it was the team’s first score with the man advantage in 11 occasions in the series.

But Edmonton pulled both back in the third period with goals 81 seconds apart from Nugent-Hopkins, after which the stairs filled up as fans headed for the exits. Kane then closed the rout with his third goal of the game in the final minute.

Cody Ceci had three assists and Connor McDavid two for the Oilers, who outscored the Kings 17-6 in the series.

“We didn’t play well enough tonight. We didn’t play the last game well enough,” said defenders Alex Edler. “We will do everything we can to equalize in the next game. We just have to look forward to the next game.

While the Kings’ absence from the playoffs, their longest in a dozen years, seemed long, for Whang, a fan since the 1990s and a subscriber since 2013, it ended sooner than expected. He thought it would take a few more seasons to rebuild the team, making this playoff run a pleasant surprise – although after Friday’s result he doesn’t expect it to last.

“I’m worried about this streak, but it’s all in the sauce,” said Whang, who wore a silver Quick jersey while his wife Lindsey wore a black No. 11 Kopitar jersey. “No expectations except to compete and learn. Of course, you hope they can shoot a 2012 again.”

It was the season the Kings finished third in the Pacific Division and then blazed into the playoffs, winning their first Stanley Cup on home soil. They repeated in 2014, lifting the Cup again in Los Angeles.

Three years later, Miller retired and the Kings, like the bronze broadcaster in front of their building, have remained in place ever since.

OANDA Named Official Marketing Partner of New York Red Bulls

The OANDA logo will appear on the right shirt sleeve and will be included on select club apparel. Authentic club shirts will be available for purchase at select outlets. The sleeve patch will also be included in the EA Sports FIFA series of video games.

In addition to New York Red Bulls assets, the partnership extends to the wider world of Red Bull, including experiential and branded assets at select Red Bull events and media properties.

“We are delighted to welcome OANDA to the Red Bull family,” said Marc de Grandpré, General Manager, New York Red Bulls. “We are extremely proud to be the premier sports industry partner for OANDA and look forward to raising their profile in the marketplace through our unique and multi-faceted partnership.”

Gavin BambburyCEO of OANDAcommented: “It is an exciting opportunity to partner with the New York Red Bulls, one of the most inspiring clubs in Major League Soccer. We look forward to celebrating their success on the pitch and showcasing the brand and the OANDA’s world-class platform to new audiences.”

“Through this sponsorship, we continue to build our reputation as one of the most trusted retail companies and an award-winning platform for customers to trade at their best. It takes a unique and passionate commitment to succeed achieving peak performance in trading the markets, and driving innovation to constantly improve your game. This is the mindset that OANDA shares with the New York Red Bulls.

About the New York Red Bulls

The New York Red Bulls are one of 28 teams in Major League Soccer (MLS). RBNY, one of the ten founding clubs of MLS, has participated in the league since its inception in 1996. The Red Bulls play home matches at the Red Bull Arena (RBA) in Harrisson, New Jersey. All three winners of the MLS Supporters’ Shield Winners belong to the Austrian beverage company Red Bull for which the team is named. The New York Red Bulls offer one of the best youth football development programs in the country, from local football partnerships through New York and New Jersey regional development schools and Red Bulls Academy teams.

About OANDA: From Tech Startup to Global Enterprise

Founded in 1996, OANDA was the first company to share exchange rate data on the internet for free, launching an FX trading platform that helped develop currency trading on the web five years later. Today, OANDA Global Corporation, which includes OANDA Corporation and other subsidiaries, provides online multi-asset trading, currency data and analytics to individuals and businesses worldwide, demonstrating unparalleled expertise in change. With regulated entities in nine of the world’s most active financial markets, OANDA Global Corporation remains committed to transforming all aspects of how the world interacts with trading, enabling clients to trade global equity indices, commodities, treasury bills, precious metals and currencies on one of the fastest trading platforms on the market.

Trading leveraged foreign exchange or other off-exchange products on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. We advise you to carefully consider whether trading is right for you in light of your personal circumstances. You risk losing more than you invest. The information on this website is general in nature. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved before trading. Trading through an online platform involves additional risks. Consult our legal section.

OANDA Corporation is a Commodity Futures Commission registered merchant and foreign exchange trader with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. No: 0325821. More information is available using the NFA Basic resource.



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Bruins lose more than two games with loss of Hampus Lindholm

I didn’t bother to predict the first round of the Stanley Cup this year. It seemed, at best, dishonest. It would have been like rolling dice in a roulette wheel and feeling too smart or too stupid no matter the outcome.

The 2021-22 regular season took the National Hockey League’s strength from half a dozen contenders, half a dozen downs and a huge midfielder to 50-50, the haves and the have-nots .

The NHL is now a 32-team league, but the wins it took to figure out the Eastern Conference playoff eight all-100-point teams for the first time in NHL history aren’t not come on the occasion of easy W against expansion teams. Due to border complications, the schedule has been balanced this season, more than the playoff structure should dictate.

For example, the Bruins have faced Montreal four times. Remember when it was eight times for all Adams Division rivals and that year when they faced the Whalers nine times?

This season, there have been no playoff stragglers. The Washington Capitals, bottom of the class with legitimate concern, won Game 1 of the Presidents Trophy Florida Panthers in their building in front of their raucous fans.

We still don’t know after a quarter century of ambivalence if South Florida cares about hockey, but it’s clear for the first time since 1996 that Greater Fort Lauderdale loves a winner. Fans not wearing Bruins or Rangers jerseys actually fill the arena that sits between the alligator-shaped mall and the Everglades.

I digress.

Despite their regular season ending, the Carolina Hurricanes have acted and played all season like a Stanley Cup contender, so it was no surprise to see them firing at full throttle earlier this week at Boston’s expense.

Once the Bruins’ high-energy starts faded a bit, the Canes showed the pulse, the skill and the carpe diem to pounce and not only win games, but outperform the Bruins in every aspect.

Power forward Andrei Svechnikov’s demolition of Boston’s new favorite prop, Hampus Lindholm, reminds us that the road to the Stanley Cup is often a rough one.

There are three injuries the Bruins can’t absorb and win 16 playoff games: Patrice Bergeron, Charlie McAvoy and Lindholm.

The 6-foot-2 Swedish defenseman is the most crucial acquisition in Don Sweeney’s seven years as general manager, if for no other reason than the Bruins can now defend the left side of the ice against the world’s Svechnikovs and do it in the playoffs.

That ability is no longer there without Lindholm, who will almost certainly miss Games 3 and 4 at TD Garden. He’s probably out for the show if not the season.

The Bruins will now have to put together their best game in hopes of holding serve and sending the series back to Raleigh, North Carolina, tied at two games apiece.

For a Boston team that has won 50 games, that seems like a reasonable hope, but breaking it down into smaller pictures like Claude Julien did, can Brad Marchand, Taylor Hall or David Pastrnak, the wing-based core of the game. pulverized attack of the Bruins. , suddenly summon their best against this formidable opponent?

Jeremy Swayman, whose best seems to have been months ago, can he be the future now?

The Bruins suddenly look like the team full of the same questions they had before coach Bruce Cassidy originally changed his offensive lines and the Bruins took over.

Jake DeBrusk and Eric Haula seem ineffective, and there is no Hampus Lindholm in charge in this critical quarter of the rink.

In the meantime, the Hurricanes look like the team you love to hate.

Their situation should be dire in goal, but Carolina is playing with the confidence a team gets from a perennial Vezina Trophy winner, and they won Game 2 with their fourth goaltender. The only Rask to have an impact on this series is Viktor, whose goal slipped another quick start for the Bruins with nothing to show for it.

The Hurricanes just injured one of the Bruins’ essential cogs. They jostle and make fun of Bergeron.

One hundred points and 50 wins will mean nothing if it ends the way it started.

Mick Colageo writes about hockey for The Standard-Times. Follow on Twitter @MickColageo.

Reynolds returns to haunt the Souths as Brisbane win record declaration

Adam Reynolds made a triumphant return to the Accor Stadium, leading the Brisbane Broncos to a 32-12 victory over his former club, South Sydney.

Reynolds described “mixed feelings” returning to face Souths for the first time and admitted it had been difficult in the days leading up to the clash.

“I have a lot of buddies in the team and I still have a lot of good connections,” he said.

“They’ve been a big part of my career. I’ve played over 10 years at the club and they’ve supported me since I came through.

“I didn’t know what it was going to do until I got here. I’m glad it’s over and I’ll go to the hangars for a beer with the boys.

“Me and Jai Arrow went there nonstop. I knew once we got on the pitch there would be some scrambling and a bit of a hassle, but it was fun.

“We have bragging rights, so I’m happy with that. This chapter is closed; I’m excited about the new with the Broncos.

“I just wanted to continue our form for the Broncos. It is more important than an individual who wants something from his old team.

The Souths legend ended his night by signing shirts for die-hard Bunnies fans in The Burrow, despite receiving his fair share of fan digs during the game.

Indeed, the mics picked up an interaction between Reynolds and referee Grant Atkins in which the halfback commented on some of the choice comments, whistling, “I thought they liked me.”

To his credit, Atkins fired back with “They sure don’t like me”.

Reynolds never got a goodbye last year, as roster moved to Queensland, and was happy to end his Redfern period with Bunnies fans.

“He was just going to say thank you to them, there were a few boos as well,” he said.

“I expected everything in the opposing team to be fun and fun, but a lot of fans stayed after the game and I’m grateful for what Souths did for me.”

Reynolds was the bandleader, scoring a try, kicking six out of six and hitting over 500m in kicking yards.

It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the difference between the teams was number 7: the difference between Reynolds, a shrewd veteran, and Lachlan Ilias, a talented rookie, was written all over the Accor stadium.

“He’s hugely talented, but he also makes the other players and coaching staff around him that much better – he’s proven in the first eight weeks how valuable he is to us already,” said the coach. Kevin Walters.

“We’re very grateful to have him at our club. He’s been consistent for 10 years in the NRL now. That’s one of the reasons we actively sought him out.

In round one, when these two last met, Reynolds had missed, stuck in Covid isolation.

There was a solid argument that Brisbane were lucky to win that night. There was no luck in this performance: they were better in every department.

As a team, the Broncos put on a performance that couldn’t have been more perfectly timed to get the most out of their half: they finished high, allowing Reynolds’ kicks to show, and defended with the enthusiasm that gave them a platform to attack.

“There was no luck,” Walters said. “The Souths were a little off tonight, they are missing a few key players. But we will get the win tonight.

“It’s a win, which is great, we’re building and improving every week.”

The south has been plagued with the same problems that have dogged them all year. Their attack is more than clumsy, with poor form, a success rate below 70% and far too many errors. While the Bunnies didn’t help themselves with the ball in hand, a lot could be attributed to the Broncos’ line speed.

They tripled the number of balls played in the opposing 20m zone, but consistently failed to make the most of their possession. When the attack was launched, it was often met with stiff resistance, with several superb scrambling tackles.

“Adam Reynolds was good, but he was allowed to be,” Souths coach Jason Demetriou said. “He has to hit the ball on the front foot all the time, we put little pressure on him.

“We gave them 18 points by not defending kicks and interception attempts.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MAY 05: Adam Reynolds of the Broncos celebrates his try during the NRL Ninth Round match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos at Accor Stadium on May 05, 2022, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

“I don’t think we were here to win the game. We showed some glimpses in the first half, but the second half was as disappointing a half as we’ve played all season.

“Our rate of achievement and areas of effort were particularly ordinary.

“We left three tries there tonight with drops on the line. There is no doubt that we created chances, but the more the game went on, the more the pressure of the scoreboard was on us and it affected our way of attacking.

Kicking was key for the Broncos throughout and created the first down as Reynolds kicked and Corey Oates rose well above Blake Taaffe to give the Broncos a deserved lead .

The Broncos opened the scoring, but their defense saved them just as many points at the other end. Taane Milne would have scored had it not been for a late football tiebreak from Herbie Farnworth to save the try. Kobe Hetherington then denied another try with a superb strike on Jai Arrow which dislodged the ball.

The Souths were losing the ruck and leaving too many cheap meters at unloads. Selwyn Cobbo had closed out a game that seemed halted, only to come to life with the reel slaloming through the static defenders.

The breakthrough was coming, and it was the star that was coming back to provide it at the half hour.

South Sydney’s problems with the second phase continued. They failed to stop Thomas Flegler in his tracks, and when he unloaded on Patrick Carrigan, the Bunnies also failed to cover the ball. Reynolds, ever alert, was on hand to take the ball under the sticks.

Brisbane had racked up the points and continued to support it with defence. When, again, it looked like the barrage had been breached, a miracle try saver was found, with TC Robati stealing the ball away from Taaffe on the occasion.

The stalwart Broncos fullback had seen them absorb five repeat sets on their line, and with time ticking away at halftime, he was still susceptible to cracking. When it did, it was the same move that had gone so close before: this time Farnworth was nowhere in sight as Milne put the rabbits on the board.

Taaffe’s bad night under the high ball continued. Reynolds was the architect again, with a high kick causing the error. Selwyn Cobbo was there to grab all four points.

Te Maire Martin felt as generous as Taaffe. He dropped a Cody Walker Bomb and offered a field position for the Bunnies, who returned fire directly through Milne.

Reynolds couldn’t be kept out of the game. He kicked a penalty – the Broncos’ first of the year – before putting Oates in a hole, from which he fed Farnworth to score.

The Bunnies promoted football on offense, but found no timing and presented few defensive problems for the Broncos.

Eventually Walker pushed too far and juggled Cobbo, who showed an impressive toe to run 90m and put the result beyond doubt.

With just three minutes remaining, captain Cameron Murray dropped a cold ball into the shadow of the Broncos’ sticks. It was as good a metaphor as one could wish.

Sports betting VIP programs aren’t what they used to be, bettors say

Back to the days of online law sports betting – you know, like 2018 and 2019 – sports betting certainly seemed to be doing a lot more whaling.

“The bottom line is that the VIP stuff was very good in the past, now it’s gone down a lot,” said Sid M., a sports bettor from New Jersey. “FanDuel never had much there, but FOX bet and DraftKings— in the past they were very good.

Sid remembers once when he had problems with the DraftKings app.

“I emailed them in 2018 and told them I was having issues with the app on my phone,” he recalls. “I get a call, they ask me where I live. They say to me, ‘We have one of our men going to Meadowlands next week, can he come over to my place?’ I said of course. A week later, he rings my doorbell and hands me a new iPhone. It still surprises me. He just walked by and handed me an Apple X phone.

He also remembers DraftKings and FOX Bet setting him up with a dedicated host, providing dinners at home, having jerseys for his favorite teams delivered overnight, sending invites to sporting events.

“It was very early days, probably no later than 2019,” Sid said.

As for how it happened?

“I was betting a considerable sum,” he said. “On DraftKings, if you count the total money at risk, with sports betting, casino and DFS? Millions of dollars a year, hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

And apparently DraftKings wanted to keep him happy.

These days?

“It’s very different now,” he said. “New Jersey was the only place it was legal in the beginning, and I was one of the first customers, so I was probably way up the food chain. Now it’s legal in so many states , maybe I’m not [so important] more. I don’t know how they work — maybe I’m not in the “higher superior” anymore. It’s very different.”

How different?

“Before the host was very helpful,” said Sid. “I met him once or twice, whenever there was a problem I emailed him, he worked things out. Now my host is technically here to help, but he needs screenshots and proof before taking any action. It’s just different.

DraftKings: Yes, it’s different

Sid M. is not wrong: it’s different.

Back in the days of the Wild West, the process wasn’t that simple, a DraftKings spokesperson said. SportsHandle. Today, it’s mostly math.

“Status with DraftKings is earned by earning levels in our new loyalty program, Dynasty Rewards,” reads a company statement. “Customers progress to status by earning crowns for everything they do on DraftKings. As users reach higher levels, they unlock new, more valuable Dynasty Rewards benefits.

There are five tiers at DraftKings: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Onyx. Each level is reached by collecting enough “crowns”, which accumulate dollar for dollar for DFS and parlay bets, but become more difficult to acquire as bets become less “risky”, culminating in the need to wager 8 $ on a table game to acquire a single crown.

And to achieve the previous status of Sid M., including a dedicated VIP host, a user would have to achieve Onyx status by collecting more than 1 million crowns per year.

“Onyx members will be assigned to a VIP host who will provide a more personalized experience based on the player’s interests and preferences,” the statement read, while Diamond players – that’s a minimum of 500,000 crowns – receive “l access to a VIP team that will help members achieve the best DraftKings has to offer via a white glove experience.

DraftKings would not disclose how many users it has at the Diamond or Onyx level.

The casino game adds up fast

“It kind of came out of nowhere,” said Dan, a punter from Pennsylvania. “Around the start of the 2020 NFL season, I received a text from the DraftKings VIP team asking if I was interested in free bets and a deposit bonus. I said sure.

Dan said it happened several times, then was asked if he wanted tickets to see the Washington Capitals play in DC. He turned down the offer — his son was just born and DC was a hike. So DraftKings offered him to watch the hometown Flyers take on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Dan accepted the offer and even asked if his plus-1 could come.

“They said of course,” Dan said.

Based on this offer, Dan had clearly reached the Diamond level, as this is where the live experiences start to come in. How he got there, however, is instructive.

“In NFL peak season, I bet maybe $1,500, $2,000 a month, tops,” he said. “But I’ll also sometimes put $200 in blackjack and cry, playing with the money I just threw away. It goes fast, and I was probably betting $10,000, $20,000 in one sitting.

Tommy, a sports bettor and casino player from New Jersey, had a similar – albeit more heartbreaking – story about his VIP invitation.

“I was basically nickel and divisive for weeks at a time,” Tommy said. “I was making small sports bets, maybe $25, $40, that sort of thing. Then I would go to the casino, play blackjack and try to get the bet back. I would do that eight, 10, 15 times a day. Make a bet, go to the casino and win back the bet.

If it sounds dangerous…

“I was doing this for a few weeks and I racked up over $9,000 in the account,” Tommy said. “Then one day I couldn’t get the $40 back. It became $80, then $160, then became a crazy night of huge bets. I would win $500, I would lose $500, I would win $750, I would lose $750. I can’t even imagine how much I put in. A hundred K? Two hundred K? Come to think of it, probably a lot more.

Whatever the number, it triggered internal checks at DraftKings, and the next day Tommy got a phone call and started getting a ton of benefits.

“At first I had a host, and if I lost a decent amount of money, I would call the host and he would look at my account and fund my account with $200 or $300,” Tommy said.

But just like Sid M.’s experience, Tommy’s host came less and less, until one day…

“Then the host left,” Tommy said. “Why? Has my status changed? I don’t know.”

Tommy noticed, however, that instead of getting cashback as an incentive, everything turned into crowns.

“They would usually throw me eight, maybe 10% back when I was losing,” he said. “Now I get crowns.”

Take the cooler, leave the cannoli

One thing seems clear: the days of DraftKings and company going all out with the goal of creating VIPs — and showering them with gifts and prizes — seem to be over.

Instead, it’s an era of tough math and limited payoffs, unless you get to Diamond or Onyx level – and assuming you didn’t get there by betting on sports and you you find limited.

“The last thing I remember getting was that DraftKings sent me a cooler a year ago,” Sid M. said. Rangers playoffs. Recently, however? A bunch of VIP promotions, the tricks to spending that much and getting a reward. Nothing individualized.

Of course, the question behind it all – and one for which no answer has been forthcoming from DraftKings – is “Why?” Why change the way VIPs are invited and – apparently – reduce the perks? Too many whales in the ocean? Too much time, effort and money to make those VIPs happy?

Or maybe…it’s just not necessary anymore. If you build it, they will come, DraftKings-branded coolers or not.

2022 launch celebration | New York University Pace

On Monday, May 16, Pace will host the largest launch event in our history to celebrate the Classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York.

This will be our first full-fledged launch event in three years, and the new venue will give us the opportunity to create a truly memorable event for our entire community. We will begin the day with a formal, high-profile ceremony for all graduating students, followed by school and college ceremonies that will include the roll call and graduation. Between events, we will use the spacious tennis center grounds to celebrate our graduates, with food vendors and plenty of time and space for photos and gatherings.

Event calendar

Main ceremony
Arthur Ashe Stadium
10:15–11:30 a.m.

School ceremonies
School ceremonies begin at noon and continue throughout the afternoon. To see the time and location of your school’s ceremony, visit the Start Schedule page.

back to top


At this expanded venue, each graduating student can receive up to four full-day tickets for family and guests to attend both the main ceremony and the school and college ceremonies. Graduate students may receive up to two additional tickets for school and college ceremonies. Tickets will be shared digitally with graduates at the email address they used when registering for Commencement, so keep your eyes peeled for your inbox. For ticketing inquiries, please email [email protected]

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Food, photography and more

The USTA Grounds and Food Village will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Options will include snacks (think soda, popcorn, pretzels) and heartier fare like burgers, pizza, hot dogs and chicken fingers. Or, bring something from home—a graduation picnic? Yes please. Additionally, in the periods between ceremonies, graduates and their families are welcome to take photos and videos in front of our specially designed photo backdrops. Be on the lookout for our professional photographers – we’ll be sharing images from Commencement online later in the week. Before heading home for the day, be sure to stop by our Alumni Relations Table and Career Services Table. Don’t forget to share your photos on social media using #PaceGrad.

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Student Prize Winners

2022 Directors Awards

The Trustees Award is given to the graduate student or students whose positive contributions to university life and whose academic achievements exemplify the highest level of achievement attainable for an undergraduate student.

Maria Elisa Escobar | New York campuses
She will graduate Pace as one of his top student leaders. Throughout her undergraduate career, she has consistently demonstrated an exemplary dedication to improving the Pace community. Maria Elisa dedicated much of her undergraduate career to the anti-trafficking movement. After volunteering with World Without Exploitation, she co-founded WorldWE Youth Coalition, a national youth-led network that uses advocacy, education and awareness initiatives to end sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Human being. In her two years since co-founding the Youth Coalition, Maria Elisa has had the experience of hosting two virtual summits that have engaged over 1,000 youth across the country.

Naya J. Rivera | Pleasantville Campus
By earning a combined degree – a bachelor’s degree in adolescent education and biology as well as a master’s degree in special education – Naya was able to balance her outstanding academic pedigree with an unwavering commitment to leadership service outside of the classroom. Rivera, captain of the Pace women’s basketball team, led the team on a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, winning the Eastern Regional title en route to only the third Elite 8 appearance in history. from the program. During the pandemic, she was one of the first students to volunteer for a pilot program to provide online tutoring to students at a school in Ossining, NY. Based on her outstanding performance, she was hired in her senior year as a technology teacher for the college – a role she was able to thrive in alongside her many other obligations. When it comes to volunteering for campus events, Naya has often lend a hand, such as leading an implicit bias in-class workshop for Pace’s annual Social Justice Week. .

Community Service Award 2022

The Community Service Award is presented to the student or graduate students whose active contributions to the life of the University community and to the efforts of our neighbors in the surrounding community most admirably embody an appreciation of the value of social responsibility.

Alexandra Marie Kennedy | New York campuses
Through her academic interests, Alexandra Marie Kennedy was able to link her curricular and extracurricular involvements around the principles of social responsibility and justice. Perhaps Alex’s most profound impact was his role in co-founding Fare Trade, a sustainable self-help initiative to address food insecurity on the New York campus. She volunteered Vote Everywhere during the 2020-2021 school year with the Center for Community Action and Research, received training in voter education, and supported her peers in exercising the right to vote during the general elections of November 2020 and the spring 2021 primaries in New York. She is also involved with the NAACP student organization chapter at Pace and Circle K, a student group focused on organizing community service and leadership opportunities for fellow Pace students. Through his many engagements, Alex has modeled what social responsibility looks like for both his peers and professionals on campus.

Irach’e “Shea” Teague | Pleasantville Campus
Irach’e “Shea” Teague has impressively balanced his studies with a wide range of extracurricular accomplishments – demonstrating that a well-rounded Pace education isn’t just confined to the classroom. As Vice President of the Student Government Association, Shea has personally ensured that there is an organization for everyone, guiding individuals through the process of proposing and implementing new student organizations such as Active Minds, a new student group focused on student mental health. She also continued to advocate on behalf of students as a resident assistant, where she worked to create a safe and vibrant community for residents through targeted programs aimed at increasing student skills in areas ranging from multicultural understanding to personal finances and academic success. Additionally, Shea has always shown a strong penchant for being an impactful community leader. For example, she helped make possible the DJ Henry de Pleasantville mural, which honors the life of DJ Henry, a Pace student who was killed by a Pleasantville police officer in 2010.

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Honorary degree recipients

  • Mayor of New York, Eric Adams | Main ceremony
  • U.S. Representative Grace Meng | Haub Law Ceremony
  • Baroness Ariane de Rothschild ’88, MBA ’90 | Lubin Ceremony

Learn more about this year’s speakers on our launch site.

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Location address and directions

USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
Flushing Meadow Corona Park
Rinse NY 11368

Public transportation

  • Metro: The 7 train provides service from Grand Central Terminal to Mets-Willets Point station, including connections to all Metro-North trains in Westchester and Connecticut. The service is also available from the Port Authority Bus Station.
  • Long Island Railroad: LIRR offers easy service to Mets-Willets Point Station from Woodside, and convenient connections from Penn Station for New Jersey Transit customers. For people with reduced mobility, get off the LIRR train at the 61st Street-Woodside station and take the 7 train. Take the 7 train to Mets-Willets Point station.

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You have questions and we have answers. Visit the Commencement website FAQs for information on transportation to and from Pace campuses, parking, ticketing, credentials, live streaming, and more. We are constantly expanding the FAQ, so check back often. If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ, please email [email protected]

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Taz Sherman sells exclusive Playing Days gear to WVU

Former West Virginia guard Taz Sherman sells exclusive merchandise with Player’s Chesta website that helps student-athletes sell gear using their name, image, and likeness.

Sherman has his own custom gear there, as well as the gear he used while playing in West Virginia. T-shirts, shorts, pants, coats, workout shirts, etc. are all available for purchase.

Sherman spent three years in West Virginia after transferring from Collin College, a JUCO in Texas. Sherman has increased his points-per-game average over his three seasons averaging 5.3 points his junior year, 13.6 points his senior year and 17.7 in his fifth year. The 6-foot-4 guard has shot 40 percent from the field in his career. Sherman became the 55th climber in program history to record 1,000 career points in February.

To visit the store and support Sherman, click here.

Welcome to the new home of WVU’s latest football and basketball news, analysis and recruiting. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and discover us on YouTube. And don’t forget to subscribe to all of our articles delivered straight to your inbox.

Best fast business loans for fast cash in 2022 – Forbes Advisor

Just as there are many forms of business financing, there are several types of fast business loans to choose from. Here are some of the most common options:

Online Commercial Term Loans

Term loans are what most people think of in the context of commercial borrowing. With online business term loans, business owners complete an online application process and can receive an approval decision within minutes. Funding times ultimately depend on the borrower’s bank, but cash is often available in as little as two days after approval.

Loan funds are disbursed in a lump sum and interest begins to accrue on the entire loan balance. Payments are then made over a fixed period of time, usually between three and 18 months for short-term loans. Term loans with fast funding are generally available up to $250,000, with annual percentage rates (APR) starting at around 10%.

Commercial lines of credit

Unlike a commercial term loan, commercial lines of credit are accessible as needed and are revolving, meaning a borrower can repay the line and access the funds multiple times during the drawdown period. Interest only accrues on the portion of the line of credit used, making it a good option for business owners who need access to capital over time. Borrowing limits typically range from $2,000 to $250,000 and APRs start at around 7%.

Borrowers who need quick access to cash may benefit the most from short-term lines of credit. Although this type of financing comes with short repayment terms, usually less than one year, financing times can be faster than for traditional lines of credit. In fact, borrowers can access their line of credit within hours of approval.

Equipment financing

Business owners who need to purchase equipment such as vehicles or machinery may qualify for equipment financing. Equipment finance is a form of asset-based lending, which means that the loan is secured by the equipment purchased. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can seize or repossess the collateral to collect the outstanding loan balance. Loan amounts depend on the cost of the equipment, but can exceed $1 million, with repayment terms of up to 25 years. Interest rates generally range from 8% to 30%.

Since equipment financing is used to purchase specific items, this form of lending is not suitable for all businesses. However, business owners who need equipment to start or expand their business can benefit from this option.

Invoice factoring and financing

Factoring and invoice financing vary slightly in their mechanics, but generally involve borrowing against the value of a company’s unpaid invoices. With invoice factoring, the business sells unpaid invoices to a factoring company, which becomes responsible for collecting payment.

Invoice financing, on the other hand, involves borrowing money that is secured by the company’s unpaid invoices. In this case, the business must still collect the payment and then use those funds to repay the loan. Factoring companies typically purchase invoices for 70% to 95% of the total invoice amount and charge factoring fees of 0.5% to 5% per month until the invoice is paid.

Cash Advances to Merchants

A merchant cash advance (MCA) allows a business owner to borrow money against future sales receipts. This form of business financing is often available through payment processing companies and merchant services, and allows business owners to access cash without applying for a traditional loan.

Business owners receive a cash lump sum which is then reimbursed through credit card sales or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments on a daily or weekly basis. Factor ratios typically range from 1.2 to 1.5, which can be equivalent to APRs of 40% to 350%.

Photos: Disneyland Showcases May 4th Merchandise at Star Wars Nite

The first of three Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite events takes place tonight at Disneyland Park. A whole bunch of new May the Fourth star wars the merchandise was launched at the event, so let’s take a look.

As expected, large crowds descended on the Star Wars launch baywhere the release took place.

Some of these articles have already been published on shopDisneybut this seems to be the first time they are available at Disneyland Park.


Adult Star Wars Bounty Hunters T-shirt – Star Wars: May the 4th Be With You 2022 – Personalized

This has to be one of the most unique Spirit jerseys of recent times, with Kenner style star wars action figures on the back.


It couldn’t be a true Disney event without some special limited edition pin releases.


This month’s release of Disney Parks Wishables fits right into the event by celebrating the characters from Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

Inside, you’ll get one of four possible plushies (plus a hunter variant). They are Hondo Ohnaka, the Millennium Falcon, a Porg and R5-P8.

Chewbacca is sold individually from the blind packs.


Finally, we have this pleasure star wars goblet with old Kenner style action figures based on Star Wars: A New Hope.

Stay tuned to Laughing Place tonight for full coverage of the Star Wars Nite premiere.

Laughing Place recommends MouseFanTravel.com for all your Disneyland Resort travel plans

Stanley Cup Playoff buzz: Maple Leafs overcome hurdles to win Game 1

What we learned

The Maple Leafs overcame early hurdles

Have the Maple Leafs finally discovered the mental toughness to overcome adversity in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? It’s just a game but so far so good. Burdened by the history of not having won a playoff since 2004, Toronto could have withered when the Tampa Bay Lightning spent seven of the first 12 minutes of Game 1 on the power play. Instead, led by a hungry penalty kill that produced as many scoring chances as it gave up, the Maple Leafs kept the Lightning off the scoreboard and building momentum. Lightning coach Jon Cooper called it a turning point in Game 1, a 5-0 win for the Maple Leafs. Skill has never been an issue for the Maple Leafs over the past few years, but they haven’t been able to turn things around when things don’t go their way. On Monday, they found a way to do it. — Mike Zeisberger, Editor

Lightning pissed off at failed power play

The Lightning power play ranked eighth (23.9%) in the regular season, but their inability to score early set the tone for the game. They looked flustered and confused at times and even allowed a shorthanded goal to David Kampf in the second period. In other words, the Maple Leafs outscored the Lightning 1-0 while Tampa Bay had the man advantage. In a series where special teams already have a say in the outcome, it was far from an ideal start for the Lightning. Captain Steven Stamkos said he could bounce back from the loss and felt the power play could resume. After losing Game 1, Tampa Bay will have to do it. –Zeisberg

Raving about Raanta

Antti Raanta proved to be just what Carolina Hurricanes coach Rod Brind’Amour needed in the absence of an injured goalie Frederic Andersen when he made 35 saves in his first Stanley Cup Playoff start, a 5-1 win over the Boston Bruins in Game 1. “Then we improved our game a bit in second.” Andersen missed the final six games of the regular season with a lower-body injury and an extended absence in the playoffs, so Raanta’s performance could go a long way in boosting confidence for what the Hurricanes hope to be a long playoff series. The 32-year-old made 14 saves in the first period, 11 in the second and allowed one goal on 11 shots in the third. “I was just trying to focus on the things that (made me) successful,” Raanta said. “It was working well. But it’s just one game, one win, and now it’s just to regroup and prepare for Wednesday.” — Mike G. Morreale, Editor

Bruins need to find ways to finish

The Bruins had it all against the Hurricanes in the first period of Game 1, outshooting them 14-10. The inability to capitalize on that puck possession proved vital when the Hurricanes scored two goals 2:10 down in the second. “I thought we were in control in the first half, actually the first 35 minutes of the game, but we weren’t able to take the lead and you see their home crowd getting into it,” said the Bruins forward. Taylor Room mentioned. “They play and they feel good.” boston keeper Linus Ullmark made 20 saves in his playoff debut and coach Bruce Cassidy declined to commit to a Game 2 starter on Wednesday. “I don’t blame our keeper for that,” Cassidy said. “We had a few chances that we needed to finish as well as them.” –– Morreale

Where is the discipline?

The Minnesota Wild know they can’t win a special teams battle against the St. Louis Blues. Yet they were there in Game 1, taking unnecessary penalties and eliminating any momentum they could generate during 5-on-5 play. The Blues are elite on the power play (27.0% in the regular season, second in the NHL) and shorthanded (84.1%, fifth). Minnesota finished 25th on the kill (76.1%) and looked lost trying to stop a St. Louis power play that likes to move the puck and create seams for its attacks. The Blues scored on two of their six chances on the power play and scored another two seconds after a power play ended. “We have to play between the whistles and forget the [other stuff]”Wild coach Dean Evason said. “We don’t need to do that. I would like to say that these are not unruly penalties, just avoidable penalties. These are avoidable penalties.” — Shawn P. Roarke, Senior Managing Editor

Hooray for Husso

City Husso has plenty of support in the Blues dressing room, even after supplanting Jordan Binington, one of the heroes of the 2019 Stanley Cup champions, as the No. 1 goalie. The 27-year-old returned coach Craig Berube’s confidence in him, making 37 saves for a 4-0. Husso was sometimes brilliant. He made five saves on Kirill Kaprizov, who has scored 47 goals this season. He also had huge saves on Joel Eriksson Ek and Marcus Foligno. “I don’t like inflating his tires when he’s here,” said the Blues striker David Peron, who scored a hat trick and featured in all four goals. “I’m a big fan of ‘Huus.’ Even four years ago, when he was a Black Ace, I just saw how hard he worked, how passionate he was about the game. You’re happy for guys who win everything they have , and he certainly did. –Roarke

Tankers need to reduce errors

As impressive as the Edmonton Oilers are under coach Jay Woodcroft, winning 14 of their last 15 home games (14-0-1) in the regular season and going 26-9-3 once he took over on Feb. 10, their margin for error in the playoffs is going to be small. Edmonton were outscored 4-1 at 5-5 in Game 1 against the Los Angeles Kings and the goalie mike smith gave up two goals that he would probably want to recover. Brenden Lemieux scored at 3:50 of the second period to give Los Angeles a 3-2 lead and Philippe DanaultThe 14:46 winner of the third was caused by an unnecessary turnover from Smith. –– Tim Campbell, Editor

Kings are not subject to change

Game 1 revealed that the Kings will likely continue to do what they’ve done all season, play a persistent, structured game and while they don’t often match up well in terms of high-yield offensive stars, they will keep coming and coming. Being able to lead that kind of game in the Stanley Cup playoffs with a roster made up of eight players who had never played an NHL postseason game (forward Quinton Byfield, Blake Lizotte, Carl Grundstrom and Arthur Kalievdefenders Sean Durzi, Jordan Spence, matt roy and Mikey Andersonand guardian Cal Peterson) will only build confidence and make the Oilers firepower defense, namely Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitlseem a bit more manageable. –Campbell

About last night

Carolina Hurricanes 5, Boston Bruins 1

Carolina scored three goals in the third period and Raanta made 35 saves to guide the Metropolitan Division’s No. 1 seed to the Game 1 victory at the PNC Arena. Vincent Trocheck and Seth Jarvis each had a goal and an assist. Nino Niederreiter, Teuvo Teravainen and Andrei Svechnikov also scored for the Hurricanes. Hall scored for Boston, the Eastern Conference’s first wild card, and Ullmark made 20 saves.

Toronto Maple Leafs 5, Tampa Bay Lightning 0

Auston Matthews scored two goals and an assist and Jack Campbell made 24 saves to lead the Maple Leafs to their first Game 1 home win since 2002, when they beat the New York Islanders 3-1. Michael Marner got a goal and two assists, and Morgan Rielly and Ondrej Kase each had two assists for the Maple Leafs, the second seed in the Atlantic Division. Toronto went 5-for-5 shorthanded. Matthews became the first defending Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy winner in 15 years to score multiple goals in his team’s first playoff game. Vincent Lecavalier did it for the Lightning in Game 1 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the New Jersey Devils.

St. Louis Blues 4, Minnesota Wild 0

Husso became the first St. Louis goaltender to get a shutout in his Stanley Cup playoff debut and Perron became the first Blues player to score a hat trick in Game 1 of the playoffs . Ryan O’Reilly had a goal and an assist for St. Louis, the Central Division’s third seed. Marc-Andre Fleury made 27 saves for Minnesota, the No. 2 seed at Central.

Los Angeles Kings 4, Edmonton Oilers 3

Danault scored the go-ahead goal after Smith turned the puck over trying to clear it down the middle. Trevor Moore had a goal and two assists, Alex Iafallo had a goal and an assist and Quick Jonathan made 36 saves for the Kings, the third seed in the Pacific Division. Kailer Yamamoto and McDavid each had a goal and an assist, and Draisaitl scored for the Oilers, the second seed in the Pacific. Smith made 31 saves.

How to have fun at a Mariners game on a budget | Community

Editor’s note: “Blasted on a Budget” is a bi-weekly column providing tips and tricks on how to drink alcohol – responsibly – as a penniless college student.

Are you a baseball fan? If so, you probably know our hometown heroes, the Seattle Mariners, the cause of all the pain and suffering for Seattle baseball fans. Are you 21? Do you like alcohol and drink it for cheap? Are you tired of our questions? Really? Why? Take a look below at our tips for really enjoying a Mariners game – on a budget.

Urban Dictionary defines pre-gaming as “drinking before going out to party, primarily to prevent overspending on alcohol while away”. In this case, the party is a baseball game and the booze is still booze. At a Mariners game, “overspending” involves buying a $14 beer, so before the game. Treat yourself to a nice plastic bottle of Vitali and a case of Rolling Rock, or Bud Light if you feel like it. Crank out that country song you can stand to your feet to and get into the baseball vibe.

You will want to pee. So do it. But no matter how many times you go there before you leave, you’ll have to go back. Do yourself a favor and explore a nice walkway around T-Mobile Park when you enter.

Now that’s not an endorsement for bringing booze into the stadium, but let’s say you were to forget you had a few shooters (those little travel booze bottles) in your back pocket, security wouldn’t notice. . The target on the avenue had Jim Beam shooters that happened to be the perfect size for our pockets.

This is arguably the most important step. To access the game, you will need to ride a crowded light rail. If you’re feeling risky and want to lighten the tension, go see other fans wearing Mariners jerseys and talk to them as if they’re actually the player wearing their jersey. It’s a guaranteed way to crack everyone up, trust me.

“The Pen” is the name of this area at the center wall of the pitch where every student in the stadium stands. Yes, you have to stand. And, yes, you are going to be in a busy area surrounded by other drunk kids. But there’s a major reason to stick around – whoever is playing in center field can hear you. In the case of the Mariners, it was new stud Julio Rodriguez – those Jim Beam shooters had us proclaiming our love for him. A peace sign from her in response was enough to make our night.

For us it was $5-7 beers. Yes, for a baseball game, it’s solid value, especially considering they cost over $15 at other stadium locations. I still wasn’t the happiest dropping $7 on a spiked Arnold Palmer. Unfortunately for Astros center fielder Chas McCormick, he became the subject of our ire. Being the only Astros player who could hear us — a team widely hated by Seattle fans — he endured our torment. If you heard anyone shout an insult at McCormick, it was us – or someone inspired by us. McCormick was pissed.

At this point, it’s late in the game. Those Jim Beam shooters you “forgot” were in your pocket are starting to fade. You can finally head to your seats and relax a bit, maybe even watch some baseball. Grab $16 Chicken Tenders and enjoy everything you do — watch baseball, talk to friends, dismember the promotional bobblehead — all the normal things you like to do.

And that’s our guide to having fun at a Mariners game for relatively cheap. If you decide to give it a try, let us know how it goes. Stay tuned next week for more tips on how to blow yourself up on a budget.

Contact columnists Charlie Darnall and Grayson Irwin at [email protected] Twitter: @charlied1211 and @graysonirwin16

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Honor and serve proceeds of the day to benefit Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

CHAMPAGNE, Ill. – The Fighting Illini Baseball Program’s annual Day of Honor and Service scheduled for Saturday, May 7 at 1 p.m. CT will benefit Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for Dr. Hedrick’s Fetal Surgery Team. Dr. Hedrick’s team managed to separate Siamese twins Addy and Lily Altobelli, daughters of Illinois baseball alumni Dominic Altobelli (’06-’09) and his wife, Maggie.

Over $4 million was raised for CHOP’s surgical team. The gift will be presented by the Illinois Baseball Dugout Club in honor of Addy, Lily, Maggie and Dominic Altobelli to fund new discoveries aimed at transforming personalized pediatric surgical care. The incredible story of the Altobelli family can be viewed here.

Dominic Altobelli played in 97 games with 91 starts for the Illini, posting a career batting average of .348. During his time in the Orange and Blue, he had 125 hits, including 12 home runs and 91 RBIs. Altobelli has continuously supported the Illinois baseball program since leaving Champaign, including serving as the team’s guest speaker on Illini’s Zoom Speaker Series during the 2020 COVID season.

Adult-size jerseys worn by Illinois baseball players will be auctioned off immediately after the game. Youth jerseys will also be available for sale. Additionally, Gameday Spirit will be selling Honor and Serve t-shirts which can be found here. All proceeds from the jersey auction and a portion of Gameday Spirit t-shirt sales will go to Dr. Hedrick’s surgical team at CHOP.

Illinois Baseball would also like to invite all veterans as well as active military personnel to join us in this celebration as we honor the military and serve the community at Illinois Field.

Guy Lafleur in solemn pose could not be a more fitting tribute to Quebec’s most public figure

Outside the Bell Center around noon Sunday, the line to enter the building lasted about an hour, with hundreds, if not thousands of people, waiting on a perfect spring day. People were smiling, laughing, didn’t look so sad to stand in line for so long. Instead, they were happy to do so.

Among those hundreds or thousands of people were many Canadiens jerseys with a number 10 and LAFLEUR on the back. Some of them were frayed, the lettering yellowed over time. Others looked brand new. And so many of them were signed with that famous autograph, the one that was so prominently displayed inside the building, where Guy Lafleur lay in state after his death from lung cancer on April 22.

It has often been said that no one in the history of Quebec has signed more autographs than Guy Lafleur.

By the time people reached Lafleur’s casket, some had been waiting for more than three hours to spend perhaps a minute paying their respects. Seated to the right of the coffin was Lafleur’s wife, Lise, accompanied by their children Marc and Martin and other family members. For hours, Lise Lafleur sat as people passed by and paid their respects. Some stopped to chat, and she chatted. Some simply waved and shared a message of condolence. In response, Lise Lafleur double tapped her heart. She did it again and again, two taps on her heart as people she had never met offered their condolences.

She did this for hours. Because her late husband did this all his adult life, meeting people he had never met and hearing them tell her how much he meant to them.

“He would be in a restaurant, and his wife would have to move to the table to make room for a father and son to come talk to Guy for five or six minutes in the middle of a meal. I’ve seen it five or six times,” said former NHL referee and Quebec radio personality Ron Fournier. “And he took the time to make sure the father would be proud, and that the kid could one day say he had the privilege of meeting Guy Lafleur. He is a phenomenon on all levels, but what I particularly appreciate is what he has achieved after his career, which no one else has ever matched.

It was about Guy Lafleur, a larger than life character who touched more people than he probably thought, people who traveled far and wide to be at the Bell Center on Sunday and waited over three hours for him. say one last time how what he meant to them.

When these people entered the building, they were greeted by two massive photos of Lafleur on either side of his coffin. The one on the left was of Lafleur celebrating the 1977 Stanley Cup by placing the only Conn Smythe trophy he won in his career atop the cup. It’s a photo of a winner. The one on the right shows Lafleur skating on the ice of the Forum, saluting the supporters. It’s a photo of a man of the people.

The two sides of Lafleur that made him so important not just to hockey fans, but to an entire population, perfectly captured.

“It brought everyone together, Anglophones, Francophones, everyone was behind Guy Lafleur, everyone was proud. Guy Lafleur was a little guy from here who was the best player in the NHL,” said Quebec Premier François Legault. “It’s important. We’re going back a bit here, but we’re a conquered people, so sometimes it’s hard to be winners. But with Guy Lafleur, we were winners. We were all proud, all united. He done a lot and I’m happy to see so many Quebecers come here to thank him.

There were small details in the arena that were poignant, additional signs of the way Canadians hold a ceremony.

The first was that the Hockey Hall of Fame brought all of the trophies Lafleur won during his career to the event. So the Ted Lindsay, Art Ross and Hart trophies were all there. But so was the Stanley Cup, which Lafleur won five times, and it was placed directly behind the casket, between two Habs flags made of flowers, which suited La Fleur.

Right next to the Stanley Cup was a small toy helicopter, a nod to Lafleur’s love of flying and his helicopter license. He would take long helicopter flights to distant places in retirement. It was a passion of his and Canadians made sure it was noted.

Another was perhaps a little more subtle. The Bell Center seats were illuminated with red, white or blue lights, the colors of the Canadians. On the sides, there was no light in the seats. But in 2008, the Canadiens inaugurated their Ring of Honor that encircles the top of the arena, just behind the least expensive seats in the building, where each of the 48 Habs players and 11 builders who are inducted into the Hall of hockey fame are honoured.

It would have been hard to notice from the arena floor, but the only source of light to the right of the tribute up there in the cheap seats was a light illuminating Lafleur’s place on the Ring of Honor. .

It was fitting, because the people who normally occupy these seats are the ones Lafleur resonated with the most.

There is a meaning for Guy Lafleur that is sometimes difficult to explain. It’s different from other hockey greats.

Toronto Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan made sure to get Maple Leafs alumni Wendel Clark, Rick Vaive and Doug Gilmour on a plane to come to the Bell Center on Sunday to pay their respects. Each of them played against Lafleur later in their careers, but it didn’t matter. It’s what Lafleur represented that brought them there.

“It was an honor to put the logo on, just the story here is amazing,” said Gilmour, who played two seasons for the Canadiens at the end of his career. “It’s beautiful. It’s kind of shocking and overwhelming when you walk in. Just look at the lineup here, there’s a lot of great memories and the story of winning the Stanley Cup here. To the family, may God Bless them, we will miss him, that’s why we came, to honor him as well.

Two of Lafleur’s former teammates, Réjean Houle and Yvon Lambert, spoke eloquently about who Lafleur was and how what the Canadiens did for him perfectly represented that because of his public persona.

Lafleur enjoyed being with his teammates, making sure they spent time together and paying the bill whenever they did. But he couldn’t do that all the time.

“When you’re a superstar, you’re in demand everywhere. Everywhere,” Lambert said. “So Guy, after every practice, we never saw Flower come to practice in jeans. He was always laid back, as he was always busy after practice.

While his teammates were out for lunch and a beer, Lafleur was on his way to an event where he was wanted. But he also knew how to have fun and live the life of a superstar.

“Guy Lafleur went 100 miles an hour,” Houle said. “It was 100 miles an hour when he drove to Quebec, 100 miles an hour on ice and 100 miles an hour on Crescent Street, 100 miles an hour everywhere »

Lambert recounted how Lafleur and former Formula 1 driver Gilles Villeneuve went from the Lafontaine Tunnel in Montreal to the Quebec Bridge in Quebec City in 58 minutes. It’s 230 kilometers, or 140 miles.

So 100 miles an hour was an understatement.

It was the first of two days Lafleur was in state at the Bell Center, with people marching through the building, waiting for hours and paying their respects.

At some point later in the day on Sunday, a father was walking towards the Bell Center with his daughter and son. The father had a Canadiens jersey with RICHARD and #9 on the back, his daughter had a jersey with BELIVEAU and #4 on the back, and the youngest, the son, had LAFLEUR and #10 on the back. A family representing the line of Canadian greatness that meant so much to a “conquered people” who needed to be shown how they could be winners, and how these three men showed it in an almost unbroken line from the 1940s through the 1980 .

“Today is a moment,” Fournier said. “A father who says to his grandchildren: ‘Let’s go, we’ll see Guy.’ To understand? And then you wait an hour and a half, maybe two hours before you manage to walk past Guy and say hello. And this dad can say this is a big time, kids, because this man is someone we’ll talk about forever, and you can tell your kids about it.

“It is a gathering of the people of Quebec. And when do we come together as Quebecers, apart from protests because our union tells us so, but for serious things? When do we really come together for a worthy cause? And when will we do it again? Who will be the next one ? I do not know. So it’s something extraordinary, a beautiful moment, a moment to celebrate.

(Photo: Vitor Munhoz/NHLI via Getty Images)

Stahls’ Transfer Express in Mentor helps prep jerseys for NFL Draft

If you had gone behind the scenes before the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland, you would have seen the letters of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s last name already cut out in white lettering, ready to be transferred onto a teal Jacksonville jersey. Jaguars by a team of four Stahls. Employees of Transfer Express.

Of course, you would also have seen Lawrence’s name in every other NFL team’s font and color, ready to transfer to every other NFL team’s jersey in the microscopic case that, say, the Kansas City Chiefs traded Patrick Mahomes to the Jaguars in exchange for the No. 1 overall pick.

“No matter what team he (Lawrence) would have been drafted by, we were ready,” Jason Ziga, senior vice president and general manager of Stahls’ Transfer Express, told Mentor.

Plus, you would have seen the same setup for BYU quarterback Zach Wilson (who ended up becoming the Jets’ No. 2) and Alabama quarterback Mac Jones (who went on to become the No. 15 of the Patriots) and all the other first-round picks including The new No. 1 jersey was expected to be ready for its 15 seconds of glory on ESPN, ABC and NFL Network broadcasts.

Because on a night filled with uncertainty, one thing was certain: the NFL’s best two-minute drill was being played behind the scenes by a team from northeast Ohio.

Here’s how it worked. Once a team made their selection, the Transfer Express team had two minutes to put the player’s name on the shirt. An NFL representative would then grab the jersey and hand it to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell onstage. (Alas, Lawrence stayed home for the 2021 draft, so Goodell held that jersey on his own.)

“There’s definitely pressure, but it’s a very well-oiled machine,” said Ziga, who said his team destroyed all the names once the first round was over. “We’re doing a really good job of preparing, so everyone knows their position and what they need to do. Even though it’s a tight two-minute window, it’s not madness or madness there- low.”

Detroit-based Stahls’ has been a licensee and supplier to the NFL for over a decade. Transfer Express provides the custom screen printed transfers used to personalize jerseys. Unlike last April, this year’s project did not include any Transfer Express employees. But Stahls was on hand at this year’s draft, which took place April 28-30 in Las Vegas.

Not only did Stahls print the jerseys for the newly drafted players, but they also offered fans the opportunity to customize their own jerseys or shirts at the NFL Store inside the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace using the same technology as that of Mentor. Stahls’ also does a lot of business with online retail giant Fanatics and on the NFL’s online store through its 10-year partnership with Legends Global Merchandise.

Ziga, a graduate of St. Edward High School and Cleveland State, came to Stahls in 2013 after spending several years as an adjuster for companies like Progressive and Farmer’s. He started as a sales manager and took just six years to reach his current position, where he leads a team of 350 people and oversees all aspects of screenprinting transfers and digital screenprinting transfers within of Stahls’.

“One of the things about insurance is you’re not allowed to go off the beaten path,” he said. “In a company like Transfer Express, and Stahls’ in general, you can be very creative. There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. It’s a family business, so it’s a lot easier to innovate and try different things. There’s a lot more capacity to act.”

Of course, just because Stahls’ is a family business doesn’t mean it’s a small business. It markets itself as the global leader in heat transfer technology, acting as a licensee and supplier to the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA, as well as many well-known retail brands. .

It doesn’t just serve the major leagues, though. It also serves little leagues and recreational leagues.

“Our core business is the typical family store that serves the local community for things like high school sports and family reunions,” Ziga said. “And the same technology that’s used behind the scenes for the draft is used by those stores.”

New York Giants first draft pick Kayvon Thibodeaux says he’s focused on football, ready to ‘squeal’


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Kayvon Thibodeaux seems to understand that the pre-draft process is over. As one of the New York Giants’ newest players, he’s no longer focused on where he’ll be drafted or building his brand. It’s about playing football.

The fifth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft spoke in his introductory press conference about needing to “squeal” and make learning the playbook his priority.

That’s the much-talked-about Oregon product program.

“It all depends on what you do,” Thibodeaux said. “I feel like, one thing with me, I can’t be a guy who blows smoke. I can’t be a guy who has nothing to show for. I can’t be a guy people watch. and don’t make believe. So for me, no matter what I say, I know I have to get to work.

It’s especially relevant for a player who seems to have big aspirations beyond football. Thibodeaux faced public criticism throughout the writing process that questioned his work ethic and desire to be big, with some even suggesting he was too worried about his brand.

It’s something Thibodeaux’s mentor, Giants legend Michael Strahan, brought up during one of their conversations. He stressed that Thibodeaux needs to take care of the football first before worrying about what might come next.

“Just to keep the gist of it, and that’s kind of the point of it all,” Thibodeaux said of the advice Strahan provided. “Football is going to be that avenue. Football is going to be that terminal for whatever you want to do afterwards, as long as you keep the essentials.

“He also brought to light the idea that people thought the same about him. Like, man, you must have planned everything. But for him, he told me that he had to be awesome to really cultivate everything he was doing, the pitch, it sort of fell into place.

Strahan had 141.5 sacks in 15 seasons with the Giants. He made seven Pro Bowls and was a four-time All Pro first-team member. Thibodeaux, 21, still hasn’t played in an NFL game. Getting ready is his main goal.

“It’s so crazy. When they gave me the playbook, it was in iPad form. For me, I’m learning to write better, so for me, the brand went out the window,” said Thibodeaux. “The only thing I can think of now is the playbook. I’m going to dive into it and find out everything I can to go to training camp.”

Chances are, once he gets there, he’ll be pitted against fellow first-round pick Evan Neal. Alabama’s No. 7 overall pick should start at the right tackle for the Giants.

This match will be familiar. Thibodeaux and Neal said they were apparently always pitted against each other at football camps throughout high school.

Now they are together in the New York area.

“I think that’s going to push us tremendously,” Neal said. “I believe iron sharpens iron, so what better place to get better than the New York Giants. So I’m excited to go out there and compete, give my best, man, and hopefully that we will make ourselves better.”

It might look different, other than the fact that they’re now wearing Giants jerseys. Thibodeaux may not be wearing his usual number 5. It belongs to veteran Giants kicker Graham Gano. As former New York security Jabrill Peppers learned last year, No. 5 might not come cheap.

“It’s real now. We’re talking about real numbers,” said Thibodeaux, who expressed a desire to wear number 5 and said it had special meaning for him. “When you say ‘250’ I don’t know what 250 means. You forget all the zeros behind it. It’s very different now. He’s a great guy. Obviously we’re going to build a relationship and we’re going to talk about it .”

Maybe 55 instead?

“It doesn’t sound as good as five but…the number doesn’t make the player,” Thibodeaux said, “the player makes the number.”

Rangers vs. Penguins | Playoffs 2022

Wild against Blues | Playoffs 2022

Cook’s brother James goes to Bills; will face the Vikings


Betty Cook, still in South Florida, known as Miss Betty, has a new favorite NFL team in another cold-weather location.

Make this NFL team co-favorite. Or the AFC’s favorite team.

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook’s grandmother hoped her younger brother, James, would be drafted by the family’s hometown of the Miami Dolphins. Instead, James, a running back for national champion Georgia, got the call from the Buffalo Bills in the second round on Friday night while in Miami surrounded by his young son, Miss Betty, Dalvin, his brother elder Deandre Burnette, his mother Varondria and many more. more family and friends.

“I’m ready to compete for a national championship, I mean, the Super Bowl,” James said. “I’m not going to lie. During this whole selection process, I fell in love with the Bills. They let me be me.”

And who is it?

“A versatile running back who can split, split wide and score touchdowns,” he said. “The Bills get a touchdown.”

The Vikings play in Buffalo this season on a date to be released May 12. Yes, Miss Betty will be there. She made that clear last week.

“I’m going to get one of those jerseys that’s half Minnesota Vikings and half the team James ends up with,” she said. “It will also be number 4.”

Wearing the No. 4 is a family tradition that dates back to when Deandre, 28, wore it in youth football because, he said, “everyone knew growing up that the best player in Risco Park wore number 4”.

Dalvin and James wore it to Miami Central High and college. Dalvin, who played at Florida State, was also a second-round pick in 2017. He went 41st in total, while James went 63rd as the third running back selected this year.

Their father, James Sr., who died in December 2020, loved this number 4. He always wanted Dalvin to go from 33 to 4. Dalvin will move there this year after the NFL relaxed its number restrictions. James Jr. might have a harder time getting that number because he already belongs to Bills safety Jaquan Johnson.

James, a 5-11, 190 pounds who ran a 4.42 dash for 40 yards, averaged 6.5 yards per carry in 46 games at Georgia and is a natural receiver out of the backfield or fielded wide. He said he and the Bills’ first rusher, Devin Singletary, would make a “1-2 punch that would shock the world.”

The family, of course, has already started looking forward to that Vikings-Bills game this fall.

“[Dalvin] and I talked about it,” James Jr. said. “I have to take the mic for that one. They must have us mic that day. It doesn’t feel real yet. This moment changes your life forever.”

NHL Business Notebook: Sabers wear custom Rick Jeanneret skates to honor retiring broadcaster


On Thursday morning, Rasmus Dahlin saw social media posts featuring custom SkateSkins that Barrett Hayton wore during warmups before the Arizona Coyotes’ game against the Dallas Stars.

It was a meaningful gesture and a moment of remembrance for Matt Shott and Leighton Accardo, who both held special meaning to the Coyotes and passed away after battles with cancer, and for Dahlin it was an indicator that he asked, he would also be able to wear a custom look for a special occasion during warm-ups.

So he reached out to Matthew Keeler and Nick Ciavarella, who run SkateSkins in Buffalo, and asked if they could organize something for Sabers players in honor of longtime retiring broadcaster Rick Jeanneret and called his last game on Friday. night against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Keeler, who does most of the design work, spent all of Thursday evening working on a design with Jared Halt. On Friday afternoon, around 3 p.m., he delivered them to Dahlin’s home in Buffalo. That evening, several players wore the skates in honor of Jeanneret.

It’s been a landmark week for SkateSkins, a nearly 2-year-old brand that creates and sells reusable decal graphics to customize skates. It officially went from a passion project for Keeler and Ciavarella to NHL ice.

SkateSkins made their professional debut last spring at the 2020 IIHF World Championships with a trio of Latvian players wearing custom designs. Since then, popularity has skyrocketed. They received team orders from the AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins and the PHF’s Buffalo Beauts, while the Golden Knight mascot wore custom SkateSkins during the glitz and circumstance of a pre-game show at Vegas.

The Golden Knight mascot was the soft launch in the NHL, while Hayton became the first NHL player to wear them in warmups this week against the Stars.

The Coyotes were one of the first teams interested in SkateSkins after seeing the custom AirJordan skates Keeler and Ciavarella created with sneaker artist Dakota Wiley in early 2021. Keeler and Ciavarella then met with the brand manager Coyotes Alex Meruelo Jr. and Public Relations Manager. Rico Ripoly back in February 2022 to discuss introducing the product to NHL ice. This set in motion plans for Keeler and Ciavarella to work with Hayton and Coyotes forward Loui Eriksson on custom designs.

Hayton’s SkateSkin was a mix of personal style and an homage to Shott and Accardo. Shott died after a long battle with cancer in December and was a key figure in the Arizona hockey community and the Coyotes’ director of amateur hockey development. Accardo was inducted into the Coyotes’ ring of honor in 2021. She was the Coyotes’ 9-year-old Hockey Fights Cancer ambassador who signed a one-day contract with the team and died in 2020 hours before the Coyotes don’t plan on having it. on the ice before a game once again.

Keeler and Hayton discussed various elements of the design throughout the process, with a focus on honoring Shott and Accardo, who both feature prominently on the outside of the skate.

Eriksson wore a pair of SkateSkins commemorating his 1,000th NHL game in the Coyotes’ season finale on Friday night. As part of the design process, Eriksson sent photos of her tattoos with the names of her four children to Keeler, who worked to include them in the design.

The next step for SkateSkins, which Keeler and Ciavarella run under the umbrella of a company called Just Dishin, is to get them onto NHL ice after warm-ups. At this point they do not have NHL approval for use of the game, and use during warm-ups had to be approved by the league, but player interest creates demand that the league not will soon be able to ignore.

Keeler and Ciavarella met players in Vegas during the NHL All-Star Game in February and several expressed interest in the product and got their own designs. Others reached out separately, and the number of calls increased after Hayton’s Dallas pregame look made the rounds on social media earlier this week.

When they launched SkateSkins, initially showing the product on social media like Instagram and TikTok, Keeler and Ciavarella noticed a heavy dose of negative feedback and detractors. These types of comments have been drowned out over the past two years, and overall they say the company has increased sales by 50% in each of the past two years.

In addition to sales growth, utilizing the proceeds after an NHL opener is the next big hurdle.

“Hopefully soon,” Keeler said. “The players are ready to show their personality with this. I hope they let them.”

The Krug family looking for another title

Torey Krug continues his pursuit of a championship next week when the St. Louis Blues open the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Minnesota Wild, and he hopes to join his brother, Adam, who has already started celebrating.

Adam is the coach of Adrian College, which won the NCAA Division III championship this spring with a 5-2 win over Geneseo in March. The team has won 31 consecutive games after losing the first game of the season.

For the brothers, who are eight years apart, hockey is a weekly, if not daily, conversation.

“We talk often, we break things down and we discuss the game,” Torey Krug said. “We’ll talk about my game, our power play and how things are going. I like to watch as many of Adrian’s matches as possible, so we’ll talk about his matches as well. It’s fun to put on the coaching hat a bit.

For Adam, it was his first chance to win an NCAA title in two seasons after COVID canceled the last two Division III national tournaments. Last season, without a national championship to play for, Adrian was able to schedule games against Division I opponents looking for matches and against the United States National Development Team in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Those contests, Adam Krug said, were a bit of a launching pad for Adrian at the start of the season and the only game they lost, on opening night, came with some of Protocol’s best players. COVID.

Adrian’s success has put Adam Krug in an interesting place in the coaching world, as the college hockey ranks are about to go through a wild coaching carousel.

Renowned positions are now open at Boston College, Boston University, and Michigan State. Adam already has a connection to Michigan State — Torey played there — while the fallout of who gets the job from BC and BU could create other desirable openings in Division I. Adam is confident, but coy about his intentions. He is happy with Adrian but is also not shy about stating that he is willing and ready to progress in his coaching career.

Torey, on the other hand, is a much more energetic pitchman for his older brother.

“He should be a Division I coach,” Torey said. “No doubt about it.”

Jersey Announcement Update

The St. Louis Blues became the fifth team to reveal a publicity sponsor for the jersey on Thursday, announcing that Stifel had signed a 5-year contract with the team. The patch will be on home and away uniforms.

The Washington Capitals (Caesars Sports Book), Columbus Blue Jackets (Safelite), Pittsburgh Penguins (Highmark Blue Shield) and Vegas (Circa Sports) have already announced at least one partner. The Capitals and Golden Knights will have different road jersey ads, which have yet to be finalized as NHL rules only allow teams to sell sports betting jersey ads for domestic markets.

NHL teams have a choice of where to place the patch, and so far all five teams have made the decision to put it on the chest rather than the shoulder. This was planned because the concept of a shoulder patch was more of an add-on to the deal than a way to find flexibility for some more traditional teams that didn’t want a sponsor on the front of the shirt.

(Pictures: Matthew Keeler and Nick Ciavarella/SkateSkins)

FOS PM: Chelsea is Boehly to lose

Defensive end Aidan Hutchinson remains in the state after the Detroit Lions picked him No. 2 overall in the NFL Draft. The 21-year-old former Michigan star has already signed sponsorship deals with nine companies, including Bose, Chipotle and Dr. Pepper.

After a months-long battle between billionaire sports owners, a new owner for Chelsea FC has emerged: the group led by Todd Boehly is said to be entering into exclusive talks to buy the club.

The final reported price will exceed $4.4 billion, setting a record for a professional sports team sale — a record that could be broken later this year by a Denver Broncos buyer. Boehly also submitted an offer for the NFL team.

  • The offer from the American investor and co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Lakersand Sparks includes a private equity firm Capital of Clearlake.
  • Rival bidders, led by a British businessman Sir Martin Broughton and owner of the Boston Celtics Stephen Pagliucahave been informed that they will not be selected.
  • If Boehly’s offer failed, these two offers would be next.

Boehly, Chelsea and Raine Group, the bank responsible for the sale, did not confirm the news. The UK government is working to ensure that former owner Roman Abramovich does not profit from the sale after being punished for his links to Vladimir Putin.

Last minute drama

A late bid from the majority owner of chemical company Ineos Group – and one of Britain’s richest men – Sir Jim Ratcliffe until $5.4 billion featured a wildcard, but the move is believed to have come too late to impact the process.

Raine Group marked groups led by Boehly, Broughton, Pagliuca and the Ricketts family as finalists in March. The Ricketts, owners of the Chicago Cubs, dropped out later in the process.

Inter Miami CF is on its way to a new downtown stadium after a key vote by the Miami City Commission.

The committee approved a 99 year lease for the land currently occupied by Melreese Golf Course in a 4-1 vote – paving the way for the MLS club owned by jorge mas and David Beckham build a 25,000 seat stadium and a new development area, Miami Freedom Park.

The development will include a 58-acre public park, public soccer fields, a 31.4-acre commercial area, offices and 750 hotel rooms.

  • Mas said the team aims to complete the project by March 2025in time for that year’s MLS season.
  • Thursday’s negotiations raised the ground rent floor to $4.3 million annually from $3.57 million. The city will order two additional property assessments that could drive up the rent.
  • The two parties have agreed to a provision that provides the city with 5-6% of the area’s gross revenue, with the exact figure determined by comparing this figure with the rent floor.

Miami Freedom Park has yet to clear some procedural hurdles, such as golf course rezoning, and may face lawsuits.

Hurricane Watch

At the suggestion of city commissioner Joe Carollo, the team will also consider making the new stadium the home of the University of Miami football team.

The Hurricanes are under contract to play at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, home of the Miami Dolphins and next week’s Formula 1 race to 2033.

Columbia Sportswear Company reported record first-quarter 2022 revenue but saw its stock plunge in the company’s latest earnings report.

The sportswear and outdoor apparel retailer generated $762 million of revenue in the first quarter of 2022, an increase of 22% compared to the same period of the previous year. Columbia attributed the record results to growth across all of its brands, led by Sorel Footwear, which grew 37% from the first quarter of 2021.

  • Columbia plans to pocket between $3.6 billion and $3.7 billion in revenue during the 2022 financial year.
  • In 2022, operating profit is expected to be between $477 million and $502 million.

Despite strong first quarter results, Columbia shares fell 6% on Friday as the company announced that its cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments reached $610 million as of March 31, 2022, from $875 million last year.

Columbia also expects supply chain and inflationary challenges, as well as the Russian distribution shutdown, to hamper the company’s outlook for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The Oregon-based company repurchased $217 million in shares in the first quarter of 2022, and its board recently approved a $500 million increase authorization to take over the business.

Reduced expectations

In December 2021, investment bank and market analyst Stifel downgraded Columbia. Analyst Jim Duffy lowered the mark from “buy” to “hold” due to concerns that a combination of unexpected warm weather and late-season snowfall could impact the company’s sales.

  • In The Leadoff, not all contracts for NFL first-round rookies are the same despite guarantees, Amazon is off to a slow start as it considers more live sports, Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta plans to develop a high-end casino in Las Vegas, and Frankie Muniz goes from TV to NASCAR. Click here to listen.
  • The Utah Jazz have built a perennial contender on paper, but they once again have little to show since Donovan Mitchell drafted in 2017. On Thursday, they were eliminated by a Dallas Mavericks team that went three games in the series without its three-time NBA All Star Luka Doncic.
  • In the first round of the NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans negotiated wide receiver AJ Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for the 18th and 101st overall picks. The Titans used that first-round pick on Arkansas WR Treylon Burks.
  • Boxer Amanda Serrano is much more comfortable in the ring than talking to the media about what is billed as the greatest fight in women’s boxing history. The 33 year old player sat down with Front Office Sports to discuss the historic fight and the growth of women’s boxing. Subscribe to the dashboard to learn more about Serrano.

Find out exactly what’s happening in private markets every week with highlights from our Front Office Sports Insights trade tracker.

We carefully monitor public and private market data to gain insight into the sports landscape.

This week Transaction tracking strong points:

  • OneFootball, a football media platform providing live streams and updates on professional football from around the world, has raised $300 million to expand its presence on Web3, led by blockchain fund Liberty City Ventures.
  • Kinexon, developer of specialized IoT technologies designed to connect and automate the operations of industries, sports and entertainment entities, raised $130 million in Series A venture funding led by Thomas H. Lee Partners.
  • LudisAnalyticsdeveloper of a data science platform to accelerate analytics across organizations, has raised an undisclosed amount of venture capital funding from SeventySix Capital, Raptor Group and Translink Investment.
  • JohnnieOdesigner and manufacturer of athletic and leisure apparel focused on fusing Southern California vibes with East Coast tradition, received $108 million in development capital from Wasatch Global Investors and Ares Management.
  • AccelByte, developer of a digital publishing and game platform designed to create and distribute custom games, raised $50 million in venture capital funding from undisclosed investors.

Try full Transaction tracking.

(Note: all at market close 4/29/22)

Don’t miss Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently on the scoreboard with the No. 33 pick. On Thursday, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Georgia defensive lineman Travon Walker with the first overall pick. A record five Georgia defensive players were selected in the first round. Day 3 will begin Saturday at noon ET.

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Pauly D talks about traveling with kids, the trip he planned to come in new episodes [Exclusive]

Pauly D talks about traveling with kids, the trip he planned to come in new episodes [Exclusive]

There is no official release date for the second half of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5, but rest assured, reality TV fans, it happens. We caught up with DJ Pauly D, who gave us the inside scoop during trips to San Diego and El Paso, Texas, where the cast filmed part of Season 5B. Plus, hear Pauly DelVecchio’s take on what it’s like to film the MTV series with child co-stars!

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Cast Takes Trip to Pauly D Coast in New Season

As many fans have seen on social media, the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation traveled to film the second half of Season 5. Their last trip was to San Diego.

“[The trip] was dope because we’re finally on the West Coast,” Pauly D told us. “It’s easy because I’m in Vegas so that was an easy robbery.”

No matter where the trip was, Pauly was going to be there. “I love doing family vacations,” he said. “I can see everyone and follow their pace. They all have so much to do, [so] it’s really fun to catch up with them.

Filming ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Can Be ‘Unpredictable’ With Kids

In recent years, the jerseyshore the reboot really leaned into the “family vacation” part of the title, with the cast taking their kids on trips. Pauly likes this aspect of filming.

Pauly DelVecchio, Vinny Guadagnino and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino with CJ Buckner and Angelo LaValle | MTV

“We now have family days and I can spend time with my little nephews and nieces,” he said during our call. Still, as fun as having the kids around can be, Pauly admits they can be “pretty unpredictable.”

the jerseyshore The cast brings in babysitters and family to help the kids during filming, but as Pauly says, sometimes “kids just need their mom or dad.” The cast became accustomed to stopping as needed to “make sure the kids were okay” and then continuing filming. “You always obviously have to put the kids first,” says Uncle Pauly D.

Pauly DelVecchio planned the family vacation in El, Paso Texas

In March 2022, fans spotted the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation dumped in a bar in El Paso. As Pauly revealed, this trip was his idea.

“I had a show in Texas,” Pauly says. “Everybody had time off and I was like, ‘Why not make a trip out of it?’

In addition to attending her show, Pauly says the cast got to experience the city. “It was my vacation, so we did things that I like to do,” he said. MTV cameras documented the entire trip, from their desert trips to riding four-wheelers, their round of tacos and even a tequila tasting. We can’t wait to see the pictures of this trip!

Before letting go of the famous DJ, we had to ask about the likelihood of more Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in the future. Although uncertain, Pauly is hopeful.

“I hope so,” Pauly said of continuing the show. “I never know until I get the email [saying] “Okay, season 6 is on,” which I think it will be.”

He and his housemates have so much going on that they want to share with fans. As Pauly pointed out, “people [who] grew up with us like following us in all our travels. We still have a lot to show. »

We hope to have an update on the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5B release date soon.

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Phil Esposito named Sea Wolves head coach – WXXV 25


They’re calling it “the return of the pack,” as the Mississippi Sea Wolves prepare to bring a permanent hockey team back to the coast for the first time in nearly a decade.

This afternoon, the Sea Wolves introduced Phil Esposito as head coach and general manager beginning the 2022-23 Federal Prospects Hockey League season.

Already the winningest manager in FPHL history, Esposito won the league championship with Danbury in 2013, one of his four final appearances in six seasons in the league.

He also had numerous stoppages as a player beginning in 1991, including two seasons with the Mobile Mystics, who played against the former Sea Wolves as rival members of the ECHL.

Esposito was present for December 30and Biloxi Pro Hockey exhibition game in front of an FPHL-record crowd of more than 8,600 at the Coast Coliseum, providing a first-hand reminder of what kind of sleeping giant the southern Mississippi hockey fanbase really is. “My brand of hockey is – one is to have a skilled team that can play, but also that can play hard and we don’t get pushed around in our own building and we go there and kind of set the tone of what’s going on here and these are the type of players that I’ve always had and the vibe here on December 30 that we had for really two teams that weren’t even from here and a lot of people are came out and supported, and the passion that the fans had that night was amazing, so I can just imagine what it’s going to be like when they have their own team to come back here So when 9,000 people are in this building to support their own team now, it’s going to be even more exaggerated.

As an expansion team, Esposito’s first order of business is to compile a roster of around 20 players, starting with an expansion draft at the end of the season next month.

Today the Sea Wolves also announced their jerseys, with road whites and home blues inspired by the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens, as well as alternate reds, throwing it back to the 1996 Sea Wolves as an option. of retro uniform.

Should Foxx trot in the back? Nervous Kevvie? Schuster at six? Will Grandpa beat El Magic?


Round 8 looks like five lopsided games with three close games with the most difficult Rabbitohs-Sea Eagles, Warriors-Raiders and Dragons-Tigers to predict.

The Tigers’ resurgence – it’s not a streak until they’ve won at least three games in a row – momentarily dampened Wests manager Michael Maguire while his counterpart in Sunday’s Wollongong clash , Anthony Griffin, is also breathing a little easier after the return. subsequent triumphs.

A few weeks ago, this match seemed like an early indicator of who will get the wooden spoon, but now fans of both teams dare to dream of soaring to the dizzying heights of mid-table. But let’s not talk about the playoffs, they’re still way off in every way.

Brisbane’s Kevin Walters had the dubious honor of winning the full backing of the board this week and while club manager Darren Lockyer hasn’t used that age-old wording, it won’t help the coach to sleep easier as the glamorous club look forward to a return to the final.

Here are the burning questions for each of the 16 clubs ahead of the eight games that make up Round 8 of the season.


Broncos vs. Sharks at Suncorp Stadium, 7:50 p.m.

Should Kevin Walters be nervous? Broncos board member Darren Lockyer said executives were “100% behind” Walters. Often when these words are spoken, it means being 100% behind the coach with knives ready to be lodged in the back. After finishing 14th in Walters’ first year, Brisbane are 3-4. Pull out their four wins over Canterbury during his tenure and their record stands at 7-21. Despite being a club legend, mediocrity won’t be tolerated for too long unless the results start to turn around.

Wade Graham. (AAP Image/Craig Golding)

Will the Sharks face a tough decision over Wade Graham’s future? The veteran striker is set to make his first appearance in 2022 after picking up an ankle injury in pre-season. The skipper is a free agent at the end of the season and the Sharks are already struggling to keep fellow British second rower Nikora and wrecking ball fit Siosifa Talakai’s contract runs until next year, but he will order a major upgrade. After a series of bad luck with concussions and ankle surgery, hopefully Graham can get back to his best and end his career on his terms.


Titans vs. Panthers at Cbus Super Stadium, 6 p.m.

Can the Gold Coast pack live up to its reputation? The Titans, on paper, have a towering pack but they’re not dominating in 2022, one of the team’s many problems. They are 12th in post-contact meters at 520.5 per game, more than 100 less than league leaders Penrith. Tino Fa’asuamaleaui (34th at 52.9 per game) is the only Titans forward in the NRL’s top 50 by this stat.

Will the Panthers skid on the road? Much has been made of their incredible 21-game winning streak at Penrith, but the Panthers are also racking up a phenomenal away record. In matches away from BlueBet Stadium since the start of 2020, they have only tasted defeat four times with a draw while claiming 32 wins. Some of those matches were at neutral venues due to COVID moves, but it’s still a remarkable strike rate. No team has ever won its first eight games in successive seasons, so the Panthers could throw another record on their growing pile. Good luck, Titans.

Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles at Central Coast Stadium, 7:55 p.m.

Are the star duo making too many tackles? Damien Cook (342) and Cameron Murray (327) are ranked one and two on the list for most tackles this year, a far cry from Knights third hooker Chris Randall (292). Murray is averaging 71 minutes while Cook has played all but 11 of South Sydney’s seven games so they will register plenty of tackles but if coach Jason Demetriou can cut their defensive production a fraction it should give them that extra bit of gas in the tank when the bunnies have the ball.

Sea Eagles' Josh Schuster takes a break.

(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Should Josh Schuster get the five-eighth jersey? Manly faces an interesting conundrum with Schuster’s agent agitating for his client to get a crack in his preferred five-eights role rather than play as a forward advantage. Schuster, who is on the team and could play his first game of the season after ankle surgery, was a revelation at No. 2 and looks like he’s literally outgrown his junior position. The Sea Eagles got decent value from veteran Kieran Foran at a cheap cost this season and last, but Schuster clearly has a much longer future. Manly coach Des Hasler doesn’t like being dictated by anyone on how he runs his team, so this has the potential to be more than a broken promise from a former CEO.


Warriors v Raiders at Moreton Daily Stadium, 3pm

Have you seen worse defense than the Warriors on Monday night? Some of the tries they conceded in the second half of their 70-10 capitulation to the Storm were sweeter than margarine that had been left out in the scorching sun. In the desert. Jesse Bromwich seemed to be going at half speed as he crossed the line and defenders bounced off him. Conceding 54 points in one half is unforgivable – their performance on Matchday 8 will tell us a lot about the courage of this team, or lack thereof.

Can Canberra’s right edge build muscle? Granted, the Panthers’ left edge is white-hot, producing more runs than any team’s left or right groupings this year. They spoiled Canberra’s trio of rookie half-back Brad Scheider, center Semi Valemei and winger Nick Cotric on Sunday at Penrith. Jarrod Croker has been on the team for the past two weeks without racing, so it might be worth seeing if he can help build his advantage again.

Bulldogs v Roosters at Accor Stadium, 5:30 p.m.

Why not play The Foxx in the back? Canterbury struggled to get the ball past Josh Addo-Carr on the left wing and his supreme attacking skills are going to be wasted. Why not give it a run from the back? Matt Dufty didn’t set the world on fire with the No 1 shirt and the fact that they signed him to a one-year contract means Canterbury don’t necessarily trust him to be the solution to long term. Let the Foxx trot.

Can Luke Keary watch the 2018 Grand Final replay? Roosters skipper James Tedesco says the team have discussed Keary’s role and called on him to be more of an organizer in attack as the two, as well as Joey Manu and Sam Walker, all play off the cuff without a clear general on the ground. Keary need only recall his medal-winning performance Clive Churchill in the win over Melbourne, in which he called the shots as a badly injured Cooper Cronk climbed into the side saddle, to see what he needs to do to recover the attack of the Roosters. working.

Eels vs. Cowboys at TIO Stadium, 7:05 p.m. (AEST)

Can eels be hunted? Parramatta is an excellent favorite – he has won his last 16 games leading at the break. The last time they were brought down was in their semi-final loss to Souths in 2020 when they dropped 30 points in the second stanza as they watched an 18-8 advantage at halftime. -time turn into a 38-24 loss.

Are Cowboys fed raw meat? North Queensland have regained their defensive intensity after being dismal last year when they coughed up a league-worst 31.2 points per game, nearly triple that of Premiers Penrith (11.6) . Only the Panthers (12) are better than their 2022 average of 13.3 and they rank first in the fewest ineffective tackles per game (9.9).


Knights v Storm at McDonald Jones Stadium, 2 p.m.

Where will the Knights’ points come from? They have just three players who have scored more than two tries this year and two of them are out this week – Dane Gagai and Dominic Young. They have only crossed the strip four times in the last four matches, all defeats, including three in the game against St George Illawarra. And they face the team with the third-best defense in the NRL.

Can Ryan Papenhuyzen break the El Magic record? The Storm fullback opened the season with 10 tries, 30 goals and a basket for 101 points in seven appearances. Manly’s Reuben Garrick, when he scored 334 last year, came close to breaking Hazem El Masri’s all-time record of 342 set in Canterbury’s winning campaign in 2004. If he maintains his current pace of 14.43 per game, Papenhuyzen would break the record if he played every game in the regular season without needing the playoffs to increase his total.

Dragons vs. Tigers at WIN Stadium, 4:05 p.m.

Should the Dragons let Tariq Sims leave early? They have said they won’t let him join the Storm mid-season despite the veteran striker signing a deal with Melbourne for 2023. they should probably keep the Sims on deck, especially with Jaydn Su’A indefinitely with an ankle injury, but if the August 1 deadline draws near and St George Illawara isn’t in the equation for the final, they might as well release him to give a young striker more playing time.

Dragons' Tariq Sims heads the ball

Tariq Sims (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Can the Tigers break the four-year-old hat-trick? The Wests haven’t won three games in a row since the sixth inning in 2018. Different eras back then – Ivan Cleary drove the bus, Malcolm Turnbull was Premier and Luke Brooks was the much-maligned Tigers playmaker criticized not to justify his high salary. . Well, maybe not so different after all. Apart from Brooks, only winger David Nofoaluma, striker Alex Twal and hooker Jacob Liddle are still in the squad.

New Jersey’s $95 billion pension fund unveils Emerging Managers Program to diversify portfolio and create next generation of investment talent

New Jersey’s $95 billion pension fund unveils Emerging Managers Program to diversify portfolio and create next generation of investment talent

New program kicks off with proposed investment of up to $250 million in Barings LLC to help New Jersey access smaller managers and expand market diversification

(TENTON) — The Murphy administration today formally unveiled a new Emerging Managers initiative launched by the Treasury Department’s Investments Division to further diversify the private markets portfolio for the US’s roughly $95 billion pension fund. State of New Jersey, launching the new program with the first proposed investment of up to $250 million.

“I commend the Treasury and the Investment Division for setting the wheels in motion and expanding the network to attract a wider range of diverse investment opportunities, including investment managers from communities underserved,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “We’re essentially building a farm team to build the next generation of talent – ​​emerging managers who have the skills, but not necessarily the access, to qualify for the major leagues.”

The Division of Investment (DOI) formally presented the initiative to the National Council of Investment (SIC) at its final meeting today after being reviewed by the SIC’s Investment Policy Sub-Committee at the beginning of the month. In doing so, DOI also offered its first investment in the new program – up to $250 million in an investment vehicle managed separately by Barings Funds & Co-Investments.

Barings’ investment will broaden the pension fund’s diversification, help the division gain access to smaller managers and capture potential attractive returns in small and mid-sized growth and buyout funds. Barings has a reputation for employing an open-door policy and a proactive origination program that includes a network of connections, including members of its team who hold leadership positions in organizations focused on increasing the number of women and diverse representation in the asset management industry, such as the Toigo Foundation, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, NAIC and PEWIN.

“This platform will improve the pension fund’s exposure to a wider range of fund managers, including diverse fund managers, with the potential to improve risk-adjusted investment returns,” said State Treasurer Elizabeth Maher Muoio. “The Investment Division has a fiduciary duty to invest pension fund assets for the financial benefit of the fund’s beneficiaries – the hardworking public employees of New Jersey. I commend the Investment Division for identifying this unique opportunity, exploring it and acting on it.

The Emerging Managers program is centered around a Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) platform that will research, perform due diligence, invest and oversee allocations to emerging managers. DOI will begin by investing in large, well-established asset management firms with the right resources and expertise, selecting companies that are long-term primary investors capable of anchoring first-time funds and growing. evolve with the underlying funds throughout their development.

DOI will establish specific personalized criteria for each SMA to ensure a diverse pool of fund managers. ADMs will help identify successful emerging fund managers who fit into DOI’s broader portfolio and can “evolve” into direct relationships with the division.

“By creating an emerging manager program that targets growing businesses, there is value both in how we do business and as a strategy to create incremental returns. These managers will bring both very high quality and a fresh perspective on money management,” said Deepak Raj, chairman of the NJ State Investment Council. “This platform will enhance exposure to unique and niche opportunities that are too small for larger funds.”

The DOI calls for a target investment size of up to $250 million in each SMA, which would be allocated to approximately 10-25 underlying private equity funds.

Additionally, the DOI plans to hold an Emerging Managers Symposium later this year to engage the pool of potential talent and promote the new program to as wide a universe as possible.

“The Investment Division continually seeks to allocate capital to the best available, risk-adjusted investment opportunities. As part of this effort, we are constantly looking for ways to make improvements to our wallets,” said Shoaib Khan, acting director of the investment division. “The Emerging Managers Platform is a program dedicated to finding, selecting and investing in some of the brightest talent at an early stage in an investment company’s lifecycle to benefit our portfolio. global.”

DOI intends to gradually develop the program, starting first with private equity where the size of the universe is the largest, a track record of historical success has been built and the creation of new funds is the most abundant. Given the broader and unique offerings of emerging fund managers, most opportunities would be concentrated in the early to mid-stages of private equity, i.e. seed capital, venture capital, growth and early stage capital. replacement. DOI effectively creates a mechanism to invest in emerging managers within the various asset classes, with private equity being the first asset class and potential opportunities for other classes to follow.

Emerging manager-focused funds will allow DOI to participate in seed funds where it does not currently participate due to size, track record, and assets under management (AUM) constraints. This will help identify experienced teams, independent sponsors, and seed investments with the potential for enhanced returns. In turn, this is expected to improve exposure to lower middle market opportunities, which have historically outperformed larger capitalization funds.

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Fayette County society ready for NFL Draft

As the countdown continues to the 2022 NFL Draft, a Fayette County business is preparing to step into the spotlight. When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell shakes hands with first-round picks on Thursday night, the jerseys he hands out will be from a Masontown company. The Stahls Decorating Center in Masontown has worked with the NFL Draft for 10 years. The company is behind the scenes, scrambling to complete custom jerseys as each pick comes in. “They actually tell us we have two minutes, but we’re trying to do it in 60 seconds to account for any potential errors,” said Josh Ellsworth, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Stahls’. Stahls’ has worked with most major professional sports teams to customize jerseys for over two decades. The company offers hand-sewn jerseys and custom jerseys where the nameplates are placed using heat transfer technology. According to Ellsworth, this technology allows the company to make the jerseys so quickly on draft night. “We’re 350 degrees for 10 seconds,” Ellsworth said. The jersey is then put on before he goes on stage. teams. “So you do the math and we double it because we like to have a backup,” Ellsworth said. “You have 1,344 names that are being processed and waiting to be chosen to be placed on the shirt.” New this year, the company plans to open a store in Las Vegas for the draft where fans can order custom apparel.

As the countdown continues to the 2022 NFL Draft, a Fayette County business is preparing to step into the spotlight.

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell shakes hands with first-round picks on Thursday night, the jerseys he hands out will be from a Masontown company. The Stahls Decorating Center in Masontown has worked with the NFL Draft for 10 years. The company is behind the scenes, scrambling to complete custom jerseys as each pick comes in.

“They actually tell us we have two minutes, but we’re trying to do it in 60 seconds to account for any potential errors,” said Josh Ellsworth, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Stahls.

Stahls’ has worked with most major professional sports teams to customize jerseys for over two decades. The company offers hand-sewn jerseys and custom jerseys where the nameplates are placed using heat transfer technology.

According to Ellsworth, this technology allows the company to make the jerseys so quickly on draft night.

“We’re 350 degrees for 10 seconds,” Ellsworth said.

The jersey is then put on before he goes on stage.

Ellsworth said preparation for the draft begins months in advance with a team of people pre-printing the nameplates of the 21 players who will enter the draft, matching them to the 32 teams.

“So you do the math and we double it because we like to have a backup,” Ellsworth said. “You have 1,344 names that are being processed and waiting to be chosen to be placed on the shirt.”

New this year, the company plans to open a store in Las Vegas for the draft where fans can order custom apparel.

How my eating disorder affected children


Lean into change. Jackie Goldschneider realized how his battle with anorexia affected his children – and made life difficult in the moment.

‘The eating disorder was controlling everything,’ the 45-year-old TV personality says exclusively We Weekly earlier this month. “It really changes everything in your life.”

the The Real Housewives of New Jersey The star explained that after years of starvation, she was able to enjoy spring break with her family. Goldschneider shares four children – 14-year-old twins Jonas and Adin and 11-year-old twins Alexis and Hudson – with her husband Evan Goldschneider. (Viewers also watched Jackie take her first bite of ice cream in 18 years on the April 5 episode of RHONJ.)

Jackie Goldschneider.

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

“I never took trips longer than four nights because… there was too much anxiety about going out for more than four nights in a row. Even with four nights, one of the nights I wouldn’t eat if we were going to dinner,” the former lawyer said. Werecalling a recent trip to Arizona that lasted six days.

She added: “I enjoyed every meal with my family. I wasn’t hungry at all. We did a lot more activities because I wasn’t just in starvation mode.

Jackie, who joined RHONJ in 2018, confessed that her battle with food and biased body perception “changes [the] how you interact with people” and how “present” she was with everyone.

RHONJs Jackie My Eating Disorder Controlled Everything About The Kids
Courtesy of Jackie Goldschneider/Instagram

“[What’s] very important is the fact that my children look at me [now] and they get into habits and they don’t get into these toxic eating habits anymore,” she said. “So for me as a mother, that’s it.”

The freelance writer opened up about her eating issues on the Bravo series, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that she revealed the depth of her issues.

While the reality star thought she had the problem under control in 2013 – 10 years after first becoming anorexic – she admitted during season 12 of the show that she lied to herself- himself and to others about the seriousness of the situation.

“It was a terrible secret. It was horrible for me to keep [it quiet] for so long. … I had tried for a very long time to start [a] retrieve [program] and I was never able to do it,” Jackie said We, referring to his choice to go public with his background this season. “I was so scared around it and never got to talk to anyone because, you know, it’s so shameful.”

She explained that by letting the cameras follow her to the Renfrew Center for treatment and therapy, “I wouldn’t allow people to see me fail and say, ‘It’s too hard to recover.’ I knew I wouldn’t let that happen.

The housewife added: ‘I realized it was an opportunity for me to really have people holding me accountable and following through, I knew that was the right thing. And I knew it could help people too.

Jackie is now ‘very far away’ and doing her recovery plan ‘very well’, she said Wenoting that it has not been without difficulties.

“Some parts have been really joyful, the parts where I learn to eat new foods and it has been a joy for me. What has not been a joy for me is my body,” said she said, “I work a lot not to define myself by my weight and not put too much emphasis on my height and external validation.”

Although she confessed to “wanting to weigh herself” and fit into her old size zero clothes, Jackie didn’t give in to the negative thoughts in her head. “There’s a lot of work to be done, but in terms of health, I’m in completely different territory,” she added. “I’m so much healthier and I just enjoy food and my family likes to watch me [grow].”

season 12 The Real Housewives of New Jersey The finale airs on Bravo on Tuesday, April 26 at 8 p.m. ET.

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder, visit the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders (ANAD) website or call their hotline at (888)-375 -7767 for help.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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12 Best 17th Avenue Spots for Red Mile Playoff Action


It looks like 17th Avenue in Calgary is once again becoming the Red Mile!

When the Flames head to the playoffs, the iconic strip of restaurants and bars gets very busy, painted red with all the pre- and post-game hockey jerseys.

The Calgary Flames pulled it off and hopefully 17th Avenue will stay red well into the playoffs.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to dine before the game, grab a drink after, or the most fun place to watch it on TV, we’ve got you covered.

These are the best 17th Avenue spots to check out on the Red Mile.

Whiskey Rose

Whiskey Rose Saloon is the latest addition to YYC’s nightlife, with a “Polaroid-inspired neon country” aesthetic and live music bringing the Broadway feel of Nashville to the Red Mile.

This will be the first true Red Mile experience for the new spot, and we can’t wait to see the energy it will bring.

Address: 1012 17th Avenue SW, Calgary



National on 17th is a Calgary institution and without it you wouldn’t feel like you’re on the Red Mile. Whether partying on the wraparound patio or indoors enjoying one of the many craft beers and TVs inside, this place is going to be packed.

Address: 550 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


The ship and the anchor

This place is a low-key watering hole, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it during the playoffs. The terrace is large and the staff is super friendly. It’s an iconic neighborhood pub looking forward to celebrating a (hopefully) long playoff streak.

Address: 534 17th Avenue SW, Calgary



With a bright and airy space that pays homage to porches found in Miami, Porch has one of the best patios on 17th Ave. This venue is the perfect place to sip drinks, people watch and celebrate the Flames.

Address: 730 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Bar Lulu

Lulu Bar is another super fun place that’s so new it’s never had a real Red Mile experience. With a long and wide patio space with a Hawaiian feel, it’s a great place to grab drinks and food. Go before or after the game, hopefully to celebrate.

Address: 510 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Blanco Canteen

The only thing that could make Margs and Tacos even more fun would be wearing a Flames jersey while you enjoy them.

Address: 723 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


One night stands

This popular party spot has a throwback vibe with the colorful plastic light, neon signs and an old-fashioned wooden bar with a few TVs that are ideal for watching the game in case you can’t find tickets.

Address: 520 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Trolley 5

This is the very first brewpub and bar on Calgary’s Red Mile. The four-story brasserie is a massive 15,000 square foot space, complete with an outdoor patio.

Address: 728 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Chemistry Steve’s Beer Joint

Do you like Flames? Do you like beer? Then check out this bar which also offers $6 snacks like wings, poutine and toddlers.

Address: 718 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


pin bar

This pinball arcade/sandwich/bar is the place to try for those who want to party on the Red Mile when hockey just isn’t enough for them.

Address: 501 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


lonely mouth

The bars and pubs are great after the game, but if you’re looking for a fun atmosphere that also has amazing pre-dinner food and drink, look no further. Lonely Mouth is a relative newcomer to 17th Avenue, offering a wide range of modern Japanese food and drink.

Address: 528 17th Avenue SW, Calgary



Pigeonhole is one of our favorite restaurants in town for its sophisticated decor and unpretentious menu. The cocktails are delicious, the service is friendly, and the menu provides an experience suitable for all types of Flames fans. Looking for expensive caviar? Would you just like a few hot dogs and fries? Everything is here.

Address: 306 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Three of nine devices sell in week 31


By Peter Vice

The Bulinews “Weekend Attendance Figures” feature returns with another report on events inside the Bundesrepublik’s top football venues.

There’s a lot to discuss after another (one notices with gratitude) a string of full capacity attendances in Germany.

Photo: Steffen Prößdorf, CC BY-SA 4.0

Strong attendance figures across the Bundesrepublik this weekend, with three Bundesliga stadiums (Bayern, Cologne and Freiburg) sold out. Frankfurt and Leipzig came close in the upper 90% range. Hertha and Bochum got just over 85% while Wolfsburg and Fürth were down in the 60s.

Without exception, every home crowd created the authentic German fan atmosphere on what was (in some areas) a rainy but warm spring day. Our ‘Weekend attendance numbers’ feature takes you out on the pitch to reflect on the supporters and their clubs after another high-flying weekend in German football.

FSV Mainz 05 (at) VfL Wolfsburg

Attendance = 30,000 (63.5%)

Not. Same. Close. Of course not. It is the “Autostadt”, after all. Readers of this column know all about the situation in the “company city”. Regulars of the column also know that the VfL ultras who show up at the stadium are usually lively, good-humored and particularly funny.

Attending a Wolfsburg home game remains something recommended for anyone looking to visit the cathedrals of the Bundesliga. Don’t expect the seats to be full and remember to head to the Kurve fan as soon as you can.

FC Union Berlin (at) RB Leipzig

Attendance = 45,770 (97.2%)

Great support from fans of both clubs. One wonders if some of Union’s ultras even returned to Köpenick after Wednesday’s cup semi-final. Perhaps some of them simply opted for an extended vacation in the “Linden Stadt”. It’s a beautiful city and (always) a cheap visit.

Many German football fans, in the continued quest to come to terms with the rise of RB’s German subsidiary, hope a rivalry will develop between Leipzig and the FCU. Naturally, this cannot have all the historical connotations of a real ‘East German rivalry’ since the Red Bulls were founded long after die Wende.

We can’t even find those rivalries in the second division either. Each year, the clubs miss each other. Same story this year. Magdeburg in place. Dynamo Dresden and Erzgebirge Aue down. Too bad. At least Saturday’s game helped heighten the tension between these two.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (at) Eintracht Frankfurt

Attendance = 50,500 (99.0%)

Oh, confuse it now. Really? Are you just missing 500 places? Come on, inhabitants of the financial capital of the Bundesrepublik! Pack home for “Team Germany!” SGE could have donated these tickets to certain charities if needed.

On some more serious notes, this is actually quite an impressive tally for a club preparing to host another Europa League game. In addition, the SGE distributed many tickets to charities. They always do.

The whole country is gearing up to cheer on “our lads” against West Ham on Thursday.

Anyone for some historical context of the 1976 Cup Winners’ Cup semi-finals?

Borussia Monchengladbach (at) SC Freiburg

Attendance = 34,700 (sold out)

Fortunately, as many people as possible have seen this gem of a game live. The always pleasant SCF ultras also kept it simple and clear with their Saturday banner. “Keep up your exceptionally good work”, Breisgauer. It doesn’t matter which European club competition you qualify for.

It’s perfect. Anyone will do.

Arminia Bielefeld (at) 1. FC Köln

Attendance = 50,000 (sold out)

The RheinEnergie rocked and rocked as usual. Everyone had a great time. Cult striker Anthony Modeste may have one too good if some sources are to believe. Sigh. To use the comment adopted in the tactical column, these “certain sources” really need to learn to shut up sometimes.

Let Modeste have fun while he still can. By the way, cathedral city: nothing. If you qualify for Europe, you have Modeste to thank for that. Keep that in mind when, after his departure, you return to compete in the relegation race next year. Baumgart flat caps are then worthless.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen (at) SpVgg Greuther Furth

Attendance = 11,579 (69.6%)

There is only one home game left at the Ronhof before the officially confirmed drop to the lower division. We should see a sell-off (maybe even a win) when Dortmund’s reserves come to town on May 7. Nice to meet you, Kleeblatt boosters. A pleasant day!

Borussia Dortmund (at) FC Bayern München

Attendance = 75,000 (sold out)

Until the last seat filled. Magnificent. All German football fans will agree. Whether Bundesliga watchers are losing interest in the league after Bayern’s tenth consecutive title is actually rather silly when considered in the context of current events.

Recall that he had been three long years since we saw Bayern clinch a title in front of live spectators. We are well. Seriously. It’s perfect.

FC Augsburg (at) VfL Bochum

Attendance = 23,500 (85.1%)

Far from having sold out the Ruhrstadion thanks to the fact that Augsburg’s traveling fan contingent didn’t use their ticket lot and the home fans didn’t make up the difference. Those who chose to do something else with their Sunday afternoon probably felt vindicated as they didn’t miss a great home team game.

At least the “beer showers” stayed in Munich this time. Fans also cheered for their team rather than, like some of Hertha Assis, demanding to have shirts placed at their feet. More on that below.

VfB Stuttgart (at) Hertha BSC

Attendance = 54,589 (85.1%)

Actually a very good crowd for the Olympiastadion. Those interested in the state of the club-fan relationship in the Charllotenburg district of the nation’s capital some two weeks after the infamous “drop your knitting” will not be surprised to learn that the team opted to not to visit the Kurve fan after Sunday. evening win.

This is absolutely the right decision guys. As nice as the fan support is this weekend, players still need their space for a while. Over time, trust can be restored. A reunion will come at some point, maybe before the end of the season. The distance should hold for now.

Thank you very much for reading!

You may occasionally catch Peter on Twitter, @ViceytheSS.

Twitter DMs are open to football conversations, corrections and (if you really insist) general abuse.

All columns debut on Bulinews before appearing on Peter’s website later in the week.

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Order your new San Francisco 49ers jersey today


The new San Francisco 49ers jerseys – which will be used in the 2022 season – are available now. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today.

The Niners deservedly have nine selections in the 2022 NFL Draft. And when these lucky rookies receive their first NFL jerseys, they’ll look a little different than they did last year. So let’s take a look at the new San Francisco 49ers jerseys.

The changes are subtle between this year and last year. The front font has changed – and in our opinion is much better this year, the sleeves have three stripes instead of two and it might just be the lighting but the colors look slightly different.

Overall, we think the 2022 uniform is a huge improvement. After all, it’s the little things.

You can check out a side-by-side comparison below.


Ok – so are you ready to get your 2022 San Francisco 49ers jersey? We thought so.

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Fanatics also offers the Nike Vapor Limited style jerseys available in white and red, with a number of players. These are a little more expensive, at $159.99.

Youth sizes also available.

Shop all San Francisco 49ers jerseys here.

This post contains affiliate links, where we may receive a percentage of any sales made from links on this page. Prices and availability correct at time of publication.

Flyers stun Penguins in season finale battle in Pennsylvania


The Philadelphia Flyers shocked all of Pennsylvania when they beat interstate rival Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 on what was a fine Sunday night for hockey in the “City of Brotherly Love.” The Flyers were wearing their alternate black and orange jerseys and interim head coach Mike Yeo decided to start between the posts for veteran backup goaltender Martin Jones, who has had a lot more playing time since the starter Carter Hart was injured a few times. weeks ago.

The Flyers battled their rival from the first pitch of the puck, doing a great job of keeping the pressure on the offense for the majority of the sixty-minute game against Pittsburgh. They also did a pretty good job of preventing Pittsburgh from remaining calm and strategic in the offensive zone, forcing the Penguins to attack toward the neutral zone to regroup more often than most would have thought possible before this game. However, Martin Jones was there to bail out the Flyers almost every time they slipped their cover.

It was an amazing team effort from the Philadelphia Flyers and a well-deserved win against their biggest league rivals. Noah Cates was certainly the hero of the day, something fans could see for years to come, but he was far from the only Flyers player who was on a roll Sunday afternoon.

Scoring Summary

1st period

  • ISP:Goal scored by Morgan Frost, assisted by Owen Tippett and Noah Cates

2nd period

  • ISP: Goal scored by Noah Cates, assisted by Keith Yandle and Morgan Frost

3rd Period

  • ISP: Goal scored by Noah Cates, assisted by Keith Yandle and Ivan Provorov
  • PIT: Goal scored by Sidney Crosby, assisted by Jake Guentzel and Evgeni Malkin
  • PHI: ENG scored by Travis Konecny, assisted by Kevin Hayes and Linus Högberg.

Take away key

The Flyers’ prospects have flourished under the opportunity to get playing time in the NHL, thanks to Philadelphia’s sadly poor season. Morgan Frost, Bobby Brink and Noah Cates should all be considered crucial to Philadelphia’s turnaround as a hockey club, along with rookie defensemen Cam York and Ronnie Attard, who have both been very impressive and impactful since joining have joined the team. Cates had his first-ever three-point game of his career against the Penguins, which proved crucial to their victory, while Frost also recorded a multi-point game with his goal and assist.

Despite Philadelphia’s shortcomings this season, the future looks incredibly bright on Broad Street so far and it’s only with the prospects that have been called up to play this season. The Flyers have a number of promising young prospects who haven’t even made it to the NHL yet. Expect to see a few more next year now that the Flyers’ front office sees the benefits of allowing their youngsters to come and play on the main roster.

Next game: 4/25 @ Chicago Blackhawks

Predators vs Lightning – Game Recap – April 23, 2022

TAMPA, Fla. — Victor Hedman and Nikita Kucherov scored power-play goals in the first period, and the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Nashville Predators 6-2 on Saturday night.

Hedman became only the second defenseman in franchise history to score 20 goals in a season, joining Dan Boyle, who did so in 2006-07.

“I just aimed for the stars and hit them as hard as I could,” Hedman said of his blast from the high slot.

Kucherov finished with a goal and two assists, Steve Stamkos had a goal and two assists, and Anthony Cirelli and Ross Colton also scored for the Lightning. Brian Elliott made 19 saves.

“A balanced score – that’s key and if you want to go anywhere in the playoffs, you need more than a few guys scoring,” Lightning coach Jon Cooper said. “I look at guys who have 20 or more (goals) or close to 20, and that’s a big reason for our success.”

The two-time defending Stanley Cup champions have tightened their defense in their last two games, both winners. Together, the Lightning outscored the Toronto Maple Leafs and Predators 14-3 and didn’t allow a goal at even strength.

Cooper said he’s happy to see his team playing better defense heading into the playoffs.

“If we want to do anything, we have to see to our own end,” he said. “I love our tandem (of goaltenders), but I don’t care who’s in goal. If you don’t defend, there’s not much they can do.

Tampa Bay is three points ahead of the Boston Bruins in the race for third place in the Atlantic Division. The Bruins defeated the New York Rangers 3-1 earlier Saturday.

Nashville is tied with Dallas for the two wildcard spots in the Western Conference due to the Predators’ loss and the Stars’ 3-2 win over the Seattle Kraken on Saturday. Both teams have 93 points, although the Predators have a game in hand. The Vegas Golden Knights are four points behind Nashville and Dallas.

Nashville defensemen Roman Josi and Alexander Carrier scored power-play goals. Josi became the first NHL defenseman to reach 90 points since Boston’s Ray Bourque (91 in 1993-94).

“That’s definitely not on my mind tonight,” Josi said of the milestone. “We are in a hunt for the playoffs and it was a disappointing night for us. Sometimes I will look back on that and be happy, but tonight I was disappointed with how it ended and the way we played.

Saros allowed six goals on 30 shots before being replaced by David Rittich after Colton and Pat Maroon scored 31 seconds apart early in the third period. Rittich made eight saves.

The first period was full of goals. Hedman beat Nashville goaltender Juuse Saros just 1:51 from the start of the game, and Cirelli beat Saros on a breakaway at 10:59 to make it 2-0.

Josi’s goal, his 21st of the season, came with around three minutes left and cut the deficit to 2-1. But Kucherov made it 3-1 when he beat Saros with a wrist shot with 20 seconds left for his 21st goal. Kucherov has a five game streak with at least one point and one goal streak.

Carrier’s third of the season at 10:42 of the second period made it 3-2, but Stamkos powered a Kucherov pass past Saros six minutes from time for a 4-2 lead.

Nashville coach John Hynes said Stamkos’ goal, his 35th of the season, really hurt.

“It was a really nice piece,” he said. “It was a turnaround, and when you give these guys, with that level of skill, a chance against an unorganized defense, they made a play and that was an important goal.”

Colton deflected Hedman’s shot into the net at 1:37 of the third period, and Maroon celebrated his 34th birthday by scoring at 2:08.


The Predators and Lightning, who wore custom jerseys when they met Feb. 26 in the NHL Stadium Series at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, wore those same uniforms on Saturday.

The Lightning are 9-2-0 in their last 11 games against Nashville.


The Lightning paid tribute to longtime Predators broadcaster Terry Crisp, who was Tampa Bay’s coach when the franchise entered the NHL in 1992 and is retiring after this season.

Crisp coached the first 391 games in Lightning history until he was fired at the start of the 1997-98 season. He’s covered the Predators as a TV analyst and show host since they joined the NHL in 1998.


Predators: Go home to host Minnesota on Sunday.

Lightning: Visit the state rivals Florida Panthers on Sunday.


Rams Win: The Green and Gold Game 2022


FORT COLLINS, Colo. – When scoring is usually irrelevant, as is usually the case in spring games, Colorado State head football coach Jay Norvel managed to score an overall victory for his program and the community he hopes to build around him during the 2022 Green and Gold Weekend.

“(Our staff) are part of the community,” Norvell said after the spring game. “We want our team to be part of the community and engage with the community. When we go out and play on Saturdays, we need our community. We need our fan base. We need our alumni. We need our former players. We need all these people.”

The statistics have been counted to be sure. 522 total rushing yards for the green team made up mostly of expected starters, in fact. But, at the end of it all, it’s the whole day that really serves as the main takeaway from the Green vs Gold 2022 game.

Just ask old Dane Stratton or Trae Moxley what the weekend was all about.

On Friday night, Norvell and his team welcomed more than 100 alumni to participate in the inaugural Alumni Ram Walk as part of Colorado State Football’s 130th celebration. The evening ended with a dinner hosted by Norvell and the Director of Athletics Joe Parker.

And that was only Friday.

Saturday’s game day started with the Grit Run, a 5k run/walk organized by Norvell and his wife Kim, to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Over 300 people signed up to run the race, many of whom were inspired to sign up Saturday morning. Norvell capped the contribution with a donation of $10,000. Kim was born with the disease, and medical advances to manage the disease for which there is no cure have dramatically improved the quality of life for those who battle it.

Fans were then treated to a 141-game scrimmage in which teams were split into a Norvell format dubbed “1’s vs The World”. The white team were spotted with a 21-0 lead, and throughout the first half they looked like they could do it. But, the green team and the quarterback Clay Millen (22 of 33, 292 yards, 4 TDs) came back strong in the second half for a 49-37 win. It was a day of execution and opportunity, where the young players had the opportunity to put on their game shirts and compete on Sonny Lubick Field for the fans.

After the match, Norvell spoke briefly to his team before storming into the locker room to meet and lead another team onto the pitch as around 250 young Ram fans had packed in for the free post-match clinic. of the field program.

Colorado State Athletics hopes parents and guardians have a restful night after tiring their youngsters with an hour of football drills with the 2022 Rams.

Ultimately, stats and calls will only be memorized by graduate assistants and coaches, frantically recording information to review later.

It was a day for the community, and we also played football.

Inside the danger! Host Alex Trebek’s rare personal items left behind at his $7million LA mansion after his death as fans swarm the estate sale


PERIL! fanatics flocked to Alex Trebek’s gorgeous mansion to get their hands on some of his personal items.

An estate sale began Friday and runs through Sunday at the much-loved host’s home in Los Angeles.


Alex Trebek’s huge estate is currently up for sale where you can buy everything he ownedCredit: BackGrid
Hundreds of fans have already made the pilgrimage to his Studio City home


Hundreds of fans have already made the pilgrimage to his Studio City homeCredit: BackGrid

After his daughter put the $7 million Studio City mansion up for sale, fans were invited into the home of one of TV’s most famous faces.

Up for grabs are a wide range of personal items for fans to rummage through.

The house itself is currently listed at $7 million.


The house itself is currently listed at $7 million.Credit: BackGrid

Peril! fanatics can own everything the deceased host owned, including paintings, shoes, clothing, art, fine china, awards he received during his legendary career, and more Again.

The estate sale also gives fans the opportunity to tour Alex’s sprawling 10,000 square foot home.

I won Jeopardy!  - Alex Trebek gave me the best advice for spending my $61,000
Inside the danger!  Champion Mattea's craziest moments with hosts Ken and Mayim

Footage showed fans rummaging through rows of books, inspecting the home bar and even the shoes and costumes he wore to film episodes of the game show on what is now called The Alex Trebek Stage.

Fans can now even dress as the game show icon


Fans can now even dress as the game show iconCredit: BackGrid

Other curiosities on sale include Alex’s coin collection, hockey jerseys and satchels.

Even his bed is up for grabs.

Images from the sale showcased the stunning home which features a breathtaking imperial staircase, antique furnishings and peaceful gardens.

Alex lived here until his death in 2020


Alex lived here until his death in 2020Credit: BackGrid
The house is full of unique objects


The house is full of unique objectsCredit: BackGrid


Alex lived at home with his wife, Jean Currivan, until her death in 2020.

He was married to Jean, now 58, for 30 years after the couple tied the knot in 1990.

The legendary game show host sadly lost his battle with stage four pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020.

“Jeopardy is saddened to report that Alex Trebek passed away peacefully at home early this morning surrounded by family and friends. Thank you, Alex,” the show said. tweeted at the time.

Since Alex’s passing, the beloved game show has continued with various hosts.

Currently, former champ Ken Jennings shares hosting duties with The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik.

A decision on a permanent host is expected to be announced later this year.

Alex was married to Jean Currivan for 30 years


Alex was married to Jean Currivan for 30 yearsCredit: Getty
The scene where the game show is filmed is now named in his honor


The scene where the game show is filmed is now named in his honorCredit: AP
Former champion Ken Jennings is a likely candidate to be Jeopardy's next permanent host!


Former champion Ken Jennings is a likely candidate to be Jeopardy’s next permanent host!Credit: ABC

We pay for your stories!

Do you have a story for The US Sun team?

“The problem is that there is no consistency”: Reaction to near miss shock; Even professional cyclists sometimes forget to unclip; US cyclist to receive $300,000 settlement after riding in tight wire on trail; But cyclists… more info on the live blog


Team GB athletics star Katie Archibald has criticized the International Olympic Committee’s transgender policies and believes they have failed female cyclists and trans athletes.

Archibald won gold in Tokyo and said the policy lets down female athletes by downplaying biology, but also leaves trans athletes, like Emily Bridges, facing intense scrutiny from media, fans and fellow competitors .

In a statement later shared by Laura Kenny as well, Archibald said: “It is my opinion that the international governing bodies of several sports have failed transgender athletes, particularly transgender women, with their policies of inclusion.

“These policies have placed athletes, their involvement in sport and their personal lives under intense scrutiny when all athletes have done is follow the rules and enter a category they have been encouraged to enter. .

“I feel disappointed with the International Olympic Committee telling me that there should be no supposed benefit to an athlete with a gender identity other than their sex. I have read this and heard that my titles worlds, my olympic medals and the champions jerseys i have at home, were all won in a category of people who just don’t try as hard as men. This loss to male androgenization n It’s not a question of biology, but of state of mind. They are wrong.

“The retained advantage of people who have gone through male puberty in terms of strength, endurance and physique, with or without testosterone suppression, has been well documented.

“Cycling’s world governing body, by its own president’s own admission, knows this. But they chose to delay action until it unfortunately became personal for a rider. It wasn’t fair. “

KSAFA/Valeo Youth Football Development League kicks off Saturday – Jamaica Observer


KSAFA President Wayne Shaw presents a shirt to Cassandra Reid of Benders FC, one of the academies taking part in the KSAFA/Valeo Youth Football Development League, which begins on Saturday. (Photo: Dr. Wayne Richards)

The highly anticipated and highly anticipated KSAFA/Valeo Youth Football Development League kicks off this Saturday at the UWI-JFF Captain Horace Burrell Center of Excellence from 8:00am.

The 10-week development league will cater to three age groups – Under-13s, Under-15s and Under-17s – for the first stage, with hopes of adding further age groups. age next year.

The brainchild of Emilio Williams, the president of the Valeo Academy, the competition was supposed to start in 2020 but was derailed by COVID-19. Things are now on track and fifteen teams, including KSAFA clubs and academies as well as Manchester’s Los Perfectos, will participate over the next ten weeks.

Williams, who is very committed to youth development, couldn’t contain his excitement at the prospect of the league finally getting underway.

“We are delighted to return to play. We hope this will revive Jamaica’s qualification hopes. Our goal is to return to the World Cup in 2028.”

Williams will provide materials and equipment to each player participating in the competition.

“This development does not happen in a vacuum, it has to be holistic. The kids will have full match and coaching equipment, pennies, balls, cones – things to run a session – and coach education will be part of that.

“Each fully participating club will receive 50 sets of equipment including socks, shorts, jerseys, shin guards and ball bags.”

He also explained that there is a long term plan for the development league.

“It’s a multi-year plan. This is just the beginning. We’re starting with three age groups right now, but our goal is to add the Under 10s in the fall and the Under 19s next spring.

“The objective is to play 6 to 9 months of club football; you play a game every weekend and you train 2-3 times a week.

President of KSAFA, Wayne Shaw was happy that football was returning to youth level in his confederation.

“For two years we haven’t played any football at KSAFA. We are coming back with the KSAFA/Valeo Youth Development League.

“There are not only KSAFA teams, there are academies, and we have Los Perfectos de Mandeville who will participate,” he explained.

Shaw said the goal of the KSAFA/Valeo league was mainly developmental and so he asked the coaches of the various teams to give all players the opportunity to participate.

“It’s a development league. It’s not about winning, it’s about engaging the players. We don’t play football enough in Jamaica we just have competitions for maybe 8-12 weeks so this development league we start with 10 weeks initially but the plan is that for next year it will last 6 months, getting players to play more football.

“I told the coaches it was not about winning. You don’t play star players every game; you have to play against everyone, including those on the bench, because that’s the only way to develop everyone.

Matches will start with the Under-13s early in the morning, before the Under-15s start mid-morning and the Under-17s mid-afternoon.

—Dwayne Richards

Federal officials charge Minnesota man with passport fraud

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota man who is the target of a federal investigation for embezzlement from the federal infant nutrition program has been charged with passport fraud.

U.S. Attorney’s Office Says He’s 49 Mohamed Jama Ismail of Savage and other co-conspirators used shell companies to funnel millions of dollars to various people involved in the scheme.

Between May 2020 and January 2022, Ismail and others are accused of taking more than $30 million intended to feed thousands of children a day.

Federal officials say international wire receipts show hundreds of thousands of dollars were sent to China and Kenya.

In January, federal officials raided Ismail’s home and seized his passport. They say he applied for a replacement passport, stating on his application that he had lost his other and had filed a police report about it.

Ismail was arrested at Minneapolis International Airport on Wednesday as he tried to board a flight to Kenya, using the replacement passport.

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Beware of these 50 jobs that could disappear in the next 50 years

WATCH: ‘Muppets’ artist’s magical woodland home could be yours

No. 4 Men’s Lacrosse hosts Penn State in regular season finale


PISCATAWAY, NJ – Rutgers’ No. 4 men’s lacrosse hosts Penn State this Saturday at 4 p.m. in the team’s regular season finale. The annual rivalry match is contested for the Friendship Cup and will be the team’s annual senior day and alumni appreciation day. Rutgers enters the game at 11-2 overall and 3-1 in Big Ten play. A win would give RU a season-high 12 program wins, while the Scarlet Knights can clinch a share of the Big Ten regular-season title with a win and a loss at Maryland.

The contest will be broadcast nationally by Big Ten Network. Jason Ross Jr. and Mark Dixon will be on the call, while Jake Schmeid and Chris Tsakonas will be on the radio call for WRSU.

About the Scarlet Knights

Rutgers is No. 4 in all national polls and No. 5 in the NCAA RPI. The Scarlet Knights’ 11-2 record includes wins over No. 5 and No. 11 in the media poll, with defeats on the road to No. 1 and No. 3.

Last weekend, RU held a 9-3, 11-6 lead, then held on for a 13-12 victory at Michigan. RU was led by Ronan Jacoby who scored three goals, including the game-winner with 3:41 to play.

Rutgers has three offensive starters in their first year starting offensively in the UK. Ross Scott (31 goals, 21 assists), Mitch Bartolo (30 goals, 12 assists) and Brian Cameron (25 goals) have all excelled. Besides, Ronan Jacoby (28 goals) and Shane Knobloch (24 goals) contributed to the score from midfield. Sixth offensive starter for Rutgers, Ryan Gallagher, had a season-best four points at Michigan last weekend. Rutgers is one of five teams in the country with five players to have over 30 points.

In Big Ten games, Rutgers have been led offensively by midfielders Shane Knobloch (9 goals, 4 assists) and Ronan Jacoby (8 goals, 4 assists), with striker Mitch Bartolo adding nine goals and one assist.

Nationally, Rutgers is second in turnovers (13.54) and clearance percentage (91.9%), fourth in scoring offense (15.46) and fifth in margin of rating (4.77) and points (23.77). Individually, Ethan Rall is first in the Big Ten and 13and at the national level in turnover generated (1.85). Colin Kirst is the NCAA’s top 15 in save percentage (.553) and goals-against average (10.30), while also second in the Big Ten in saves per game (11.69).

The Rutgers defense has won six of 11 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week awards this season. Jaryd Jean-Felix picked up their third weekly award of the season this week, joined by Ethan Rall (twice) and Bobby Russo.

Rall caused 24 turnovers on the season. He is currently tied with Kyle Pless (2019) and Nick Contino (2013, 2012) for the most-caused single-season turnovers since the program began tracking stats in 2006. Rall has 57 turnovers. business caused in his career, fifth most in RU since 2006, and two away from tying Pless and Andrew D’Agostino for 3rd more.

About Penn State

Penn State, which started the season nationally, is 3-9 overall and 1-3 in conference. The Nittany Lions hold wins over No. 5 Yale, Michigan (in overtime) and Lafayette.

Their attack is led by Mac Costin with 19 goals and Will Peden with 20 assists and 30 points. PSU includes seven players who have scored between 10 and 19 goals.

Penn State leads the Big Ten in saves per game (14.33) behind goalie Aleric Fyock, who has a 13.90 goals-against average and .507 save percentage. Hudson Bohn is 46.4% on faceoffs (115 of 248).

About the series

Rutgers has 45 all-time wins against Penn State since 1946, the most wins for RU against a single team. RU is 45-24 all-time and 4-4 since the teams joined the Big Ten in 2015. Last season, Rutgers swept the series, earning an 11-9 victory over the No. 6 Penn State to open the season, then picking up a 22-10 victory on the road later in the season. That 12-goal margin was RU’s largest in a Big Ten game. The annual rivalry game is contested for the Friendship Cup.

seniors day

The final home game of the season will include post-game Senior Day ceremonies. RU will recognize 27 seniors at a post-match ceremony as the program recognizes all of its players who graduate from undergraduate or masters this spring.

Graduate Appreciation Day

The final home game will also be the annual Alumni Appreciation Day. This season, RU will recognize the 50and anniversary of the 1972 NCAA Tournament team and the 30and anniversary for the 1992 team. The team also welcomes all Hall of Famers to the program.

Tom Hayes Celebration of Life

This Saturday will include a ‘Celebration of Life’ pre-match event to honor the legacy of former RU head coach Tom Hayes. Hayes led the team from 1975 to 2000 and has the most wins in program history. The team wear ‘Tom Hayes’ on the back of their shirts this season. A pre-match event will pay tribute to the former manager, and his family will also be recognized at half-time and during a pre-match moment of silence.

With a Victory

A victory for Rutgers would represent

  • 12 from Rutgersand victory of the season would be a new program record.
  • Rutgers can clinch a share of the Big Ten championship for the first time with a win AND a loss to Maryland in its Saturday game (6 p.m., Saturday vs. Johns Hopkins).
    • With a win in Maryland, Rutgers would secure a runners-up conference finish for RU for the second consecutive season.

  • Rutgers’ 4-1 finish in the Big Ten would be its best conference record in the Big Ten’s traditional single-game (non-COVID) conference format.
  • Rutgers is reportedly 12-3 in conference play over the past two years.
  • Rutgers would improve to 7-0 this season, 11-1 over the past two seasons and 13-2 over the past three seasons in home games.
  • Rutgers would go undefeated in Senior Days since joining the Big Ten.
  • Rutgers would finish the regular season conference roster undefeated against all non-Maryland teams for the second consecutive season.

Rutgers University track and field success

As Rutgers University grew into the Big Ten Conference and invested in building facilities, Scarlet Knight teams at all levels began to see increased success on the field. on playgrounds.

Rutgers had nine nationally ranked sports programs in the 2021-22 school year, with men’s lacrosse being joined by men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, women’s lacrosse, rowing and baseball. Four of these programs (Men’s Lacrosse #4, Baseball #8, Women’s Lacrosse #14 and Rowing #17) are currently ranked and in action this spring. Additionally, men’s basketball made back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances, the first time for that program since 1976.


Rutgers is assured the No. 2 seed in the Big Ten tournament and will receive a bye to the quarterfinals. The Scarlet Knights next play in the semi-finals on Thursday, May 5 at College Park, Maryland.

Apparel Manufacturing Market Business Opportunities and Future Scope by 2028 – The New York Irish Emgirant

Apparel Manufacturing Market Overview 2022

This has led to several changes in This report also covers the impact of COVID-19 on the global market.

The report offers detailed coverage of the Apparel Manufacturing industry and key market trends. The market study includes historical and forecast market data, demand, application details, price trends and company shares of major apparel manufacturers by geography. The report splits the market size, by volume and value, on the basis of application type and geography.

Major Key Vendors of Garment Manufacturing Market Include:- Sritex, Argo Manunggal Group, PT Dan Liris, Pt. Multi Garmenjaya, Busana Clothing

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This research report categorizes the global Apparel Manufacturing market by top players/brands, region, type and end user. This report also studies the global Apparel Manufacturing market status, competition landscape, market share, growth rate, future trends, market drivers, opportunities and challenges, sales channels and the distributors.

The main types of products covered are:
Blouses And Shirts-Blouses, Jackets And Blazers, Jerseys And Sweaters, Parkas, Skirts And Skorts, Sarongs, Bib Overalls

The application coverage in the market is:
Men, women, children, others

Apparel Manufacturing Industry Performance by Region

This report studies the global Apparel Manufacturing market status and forecast, categorizes the global Cables market size (value & volume) by key players, type, application, and region. This report focuses on top players in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and other regions (Middle East & Africa, Central & South America) .

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The research objectives of this report are:

  • Focuses on the key global Apparel Manufacturing companies, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape and recent developments.
  • To project the sales value and volume of Apparel Manufacturing submarkets, with respect to key regions.
  • Analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches and acquisitions in the market.
  • To study and analyze the global Apparel Manufacturing market size (value & volume) by company, key regions, products and end-user, breakdown data for the last five years, and forecast to 2028.
  • To understand the structure of Apparel Manufacturing market by identifying its various subsegments.
  • Share detailed information on key factors influencing market growth (growth potential, opportunities, drivers, industry-specific challenges and risks).

Report Scope: –

The scope of the report combines detailed research of Global Apparel Manufacturing Market 2022 with the apprehension given to the advancement of the industry in certain regions.

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FootballHouseUK introduces football fans around the world to the Mystery Exquisite football shirt box

FootballHouseUK is an Estonia-based company specializing in the sale of premium quality football shirts and mystery football shirt boxes.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, with the most devoted fanbase comprising over half of the world’s total population. According to information from Allianz, “FIFA estimates that 265 million people – men and women – play football worldwide, and a staggering 3.5 billion consider themselves football fans.”

FootballHouseUK is one of the largest online specialist football shirt shops, offering a wealth of unique kits from around the world and lately the exquisite mystery football shirt boxes.

Mystery Football Shirt Boxes create an exciting new way to shop for football shirts. By adding a level of mystique and randomness, a fan who purchases a Mystery Box has the opportunity to get their dream kit at a dramatically reduced price.

The Mystery Football Shirt Box features an all-new custom football shirt made with the latest technology and made from the most advanced materials that ensure long-lasting comfort and promote style and self-expression while being durable enough to withstand decades of use.

The jersey can be from any football team, year, club or country. The unknown element makes Mystery Football Shirt Box a great gift for the most dedicated fans. Multiple boxes can be purchased in the same order, but it is also possible to subscribe to monthly shipments for an additional 10% discount. Sizes available are 3-4 years, 4-5 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, or adult sizes S, M, L, XL , 2XL , 3XL and 4XL.

For customers who purchase the Mystery Football Shirt Box as a gift, the brand has included a comprehensive size chart, which provides detailed jersey sizing information based on age, height, width and height. length.

FootballHouseUK is presenting a limited time offer, allowing customers to exempt certain colors of football shirts from the selection for free.

Mystery Boxes and all FootballHouseUK products come with free insured delivery to most countries worldwide. The average shipping time varies from country to country and is generally between ten and twenty working days.

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Media Contact
E-mail: Send an email
Country: Estonia
Website: https://footballhouseuk.com/

Ten percent of small businesses that sought funding in 2021 requested a merchant cash advance

A according to latest study released by the Federal Reserve. This figure was up from 8% in 2020 and 9% in 2019. For previous years, this figure had remained fairly constant at 7%. [See 2015, See 2017]. Market penetration has therefore arguably increased by around 40% since 2015.

Above: 2021 Fed study results

Meanwhile, the percentage of applicants who have sought out leasing has declined over the past seven years: from 11% in 2015 to 8% in 2021. Factoring has consistently hovered around 3-4%.

Seeking loans and lines of credit has dropped significantly from 89% in 2020 to 72% in 2021. And approvals have dropped across the board. Approvals for business loans, lines of credit and MCAs peaked at 83% in 2019 and plunged to 76% in 2020, the first year of Covid. The figure has fallen further in 2021, to 68%. Online lenders and big banks had the lowest approval rates overall, at 51% and 48% respectively.

The most recent full study from the Fed can be viewed here.

Last modification : April 18, 2022

Sean Murray

Category: Business Lending, merchant cash advance

    RMNB’s newest jersey, a Pride jersey, is available for pre-order until Friday, April 22


    RMNB launched its first hockey jersey in December to celebrate its 12th anniversary as a blog. The jersey was so popular that we decided to design another thanks to our partners, Men’s League Sweaters.

    This time we honor our diverse community of readers and many of our significant contributors over the years with a pride shirt. There is also a donation component for two LGBTQ+ charities.

    RMNB’s Pride jersey can be pre-ordered through men’s league jerseys here.

    The RMNB Pride pullover comes in black and the design is accented with rainbow colors. The RMNB puck design includes the phrase hockey for all.

    The bottom of the jersey features the DC skyline in dark grey.

    The back of the jersey will be customizable and will feature your name and number.

    The jerseys are sublimated and printed with excellent detail (as we learned in our first project).

    The RMNB Pride Jersey was designed by K.P. designa talented jersey concept creator who we are now lucky enough to call a contributor on the site.

    Sales and production of RMNB jerseys are handled by Michigan-based Men’s League Sweaters.

    Sizes available include unisex sizes from small to 3XL. Kid’s sizes and goalie cuts are also available. There is a helpful size guide on the Men’s League Sweaters website that should answer all your questions. Jerseys are a bit large to fit over hockey gear. To use Ian as an example, he usually wears XL shirts, but he fits better down a size in a large RMNB jersey when wearing the jersey casually.

    The RMNB Pride jerseys are inspired by two recent events.

    On February 14, 2022, Doug Johnson — talented journalist and pioneer of hockey blogging — died at the age of 57. The news was personally heartbreaking. Doug, along with her husband Craig Brownstein, created the forward-thinking hockey website Puck Buddys in 2010 and the duo eventually contributed pre-game articles and features to RMNB. Puck Buddys has covered hockey teams in 20 different cities.

    The articles on Puck Buddys were always fun, witty, intelligent and heartfelt. The blog was a safe place for LGBTQ+ hockey fans to congregate and featured voices and experiences the community could relate to. boys who love boys who love hockeyread the slogan at the top of the site.

    Doug and Craig also notably created a series in which they shared the experiences of a gay high school hockey player who had not come out and went by the alias Zach. Entitled The Thin Blue Line: The Story of a High School D-Manthe series gained national attention from The New York Times.

    If you knew Doug, you were a lucky person. Even on his worst days, Doug would always put on a warm smile, give you a warm hug, and make a joke or observation that made you laugh or think. He was also incredibly articulate.

    “A question we often get here is ‘How does it feel to be a gay hockey fan? ‘” Doug wrote on Puck Buddys. “We are never quite sure what people expect from the response. Are they curious if it’s difficult, if we feel ostracized or just not quite like everyone else, if we just don’t fit in? We rarely have a quick answer at hand.

    In Doug’s honor, a portion of RMNB Pride jersey sales will go to SMYAL – an organization that supports and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth in DC and surrounding communities.

    RMNB is also inspired by avid reader turned outstanding contributor Miranda Rosenfelt, who led our Instagram coverage for parts of 2020 and 2021. Miranda recently came out as trans and underwent high profile surgery, documenting their experience on social networks.

    “It’s kind of safety in numbers, if people can see other trans people thriving, it makes it a little bit easier for the person who comes next,” Miranda explained.

    In Miranda’s honor, a second donation will go to Casa Ruby – an organization whose mission is to create successful life stories among transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

    RMNB Pride jerseys will be available this week only – until Friday, April 22 at 11:59 p.m. You can pre-order one from the Men’s League Sweater website here.

    El Dorado Hills man charged with fraud against merchant cash advance companies | USAO-EDCA

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A 10-count indictment was released today against Suneet Singal, 43, of El Dorado Hills, charging him with wire fraud and mail fraud, the attorney said. American Phillip A. Talbert.

    According to court documents, between March 2017 and July 2017, Singal engaged in a scheme to make false statements in order to induce finance companies to provide funds to certain companies in the form of cash advances to merchants, who are advances of money in exchange for promises. to repay larger sums of money on future receivables. To get the cash advances, Singal claimed he owned a business that operated a chain of fast food franchises, but he didn’t actually own that business.

    This case is the result of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Miriam R. Hinman and Nicholas M. Fogg are prosecuting the case.

    If convicted, Singal faces a maximum legal sentence on each count of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 or double the gross gain or gross loss, whichever is greater. Any sentence, however, would be determined at the discretion of the court after considering all applicable statutory factors and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which consider a number of variables. Accusations are only allegations; the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty and unless proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Nashville Sounds start six home games against Charlotte Knights on Tuesday, April 19


    Nashville, TN – The Nashville Sounds Baseball Club returns home to First Horizon Park on Tuesday, April 19 for its second homestand of the 2022 season.

    The Sounds host the Charlotte Knights (Chicago White Sox) for a six-game series.

    You will find below the promotions for the homestand.

    tuesday april 19

    Nashville Sounds vs. Charlotte
    6:35 p.m. | Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

    Sensory Inclusive™ Night with Kulture City – Nashville Sounds and First Horizon Park have been certified Sensory Inclusive, joining the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators and Nashville SC to become the first city in the United States to have all professional sports teams like Sensory Inclusive. For the first time ever at First Horizon Park, sensory bags will be available for rent free of charge for those in need. Bags include headphones, toys and ID cards.

    Sensory Inclusive Swimsuit Auction – As part of First Horizon Park becoming sensory inclusive, the team will be wearing specialized sensory swimwear. The jerseys will be auctioned online from Monday April 18 to Monday April 25. The jersey auction will benefit Borderless Arts TN.

    Tito’s Tail Waggin’ Tuesday – Bring your favorite furry friend to First Horizon Park. Tickets start at $30.00 ($25.00 for humans; $5.00 for dog). Proceeds from all dog tickets will benefit Comfort Connections. Limit of one dog per human. Please note that all dogs must enter through the right field gate on Rep. John Lewis Way. The Vanderbilt Health picnic spot will be reserved for all dogs and owners present. All dog owners are required to sign a waiver and present proof of current rabies vaccination.

    Wednesday April 20

    Nashville Sounds vs. Charlotte
    6:35 p.m. | Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

    Kroger Wednesday – Fans can purchase four (4) Select Section tickets, four (4) hot dogs and four (4) Pepsi fountain sodas for only $44.00. Kroger Wednesday tickets must be purchased at the Nashville Sounds box office by showing proof of the Kroger mobile app.

    Winning Wednesday presented by Pepsi – Fans can win select prizes throughout the night and have the opportunity to run the bases after the game with a Sounds victory.

    Thursday April 21

    Nashville Sounds vs. Charlotte
    6:35 p.m. | Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

    Throwback Thursday presented by Budweiser – The Sounds will wear throwback uniforms to commemorate the team’s original 1978 uniform style. Fans can purchase Pepsi fountain soft drinks and Budweiser merchandise at a discounted rate.

    friday april 22

    Nashville Sounds vs. Charlotte
    6:35 p.m. | Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

    FOX 17 News Friday with dueling pianos – Set up near the Field Suites, fans can enjoy music throughout the night played by dueling pianos.

    Earth Day Celebration – Fans can visit informative exhibits in the lobby featuring Greenways Nashville, Urban Green Lab and the Adventure Science Center.

    Music City Creative pop-up store in the lobby of First Horizon Park.

    Saturday April 23

    Nashville Sounds vs. Charlotte
    6:35 p.m. | Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

    Hit City Saturday Series: RA Dickey Shirsey Giveaway presented by First Horizon (first 1,000 fans).

    Hit City Saturday with a Brian Brown pre-game concert under the guitar dash from 5:30-6:00 p.m.

    STEM Saturday – Information tables and interactive activities in the lobby for fans with the Adventure Science Center, Mr. Bond’s Science Guys and Mathnasium.

    Music City Creative pop-up store in the lobby of First Horizon Park.

    sunday april 24

    Nashville Sounds vs. Charlotte
    2:05 p.m. | Doors open at 1:00 p.m.

    Youth Sports Day pre-game parade presented by Delta Dental.

    Postgame Kids Run the Bases presented by First Horizon.

    Seniors and military families can take advantage of a $2.00 discount on the price of tickets to a game at First Horizon Park. Offer is valid for four (4) tickets per ID (Seniors 55+ and government issued military ID required at ticket counter). The senior discount is available for matches from Sunday to Wednesday only. Subject to availability; no phone orders.

    Nashville Sounds media partners include Midwest Communications, Cumulus Media Nashville, FOX 17 News and Cromwell Media Nashville.

    The Nashville Sounds are the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers and play at First Horizon Park. Single-game tickets are on sale now for all home games in 2022. For more information, call 615.690.4487 or email .

    Vitals, betting odds and lineups projected against blue jackets


    The LA Kings return home for a crucial game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday night. Todd McLellan’s squad has just six games remaining in the regular season, and every game is against non-playoff teams. It’s time to take care of business.

    Here’s how the Kings and Blue Jackets match up on paper:

    Credit: JFresh Hockey
    LA Kings
    Credit: NHL.com

    Top scorers:

    LAK: Anze Kopitar – 18 goals, 44 assists, 62 points

    CBJ: Patrik Laine – 26 goals, 30 assists, 56 points

    Betting odds

    The Kings come into this one as favorites, according to our sponsors at DraftKings.

    Use promo code: THPN

    • Kings odds: -195
    • Blue Jacket Ratings: +160
    • Over/Under: 6.5
    • Time: 7:30 p.m. PT
    • Broadcast Info: BSW, BSOH, ESPN+

    Projected compositions

    Here’s how the Kings lined up in practice Friday, via LA Kings Insider:

    Iafallo – Lizotte – Brown

    Edler Roy
    Moverare – Durzi
    Maatta Spence

    Rapid / Petersen

    It should be noted that Quinton Byfield and Gabe Vilardi wore purple jerseys on Friday, setting them up to be healthy scratches on Saturday night.

    Andreas Athanasiou ditched the red jersey with no contact and was skating on the front row with Anze Kopitar and Adrian Kempe. When healthy, the 27-year-old has been a big contributor on offense, with 14 points in just 22 games. Prior to his injury, Athanasiou had scored four goals in his last three games. The Kings could use someone to step up offensively – Athanasiou could be that guy if he drops back in the lineup.

    The situation for goalkeepers is difficult to predict. After Wednesday’s disaster in Colorado, where Jonathan Quick dropped the top three and Cal Petersen dropped the next six, there doesn’t seem to be a clear direction as to who might get the go-ahead.

    That said, Quick got the start in the last game, stopping 26 of 29 shots. Could McLellan rely on the old guard in these desperate times? He was the first off the ice on Friday, which could lead him to the start.

    “At this time of year, I’d rather someone get really hot around this time,” McLellan told Zach Dooley. “That’s what I would prefer. I don’t think in training camp you can sit back and say this guy is going to play that many games. Not where we started as an organization either, we need to grow, but right now warm up and play.

    Here’s how the Blue Jackets lined up in Wednesday’s 5-1 win over Montreal:

    Both Kent Johnson and Nick Blankenburg made their NHL debuts in the contest, with the latter picking up his first point on Cole Sillinger’s 13th goal of the year.

    Patrik Laine was involved in the first three goals and he scored in the final game. In addition to Laine, the Blue Jackets have Sillinger, who impressed during his rookie campaign, as well as Jack Roslovic, who has five goals and six points in his last two games.

    The Kings will likely see Elvis Merzlikins in this one. He made some big saves last game, stopping 39 of 43 total shots.

    It’s a game the Kings absolutely must win. With Vegas playing Edmonton on Saturday, a win for LA and a regulation loss for the Golden Knights would create a still slim three-point split in the standings.

    The LA Kings and Jackets start at 7:30 p.m. PT.

    (Main photo credit: NHL.com)

    3 Iowa players who should be at Minnesota in 2022-23


    As the 2021-22 NHL season continues, the Minnesota Wild are poised to qualify for a playoff berth. Several players have really taken their game to another level this season to help the Wild get to where they are, from Kirill Kaprizov living up to his massive contract, to Mats Zuccarello and Kevin Fiala having career seasons. That being said, general manager Bill Guerin is unlikely to bring back some players next season, regardless of how the campaign ends, due to salary cap challenges.

    The good news is that the Wild won’t have to look for replacements. Although the team doesn’t have the deepest closet at the moment, several players play for Iowa in the American Hockey League (AHL) who should be ready to compete for a spot on the NHL roster. next season.

    Here’s a look at three Iowa players expected to play for the Wild in the 2022-23 NHL season.

    Marco Rossi, Center

    The ninth pick in the 2020 NHL Draft, expectations were high for Marco Rossi as soon as the Wild announced they were selecting him. Although his size was a concern for some during his draft year, he more than made up for it with his sheer skill alone, proven by his 185 points in 109 games for the Ottawa 67’s of the Hockey League. Ontario (OHL).

    Related: 3 Best Minnesota Wild Playoffs in Franchise History

    The real challenge came at the start of the 2021-22 AHL season when fans wanted to see how Rossi could perform against grown men. As it turns out, the 20-year-old didn’t need much time to feel comfortable in the minors, racking up 14 points in his first 10 games for Iowa. Even though he didn’t maintain the same level of production throughout the campaign, he still leads all of his teammates with 50 points in 57 games.

    Marco Rossi, Minnesota Wild (Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

    What’s even more impressive about Rossi’s 2021-22 AHL campaign is the fact that he missed the majority of last hockey season. fight the lingering effects of COVID-19. Not only does this show his dedication to bouncing back, but the fact that he is playing at full strength bodes well for his long-term career. The Wild rewarded him with a pair of NHL games midway through the current season, and while he didn’t score a point, it was a preview of what lay ahead this fall.

    The Wild will have an open center spot for Rossi next season as Nick Bjugstad is set to become a free agent in a few months. The team could also leave Fiala as he is likely to see a pay rise which could open up a place if head coach Dean Evason wants to experiment with Rossi on the wing. Anyway, the place of the latter will be lost once the training camp is over. Thanks to the skill he has shown this season, fans probably don’t have to worry about losing Rossi.

    Mason Shaw, Left Wing/Center

    With the exciting young tracks the Wild have added in recent years, some people have forgotten that Mason Shaw is still in their system. The 97th pick in the 2017 NHL Draft left much to be desired in his first four AHL seasons, recording just 61 points in 124 games due to knee injuries.

    Suddenly, something clicked for Shaw in the 2021-22 season. After playing at a rate of 0.49 points per game (PPG) in previous seasons, the 23-year-old is at a rate of 0.90 PPG after collecting 45 points in 50 games so far. He rediscovered this ability as a playmaker which makes him a treat to watch in the Western Hockey League (WHL), trailing Rossi among Iowa players with 30 assists. Beyond that, Shaw also recorded career highs in game-winning goals (five) and power-play goals (seven).

    #ICYMI: Mason Shaw (@IAWild) recorded his first career hat trick last night in #MBvsIA, scoring the game-winning goal with just 31 seconds left in the competition. https://t.co/wWoCXaYQwG
    Although he was drafted as a center, Shaw became more of a left-winger during his time at Iowa. If Fiala is indeed traded — and the Wild chooses not to re-sign Nicolas Deslauriers — there should be a vacancy for Shaw on the left side, where he excels. The only question is whether or not he can sustain his production until the end to secure that opportunity next season.

    Related: Wild’s Deadline Trades Clears Wallstedt’s NHL Path

    Ultimately, the next campaign could be Shaw’s last to crack the Wild’s roster. He will be a restricted free agent (RFA) at the end of the 2022-23 season, and if he doesn’t make it in the NHL by then, Guerin could decide he’s already peaked and walk away. Fortunately, the latter is more than talented and seems to have put his injury problems behind him. If so, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be in a Wild shirt next season.

    Calen Addison, defender

    Calen Addison is a player many Wild fans believe should be on the NHL roster already this season. Acquired during the transaction which sent Jason Zucker to the Pittsburgh Penguins in February 2020, Addison made an immediate impact in the 2020-21 hockey season. The Brandon, Manitoba product proved his offensive flair at the WHL level was no fluke after recording 22 points in 31 AHL games.

    While some may have thought his production was a fluke, Addison proved that was not the case. He played a total of 36 games during the 2021-22 AHL season, scoring seven goals while adding 22 assists. His production has been consistent, whether at even strength or on the power play, exemplified by his trio of power-play goals.

    Calen Addison Minnesota Wild
    Minnesota Wild Calen Addison (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

    Addison’s impressive display this season has not gone unnoticed by the top brass. He’s had significant call-up time throughout the NHL season, playing 15 games as of April 15. While he made his fair share of mistakes, he also seemed comfortable a good deal of the time. He averaged 13:47 of ice time and had two goals and two assists. His 0.56 goals per 60 minute rate is the highest among any Wild defenseman this season, as is his66.1% percentage of adjusted goals on the ice.

    Addison could certainly use the remainder of the 2021-22 AHL season to further improve various aspects of his game, however, he is expected to be part of the NHL’s opening roster in 2022-23. Assuming the Wild let Jordie Benn walk in free agency, re-sign RFA Jacob Middleton and trade Mathew Dumba for salary cap reasons, they will have six defenders under contract. Addison deserves more than sixth/seventh place in the rotation and could provide a much-needed offensive spark at the back.

    The Wild are fortunate to have a trio of quality AHL prospects. Rossi, Shaw and Addison are all capable of being NHL players based on skill alone. However, their cheap deals should also be an incentive for a call-up, as Zach Parise and Ryan Suter buyouts kick off next season. With management looking to save money while staying competitive, it only makes sense that Addison, Rossi and Shaw wear Minnesota Wild jerseys next season.

    The Recorder – Keeping Score: Tickets, Tickets


    Published: 04/15/2022 20:38:34

    Modified: 04/15/2022 20:37:26

    Good morning!
    Whoever decided on season ticket prices for the 2022 UMass football season had to shoot in a Blue Origin space capsule. The cost to watch what was the worst team ever in FBS history is $125 for five games, plus $50 to park near ruined McGuirk Stadium.

    It’s $25 a pop to watch Stony Brook’s Mighty Sea Dogs. Pricing for a single game has not been announced but will be at least $30 per game. The other four home games will be against New Mexico State, Liberty, Buffalo and Army.

    If you wear maroon-colored glasses and think $25 is fair, consider Boston College will play six games at home and season tickets start at $99. Children 13 and under pay $50.

    The Eagles’ home games are against Rutgers, Clemson, Louisville, Duke, Syracuse and Maine. Don’t call Maine a cupcake, not after the Black Bears beat the Minutemen last season.

    UMass AD Ryan Bamford will feel the heat as Don Brown’s gridsters are 3-8 and play Army, and anointed hoops savior Frank Martin begins the task of turning spring promise into winter reality.

    Anecdotes: How much did UMass pay for the rings it bought to commemorate the D-1 hockey championship? A big ? Two thousand ? Wrong, they cost $250 each. That’s according to Jeff Smith, the AD Senior Associate for External Affairs.

    It’s not as chintzy as you might think. According to USA Today’s Lindsay Schnell, the NCAA caps the amount a school can spend on championship rings at $415 each. Still cheap, as Alfred E. Neuman would say.

    We’ll have more on that next week, but for now all eyes are on the coaching vacancies in BU and BC and whether coach Greg Carvel will be drawn to a code. Boston post office.

    It’s the type of fluid situation that you can’t speculate on in a three-day chronicle. Until then, it could be old news.

    Die-hard Red Sox fan Steve Kramer was 10th overall at Yankee Stadium in the 5-4 extra-inning loss to the Bombers on Saturday. He files this report: “Ticket bought from a scalper. There are no paper tickets and they use their phones. It was not easy.

    “The old stadium had character, the new one has a shorter RF than Lunt Field and the price of a vendor beer was $15.95. The can said Pinstripe Pilsner with a Yankee badge on it. I felt like I was drinking poison from the Wicked Witch of the West.

    “I was sleeping with the enemy, 30,000 kids with New York accents wearing #99 jerseys and Boston Sucks t-shirts.

    “When (Alex) Verdugo hit the two-point blast to make it 2-0, there was a brief, brilliant moment from Camelot.”

    The Greenfield Kiwanis Club is looking for foursomes for its annual Warm the Children tournament at Greenfield Country Club on May 9. The cost is $400 per team and the 9 a.m. tee time includes 18 holes, a cart, a Terrazza gift card, prizes and a raffle. elements. Call Phil Corrinet at 413-427-2075.

    Harvard hockey fan Vassar Pierce of Jamaica Plain watched Denver beat Minnesota State, 5-1, to win the NCAA hockey championship at TD Garden on Saturday. “There were a few seats open but not many,” Pierce wrote. “It was a great environment, and a lot of Mankato and Denver fans as well as Michigan fans in the rink. Lots of Boston people too – which was really nice.

    Quote of the week: Former Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman to MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger, responding to Ronald Acuna Jr.’s comment he “never liked him”: “When you put on a Braves uniform, there’s has organizational rules. You don’t cover the A with sunglasses. You are not wearing earrings. You have your hair of a certain length. You wear a uniform during BP. You don’t have black eyes running all over your face. I was one of the older guys who had to enforce this stuff in the clubhouse. When you put on a Braves uniform, that’s kind of what happens there.

    Michigan State’s Tom Izzo to Dan Patrick on the negative impact that the similarity between name and image has on teamwork: “Everyone wants to be a shooter, if you don’t score so many points, if you don’t get more rebounds, you don’t get so much NIL money.That’s why I think you see some coaches quitting.

    Opening Stun: Robinson Cano scored the Mets’ first inning of the season on a charged one-shot basis. … The Guardians-Royals opener was played in 40mph winds at Kauffman Stadium. Bobby Witt Jr.’s first hit in the league was witnessed by his father Bobby, who won 104 games for the Texas Rangers. … Kyle Schwarber hit a first home run in his first at bat as a Phillie and then went 1-for-17 (.059) through Tuesday. … Call from Yankees announcer John Sterling of Mike Rizzo’s first home run against Boston’s Nate Eovaldi: “Nobody beats the Rizz!”

    SQUIBBERS: Still no taker for Baker Mayfield? Maybe the clubs remember the night five years ago when cops in Fayetteville, Ark. tackled him and arrested him for public drunkenness. “I did not do anything !” shouted Mayfield, to which a cop replied, “No, you’re just a jerk a** who tried to get away.”. … Transfer from Swarthmore Cole Hebble bats .406 for UMass, a number that holds special significance for every New England player who has baseball in his blood. … Tigers rookie Spencer Torkelson hit a fly ball wide of Rich Hill on Tuesday that was misplayed in a double by slow-footed right fielder Christian Arroyo. Background noise on the Detroit radio show included a fan shouting, “This is his first hit. Thank you Arroyo! “. … The Red Sox and Yankees averaged 7,330 and 6,756 fans in Florida this spring, while the Astros and Nationals averaged less than 2,500 at Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. … Tiger Woods won $43,500 for his audacious 13-over-par performance at the Masters. …. Congratulations to Andy Calisewski of Greenfield for refereeing 41 high school volleyball games this season despite serious health issues. … Former FM disc jockey Richard Neer keeps a list of quirky opening rock n’ roll acts. His two favorites: “Bruce Springsteen opened for Anne Murray and Led Zeppelin opened for Iron Butterfly.”

    Chip Ainsworth is an award-winning columnist who has written his observations of the sport over four decades in the Pioneer Valley. He can be contacted at [email protected]

    Virginia Enacts Merchant Cash Advance Registration and Disclosure Act Finance & Banking

    To print this article, all you need to do is be registered or log in to Mondaq.com.

    On April 11, 2022, Virginia became the second U.S. state to require providers of cash advance (“MCA”) products to obtain a state regulatory license or registration—hot on utah heels. With the signature of Governor Glenn Youngkin House Bill 1027 in law, companies providing “sales-based financing” in Virginia will now be required to provide advance information on financing terms, follow certain dispute resolution procedures, and register with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (“Commission”) before November 1, 2022.

    Unlike small business financing disclosure laws enacted by California, New York, and Utah, which broadly apply to many forms of non-mortgage small business financing, Virginia’s new law focuses narrowly on providers of “sales-based financing”. The bill’s sponsor, Delegate Kathy Tran, noted that the bill is specifically aimed at regulating ACM providers. The law defines “sales-based financing” as a “transaction that is repaid by the recipient to the provider, over time, as a percentage of sales or revenue, in which the amount of the payment may increase or decrease depending on the volume of sales achieved. or income received by the beneficiary. The term “sales-based financing” also includes transactions with “an accrual mechanism in which the financing is repaid as a fixed payment, but provides a reconciliation process that adjusts the payment to an amount that is a percentage of the sales or revenue.

    Virginia is now the second state to enact a specific licensing or registration regime for ACM providers. The new law requires MCA providers to register with the Virginia State Corporation Commission by November 1, 2022, and then on an annual basis thereafter. Since MCA providers often source from brokers or independent sales organizations, the law also extends the registration requirement to “sales-oriented financing brokers”, which the law defines as “a a person who, for payment or in the expectation of payment, obtains or offers to obtain financing based on sales from a supplier for a recipient. » Suppliers and brokers must also be licensed to transact in Virginia, unless they are already organized under Virginia law or are otherwise not required to obtain license. authorization to transact in Virginia as a foreign entity.

    The new Virginia law also follows in the footsteps of California, New York and Utah in imposing disclosure obligations on ACM providers. MCA providers will be required to disclose funding terms at the time the provider offers an MCA to a merchant. These disclosures are similar to disclosures required for “sales-based financing” providers under other recent state laws and include:

    • The total sales-based financing amount and disbursement amount, if different from the financing amount, after deducting or withholding fees at the time of disbursement

    • The financial burden

    • The total reimbursement amount, which is the disbursement amount plus finance charges

    • The estimated number of payments, which is the number of payments expected, based on the merchant’s projected sales volume, to equal the total refund amount

    • Payment amounts, based on the merchant’s projected sales volume, (i) for fixed payment amounts, payment amounts, frequency and method, or (ii) for variable payment amounts, a schedule of payment or a description of the method used to calculate the amounts and frequency of payments and method of payment

    • A description of any other potential fees and charges not included in finance charges, including drawdown fees, late payment fees, returned payment fees, and prepayment fees or penalties

    • If the recipient elects to prepay or refinance the sales-based financing prior to full repayment: (i) an updated disclosure of the six prior disclosures required above, as of the date of the prepayment or refinancing; and (ii) a description of prepayment policies indicating whether the recipient will be required to pay additional fees, penalties, or other amounts not already included in the finance charge, or whether the recipient will receive a fee discount financial.

    • A description of collateral requirements or collateral, if any

    • A statement of whether the supplier will pay compensation directly to a broker under the specific sales-based financing offer and the amount of compensation

    Unlike California and New York law, Virginia law does not require the disclosure of an annual percentage rate or “APR”. Since House Bill 1027 does not define many of the terms used in the disclosure requirements, including “finance charges,” and gives MCA providers no instructions on how to calculate finance charges, the volume expected sales or payment schedule, regulators may need to issue guidelines or regulations to implement disclosure requirements. Regulators will likely need to act quickly, as disclosure obligations come into effect on July 1, 2022, and it’s hard to imagine how the law could be enforced without rules providing necessary guidance to ACM providers. The law authorizes the Commission to promulgate regulations, but the short period between the promulgation of the law and its effective date may not be sufficient for the Commission to make a proper development of notice and comment rules. . It would not be surprising if MCA suppliers were granted a grace period extending beyond July 1, similar to the many delays in the effective date of California and New York disclosure requirements. resulting from the need for regulators to finalize rules implementing disclosure requirements.

    Finally, the law imposes several conditions for the settlement of disputes. First, the law prohibits providers from using the confession of judgment provisions. Second, the law also requires that any legal action related to a sales-based financing agreement be brought in Virginia; forum selection clauses requiring that legal actions be brought outside of Virginia are unenforceable. Third, the law includes two restrictions on arbitration clauses in sales-based financing agreements. Specifically, the arbitration clause cannot require face-to-face arbitration to take place outside of the jurisdiction where the merchant’s principal place of business is located, and vendors must pay all arbitration costs. Although Virginia law declares violation of the terms of a sales-based financing agreement unenforceable, vendors may be able to argue that federal arbitration law prevails over state law regulation. Statement on Arbitration Clauses.

    Virginia law exempts financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Merchant cash advances over $500,000 are also exempt. Finally, the law contains a de minimis exemption for a person who completes no more than five “sales-based financing” transactions in a 12-month period.

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    Meta sees the VR fitness revolution and will make its next headsets “sweatproof”


    Andre Cohen

    When Meta – then known as Facebook – bought Oculus for $2 billion in 2014, the virtual reality headset was set to become a home for next-gen gaming. What the social network hadn’t anticipated was the adoption of fitness-themed apps for working out in virtual reality.

    “I now have a completely different mindset as to where VR gaming is going. Where it’s going, I think, is it’s going to revolutionize fitness,” Rob Shaw, director, said on Wednesday. of Meta’s North American Sports Partnerships, at SportTechie’s State Of The Industry conference. He spoke at the “Engaging Fans in the Metaverse” panel alongside Candy Digital Chief Marketing Officer Andre Llewellyn and Atlanta Braves Vice President of Marketing and Innovation Greg Mize.

    Meta sparked its fitness push last November with its acquisition of virtual reality fitness app Supernatural. With VR apps covering boxing, dancing and other comprehensive workouts, Meta is building its next Quest headset to be “sweatproof”.

    “The next iteration we’re going to have of our current Quest 2 product is to make the headset more sweat resistant, so the controllers have a better grip,” Shaw said. “People are using our platform to train, and it’s not necessarily something that we intended. We now have creators developing these games for people to be active on. So I think the game is going to change at many ways.

    Last month, the NFL partnered with StatusPro to develop a virtual reality football game. This game, which will be available on Meta’s Quest and PlayStation VR headsets, will prioritize movement – such as users performing physical throwing motions – while playing quarterback in its virtual football environment.

    Meta also partnered with the NFL around Super Bowl LVI to allow fans to dress their digital avatars in Rams and Bengals branded apparel. Digital clothing was free to buy on Meta’s platforms, but the company expects users to end up paying for their virtual avatar swag.

    “Our intention is to develop a market where these jerseys or shirts can be sold,” Shaw said. “There will be a business model where the money can go back to leagues and teams or whoever owns the intellectual property.”

    Virginia Tech Athletics move forward in NIL space evolution

    NOIRSBOURG – Virginia Tech Athletics continues to explore additional avenues for its student-athletes to monetize their visibility as representatives of the Hokies brand. In March, Tech Athletics announced an enhanced partnership with the INFLCR, launching the Hokies Exchange platform allowing student-athletes and businesses to interact and arrange a variety of name-endorsement deals,… image and likeness (NIL).

    Once a company, collective or individual has registered and been approved for Hokies Exchange, they will be put into a database where student-athletes and the entity can log in for potential NIL offers. Companies can filter through the student-athlete index and narrow the selections using different criteria.

    Additionally, athletic director Whit Babcock, confirmed that a trio of NIL collectives have offered their services to Virginia Tech student-athletes, businesses and donors. Babcock indicated that the following three organizations have chosen to align themselves with the Hokies:

    Commonwealth None
    Commonwealth NIL is a New River Valley-based company founded by former Virginia State Delegate Nick Rush and former tech Forrest Rush. Commonwealth NIL specializes in comprehensive, diverse and innovative NIL solutions. Commonwealth NIL raises resources for NIL contracts through events, activities and special sales with a unique focus on the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Hot Route Marketing, LLC
    Hot Route Marketing has taken a different approach than other organizations in the NIL space. Under the leadership of Virginia Tech alumnus Kelly Woolwine, Hot Route Marketing, LLC represents a vehicle in which corporations, donors, and fans can invest in a consolidated pool of resources from which NIL opportunities can be organized for students. -athletes.

    Triumph NIL, LLC
    Triumph NIL seeks to partner with corporate clients with Tech student-athletes to create compelling campaigns that drive real results, in addition to providing platforms for donors and fans to support their favorite Hokies. That group is led by James Cowan, president of CowanPerry PC and also includes former Tech All-America running back Kevin Jones.

    The Hokies remain at the forefront of the rapidly changing NIL landscape. Earlier this year, Virginia Tech Football, along with Fanatics and OneTeam, announced a partnership that will allow fans to purchase custom jerseys for which student-athletes will be compensated.

    Virginia Tech is not directly involved in NIL introductions or NIL agreement negotiations. The guidelines on NIL continue to evolve and Tech Athletics remains committed to providing our student-athletes with every means necessary to maximize their overall experience and marketability while competing for the Hokies as we seek to amplify our competitive position in all of our college athletic programs.

    What our coaches say
    “I appreciate that Whit and our administration at Virginia Tech continue to be aggressive in the rapidly changing NIL space. The launch of the Hokies Exchange platform was a critical first step in giving our student-athletes direct access to business opportunities. The fact that several NIL collectives have chosen to align with Virginia Tech indicates that the market is ready to work directly with our student-athletes. NIL is changing college athletics and we want our student-athletes maximize their value in the open market.

    Brent Pry – Virginia Tech Football Head Coach

    “I am thrilled that Virginia Tech and our administration have provided our athletes with so many opportunities in the NIL space. From education and the Hokies Exchange platform to these new NIL collectives, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our student-athletes have the resources to make informed decisions and have the confidence to approach NIL opportunities in a way that will benefit them.Our mission is to support student-athletes in all their endeavors on and off It’s another step in the right direction for our department and I’m delighted to see this put in place with our athletes in mind.”

    Kenny Brooks – Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Head Coach

    “There is perhaps no hotter topic on the recruiting track than NIL right now. The NIL space is constantly evolving, and I applaud our leadership within Virginia Tech Athletics for being proactive. and continue to strengthen our NIL opportunities. Our guys experienced first–maintaining some of those advantages. Now that we have multiple NIL collectives aligned with us, those opportunities will only increase. I appreciate the sense of urgency that our athletic department has demonstrated to enhance our NIL programming It is critical that our student-athletes have the education and tools to succeed in this space as we move forward in this new era of athletics university.”

    Mike Young – Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball Head Coach

    Virginia Tech Athletics also announced plans Thursday to make financial rewards available to student-athletes following the Supreme Court’s decision last June in Alston v. NCAA.

    “We are pleased to be able to offer this financial incentive to our student-athletes to make the kind of academic progress that will benefit them for years after graduation,” Babcock said. “We are currently finalizing our criteria for this program and plan to release the details to student-athletes, their families and our coaching staff this summer. We plan to begin this financial reward program beginning in the fall of 2022. Thanks to the tremendous success of our Drive for 25 and the generosity of our Hokie Club donors, we intend to be highly competitive in this space to ensure that Virginia Tech remains a highly attractive destination for the best student-athletes in the world. country. “

    Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown Limited Edition Celebrates Half a Decade in Gaming


    Exactly five years ago, Baltic Watches launched its Kickstarter with a modest range of vintage-inspired timepieces, which paid homage to the clean lines of mid-century watches. Half a decade later, the French brand has a legion of followers, as well as shelves of awards, and is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a limited edition Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown.

    Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown: what is it?

    (Almost) exactly a year ago, Baltic introduced its second distinct diver’s watch design, following the hugely successful Aquascaphe model from 2018. As with all Baltic watch models, the Aquascaphe Dual-Crown 2021 was inspired by the past, taking design cues from the super-compressor diver’s watches that rose to popularity in the 1970s. This 5th Anniversary Limited Edition retains most of the specifications of the original Aquascaphe Dual-Crown, but adds a bit of 90s nostalgia to the color scheme.

    RELATED: Is the Baltic Aquascaphe the best buy under $1000?


    As with the standard Aquascaphe Dual-Crown specification, this special edition features a 39mm (316L to be precise) stainless steel case, which measures a svelte 11.9mm thick. As with all Baltic Watches, the attention to detail is charmingly precise, with a concentric brushed finish on the flat surfaces of the lugs, while the bezel receives a spiral brushed treatment.

    Featuring two screw-down crowns, one is used to set the time, while the other is used to rotate the inner diver’s bezel, which sits beneath the sapphire crystal covering the dial. The caseback is closed, ensuring the watch is water resistant to 200m, as well as displaying a special 5th anniversary engraving and your numbered piece on 200 units.


    The glossy black dial is where you’ll notice the color accents, with a green minute hand, as well as a special treatment on the hour and bezel marks. The hour markers feature a green-tinted luminous paint (which actually glows blue), while the first 20-minute bezel marks are tinted purple (and actually glows green). It’s a fun retro color scheme, which immediately reminds me of the iconic green and purple Mighty Ducks hockey jerseys from the mid-90s.

    Trailer 1


    The limited edition Aquascaphe Dual-Crown is powered by an automatic Miyota 9039, which is bulletproof, easy to maintain and goes a long way in keeping the price of the watch as affordable as possible.


    Matching the colors of the dial, the watch comes with a pair of brightly colored Tropic rubber dive straps, in green and purple of course. They are soft without being fragile and as comfortable as rubber bracelets.

    Judging and award

    This is an interesting release, not only as a slightly more fun and light-hearted alternative to the non-limited release, but also because it speaks to the success story of Baltic Watches and the community that has supported them throughout. along the way. The watch industry is very different from what it was half a decade ago, and Etienne Malec, the founder of Baltic Watches, has navigated all the trappings with a dexterous confidence in his product that only comes from understanding of the collecting community.

    So congratulations to Baltic Watches for coming this far, and I can’t wait to write about the special 10th anniversary edition. The Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown Limited Edition has an RRP of €780 (AU$1,136) and is limited to 200 pieces.

    Atmosphere 4
    Close up 1
    Close up 2

    Virginia enacts Merchant Cash Advance Registration and Disclosure Act

    On April 11, 2022, Virginia became the second U.S. state to require providers of cash advance (“MCA”) products to obtain a state regulatory license or registration—hot on utah heels. With the signature of Governor Glenn Youngkin House Bill 1027 in law, companies providing “sales-based financing” in Virginia will now be required to provide advance information on financing terms, follow certain dispute resolution procedures, and register with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (“Commission”) before November 1, 2022.

    Unlike small business financing disclosure laws enacted by California, New York, and Utah, which broadly apply to many forms of non-mortgage small business financing, Virginia’s new law focuses narrowly on providers of “sales-based financing”. The bill’s sponsor, Delegate Kathy Tran, noted that the bill is specifically aimed at regulating ACM providers. The law defines “sales-based financing” as a “transaction that is repaid by the recipient to the provider, over time, as a percentage of sales or revenue, in which the amount of the payment may increase or decrease depending on the volume of sales achieved. or income received by the beneficiary. The term “sales-based financing” also includes transactions with “an accrual mechanism in which the financing is repaid as a fixed payment, but provides a reconciliation process that adjusts the payment to an amount that is a percentage of the sales or revenue.

    Virginia is now the second state to enact a specific licensing or registration regime for ACM providers. The new law requires ACM providers to register with the Virginia State Corporation Commission by November 1, 2022, and then on an annual basis thereafter. Since MCA providers often source from brokers or independent sales organizations, the law also extends the registration requirement to “sales-oriented finance brokers”, which the law defines as “a a person who, for payment or in the expectation of payment, obtains or offers to obtain financing based on sales from a supplier for a beneficiary. » Suppliers and brokers must also be licensed to transact in Virginia, unless they are already organized under Virginia law or are otherwise not required to obtain license. authorization to transact in Virginia as a foreign entity.

    The new Virginia law also follows in the footsteps of California, New York and Utah in imposing disclosure obligations on ACM providers. MCA providers will be required to disclose funding terms at the time the provider offers an MCA to a merchant. These disclosures are similar to disclosures required for “sales-based financing” providers under other recent state laws and include:

    • The total sales-based financing amount and disbursement amount, if different from the financing amount, after deducting or withholding fees at the time of disbursement
    • The financial burden
    • The total reimbursement amount, which is the disbursement amount plus finance charges
    • The estimated number of payments, which is the number of payments expected, based on the merchant’s projected sales volume, to equal the total refund amount
    • Payment amounts, based on the merchant’s projected sales volume, (i) for fixed payment amounts, payment amounts, frequency and method, or (ii) for variable payment amounts, a schedule of payment or a description of the method used to calculate the amounts and frequency of payments and method of payment
    • A description of any other potential fees and charges not included in finance charges, including drawdown fees, late payment fees, returned payment fees, and prepayment fees or penalties
    • If the recipient elects to prepay or refinance the sales-based financing prior to full repayment: (i) an updated disclosure of the six prior disclosures required above, as of the date of the prepayment or refinancing; and (ii) a description of prepayment policies indicating whether the recipient will be required to pay additional fees, penalties, or other amounts not already included in the finance charge, or whether the recipient will receive a fee discount. financial.
    • A description of collateral requirements or collateral, if any
    • A statement of whether the supplier will pay compensation directly to a broker under the specific sales-based financing offer and the amount of compensation

    Unlike California and New York law, Virginia law does not require the disclosure of an annual percentage rate or “APR”. Since House Bill 1027 does not define many of the terms used in the disclosure requirements, including “finance charges”, and does not give MCA providers any instructions on how to calculate finance charges, the volume expected sales or payment schedule, regulators may need to issue guidelines or regulations to implement disclosure obligations. Regulators will likely need to act quickly, as disclosure obligations come into effect on July 1, 2022, and it’s hard to imagine how the law could be enforced without rules providing necessary guidance to ACM providers. The law authorizes the Commission to promulgate regulations, but the short period between the promulgation of the law and its effective date may not be sufficient for the Commission to make a proper development of notice and comment rules. . It would not be surprising if MCA suppliers were granted a grace period extending beyond July 1, similar to the many delays in the effective date of California and New York disclosure requirements. resulting from the need for regulators to finalize rules implementing disclosure requirements.

    Finally, the law imposes several conditions for the settlement of disputes. First, the law prohibits providers from using the confession of judgment provisions. Second, the law also requires that any legal action related to a sales-based financing agreement be brought in Virginia; forum selection clauses requiring that legal actions be brought outside of Virginia are unenforceable. Third, the law includes two restrictions on arbitration clauses in sales-based financing agreements. Specifically, the arbitration clause cannot require face-to-face arbitration to take place outside of the jurisdiction where the merchant’s principal place of business is located, and vendors must pay all arbitration costs. Although Virginia law declares violation of the terms of a sales-based financing agreement unenforceable, vendors may be able to argue that federal arbitration law prevails over state law regulation. Statement on Arbitration Clauses.

    Virginia law exempts financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Merchant cash advances over $500,000 are also exempt. Finally, the law contains a de minimis exemption for a person who enters into no more than five “sales-based financing” transactions in a 12-month period.

    Congress shares with FTC details of Washington commanders’ alleged financial scams against customers and NFL


    Getty Images

    The US House Oversight & Reform Committee is indeed exploring possible financial irregularities within the Washington Commanders organization. The Committee now wants a federal agency involved.

    According to Washington Postthe committee sent a 20-page letter to the Federal Trade Commission regarding allegations that the team may have withheld up to $5 million in refundable deposits from season ticket holders, and that the team may have hidden from money that was to be shared by all NFL franchises.

    Former Washington employee Jason Friedman, who spent nearly a quarter century with the organization, told the Committee that the team kept two sets of books and one set of financial information underestimated the revenue from league tickets. The process of intentionally allocating revenue to the wrong event was known, according to Friedman, as “juicing” the team would have allocated revenue that should have been shared with the league to non-NFL events at FedEx Field.

    As bad as that sounds, it’s separate from an alleged scam to keep subscription holders’ security deposits.

    Friedman, according to the letter, “provided the Committee with information and documentation indicating that commanders routinely withheld security deposits that should have been returned to customers who had purchased multi-year subscriptions for specific seats, known as seat leases,” and that “team leaders instructed employees to set up roadblocks to prevent customers from getting the security deposits they were owed, thereby allowing the team to keep that money.

    These claims will remind some of the discount controversy that culminated in a multi-year investigation into Pilot Flying J, the truck stop company owned and operated by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. Haslam somehow avoided prosecution in this case. If Friedman’s evidence is accurate and convincing, members of the commanders’ organization might also have to worry about the indictments. Including owner Daniel Snyder.

    The practices apparently ended in 2017, according to Friedman.

    Here is an example of how the “juice” practice would have worked. Friedman told the Committee that he “falsely processed” $162,360 in Commanders ticket revenue from a Navy-Notre Dame game at FedEx Field. The team’s former chief financial officer, Steven Choi, allegedly ordered Friedman to do so, in a May 6, 2014 email.

    “So those are the two sets of books,” Friedman told the Committee, based on the letter obtained by the To post. “So in this particular case there is a set of books that is submitted to the NFL that does not include the $162,000, but then there is a set of books that is kept internally and shown to Mr. Snyder and to Mr. Snyder – I just believe Mr. Snyder, actually, and people around him maybe, it shows what we actually did, which would include the $162,000 worth of juice.

    If Friedman has any documents to support his claim, that’s a major problem for the organization and for Snyder. Likewise, it’s impossible for the league to remain silent on this matter – although some members of the league office would probably prefer nothing to come of it.

    Those who should have caught him will face some tough questions from the other teams. Especially given the all-too-comfortable relationship between NFL General Counsel Jeff Pash and former team president Bruce Allen.

    Where it goes now remains to be seen. The FTC should investigate. A local prosecutor should investigate. The NFL should investigate. Lawsuits should be brought, especially by those whose security deposits may have been stolen – if Friedman’s allegations are correct.

    Ultimately, it might be time for the NFL to finally get rid of Daniel Snyder. It’s probably been a long time.

    Kelly Clarkson’s divorce highlights family court battles over child COVID-19 vaccinations


    Contributing Author: Dylan Mitchell

    In March, former American Idol winner turned mega-star and talk show host Kelly Clarkson settled her bitter divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Although most of the details of the agreement, such as the division of the parties’ assets, Clarkson’s large one-time equalization payment and monthly child support to her ex, are strictly for a celebrity divorce, one stipulation stands out – that the couple’s two children be vaccinated against COVID-19, based on the recommendations of the children’s pediatrician.

    For two years now, families have weathered the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its early stages, COVID-19 forced parents to consider differing views on how to protect their children and other family members from the virus, leading to disagreements over whether whether children would wear masks, go to school and visit family and friends. With the advent of several major COVID-19 vaccines approved for adults in the past year, parents have faced new decisions about their own vaccinations. For divorced couples sharing custody, each parent’s vaccination status has become a hot topic. In a case decided by the New York County Supreme Court in October 2021, Judge Matthew F. Cooper ruled that a father’s in-person parental access (visitation) with his three-year-old child would be suspended until until the father is vaccinated or undergoes weekly tests.

    Now that a COVID-19 vaccine has been approved via emergency use authorization for children as young as five years old, a new front of vaccine decisions has reached a boiling point and has begun to spill over into the world. family court. The highly publicized divorce between Clarkson and Blackstock illustrates what has become a controversial and pressing issue for families nationwide. Agreeing (or disagreeing) on ​​whether to have children vaccinated is an issue that many parents are working through today.

    For the celebrity couple, the decision to have their two children vaccinated, as they eventually agreed, is described in court documents as being related to their out-of-state visits to see their father in Montana. . As part of the deal, the couple’s children will fly privately to visit their dad until they’re fully vaccinated, and Clarkson agreed to pay her ex a $50,000 ‘reimbursement’ for children’s private plane travel. Due to the timeliness of the vaccine issue and their recently finalized deal, Clarkson and Blackstock are one of the few couples to have that decision spelled out so clearly. In situations where a pro-vaccine parent has sole custody, that parent usually has legal jurisdiction to vaccinate their child. In situations where the disputing parents are still married or custody is shared, the co-parents do not have such clearly defined guidelines and must return to court to determine the appropriate course of action.

    In some states, such as New York, the courts have so far overwhelmingly sided with parents in favor of vaccination, determining that vaccination is in the best interests of the child. Recent decisions illustrate that in the eyes of the family court, the risk and potential imminent harm of COVID-19 as well as the authorization for emergency use of the vaccine in children five years and older outweighs all the arguments to wait and see what other research shows on the short and long term effectiveness and impacts of the vaccine. Similar results have emerged in states like California and New Jersey. But with the emergence of new variants of COVID-19 and the ever-evolving public health measures related to prevention and safety, we are likely to see a prolonged wave of complex family court cases involving the parent. who has the power to decide whether children are vaccinated. against COVID-19. The myriad of different laws in different states could mean that across the country results will vary.

    Celebrities are often divorce trendsetters (remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling”?), and Clarkson and Blackstock can set an example for other co-parents looking to reach an initial agreement that’s in the best interest of their child. The A-list stars face the same challenges as any layman during a divorce, but the issues are hyper-amplified and play out in the public sphere. Watching how celebrities navigate the choppy waters of divorce successfully helps illustrate how others can do the same.

    Dylan Mitchell, a partner in Blank Rome’s New York office, handles complex marital litigation, custody, and visitation matters for high-net-worth and high-profile clients. He also serves as a mediator. With over two decades of family law experience, he delivers favorable results using a compassionate and understanding approach.

    Youth Hockey Forms Recruiting Committee – Crookston Times


    Nathalie Dillon sports editor

    The Crookston Youth Hockey Recruiting Committee met at the Irishman Shanty on Thursday April 7 to discuss ways to bring more kids into the program.

    The group was formed when the Blue Line Club (BLC), whose primary focus is fundraising, contacted Danielle Sylvester, asking her to lead the committee.

    Sylvester, who was a member of the 2007 women’s hockey team that went to the state, runs the Mini Mite program and has two sons in hockey, so she knows the logistics of the sport. She is joined by other parents and hockey coaches, such as Emily Meyer, the women’s team head coach, and Kristin Hardy, wife of men’s team head coach Joshua Hardy, who bring a fresh perspective to the goal at hand.

    The committee hopes to increase enrollment in Crookston’s youth hockey program as 50% of children no longer participate in sports. This season alone, there were around 80 players in the entire program, more than half of them in Mini Mites. One team had just nine players, enough for a line with three more on the bench.

    During the meeting, the committee discussed a bus system, program-wide match shirts, game and game schedules, and pizza events as a few methods to increase interest. for the program. However, they are always looking for help.

    If you would like to join the committee or submit an idea, you can contact BLC Director Kristy Swanson (scammer [email protected] OR 218-470-0423), Jake Solberg of Parks & Rec, Mike Enright who coaches the students second and third year or Sylvester. You can also help by taking a survey that will be released later this month.

    “If you have a kid on the program, I want to hear your voice,” Sylvester said.

    To keep up to date with the program, you can follow the Blue Line Club Facebook page or visit their website (www.crookstonbluelinehockey.com).

    Why there is only one pair of Nike Whataburger in the world

    According to Eater, Nike Whataburgers aren’t for sale the same way you can get a shirt at McDonald’s or KFC. Instead, these shoes were designed specifically as prizes in an online contest. In 2017, Eater explains, Whataburger decided to take advantage of its cult following in the southern and western United States and hired Jake Danklef, a San Antonio-based artist, to create a pair of bespoke Air Jordans decorated in the restaurant chain. signature colors.

    But the orange and white Air Jordans weren’t the only shoes Danklef designed, according to Footwear News. A second pair of sneakers, black and red slip-ons with the words “Spicy” and “Ketchup” written on them, would be the second prize. The third and final prize would be a low-top white sneaker decorated with colorful “sticker” prints similar to those the chain uses on its burger wrappers. Air Jordans would cost around $2,000, slip-ons would cost around $1,500, and low-top sneakers would cost $1,300 – quite expensive shoes.

    To enter the contest, participants shared their favorite custom Whataburger dishes through August 7, 2017 using the hashtag “WhataThoseContest”. While we can’t find any documentation of who won either sneaker, it’s safe to say someone is enjoying their Whataburger with a little more swag right now.

    Astros Launches Space City Nike City Connect Uniforms


    The uniform nods to Houston’s rich history of space travel, connects our past and present, all to honor Houston’s culture of never stopping reaching for the stars.

    Houston, TX — The Houston AstrosHas become the second team in Major League Baseball in 2022 and ninth overall to launch their Nike City Connect Kit with the introduction of a Space City themed uniform Sunday morning.

    the Houston Astros City Connect Jersey honors our city’s contributions to space travel. “THE CITY OF SPACE” is stenciled extensively on the chest in space inspired letteringwhile the grid pattern on the sleeves mimics the sky charts who has helped guide countless missions across the cosmos. the lunar lander above the jock tag is a achievement symbolto reach new heights, while anchored in the jersey’s rich blue, orange and yellow hues which are ubiquitous in the city skyline.Here we explore Houston’s Persistent Quest to go above and beyond and proveunlimited human potential.

    “Our City Connect uniform bridges past and present, making the old new, with a nod to our city’s great history of space travel. Astros’ retro elements with a fashion-forward approach match the constant pursuit of new opportunities and extraordinary victories that represent the great city of Houston,” said Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Anita Sehgal. “This uniform is a thank you to our fans for their unwavering support of the Astros and for the growth of our great community – we see this not as just a uniform, but as a movement for our city and we are thrilled to share it today.” today.”

    In addition to the Nike jersey, the uniform also consists of navy blue Nike trousersa navy blue New Era hat and rainbow socks by Positiona homage to the Astros’ iconic rainbow uniform of the 1970s. The pants, hat and socks all continue Space City themeconnecting our history of the city and retro elements of astros uniforms from the 1970s to the 21st century. See below for details of all elements of the uniform.

    The Astros will wear their new City Connect uniforms for the first time on April 20, 2022 against the Los Angeles Angels. After this first wear, they will be worn on Monday home games throughout the season. Special activations with unique photo opportunities and more will be part of the celebration every monday at Minute Maid Park this season.

    City Connect Merchandise will be available from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. today at Astros team store at Minute Maid Park. Start at 1 p.m.fans will need one Happy FanFest to enter the Team Store. The Team Store will be open throughout FanFest and the following Watch Party at Minute Maid Park. Get your $1 FanFest vouchers, with proceeds going to the Astros Foundation at Astros.com/FanFest.

    the Union Station Team Store at Minute Maid Park will have extended hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from From Monday April 11 to Friday April 15. On saturday april 16the store will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Launched last season, the Nike MLB City Connect Program was created to celebrate the link between each Club and its city. This uniform series explores the personality, values ​​and customs that make each community and its people unique. Nike and MLB clubs have partnered to design jerseys inspired by their cities to celebrate new baseball traditions and invite more fans into the game of baseball. The Astros join the Washington Nationals as two teams to launch their uniforms in 2022.

    Astros City Connect Uniform Features

    Hat Logo — This new take on our traditional Star H logo brings the planetary trails and rainbow gradient of our iconic 60s and 70s logos into the 21st century.

    Astros cap badge — Astros is boldly spelled along the side of our cap in the popular space-inspired verse font.

    Golden Nike comma — The Nike swoosh is embroidered with gold thread symbolizing the multi-layered gold insulation protecting much of the mission gear in space

    Rainbow piping – Rainbow gradient piping sewn on the entire uniform is “one of a kind” just like the city of Houston. Each jersey has its own gradient design, showcasing the individuality and diversity of our players, fans and the city.

    Grid — The grid pattern displayed on the jersey sleeves resembles star maps used by astronomers to identify and locate stars, constellations and galaxies.

    Pants numbers — The unconventional placement of each player’s number on his right trouser leg illustrates the organization’s desire to chart its own course. Taking a page from the history book, we’re once again bringing our iconic 1970s rainbow uniforms into the modern era.

    Mission sleeve patch — Every space crew needs a mission patch to guide them on their journey. Our crest focuses on what connects us all: our city. Houston’s four area codes are inscribed on the corners of the patch, surrounding the Astros’ grip on the Texas state flag.

    Space City Chest Plate — People everywhere have referred to Houston colloquially as Space City since the beginning of our nation’s manned space expeditions. Home to Mission Control, there was no better way to represent the city that continues to believe that human potential is limitless.

    Tag Jock — The lunar lander symbolizes a pinnacle realization of human potential and alludes to Houston’s impact on pushing humanity to new heights.

    Go for the launch — The phrase is sewn in Astros orange along the inside of the collar as a constant reminder that our mission to achieve greatness is Go For Launch.

    Degraded socks by Stance — The uniform’s most unique and eye-catching feature design uses our rainbow gradient pattern to represent the rocket boosters that blast each shuttle into space.

    The 2nd goal of the game for Zegras

    Belfast Giants: The ice hockey team that captivated and changed a city | Ice Hockey


    Jhe Belfast giants recently celebrated their 22nd birthday and the party shows no signs of stopping. The Giants won the Challenge Cup last month, beating the Cardiff Devils in a sold-out final in front of 7,300 home fans, and they top the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League with a few games to go. player. Winning the double would be a huge feat, but the Giants have been exceeding expectations for decades.

    Belfast was a very different place when the Giants played their first game in December 2000. The Good Friday Agreement was only two years old and the city had been marred by a dispute that remained raw. Peace reigned in the streets, but it was fragile, and the sporting landscape was more rooted and traditional than ever.

    Sports fans in Belfast largely lived on a limited diet of rugby, football and Gaelic games. The Ulster rugby team had just won the European Cup, but they played in a ramshackle, windswept mausoleum on a ground in east Belfast that was favored mainly by Protestant fans. The Antrim hurling team played in the heart of nationalist West Belfast at Casement Park, but their glory days were long gone. And the various Irish League teams across the city were linked to political tribes. Sectarian chants were common and made attending a game a rotten experience for anyone yearning for a brighter expression of local pride.

    A mural of the Giants of Belfast. Photo: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

    The city needed something new, but the foundations of professional ice hockey in Belfast were shaky at best. There was (and remains) only one ice rink in Ireland and the sport was barely known, let alone understood. Would thousands of fans pay to watch North American athletes practice a foreign sport in a new location? The Millennium Commission had paid £45m to build a gleaming arena in the shadow of the city’s dockyard, but the idea that an ice hockey team would bring in thousands of spectators still seemed over the top. These shipyards were famous for building the Titanic, after all, and it hadn’t lasted long.

    There was a method behind the apparent madness, however. Ice hockey was so new and so bizarre that it carried none of the traditional barriers that plagued other sports. The team would represent the whole of Belfast. Giants fans are quick to tell you “in Giants country, everyone is equal” and, in a sport known for its brutal beatings, it has quickly established itself as one of the most family-friendly places in the city.

    Kevin Westgarth, who won the Stanley Cup with the Los Angeles Kings, played for the Giants in 2014.
    Kevin Westgarth, who won the Stanley Cup with the Los Angeles Kings, played for the Giants in 2014. Photography: Michael Cooper/Getty Images

    Robert Fitzpatrick, who grew up in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and is now the CEO of the company that owns the Giants, says inclusiveness was key to their vision. “From the start, the Giants were a place where everyone was welcome. I mean everyone: Protestants, Catholics, the LGTB community, whatever. Everybody’s equal. Our color is teal and it plays an important role in our identity. There have never been football shirts allowed in the arena. If we see a young kid wearing a football jersey, we just give him a Giants t-shirt and he puts it on. We now see generations of families in this town who are fans.

    The Canadians who signed for the Giants played a brand of ice hockey that thrilled the crowd. The rules still had to be explained regularly in the program notes, by the arena announcer or by the team mascot, Finn McCool, the legendary Irish giant. But the fan base grew every year, as did their knowledge of the game. The Giants now play to larger crowds than any football club in Northern Ireland.

    Paddy Smyth was studying at Queen’s University Belfast when he attended the team’s first game against the Ayr Scottish Eagles in 2000. “I had grown up in West Belfast and had family in Detroit . I remember a family member visiting me in the 1990s and talking about the Red Wings. I vaguely followed the sport, then saw the Giants’ first game advertised for six pounds. I couldn’t say no. I went there and it stuck with me.

    The Giants in action against the Nottingham Panthers.
    The Giants in action against the Nottingham Panthers. Photography: Michael Cooper/Getty Images

    “You go to the games and feel this huge pride in your city. I love to sing: ‘Go Belfast.’ I support him. I grew up with Gaelic football and football, but there was not the same connection. Going to Giants games and making friends with people from all walks of life has left an impression on me. We are all bound by the support of the Giants and that is exactly what the sport should be about.

    Paddy has made an unlikely friend through sports. “My friend Davy and I are really opposites. I am a Catholic of Republican origin; he is Protestant and Orangeman. Thanks to the Giants, we had a common interest and that’s all that ever mattered.

    Davy says he started going to games with his wife. “I used to watch Glentoran play football in east Belfast, but she wanted to go somewhere covered, safe, with food and clean toilets. In Belfast, if you grow up in a certain area , it can be hard to know someone from outside your background.Even now I would be hard pressed to tell you that I have Catholic friends from Belfast outside of hockey.With Paddy we shared this love the Giants, have created a podcast together and it is a friendship that I continue to enjoy We are diametrically opposed politically but agree to disagree You will find Loyalists and Republicans sitting together at games It doesn’t matter and it never has.

    Former Giants player and now coach Adam Keefe in 2014.
    Former Giants player and now coach Adam Keefe in 2014. Photography: Michael Cooper/Getty Images

    Davy is convinced the strategists behind the Giants have missed an important selling point for the club. “One of the best recruiting tools the Giants have are the women of Belfast. There are so many former players who stayed in Northern Ireland after they finished. About 20 never left.

    One of them is Giants coach Adam Keefe, who moved to Belfast from Ontario 11 years ago as a player, married a local and never left. “I was totally ignorant of the history of Belfast,” he says. “I remember a newspaper asked me for a quote and I said something like, ‘I can’t wait to bring the fighting Irish back to Ireland.’ It never made it to the paper and I couldn’t understand why. The great thing about the Giants is that they really spend time educating you about the city and your responsibility to play here. You only play not for a normal team – you have a responsibility to represent Belfast because we know what the Giants mean to the people here.

    Giants general manager Steve Thornton.
    Giants general manager Steve Thornton. Photography: Michael Cooper/Getty Images

    “When I signed up a friend asked me if Belfast was safe to visit. Now our players who come from Canada and the USA love it. They couldn’t be treated better. When I arrived I was surprised. I mean hockey in Ireland? Yet everyone who comes loves it. You don’t even have to sell the Belfast Giants. The players just want to come. I found out shortly after arriving I wanted to stay here my whole career and luckily I met my wife.

    The team’s general manager, Steve Thornton, is another Canadian who arrived as a player and couldn’t leave. He returned to Canada to start a career in business when he retired, but his family missed Belfast so they returned. “I remember coming here 20 years ago and the name of the town was synonymous with what people in Canada heard about on the news. I loved it from the start. It was almost as if people were overcompensating in kindness. They really wanted you to enjoy their city. Hockey is now common in Belfast. We want the Northern Irish to have a team they can be proud of and we think that’s definitely been done.”

    In the program notes for the Giants’ first home game in 2000, Belfast Telegraph journalist Stewart McKinlay wrote: “It will be a proud day when a Northern Irish player comes out as the Belfast Giant.” That ambition has become a reality, with nine players from Northern Ireland lacing up their skates to play for the Giants.

    Keeper Andrew Dickson grew up in Ballymoney, an hour’s drive north of Belfast. “The first time I heard about ice hockey was from a friend who had just returned from a cross-community trip to Philadelphia. He had been to a Flyers game and kept saying how great it was. was amazing. We bought the video game, we couldn’t stop playing it, then at 17 we started playing roller hockey – first in the local Tesco car park, but eventually we created a league in the rec center. We kept getting hammered but I was in the net so I was practicing a lot and eventually got scouted to play against the Junior Giants.

    Andrew Dickson in goal for the Giants.
    Andrew Dickson in goal for the Giants. Photography: Michael Cooper/Getty Images

    Dickson has been training in Belfast all week – driving an hour starting at 10.15pm and returning at 1.30am – while studying at a technical college. There was no junior league in Northern Ireland, so he took the ferry to Scotland every weekend to compete. “There was a lot of hard work, and I guess an element of talent, and after three years I was lucky enough to be able to play for the Giants. I had no family history of ice hockey. C Funny, my dad didn’t follow everything. In fact, I remember telling him I was going to play my first game for the Giants and he said he was going to watch the Rangers instead. Now he loves it. He’s in every game and even knocks the neighbors down.

    “I loved playing the sport from the start and I always had this fear of being discovered, but I’m still here. My real hope is to have inspired a child not just from Belfast but from elsewhere in the country, to go out and dream that he can play for the Giants.

    The Giants are fighting to clinch the double, but their plans are more important than winning silverware. The club is pushing for a second ice rink to be built in Northern Ireland so that more children can enjoy the sport. The team inspired all sides of the Belfast community. Now they want their young fans to play the game. The odds are not in their favor, but they are used to overcoming them.

    Jonathan Drennan is on Twitter and you can read his posts here.

    Quinn Meinerz’s path to the NFL and how the Broncos scouted him


    Quinn Meinerz’s resume is full of dirty jobs.

    At the age of 15, Meinerz spent nights and weekends under the artificial lights in the back of the Ponderosa Steakhouse on East Sumner Street, not far from his home in Hartford, Wis., rubbing pieces of dried food plates and kitchen utensils. The kind of work wasn’t much fun, and being stuck indoors for most of his weekends was eating away at him.

    His second job was better. A farm on the outskirts of town was looking for an extra farmhand, and he was happy enough to work outside and wear cuts. There were some not-so-fun parts, like picking up rocks, but he thoroughly enjoyed the work. The main problem was that it didn’t provide enough consistent work.

    Job #3 was also outside, fortunately. His technology and engineering professor told him that a construction company was looking for “a big, strong guy”, and if he was interested, he could put them in touch. Meinerz, who weighed around 300 pounds in high school, felt it would be a natural fit.

    “I was like, Hey, I’m a big, strong guy!Meinerz said.And the building stuff is on the outside. Let’s see what it’s all about.”

    Meinerz mostly did menial tasks — setting up tools on job sites, clearing debris during demolition work, and moving liquid concrete from the truck to, say, where the new patio was going to someone’s house.

    Concrete labor could be one of the most dangerous jobs, both physically and financially. If it tipped over, not only could the weight of the wheelbarrow shatter a metatarsal bone in your foot or ankle, but there was also an informal understanding that whoever dropped it had to pay a case of beer for the crew. . In particular, this side of the high stakes sometimes encouraged a certain spirit of play. Instead of leaving a few inches between the concrete and the top of the wheelbarrow, the driver once filled it to the top, hoping to get some free beer and maybe see how strong this kid was.

    “I’m trying to move this wheelbarrow through wires and rebar and all this other stuff,” Meinerz says. “So when I went to lift it to go and move it, it just started to tip over. And usually when it tips over, you get out of the way, because the main thing that can happen is that it tips over and breaks your ankle…. They started laughing, as it started… rocking slowly, because I was trying to stop it. They were all laughing and then I got mad because they were laughing, and I knew what the hell would be. result if I [dropped it]. …So I grabbed it and managed to pull it up. And they all looked at me with wide eyes.”

    He and his father later estimated that a construction wheelbarrow filled with liquid concrete could weigh around 400 pounds.

    “They said they had never seen anyone do that,” Meinerz says. “Even the truck driver. Everyone was like dumbfounded. I pulled the wheelbarrow and threw it away and told them, Eff you guys for thinking I’m paying for a case of beerand everyone started laughing.”

    About five years later, Meinerz has yet another dirty job. They pay much better and the work is harder, but it suits him all the same. As an offensive lineman for the Broncos, he fights in the trenches, helping create every bit of daylight for running backs and keeping passers at bay for every crucial second it takes for the quarterback to survey the field. .

    It’s the kind of work Meinerz always wanted to do, and growing up in Hartford, Wisconsin, it’s what he was made for.

    “Quinn didn’t grow up on a farm, but that work ethic is very strong in our community,” Meinerz high school coach John Redders said. “They pride themselves on how hard they can work, and that’s Quinn, 100%. He always wanted to improve himself and others wherever he had the chance to.”

    It is, in essence, “the mantra of this region,” says Meinerz – one he also respects. “We pride ourselves on working very hard.”

    State College Spikes Announces 2022 Theme Parties and Events


    The State College Spikes have announced a series of theme parties, giveaways and events ahead of their upcoming season.

    The Spikes will kick off with their Pride Night on Thursday, June 9, where the first 500 fans in attendance will receive a free Pride t-shirt.

    Throughout the summer, the Spikes will be giving away figurines of beloved Penn State athletes, past and present. Team to honor late Penn State legend Wally Triplet on July 29, while two-time NCAA champion Roman Bravo-Young and former Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti will follow on August 27 and September 3, respectively. The first 1,000 fans of each match will receive the corresponding bobblehead of the evening.

    The Spikes will host four “Bark in the Park” parties throughout the season where fans can bring their dogs to the ballpark. Stay on a leash and head to the bleachers with your pup on June 7, July 2, August 9, and September 2.

    On July 9, the Spikes will have an NFT crossover night with the Williamsport Crosscutters, and both teams will adopt a non-fungible token for their mascot for one night only. The Spikes will become the State College DiamondDawgs, while the Crosscutters will be temporarily named the Williamsport Bored Apes.

    Additionally, on July 9, Medlar Field in Lubrano Park will host Autism Awareness Night. The Spikes will include education efforts around the ballpark as well as a sensory adaptation room.

    August 28 brings Hockey Night to Happy Valley, and with it, the Spikes will wear specialty jerseys. The new yarns will be offered for post-play at an auction presented by PSECU, with all proceeds benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network.

    You can find the full schedule of upcoming Spikes events and promotions here.

    Joe is a freshman journalism student at Penn State. He enjoys shouting into the void about things like the Philadelphia Union, the United States Men’s National Team (soccer), the Eagles, and Penn State football, and anything else that comes to mind. . Find (and disagree with him) on Twitter (Joe_Lister21).

    Matthews’ PPG for 55th of the season

    Nigeria vs Ghana: Enjoying our home ground


    After watching the Green Eagles transform in the late 80s to become the Super Eagles at their glorious best in the 90s, his faltering performance as he entered the millennium made me become dispassionate about the team national. I followed the team more with my head than with my heart. I ditched the superiority complex of yesteryear for a more pragmatic and logical approach.

    Either way, my blood is still green and it was with that rare patriotic excitement that I celebrated Nigeria’s encounter with Ghana in the final qualifying round of the World Cup. Ghana, at the time of the draws, were a far poorer side, losing to lowly Comoros in the early qualifying rounds of the World Cup and in the latest AFCON. Nigeria, on the other hand, seemed to be on the rise. But if we now add the fact that Ghana remain an eternal rival, it would be an insult to Nigeria not to qualify because of Ghana.

    The match was to be a two-legged, “back and forth” affair. Football does this so that both teams have the opportunity to enjoy their pitch. All other things being equal, a team’s home ground has two major advantages. First, the team is supposed to have become accustomed to their home ground while the visiting team would struggle with the unfamiliarity. The second is the teeming support he receives from his supporters, which should spur him on while intimidating and spoiling the rhythm of the opposing team.

    At the first point. Why did the authorities move this crucial game to a stadium the players weren’t used to? If I’m not mistaken, it was the first time this set of players played in Abuja. Some were even playing in Nigeria for the first time. Now, that’s not a call for the Eagles to have a permanent playground. I have disagreed with this notion in previous articles, insisting that national team matches are federated nationwide and that the national spread, the size of the stands, the condition of the playing field , accessibility to supporters, security, hotel accommodation, television friendliness of the stadium, importance of the match, opponent’s disadvantage and others would be taken into consideration with commercial partners in choosing where the Super Eagles will play their matches.

    Given that the current Eagles’ aquiline is suspect unlike their 80s and 90s elders who won their games regardless of venue, that now means we have to take home games seriously. Nigeria is not playing all those dirty tactics of food poisoning, poor accommodation, blinding our opponents with lasers and all of that is not worth the Africans employing. Ghana knew they couldn’t beat Nigeria pound for pound so they resorted to their home game 250km from the capital at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi. The same stadium where they beat then favorites Egypt 6:1 to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. Does Abuja have such a history of slaughtering opponents?

    In fact, playing at home is not just about the stadium. It’s about the atmosphere that the host city generates. From the airport, the Eagles should have been greeted with songs and praise. Billboards around town should be adorned with goodwill messages from sponsors. These are things that annoy players and demoralize opponents.

    Is the stadium even accessible to fans? The stadium is not in the middle of the city and public transport in the Federal Capital Territory is too rigid to be cheap for people to attend. The organizers had to make buses available to residents of Abuja to get to the stands.

    They managed to fill the stands, but with whom? I had warned after our Lesotho game in Lagos that professional sport should not be seen as a social good but as a business. This is why I have always advocated that the Nigerian sports industry be completely removed from the hands of the government. Why was ticketing not outsourced to ticketing agencies and advertised transparently? Do I have to go to the stadium on match day to get permission? Why haven’t they explored buying tickets online or using decentralized means of catering or other outlets? There were reports of a scramble at the gates. It shouldn’t have happened. In fact, given the leak of a security report alleging an imminent threat of bomb attacks on the stadium, crowd control should have been handled better. Viewing should have been decentralized to large screens in the main centers of the city so that the more than two million inhabitants were part of the action. After all, football today is more of a TV event than a stadium event.

    Another reason ticketing needs to be taken seriously is to be able to track and manage the kind of spectators we want. Why did Abuja officials grant half a day’s work if they would not be the ones who would be bused to the stadium?

    Even though no monetary value was attached to entry, coming with things like a Nigerian flag and adorning the team colors might be allowed to enter the stadium. If Thomas Partey had led his Black Stars onto the pitch seeing only green and white on the terraces and not people just wearing ankaras or Arsenal shirts, he would have been faltering for 90 minutes.

    Well, we ended up with Sour Jollof Rice. Ghana is on its way to Qatar. Nigeria should take advantage of the 12th man next time.

    • Ayodele Okunfolami writes from Festac, Lagos; he can be reached at 07031973457

    Copyright PUNCH.

    All rights reserved. This material and any other digital content on this website may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without the prior express written permission of PUNCH.

    Contact: [email protected]

    Companies want to hire teenagers but COVID casts a shadow


    Nija Lott from Englewood has always wanted to get into the restaurant business. In 2018, the 16-year-old found what seemed like the perfect job at Matisse Chocolatier, a local supplier of chocolate trays and party food.

    She loved the job and hoped to make her way into management. But then COVID hit. Matisse Chocolatier furloughed his employees and Lott was out of work for months.

    It was a common problem for many young workers in New Jersey. But after two years of sour summer job markets, companies are cautiously optimistic about what 2022 holds.

    Hotels, restaurants, summer camps and other employers say they are ready to increase temporary hiring. The main questions: Will COVID continue to recede, will labor shortages continue to disrupt the economy, and will the war in Ukraine put a damper on international hiring?

    “Hopefully they’re ready to get back to work,” Craig Kunisch, owner of Mahwah Bar & Grill and a companion restaurant in Allendale, said of the teenage workers. “There was a level of complacency that is going to take a long time” to disperse.

    Nationally, the summer employment rate for teens aged 16 to 19 fell to 31% in 2020, the lowest since the Great Recession, according to a report last year from Pew Research. Center.

    The teen unemployment rate in the United States averaged 11.5% for the 12 months ending in February 2020, just before the pandemic hit. That figure jumped to 20.7% in February 2021, but fell back to 14.8% in February this year, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    “At the moment, the outlook looks pretty good,” said AnnElizabeth Konkel, an economist at Indeed Hiring Lab, a research arm of job board Indeed.com.

    ‘We’re going to get killed’:As inflation soars, restaurateurs fight to stay in business

    While many companies still grapple with a lingering labor shortage, teens and other job seekers have much better bargaining power to demand higher wages and other benefits, Indeed wrote. in a January report.

    Prospects for summer jobs

    “It’s definitely a promising time for teenage workers,” Konkel said. “If there is a teenager who wants to find a job this summer, I think he will definitely have this opportunity.”

    Most teens are employed in leisure, hospitality and retail, said Adam Kamins, an economist at Moody’s Analytics, the ratings agency. These sectors are embarking on hiring sprees to prepare for this spring and summer.

    The story continues under the gallery

    In Westwood, the Pascack Valley Swim Club reopened in 2020 with only a reduced crew. Last year the club struggled to find enough lifeguards to accommodate a growing number of members, said president Theresa Rivers.

    This year, Rivers added, the company has higher hopes, though it also faces higher costs due to an increase in New Jersey’s minimum wage as well as inflationary pressures.

    “Everyone is looking for people and they can’t find them,” added Carol Rauscher, president of the Northern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce in Englewood.

    The chamber runs a stipend program to help support youth employment in the city, providing about $2,000 each to local high school students to work part-time for six weeks. But it was suspended in 2020 and 2021.

    The program helped subsidize Lott’s position at Matisse Chocolatier. The job was especially important to her family, she said in an interview, because her parents are disabled.

    She survived the spring of 2020 on a tight budget and “everything I had on my account,” she recalls.

    Lucille Skroce, the store’s owner, said she was able to rehire much of her staff. But she needs even more help now, just like many other business owners she knows.

    “I need as many hands as possible,” she said. “I have a friend who owns a small bakery [in New York] She takes on all young adults, high school students, in her team.

    Lott returned to work after several months off in 2020 and now works at the chocolate factory, while taking classes at Bergen Community College.

    For subscribers:Will Democrats reinstate a break that could save NJ taxpayers billions? Hurry up

    Rough waters ahead

    While the outlook looks brighter for 2022, North Jersey business owners said they are still worried about finding enough workers — of all ages — to fully staff operations in the weeks ahead.

    Before COVID, “we always had a lot of superstar kids working for us,” said Paul Vagianos, owner of It’s Greek to Me restaurant in Ridgewood. “They normally walk through the door.”

    But “they haven’t come through the door for the past two years,” added Vagianos, who is also a Ridgewood councilman. He and other local traders said employees have taken an extremely cautious approach to the health crisis, making it more difficult to find people willing to work.

    “For the past two years, everything is COVID,” he said. “If you have a cough…or an ingrown toenail, COVID is the reason.”

    The state tried to help last summer by temporarily easing restrictions on teen work hours. Companies were allowed to hire 16- and 17-year-olds for up to 50 hours a week with parental permission, instead of the normal 40-hour limit.

    State Senator Steven Oroho, a Republican from Sussex, said he plans to introduce a bill in the Legislature to allow such flexibility again this year.

    Ukrainian workers leave a hole

    Even if domestic workers return, the invasion of Ukraine threatens to further disrupt the summer labor market.

    Many Jersey Shore summer camps and businesses have come to depend on Ukrainian and Russian teenagers in the United States on J-1 summer work visas. The invasion left this pool of potential employees in limbo.

    In 2019, nearly 5,300 J-1 employees came to work in New Jersey. That figure fell to just 245 in 2020 and rebounded to 2,008 last year, according to the US State Department.

    For Ephram Caflun of Ridgewood — the director of Camp Wekeela in Hartford, Maine — the shortage of J-1 visas has forced him to cut some activities.

    “In years [past] we sent our gymnastics or archery instructors overseas,” said Caflun, whose camp hosts hundreds of children and camp staff from New Jersey each summer. “We haven’t been able to offer archery the last two summers.”

    Yet he sees room for hope. Caflun is attracting strong interest among teenagers for counselor positions. This year, he said, he believes the camp can return to some degree of normalcy.

    NHL Rumors: Devils, Oilers, Capitals, Bruins


    In today’s NHL rumors, the New Jersey Devils have lost Jack Hughes for the rest of the season. What does this mean for their final matches? Meanwhile, in some NHL goaltending news, the Edmonton Oilers are still interested in a goaltender from the St. Louis Blues organization, and the Washington Capitals could change goaltenders. goals next season. Finally, will Tuukka Rask start coaching?

    Jack Hughes out for the rest of the season

    An injury-plagued season for Jack Hughes of the New Jersey Devils has finally come to an end. His third season saw him play 49 games and score 26 goals, with 56 points. It’s been a solid campaign, but according to the team, Hughes suffered a low-grade MCL sprain in his left knee in a game on April 3 and he won’t return this season.

    That’s bad news, but not the worst for New Jersey, as they’re currently in the bottom four of the NHL standings and are revamping their roster this summer. A lottery draft pick is useful for this rebuild. NHL.com’s Dan Rosen wrote, “…due to the time of the season and the fact that the NJD is out of the running, he will be retained for the remainder of the season and begin rehab immediately.”

    Are the Oilers still interested in Husso?

    There have been talks this season that the Oilers would have loved to acquire Ville Husso from the St. Louis Blues had the team made him available before the trade deadline. Instead, the Blues started buying Jordan Binnington, which is a much more expensive option, and lost the starting job to Husso during the year.

    Ville Husso St. Louis Blues
    Ville Husso, St. Louis Blues (Amy Irvin/The Hockey Writers)

    According to Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, the Oilers will likely be interested in Husso if the goaltender tests the free agent market this summer. Husso, 27, is due to receive a massive raise from the $750,000 salary he currently earns and if the Blues can’t move Binnington it’s unclear if they can afford to keep both goalies .

    Related: Maple Leafs News and Rumors: Tavares, Marner, Matthews & Campbell

    Matheson wrote:

    A lot of teams are circling around the 27-year-old Husso, like teams once did when Talbot (New York Rangers) was available in 2015. Yeah, you can probably include the Oilers…

    source – ‘Oilers Notebook: Jay Woodcroft made his pro debut outside of St. Louis’ – Jim Matheson – Edmonton Journal – 05/01/2022

    At this point, the Oilers are running with Mike Smith and Mikko Koskinen this season. Smith is 4-0-1 in his last five starts with a .931Sv% and 2.19 GAA. He made an incredible pass to Connor McDavid in overtime on Tuesday night against the San Jose Sharks and it was interesting to see the fans turn to him a bit down the stretch. Smith is signed through next season with a cap of $2.2 million.

    Capitals to change the appearance of goalkeepers

    Speaking of teams that might be interested in Husso, Tarik El-Bashir of The Athletic writes that the Washington Capitals are unlikely to enter next season with their current duo. He writes:

    I don’t see how the Caps will enter next season with Vanecek and Samsonov as their two goalies. For me, they have to settle one and then bring in a 30-something who will not only be a No. 1 option, but also serve as a mentor to the young goalkeeper they end up keeping.

    source – ‘Which Caps goaltender deserves to start in the playoffs? Who is the future in goal? Capitals mailbag, part 1’ – Tarik El-Bashir – The Athletic – 04/05/2022

    Husso is obviously younger than Bashir suggests the Capitals are looking for, but he’ll also be one of the best options if there isn’t something commercially available. Someone like Semyon Varlamov would fit the description and he has a brief history with the team dating back to 2010.

    Tuukka Rask will stay with the Bruins organization

    Goaltender Tuukka Rask announced his retirement from the NHL in February of this year, but he doesn’t seem to be done with the league. He mentioned a few days ago that he is interested in the business side of hockey and that he will stay with the Bruins as an executive.

    Boston Bruins Tuukka Rask
    Tuukka Rask, Boston Bruins (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

    He told The Athletic:

    “I’ll be hanging out with sponsors, playing golf and shaking hands in the aftermath. Either way, I was intrigued by the business side of things. I don’t know what the future holds for us. Maybe I’ll get into coaching. Maybe not. But for now, I’ll hang out with sponsors.

    source – ‘Tuukka Rask will remain with the Bruins organization in a corporate role, looking to the future in coaching’ – Fluto Shinzawa – The Athletic – 31/03/2022

    Merchant Cash Advance Market [2022-2030]

    Merchant Cash Advance Market [2022-2030]

    Pune, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The latest Merchant Cash Advance Market The 2022 research report provides detailed information about the market overview, modern trends, demand and recent developments affecting the growth of the market over the coming year. The Merchant Cash Advance Market report also covers new business development, price, revenue, gross margin, market size, share, potential growth and upcoming market strategy followed by key players. This report also gives the knowledge of the profiles of the major companies in the market. The report focuses on the Merchant Cash Advance market size, segment size (mainly covering product type, application, and geography), competitor landscape, recent status and development trends. Additionally, the Merchant Cash Advance market forecast by regions, type and application, with sales and revenue, from 2022 to 2030. The report also covers the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects is assessed and general research conclusions are offered.

    Get a sample PDF of the report – https://www.marketreportsworld.com/enquiry/request-sample/20488246

    Additionally, the research report provides in-depth data on the major factors influencing the growth of the Merchant Cash Advance market at the national and local levels, market size forecast, in terms of value, market share by region and segment, regional market positions, growth opportunities by segment and by country, key company profiles, SWOT, product portfolio and growth strategies.

    Impact of Covid-19 on the merchant cash advance industry:

    Furthermore, the impact of COVID-19 is also concerned. Since its emergence in December 2019, the COVID-19 virus has spread around the world and caused enormous loss of life and economy, and the global manufacturing, tourism and financial markets have been hit hard. , while the online market/industry has grown. Fortunately, with the development of vaccines and other efforts by governments and global organizations, the negative impact of COVID-19 is expected to subside and the global economy is expected to recover.

    This research covers the impacts of COVID-19 on upstream, midstream and downstream industries. Moreover, this research provides an in-depth assessment of the market by highlighting information on various aspects covering market dynamics such as drivers, barriers, opportunities, threats, and industry news and trends. In the end, this report also provides in-depth analysis and professional advice on how to face the post-COIVD-19 period.

    Get Sample Copy of 2022 Merchant Cash Advance Market Research Report

    This report gives a detailed description of all the factors influencing the growth of these market players along with their company profiles, product portfolios, marketing strategies, technology integrations and more information about these market players. Some of the key players are:

    Major Key Players Listed in the Merchant Cash Advance Market Report are:

    • Box
    • Credible
    • American Express
    • Financial Forum
    • PayPal working capital
    • Square capital
    • National funding
    • Stripes Capital
    • Lendio
    • Cabbage
    • Capital CAN
    • Social finance
    • National Business Capital

    Global merchant cash advance market: Pilots and Withholdings

    The research report has integrated the analysis of different factors which are increasing the growth of the market. It constitutes trends, restraints and drivers that transform the market either positively or negatively. This section also provides the scope of different segments and applications that can potentially influence the market in the future. Detailed information is based on current trends and historical milestones.

    A thorough assessment of the restrictions included in the report portrays the contrast with the drivers and gives room for strategic planning. Factors that overshadow the growth of the market are pivotal as they can be understood to devise different bends for getting hold of the lucrative opportunities that are present in the ever-growing market. Additionally, insights into the opinions of market experts have been taken to better understand the market.

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    Overall, the report proves to be an effective tool that players can utilize to gain a competitive edge over their competitors and ensure sustainable success in the global Merchant Cash Advance Market. All conclusions, data and information provided in the report are validated and revalidated using reliable sources. The analysts authoring the report have adopted a unique and industry-leading research and analytical approach to an in-depth study of the global merchant cash advance market.

    Global Merchant Cash Advance Market: Segment Analysis

    The research report includes specific segments by region (country), by company, by type and by application. This study provides information on sales and revenue over the historical and forecast period. Understanding the segments helps to identify the importance of different factors contributing to market growth.

    By type:

    • online cash advance
    • Offline cash advance

    Per application:

    • Banks
    • Credit card companies
    • Others

    By sales channel

    • direct channel
    • Distribution channel

    Geographic segment covered in the report:

    The Merchant Cash Advance report provides information on the market area, which is sub-divided into sub-regions and countries/regions. In addition to the market share in each country and sub-region, this chapter of this report also contains information on profit opportunities. This chapter of the report mentions the market share and growth rate of each region, country and sub-region over the estimated period.

    • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
    • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain etc.)
    • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc.)
    • South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia etc.)
    • Middle East and Africa (South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia etc.)

    Answers to key questions in the report:

    • What is the growth potential of the Merchant Cash Advance market?
    • Which product segment will take the lion’s share?
    • Which regional market will impose itself as a pioneer in the years to come?
    • Which application segment will experience strong growth?
    • What growth opportunities might arise in the merchant cash advance industry in the coming years?
    • What are the most significant challenges that the Merchant Cash Advance market may face in the future?
    • Who are the leading companies in the Merchant Cash Advance market?
    • What are the key trends that are positively impacting market growth?
    • What growth strategies are the players considering to stay in the merchant cash advance market?

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    Detailed TOC of Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Report 2022

    Chapter 1 Merchant Cash Advance Market Overview

    1.1 Merchant Cash Advance Definition
    1.2 Global Merchant Cash Advances Market Size Status and Outlook (2016-2030)
    1.3 Global Merchant Cash Advances Market Size Comparison by Regions (2016-2030)
    1.4 Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Size Comparison by Type (2016-2030)
    1.5 Global Merchant Cash Advances Market Size Comparison by Application (2016-2030)
    1.6 Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Size Comparison by Sales Channel (2016-2030)
    1.7 Merchant Online Sales Market Dynamics (COVID-19 Impacts)
    1.7.1 Market drivers/opportunities
    1.7.2 Market Challenges/Risks
    1.7.3 Market News (Mergers/Acquisitions/Expansion)
    1.7.4 Impacts of COVID-19
    1.7.5 Post-COVID-19 Strategies

    Chapter 2 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Player

    2.1 Global Cash Advance Sales and Market Share by Player (2019-2021)
    2.2 Global Payment Revenue and Market Share by Player (2019-2021)
    2.3 Global Payment Per Player Average Price (2019-2021)
    2.4 Player Competition Status and Trends
    2.5 Conclusion of the segment by player

    Chapter 3 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Type

    Chapter 4 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Application

    Chapter 5 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Sales Channel

    Chapter 6 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Regions

    Chapter 7 Profile of Merchant Cash Advance Major Players

    Chapter 8 Upstream and Downstream Analysis of Merchant Cash Advance

    Chapter 9 Merchant Cash Advance Development Trend (2022-2030)

    Chapter 10 Appendix


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    Market Reports World is the credible source for getting the market reports that will give you the head start your business needs. The market is changing rapidly with the continuous expansion of the industry. Technological advancements have provided today’s businesses with multi-faceted benefits driving daily economic changes. Thus, it is very important for a business to understand the patterns of market movements in order to better strategize. An effective strategy gives companies a head start in planning and an advantage over their competitors.


    Merchant Cash Advance Market [2022-2030] | Size, share, growth | Type and application, key players, market drivers, challenges, opportunities, development trend, sales and revenue and forecast research

    Merchant Cash Advance Market [2022-2030] |  Size, share, growth |  Type and application, key players, market drivers, challenges, opportunities, development trend, sales and revenue and forecast research

    World Market Reports

    Major Key Players are – Fundbox, Credibly, American Express, Fora Financial, PayPal Working Capital, etc.

    Pune, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The latest Merchant Cash Advance Market The 2022 research report provides detailed information about the market overview, modern trends, demand and recent developments affecting the growth of the market over the coming year. The Merchant Cash Advance Market report also covers new business development, price, revenue, gross margin, market size, share, potential growth and upcoming market strategy followed by key players. This report also gives the knowledge of the profiles of the major companies in the market. The report focuses on the Merchant Cash Advance market size, segment size (mainly covering product type, application, and geography), competitor landscape, recent status and development trends. Additionally, the Merchant Cash Advance market forecast by regions, type and application, with sales and revenue, from 2022 to 2030. The report also covers the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects is assessed and general research conclusions are offered.

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    Additionally, the research report provides in-depth data on the major factors influencing the growth of the Merchant Cash Advance market at the national and local levels, market size forecast, in terms of value, market share by region and segment, regional market positions, growth opportunities by segment and by country, key company profiles, SWOT, product portfolio and growth strategies.

    Impact of Covid-19 on the merchant cash advance industry:

    Furthermore, the impact of COVID-19 is also concerned. Since its emergence in December 2019, the COVID-19 virus has spread around the world and caused enormous loss of life and economy, and the global manufacturing, tourism and financial markets have been hit hard. , while the online market/industry has grown. Fortunately, with the development of vaccines and other efforts by governments and global organizations, the negative impact of COVID-19 is expected to subside and the global economy is expected to recover.

    This research covers the impacts of COVID-19 on upstream, midstream and downstream industries. Moreover, this research provides an in-depth assessment of the market by highlighting information on various aspects covering market dynamics such as drivers, barriers, opportunities, threats, and industry news and trends. In the end, this report also provides in-depth analysis and professional advice on how to face the post-COIVD-19 period.

    Get Sample Copy of 2022 Merchant Cash Advance Market Research Report

    This report gives a detailed description of all the factors influencing the growth of these market players along with their company profiles, product portfolios, marketing strategies, technology integrations and more information about these market players. Some of the key players are:

    Major Key Players Listed in the Merchant Cash Advance Market Report are:

    Global merchant cash advance market: Pilots and Withholdings

    The research report has integrated the analysis of different factors which are increasing the growth of the market. It constitutes trends, restraints and drivers that transform the market either positively or negatively. This section also provides the scope of different segments and applications that can potentially influence the market in the future. Detailed information is based on current trends and historical milestones.

    A thorough assessment of the restrictions included in the report portrays the contrast with the drivers and gives room for strategic planning. Factors that overshadow the growth of the market are pivotal as they can be understood to devise different bends for getting hold of the lucrative opportunities that are present in the ever-growing market. Additionally, insights into the opinions of market experts have been taken to better understand the market.

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    Overall, the report proves to be an effective tool that players can utilize to gain a competitive edge over their competitors and ensure sustainable success in the global Merchant Cash Advance Market. All conclusions, data and information provided in the report are validated and revalidated using reliable sources. The analysts authoring the report have adopted a unique and industry-leading research and analytical approach to an in-depth study of the global merchant cash advance market.

    Global Merchant Cash Advance Market: Segment Analysis

    The research report includes specific segments by region (country), by company, by type and by application. This study provides information on sales and revenue over the historical and forecast period. Understanding the segments helps to identify the importance of different factors contributing to market growth.

    By type:

    • online cash advance

    • Offline cash advance

    Per application:

    • Banks

    • Credit card companies

    • Others

    By sales channel

    • direct channel

    • Distribution channel

    Geographic segment covered in the report:

    The Merchant Cash Advance report provides information on the market area, which is sub-divided into sub-regions and countries/regions. In addition to the market share in each country and sub-region, this chapter of this report also contains information on profit opportunities. This chapter of the report mentions the market share and growth rate of each region, country and sub-region over the estimated period.

    • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)

    • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain etc.)

    • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc.)

    • South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia etc.)

    • Middle East and Africa (South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia etc.)

    Answers to key questions in the report:

    • What is the growth potential of the Merchant Cash Advance market?

    • Which product segment will take the lion’s share?

    • Which regional market will impose itself as a pioneer in the years to come?

    • Which application segment will experience strong growth?

    • What growth opportunities might arise in the merchant cash advance industry in the coming years?

    • What are the most significant challenges that the Merchant Cash Advance market may face in the future?

    • Who are the leading companies in the Merchant Cash Advance market?

    • What are the key trends that are positively impacting market growth?

    • What growth strategies are the players considering to stay in the merchant cash advance market?

    Buy this report (Price 2500 USD for single user license) – https://www.marketreportsworld.com/purchase/20488246

    Detailed TOC of Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Report 2022

    Chapter 1 Merchant Cash Advance Market Overview

    1.1 Merchant Cash Advance Definition
    1.2 Global Merchant Cash Advances Market Size Status and Outlook (2016-2030)
    1.3 Global Merchant Cash Advances Market Size Comparison by Regions (2016-2030)
    1.4 Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Size Comparison by Type (2016-2030)
    1.5 Global Merchant Cash Advances Market Size Comparison by Application (2016-2030)
    1.6 Global Merchant Cash Advance Market Size Comparison by Sales Channel (2016-2030)
    1.7 Merchant Online Sales Market Dynamics (COVID-19 Impacts)
    1.7.1 Market drivers/opportunities
    1.7.2 Market Challenges/Risks
    1.7.3 Market News (Mergers/Acquisitions/Expansion)
    1.7.4 Impacts of COVID-19
    1.7.5 Post-COVID-19 Strategies

    Chapter 2 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Player

    2.1 Global Cash Advance Sales and Market Share by Player (2019-2021)
    2.2 Global Payment Revenue and Market Share by Player (2019-2021)
    2.3 Global Payment Per Player Average Price (2019-2021)
    2.4 Player Competition Status and Trends
    2.5 Conclusion of the segment by player

    Chapter 3 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Type

    Chapter 4 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Application

    Chapter 5 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Sales Channel

    Chapter 6 Merchant Cash Advance Market Segment Analysis by Regions

    Chapter 7 Profile of Merchant Cash Advance Major Players

    Chapter 8 Upstream and Downstream Analysis of Merchant Cash Advance

    Chapter 9 Merchant Cash Advance Development Trend (2022-2030)

    Chapter 10 Appendix


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    Discover Unveils New Cashback Debit Account: A Checking Account With Cash Rewards, Early Access To Paychecks And No Fees

    RIVERWOODS, Illinois–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Discover revitalized the consumer check landscape this week with the launch of its new benefit-rich Cashback Debit account with user-friendly features, such as early access to paychecks up to two days in advance1 and a mobile-centric banking experience. Discover leverages its Cashback Bonus® rewards and no-fee structure to create an industry leader current account that gives customers easier access to their money than ever before.

    “Our new Cashback Debit account is designed to be the only checking account a customer will ever need,” said Carlos Minetti, president of consumer banking at Discover. “Our unique Cashback Bonus rewards program makes it easy for people to earn money through their everyday debit card spending. We’re backed by a program that has delivered millions in cash back to our checking customers for 2017, adding more cutting-edge features and we expect to continue to accrue more benefits throughout the year and beyond.

    Today’s consumers expect bank and checking accounts to be faster and easier to open, simple to manage digitally, with innovative offerings such as early access to paychecks, cash back, no fees and security. In fact, 90% of consumers say no fees are an important checking account feature, but only 46% say their banks offer a fee-free checking account, according to Discover research. Similarly, while 72% of consumers said cash back was an important checking account feature, only 28% of respondents said it was a feature offered by their current bank.

    Discover research also found that the most important features of checking accounts for consumers are security (85%), free access to ATMs (84%), and 24/7 access. 7 to customer service (82%), all of which are offered with Discover Cashback. Debit account.

    Discover Cashback Debit offers a suite of industry-leading features and benefits, including:

    • Access to paychecks up to two days in advance with Early Pay1

    • Rewards with 1% cash back on up to $3,000 in debit card purchases each month2

    • No account fees, including monthly maintenance, insufficient funds or overdraft3

    • Access to over 60,000 fee-free ATMs in the United States

    • Security and fraud management offers, such as the ability to temporarily freeze your debit card4

    • Easy digital app and onboarding experience, with no impact on credit score

    • 24/7 US-based customer service

    • Access to the mobile wallet via Apple Pay®2

    “While our competitors are now beginning to reduce their fees, Discover has set an example for the industry by proactively waiving all deposit account fees in 2019, saving customers millions,” said Minetti. “The latest evolution of our Cashback Debit checking account aims to help people move and manage their money more easily while making banking services more accessible to consumers with the ability to apply in minutes and at no cost.”

    Learn about plans to continue to improve the Cashback Debit product with additional e-wallets, debit card enhancements and tools to help customers manage their credit score.

    For more information on Discover Cashback Debit, visit https://www.discover.com/online-banking/checking-account/.

    About Research

    This survey was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Discover, from January 29 to January 31, 2022, with a national sample of 2,210 adults. The interviews were conducted online and the data is weighted to approximate a target sample of adults based on age, education level, gender, race and region. Full survey results have a margin of error of +/- 2%.

    About Discover

    Discover Financial Services (NYSE:DFS) is a digital banking and payments company with one of the most recognized brands in financial services in the United States. Since its inception in 1986, the company has become one of the largest card issuers in the United States. The company issues the Discover card, America’s pioneer in cash rewards, and offers private student loans, personal loans, home loans, checking and savings accounts, and certificates of deposit through its banking business. It operates the Discover Global Network consisting of Discover Network, with millions of merchants and cash access points; PULSE, one of the nation’s leading ATM/debit networks; and Diners Club International, a global payment network accepted worldwide. For more information, visit www.discover.com/company/.

    1. With Early Pay, we may, at our discretion, make funds available to you from eligible ACH direct deposits up to 2 days earlier. This feature depends on when we receive direct deposit instructions. See terms and conditions.

    2. ATM transactions, purchase of money orders or other cash equivalents, cash payment on portions of point-of-sale transactions, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments (such as Apple Pay Cash) and payments from loans or account funding made with your debit card are not eligible for cash back. Additionally, purchases made using third-party payment accounts (services such as Venmo® and PayPal®, which also provide P2P payments) may not be eligible for Cash Back. Venmo and PayPal are registered trademarks of PayPal, Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

    3. Outgoing wire transfers are subject to service charges. You may be charged a fee by a non-Discover ATM if it is not one of the over 60,000 ATMs in our toll-free network.

    4. When you freeze your debit card, Discover will not authorize new purchases or ATM transactions with that frozen debit card. See terms and conditions.

    Training 4/5 – Partial Team Skate + Return Updates, Kempe’s Milestone, Kupari on growth/impact


    Hello Insiders!

    For those who were at the Crypto.com Arena last night, it was great to meet so many of you! A close game for sure, although I think we were all hoping to go the other way. I hope everyone had a good time regardless, and I hope the event comes back next season for sure!

    As for today, as Todd McLellan alluded to in yesterday’s postgame press conference, the Kings were scheduled to skate today, but not in full. Several of the team’s players with the most minutes weren’t on the ice this morning, while those with fewer minutes were, as well as yesterday’s scratches and some recovering and returning from ‘a wound.

    That being said, my tally had eight forwards, six defenders and two goalkeepers in action today…assuming my tally is correct, of course.

    Grey: Byfield, Kupari, Vilardi
    White: Andersson, Brown, Grundström, Kaliyev, Lemieux
    Defenders: Bjornfot, Moverare, Roy, Spence, Stecher, Strand
    Goalkeepers: Petersen, Fast

    The full squad is expected to be on the ice tomorrow, with eyes on Thursday’s game against Edmonton.

    Injury Update
    Here we are, Insiders.

    The trio of Dustin Brown, Brendan Lemieux and Matt Roy skated with the full group again today, the second day in a row they joined the full group in regular contact suits. These players, naturally, seem the closest to a comeback. The next group in line appears to be Mikey Anderson and Andreas Athanasiou, but neither have joined the full group yet.

    “There are players starting to skate with us again, and that’s a really good sign,” said Todd McLellan. “We are close with some, we are still far with others. We’ll see where we are later in the week, we’ll get a chance to do some good practice and maybe that will help some prepare.

    We haven’t seen Blake Lizotte with the full squad since suffering the injury against Seattle on March 26, while Drew Doughty has remained in practice and away but hasn’t been with the squad. today.

    While these players are grouped into groups, speaking with McLellan yesterday he believes the timelines currently in place will see the guys return individually, as opposed to all at once. Based on his experience in these kinds of situations, that’s how he’d prefer to do it, if possible.

    “One of the most dangerous things that can happen, at least in my experience, is getting everyone together at the same time, trying to get the band in tune at the same time,” he said. . “Depending on the progression of injured players and scheduled returns, I’m not sure we’ll have to do that. We’ll see one at a time, slowly coming in, maybe two coming back into the lineup, but with practice time.

    This then begs the natural follow-up question – What about those who have filled in and, in many cases, filled in admirably?

    McLellan explained that while some players are healthy – meaning guys like Viktor Arvidsson when he returns, or Drew Doughty – they’re going to play as soon as they can leave. This is their level of importance. Others certainly fall into this category as well and these players have earned their place in the roster when healthy. The question becomes, when you have, for example, an individual on the fence, or maybe one on either side, how does that happen?

    McLellan’s advice to young players eager to keep their place is to just keep doing what they’re doing.

    “Just keep doing what you’re doing and if you’re playing well, keep playing,” he said. “We may have already made decisions to keep the young players in the line-up. If they performed well, they may have already earned the opportunity to stay in the line-up. Keep doing what you do is all we can really give them or tell them, and everyone showed up and did a terrific job.

    dirty thirty

    Adrian Kempe became the fourth different member of the LA Kings to score 30 or more goals in a season since the 2009-10 campaign.

    Anze Kopitar – 35, 2017-18
    Anze Kopitar – 34, 2009-10
    Jeff Carter – 32, 2016-17
    *Adrien Kempe – 31, 2021-22
    Tyler Toffoli – 31, 2015-16

    With 31-plus goals, Kempe is on course to reach Kopitar’s tally in the 2017-18 campaign, a career-best 35 goals for the Slovenian. No player wearing a Kings jersey has topped 35 goals since the 2004-05 lockout (Zigmund Palffy – 37, 2002-03) with Kempe currently on pace to finish at 35 or 36, depending on management in which you swing the comma.

    “I mean, yeah, it’s a good step to take, I try not to think about it too much and just keep playing like I’ve been playing,” Kempe said of the mark. “Just drive the net, keep shooting as much as possible.”

    All just projections, though. That would give the 25-year-old winger four or five more goals in his last 10 games this season. Kempe has shown flashes of decline in that number in four to five games, let alone ten games, but also, especially in recent years, has also dried up during that time. For a player who has always shown the talent and ability to produce offensively at this level, and a player who was drafted to become an impact player at this level, seeing Kempe score 30 goals is a great achievement.

    We’ve seen this level of him in spurts over the past two seasons, but never for the length and consistency we’ve seen here this year. The proof was in the pudding with the goals.

    “He’s been a streak player throughout his career, we’ve all talked about that before,” McLellan said. “His problems were that the streaks or dry spells got really lonely. This year it’s been a bit long, but it’s been pretty consistent. His physique, his pace, his shot show up night after night. We haven’t had a 30-goal scorer here in I don’t know when and he’s here now. This is progress for our organization, really.

    Even on the nights he didn’t score, Kempe’s skating, physique and offensive skills were usually on display. He used his tools and talents to counter effectively, playing well in all three areas and displaying a maturity in his game that helped him become as effective as he has been. Good signs all around for number nine.

    Kupari keeps coming
    It’s been a whirlwind season for many of the Kings’ young players this season, with forward Rasmus Kupari firmly in that boat.

    Assigned to the AHL out of training camp, Kupari quickly found himself in the early NHL picture, earning a spot with others due to COVID protocols or injury. Kupari held on to the roster until the scorching days of winter, but ended up in the AHL for a series of games.

    With another chance now with the Kings, Kupari has come into its own. He rarely had a vanilla game, showcasing his rare combination of size and speed, becoming a driving force on a young, but contributing third line. Now in his second stint in the NHL this season, Kupari has become a factor on a penalty kill who has allowed just one goal in his last eight games. He’s gained the confidence to take on more situations, with more ice time, and he’s feeling it for sure.

    “Yeah, it’s been huge,” he said today. “I got time shorthanded, it shows they trust me and it keeps the pace going. I tried to add some physics to my game, complete my checks whenever I get the chance. Just be solid all over the ice, especially in the D zone.”

    Kupari has been at NHL level in the Finals each of the past two years. Last year was a disappointing season from a team perspective, but an important one for players like Kupari to get their feet wet in NHL action, both with the team still in the mix when debuting, and at the end, with things just ended.

    Now, however, it’s a very different playing field.

    “Last year I had my first games and it’s a different scenario than it is now,” he said now. “We are in it. We know the systems, we know where we are now. I’ve had good minutes lately, I can see the confidence growing, making smart plays and playing for the team.

    Todd McLellan spoke at length about the importance of these types of games for the Kings. There is no better learning experience than those being learned right now for young players like Kupari.

    A full day of practice is scheduled for tomorrow, with reports to follow here on LAKI!

    Next Wave Report: April 5


    In our previous update, Thomas Bordeleau had two assists in Michigan’s victory in the Big Ten tournament championship game, and goaltender Magnus Chrona stopped 44 of 47 shots in a two-game series.

    In this edition of Next Wave, find out what our prospects have been up to and how they’ve made progress over the past few weeks.

    Let’s dive into this week’s update to our Next Wave report, presented by Kaiser Permanente.

    Points in the forecast

    Jasper Weatherby has recorded a pair of multi-point games over the past two weeks, posting three assists on March 26 against Colorado and recording a “Gordie Howe hat trick” on March 30 against Ontario. He was named the game’s first star for his three-point performance on March 26.

    Confrontation with four frozen

    Thomas Bordeleau (Michigan) tied a season-high with three points (one goal, two assists) in Michigan’s 7-4 Regional Finals win over Quinnipiac on March 27. Bordeleau’s latest assist brought his points-per-game average down to 1.00 and gave him a career-best 25 assists on the year. He trails only 2021 first overall pick Owen Power and 2021 fifth overall pick Kent Johnson (both 29) in assists among Michigan skaters. Magnus Chrona (Denver) allowed just three goals on 43 shots (.930 SV%) over two games to help Denver win the West Regional. Chrona stopped 24 of 25 shots (.960 SV%) in a narrow 2-1 regional final win over Minnesota Duluth, including all 23 shots he faced over the past two periods. Michigan and Denver will face off in the Frozen Four on April 7 for a spot in the national championship game.

    Hello Brandon Coe!

    Brandon Coe (North Bay) is riding a four-game multi-point streak, including back-to-back three-point performances on March 31 and April 3. The forward assisted on both North Bay goals on March 27 to earn First Star of the Game honours, with his first assist of the night marking his 90th point this season. Coe has points in seven of his last eight games and now ranks fifth in OHL scoring. He needs extra help to double his 2019-20 tally and is just three points off 100 this campaign.

    Notable players

    • Joachim Blichfeld recorded a three-game point streak from March 24-30, tied for his second-longest streak of the year and capped a scoring streak in six out of seven games. Barracuda added a power-play tally on March 30 to give him a career-best 11 on the year.
    • Nick Cicek scored his first career AHL power play goal on March 26 to give him five goals this season. The defender got an assist on Mason Jobst’s first goal on April 2 at Stockton.
    • Adam Raska scored his third two-point game of the season with a goal and an assist against Colorado on 26 March. Two days earlier, he had a game-high and career-best six shots against Abbotsford.
    • Artem Guryev (Peterborough) scored back-to-back two-point games on March 31 and April 2 to mark his first career multi-point streak in the OHL and his second streak of at least one point of the season. Guryev was named the game’s second star in the latter of two contests.
    • Danil Gushchin (Niagara) has found the scoresheet in each of his last eight games and is currently on a three-goal streak. Gushchin continues to lead Niagara in nearly every major offensive category, and he’s ranked in the OHL’s top 10 in goals (seventh) and points per game (eighth).
    • On March 29, Linus Oberg (Orebro HK) scored the series-winning goal eight minutes from time in the third period of Game 3 against Brynas IF to help Orebro HK advance to the quarter-finals of the playoffs of the SHL. The 21-year-old forward has three points (two goals, one assist) in six postseason games this year.

    For the full Sharks player report, Click here.

    Saskatchewan. man says huge collection of sports memorabilia stolen from locked storage unit


    According to the owner of the collection, thousands of items from a large collection of sports memorabilia were stolen from a storage unit in northern Saskatchewan.

    Aron Gratias said he stored his collection in a 40ft locked storage container near Shellbrook while he moved to Emma Lake.

    The memorabilia included a Wayne Gretzky rookie card as well as signed and authenticated hockey jerseys.

    Gratias said the collection — focused almost entirely on Gretzky memorabilia — included thousands of hockey cards as well as photos, game tickets and hockey sticks, some signed by the Great.

    “My biggest fear is that it ends up in a trash can or a dumpster or a landfill somewhere.” says Gratias.

    Aron Gratias and his son with hockey legends Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky. (Aron Gratias)

    When Gratias’ father-in-law went to check on the farm over the weekend, he noticed that the locks were broken on one of the storage units and the door was open.

    Gratias, who had left for work, asked his wife Tera to check and see what might be missing.

    “When she arrived she immediately knew what they were looking for. Everything, every piece of the collection was gone,” he said, adding that the thieves had bypassed other valuable household items at the profit from sports memorabilia.

    The couple reported the theft to local RCMP, who opened a case on the matter, Gratias said.

    For me, it was invaluable.-Aron Gratias

    In response to a request from the CBC, the RCMP submitted a list of items that were stolen.

    They understand:

    • 19 signed Gretzky jerseys.
    • Large photos of Gretzky and large painting, all autographed.
    • Autographed sticks.
    • Autographed pucks all in display cases.
    • Nearly 10,000 cards including 2,200 by Gretzky, some autographed and a framed Gretzky Rookie Card PSA 8.
    • 1979 Mattel dolls still in boxes.
    • Figurines, some autographed.
    • Autographed Team Canada photos.

    “A lot of people asked me what I thought my collection was worth. For me, it was priceless,” Gratias said.

    “Many of these items can never be replaced.”

    Jack Jensen, owner of West Edmonton Coin and Stamp, specializes in the sale of sports memorabilia.

    He said a signed and authenticated Wayne Gretzky hockey jersey could sell for $2,000 and a stick could cost $1,000 to $2,000.

    “Some of them can be expensive.”

    Jensen said it’s not uncommon to see sports memorabilia stolen for resale.

    “Nowadays eBay, Kijiji, online is where most of these criminals are selling this stuff, because there’s not a lot of following.”

    Lovers of Gretzky since childhood

    Gratias became obsessed with Gretzky as a kid while playing hockey in Saskatoon.

    In the 1980s, a parent who worked in Winnipeg received promotional materials, including a hockey stick and trading cards signed by Gretzky. He then passed them on to Gratias.

    Thus began his 40-year-old infatuation.

    “Even as a young collector, everyone collected all types of players and my passion was to get as many Gretzky cards as possible,” he said.

    “I think it was just the intelligence he had for the game, his game, his finesse.”

    Hockey memorabilia lining the walls of Aron Gratias’ home. (Aron Gratias)

    Gratias has collected items from other players over the years, including items from Sidney Crosby and Edmonton Oilers player Chris Pronger.

    But most of his collection was devoted to Gretzky.

    “I had Gretzky card binders, strictly Gretzky. I think my last count was 2,100, 2,200 Gretzky cards only,” he said.

    “The collection was the story of a life full of passion. It was something I loved to do in my free time. I also loved to show it. I loved to brag about it.”

    Gratias’ favorite items included Gretzy’s Canada Cup jerseys from 1984 and 1987 and a 1998 Olympic jersey. He also had a Gretzky-signed photo of Gratias holding the Stanley Cup.

    Gratias said people shared her story all over North America and Europe in hopes of finding some of her collection.

    “You know, this collection is what’s going to be passed on to my children and to my generations.”